The Legend Of Futian Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Beast Of War

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There was chaos all over the battlefield, but the Divine Ape who strode forward through the armies like a Beast of War suppressed all the cultivators.

Many people trembled with shock. Ye Futian had once used the power of the battle matrix to transform into the Roc, and that was incredibly strong.

Now the aura that burst forth from him was all strength and no weakness. After all, last time when Ye Futian had helped Douzhan bear the Divine Catastrophe, he had been seriously wounded, and as far as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty cultivators who had gotten involved had been concerned he was a spent arrow at the end of its flight.

But this time he was at full power, and the Great Zhou Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix had been destroyed by Douzhan, so they could only form a small matrix.

Zhou Huang stood in the army, looking cold and indifferent as he stared in Ye Futian’s direction. They had been obeying his father’s orders to withdraw the army, but they had been interrupted by Douzhan, Qin Zhuang, and the others’ attack. They had completely destroyed their formation. Retreating as a whole group would be nearly impossible. They were forced to fight.

He swept his gaze over the vast battlefield. Zhou Mian wielded a divine implement as he battled with Qin Zhuang. The army that Nie Gai was leading was resisting Yuan Hong’s Heavenly Battle Array. He was the only one that was available, and he was feeling a strong threat from the Divine Ape body that Ye Futian had transformed into.

“Form up.” The cultivators around Zhou Huang gathered together. All of them were all scions of the Zhou family. They could clearly see Ye Futian coming towards them.

“Kill him, no matter the cost,” Zhou Huang ordered the cultivators beside him. A brilliant radiance flashed by, like a golden phoenix had split the void in two, and rushed wildly towards Ye Futian’s Divine Ape.

As long as they killed Ye Futian, Douzhan would also die, and the Holy Zhi Palace would be destroyed. Thus, as far as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was concerned, killing Ye Futian was worth any price.

They would have never thought that in one short year, their thinking could have changed so much. The cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had once thought that killing Ye Futian would be like crushing an ant. What was the difference between daring to face the Great Zhou Sacred King and his followers and seeking one’s own death?

But now they were willing to pay any price as long as they killed Ye Futian.

Watching many cultivators rushing towards him, a huge starry polearm appeared in the Divine Ape’s hands. Radiance bloomed from it; it was a ritual implement of destruction. It was like it was meant to be wielded by the Divine Ape.

He stepped across the void and slashed with the Polearm of Divine Destruction. The void trembled. Thousands of shadows of the polearm swept out. Boundless power appeared, destroying everything. It was like a star had actually fallen to earth and swept out over everything.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Loud noises rang out as the phoenix figures were smashed. The polearm’s shadow smashed into many cultivators, and blood rained from the sky. Even top-level sages suffered the polearm’s power as they fell helplessly from the sky.

“Refined by fire!” a scream rang out as golden fire burned the earth and the sky, burying the Divine Ape’s body within it. However, the Divine Ape continued forward as it was bathed in flames, looking even wilder. Every step it took across the void brought it closer, and the Polearm of Divine Destruction continued to slash forward, killing many cultivators with its forceful pressure.

This violent battle made many people turn their attention away from the battle at the palace. They saw the army being constantly battered. Everywhere the Divine Ape went devastation followed. It seemed to want to kill the commander of the opposing army.

“So strong.” Many people’s hearts trembled. Although they had the power of a battle matrix, this was Ye Futian, one of the top-level Sages. When he truly set foot on this field, he could probably wipe away the entire army by himself. As a gatekeeper, he was more than a match for thousands of men.

“If he really can take down Zhou Huang…” Many people could guess what Ye Futian wanted to do. Once he was successful he could directly hinder the battle at the palace.

Numerous cultivators were still charging at Ye Futian, but it was no use. The Divine Ape that he had turned into could not be stopped. Every cultivator who tried to stop him was completely put down by the Polearm of Divine Destruction. If they were not killed, they were seriously injured.

Soon, Ye Futian had smashed a bloody road through the army and appeared before Zhou Huang.

Zhou Huang and his men were already standing in full battle array. A line of nobles gathered together to form a battle matrix that hung in the sky. Many golden phoenixes flapped their wings. Suddenly the figure of a huge phoenix broke through and flew across the sky. Zhou Huang still wielded the Golden Phoenix Sword, and he stared coldly at the towering Divine Ape.

The Divine Ape’s eyes were extremely cold. It had been Zhou Mian, Zhou Huang, and Sage Wuliang who had nearly hounded the Master to death. The desire to kill them had grown in him outside the palace. He had already ordered Qin Zhuang to kill Sage Wuliang. The two who were left, Zhou Mian and Zhou Huang, would certainly die too.

Boom! The Beast of War stepped forward and the sky trembled. The Divine Ape’s arms were filled with limitless power, and the radiance of the starry laws filled heaven and earth as it followed the Polearm of Divine Destruction.

