The Legend Of Futian Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Battle Between The Saints

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“A saint.”

Countless looked up at the sky. Holy light coursed Douzhan’s body—a sign of him breaking into Saint Plane.

There were 72 recorded saints throughout the nine states. The Chess Saint perished and the village chief of the Tombkeeper’s status as a saint was exposed, which evened the score eventually. As such, there were still 72 saints up till that point.

However, with Douzhan becoming a saint at the moment, he became the 73rd saint throughout the entire nine states.

It was actually a very bad timing for Douzhan to become a saint. However, everyone knew that if he were to make it past his divine catastrophe and become a saint, he needed Saint Jiang’s help, which was why they came to the Nine State College. The Zhou Sacred King arrived at the college later and kept a close eye on him.

If Douzhan refused to advance further, the sacred king would have brought his army to bear, forcing Douzhan to advance and become a saint. Douzhan had no choice in the matter.

The sacred king did all he could to take Douzhan’s life.

Chi You, Sage Jingang and the others in the Herb Garden; Huang Yi, Yun Shang and other mighty ones in the battlefield, all turned to look at Douzhan, who was suspended in midair.

With Douzhan becoming a saint, it meant that the Barren State finally had a saint emerging from their ranks after many years, and it was one that truly emerged from the Barren State. While the village chief was a saint, but he originated from the Tombkeeper Village and had only joined the Holy Zhi Palace later.

The two palace lords all those years ago practically did everything in their power and paid a hefty cost, all for the sake of having a saint emerging from the ranks of the Barren State.

At that moment, the very first saint had truly emerged from their ranks. However, it was not a joyous occasion. Everyone only felt a heavy burden being put in their minds.

Douzhan had only made it through his first catastrophe. The ones that he were about to face in the future might have actually been worse than the divine catastrophe.

A figure in the Xia clan’s direction, among the onlookers of the battle, was staring at Douzhan. There was yet another saint emerging in the nine states. It was a difficult thing to achieve, but since Emperor Xia had agreed for the sacred war to commence, then it was only natural for him to not interfere.

The figure was no other a mighty one from the Nine State Guard, who mingled among the mighty ones from the Xia clan to monitor the sacred war.

An extremely powerful might of the great path was sensed, shrouding the air around them.

The sacred king who had been sitting at the throne at the Nine State Platform, stood and took to the air. He, who had been sitting quietly all along before, burst with true might of the great path. He gleamed with dazzling holy light, like a supreme emperor of the entire humanity itself.

The sacred king had truly came to look like a being befitting his status, standing tall in the sky overlooking the people beneath. The holy brilliance emanating from him alone shrouded the entire space around. Countless felt their breaths getting heavy as the might of the great path showered below, making them feel as if they needed to kneel and worship him.

Many shuddered seeing the incredibly dazzling figure. The rules of the sacred war were put in place to avoid the powers and forces of both holy lands from being eradicated by the other. Emperor Xia forbade saints from acting against anyone below Saint Plane, and the sacred king had probably felt tired of holding himself back.

Now that Douzhan became a saint, he finally had the opportunity to bring his might to bear and cut down Douzhan, who had just became a saint, establishing the supremacy of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

A boundlessly huge golden phoenix appeared in the air, which truly blocked out the sky. Countless eyes looked up and saw the face of a phoenix bearing incredibly sharp and cold eyes. Immensely fearsome rules of the great path coursed in the sky, enveloping everywhere the eye could see.

Many shuddered somewhat at the scene. Is this the true might of saints?

A thought was what it took to command the skies and their surroundings, rendering all powers between the heavens and the earth under their control.

All below Saint Plane were mortals, and they were able to do nothing but worship those at saint plane.

Everyone knew why Emperor Xia set the rules of the sacred war as they had been. The powers of saint needed to be kept in check as their powers were simply too devastating. Countless cultivators from both holy lands would have been eliminated and it would have been a calamity like no other, affecting the entire nine states, as all were under the orthodoxy of Emperor Xia after all.

“Teacher.” Ye Futian, who was fighting below looked up at the scene in the sky and his mind was washed with immense worry. The sacred king ranked high on the Sage and Saint Ranking, which meant that his powers were beyond doubt. As one who had been training for many years, he naturally understood that the higher one’s plane was, the greater the power difference within said plane. His teacher had only broke into Saint Plane, which meant that there was no way he could have rivaled the sacred king in terms of powers.

As a result, Ye Futian’s tune became enraged and unsettling. The weather changed around him as terrifying spiritual powers coalesced, enveloping the space he occupied and everyone within the battle matrix.

Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian were spiritually connected enough to enable her to understand his thoughts. He was cranking up his own will to the limit like he last did, turning himself into an ancient god to do battle. The action that the sacred king just took made Ye Futian felt an intense sense of danger.

Shuffling noises were heard within Ye Futian’s Life Palace. Boundlessly dazzling light shone within his body. His imperial burned and cranked his powers to the limit, sealing all spiritual powers that he had borrowed within his will.

A regal, godly ape figure appeared, looking like a true demon god, standing tall between the heavens and the earth. Ye Futian and all with him were buried within, turning into a single being, as if they have all turned into the divine ape.

The eyes of the divine ape was incredibly fearsome. Its imposing, violent body turned to face all those opposite it, and then stepped forward to walk in the air, charging at the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army.

Douzhan’s arms shuddered and holy light coursed about him high in the sky. His towering body turned to look like a god of war. He took one step in the air, and everything around him trembled. It was then that Douzhan truly felt the might of a saint. His body became the rules of the great path, which enabled him to resonate with the powers of great path between the heavens and the earth. Every single action he took was a manifestation of the great path.

Such power was beyond the comprehension of mortals and had reached a whole new level. Such beings no longer borrowed from the rules of the world around them, as they themselves became manifestations of the rules of the great path.

Douzhan lifted his arm and he felt as if the powers of the worldly great path were all embodied in his fist.

He shouted and punched with the fist clad in Battle Saint Gauntlets. The air around him resonated strongly in an instant, as if his fist had tore through the space before him as it headed for the sacred king.

That one punch carried boundless powers of the worldly great path, which seemed to be out to crush the sacred king once and for all.

“Know your place.”

The sacred king took a bland look at Douzhan. You just got into Saint Plane and you want to fight me already?

You really are reckless and thoughtless.

It was entirely possible that Douzhan knew nothing of the Saint Plane and how terrifyingly different power levels between saints could be.

He extended his arms and slapped at the air before him. The air shook in an instant, tearing the punch of the great path thrown at him to bits and pieces. The space in between shook violently, as if it was about to collapse.

A cry of the phoenix was heard in the air at that moment. The golden phoenix, which was huge enough to literally blocked out the sky, lashed out with its golden phoenix claws. The entire sky seemed to have shrouded within.

Countless who were watching the battle trembled at the scene. Their minds shuddered violently. The claws were literally the sky striking down. Douzhan was tall and regal like a god, but he looked hopeless small before their claws.

Douzhan looked up at the attack striking downward as if to tear the sky apart and lifted his arm, shooting out with another punch. The fist of the great path tore through the air before him and shot at the claws. The two attacks clashed and the punch was torn to shreds in an instant, while the claws continued coming down at Douzhan.

A figure appeared right above Douzhan’s body at that very moment. A dazzling sword diagram appeared in the air, breathing towering beams of swords.

The figure was none other than the village chief.

He waved his arms and the sword diagram at the air behind him turned incredibly brilliant. Sword will coursed throughout the skies, completely in control by the sword diagram. The holy sword was sticking right at the middle of the sword diagram, pulsing with sword will out to tear the sky apart.


His finger pointed at the sky. Boundless sword aura currents controlled by the sword diagram flushed at the claws in the air. The boundless claws clashed onto the sword diagram, cracking it, while the claws were similarly torn.

The claws dissipated and the sword diagram crumbled with a loud boom. The holy sword returned to its place behind the village chief.

“Three saints.” Many felt their hearts pumping uncontrollably. Everyone was watching the battle. There was hardly anyone paying any attention to the battle between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army and the Holy Zhi Palace.

The battle between saints were something that many would have gotten to witness once in their lifetimes.

The battle between saints in the air was far above the ground, yet it felt that the battle was happening right before their eyes, so much so that everyone was able to see it if they were to just look up.

Untold numbers of people in the Nine State City looked up in the sky.

The sacred king’s holy light shone brightly in the sky like an unparalleled sacred king he was supposed to be. His sharp eyes held tinges of contempt in them as he said, “If the Sword Saint of the Void was still in this world, I’d admit that I’m the inferior one. But you, a mere sword servant, dare to actually stand against me?”

He stepped forward as soon as he finished. The power of the great path shrouded the air and the sky was tightly wound, as if it would have crumbled at any given moment.

Sage Douzhan felt the might of the great path and felt immensely that he no longer had any regrets as he had been able to break into Saint Plane. However, he was nonetheless truly able to feel that the power difference within Saint Plane was frighteningly huge. People would have given anything to reach ever greater heights in the great path. Their minds of the path were indomitable as they all yearned for the promised supreme power.

Why did the Chess Saint risked it all to enter the Nether Sword Mound?

Why did the sacred king went so far as to wage a sacred war?

“I might be a sword servant and I still am able to stand before you, sacred king. Are you trying to insult yourself?” The village chief said plainly. He waved both of his arms and great path flowed between the heavens and the earth. An incredibly dazzling image hovered in the sky, appearing right behind the old village chief.

“Voom, voom, voom!” Swords zipped about as they were fused within the image, which spun about the air, breathing sword beams capable of tearing space apart.

“Kill.” The village chief pointed at the sacred king and the spinning image disappeared altogether in an instant. At the same time, tremendously fearsome sword beams of destruction came right before the sacred king.

Huge figures of golden phoenixes appeared right before the sacred king, which stacked in layers and fused with the world around them, shining with tower golden light as the sword aura continued to crumble around it.

The sacred king basked in boundless golden light as he stepped out, freely letting the destructive sword attacks destroy the golden phoenixes, as if none of that had any effect on him.

His body continued to pass through the sword matrix’s killing light one step at a time. He turned to look like a god once he passed through all that.

The holy light on the sacred king’s body looked even more dazzling and towering in comparison to the village chief’s. The might of the great path shrouded the sky, as if to declare to all in the world, that he was the Great Zhou Sacred King!