When the Polearm of Divine Destruction descended from the sky, it seemed to carry with it the light of the stars. Each individual star’s light was insignificant, but they all seemed to contain the full power of the starry laws. Each particle seemed like an entire star.

Zhou Huang felt Ye Futian’s attack and his heart trembled, but his gaze was still cold and severe. The Golden Phoenix Sword swallowed up the brilliant radiance. Upon the blade of light, a figure of a phoenix broke through the void and rushed forward.

The sky thrust forward, and the sky seemed about to split. Many of the star particles that were rushing forward were smashed by the sword and turned into a terrible storm. But the particles seemed endless. Zhou Huang and the others had a strange feeling, as if they were in the starry sky and countless meteors were falling towards them. Even so, his sword kept moving forward. Even if a starry sky was pressing down on him, he would still shatter it.

Finally, the Polearm of Divine Destruction collided with the sword, giving off a loud bang. The Golden Phoenix Sword trembled fiercely. Zhou Huang and the others retreated, and one of them even coughed up blood. This attack was too fierce; it would collapse all the heavens.

The Divine Ape stared coldly at its opponent. It extended its giant left hand grabbed something from the void. In an instant, a horrible storm of stars spread out. Space seemed to be still, and Zhou Huang and the others felt that time and space had come to a stop. Everything was getting slow, but at the same time, the terrible stars were trying to bury them.

It was a spell created by the fusion of two rule powers, the Star Prison. This spell’s power lay in the fact that it incorporated the rules of space solidification. There was no way to escape it as it directly imprisoned you within the stars.

Zhou Huang and the others released unbelievable amounts of rule power towards the Golden Phoenix Sword, making it swallow up the incomparable brilliance. It broke through the rule power released by their opponent and rushed towards it, but they saw the huge Divine Ape body wielding its polearm. It descended from the sky, shocking them.

“Hehe…” The Star Prison was broken, and the polearm filled the sky as it rushed down. It covered everything, and the Golden Phoenix Sword could not intercept all of it. The terrible attack hit the back of the Golden Phoenix, and the horrendous power shocked the cultivators within the battle matrix until they spat up blood.

Zhou Huang’s body also fell from the sky. Everyone who saw the battlefield was shaken. Zhou Huang had certainly suffered a disaster.

The Divine Ape descended from the sky and its polearm slashed out again with a violent sound. The Golden Phoenix that was guarding the battle matrix broke apart, and the battle matrix was destroyed. Many people were sent flying and spat up blood. Zhou Ya and Zhou You were also among them. The two of them were extremely weak compared to the rest of the army, but they still played a role in the battle matrix. However, since they were hidden in the center of the matrix, they suffered the least amount of force from the attack.

When they saw the Beast of War that was like a god descended to the world of man, Zhou Ya and Zhou You felt a little bit hopeless. The polearm covered the sky again, and Zhou Ya and Zhou You stood under it, only feeling their bodies trembling uncontrollably.

Bang! A loud sound rang out, and someone as strong as Zhou Huang still trembled and coughed up blood. His body fell from the sky, but the Divine Ape still did not stop. The polearm descended once again and many people felt their courage fail.

It slammed down, and Zhou Huang dropped his Golden Phoenix Sword. His arm bones shattered, and his Golden Phoenix body was seriously damaged. He spat up blood wildly.

In the next moment, he felt an extremely dangerous aura. He looked up and saw a Beast of War before him. It stretched out its huge hand, grabbed his head, and pinched it. This Sage Ranking cultivator of the Sages and Saints Ranking had his head pinched, and whether he lived or died was no longer up to him to control.

Everyone on the battlefield looked over at him and felt hopeless. How could the beast be so strong?

Zhou Ya and Zhou You went pale. They didn’t have time to worry about Zhou Huang, the Divine Ape was descending from the sky, and its other hand grabbed them. They had no power to resist it as it lifted them into the air.

“Everyone stop fighting.” A loud voice came from the Divine Ape, shaking the endless void. Everyone who was fighting separated, and soon the battle stopped. Everyone looked at Ye Futian.

The cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were a bit hopeless. Their army had been completely suppressed by the army of the Barren State?

Zhou Huang, the eldest son of the Sacred King, a Sage of the Sages and Saints Ranking, and the deputy commander of the Golden Phoenix Army had his head pinched by Ye Futian, and Zhou Ya and Zhou You, both of them princes, were captured.

What did this mean?

It meant that even though both sides had brought the forces stationed in the palace and in the Holy Capital to this battle, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army had still been defeated by the Barren State. At the very least it would not be like it had been one year ago.

“Great Zhou Sacred King.”

Another cold voice shook the earth and sky. The Great Zhou Sacred King, who was fighting in the most violent part of the battlefield, stopped. His perception was so strong that he saw everything Ye Futian was doing over there, and now his face was gloomy to the extreme.

For the first time, he truly felt embarrassed!