The Legend Of Futian Chapter 874

Chapter 874 The Xia Clans Invitation

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The holy lands from the Nine States all knew that the Xia Clan’s surname had special meaning. Everyone had guessed that they might be related to Emperor Xia. The Xia Clan’s position in the Nine States was extremely special. As such, it was not abrupt for the people from the Xia Clan to step out.

The two holy lands had entered a deadlock. Although the Xia Clan elder’s mediation did not have any part in ending the Sacred War, it did not mean that both parties would not take a step back.

Unless they were willing to watch their Master or children die in front of them…

“As long as my Master is fine, I can stop here, but I will definitely not agree to any other conditions,” Ye Futian said. He agreed to the mediation, but his stance was firm. Anyone could understand that this was only a temporary compromise, but only Ye Futian himself knew that he could not last in his current condition for much longer. Every moment was a huge burden on the people in the battle matrix. Moreover, what did he set up all this for? His Master to enter the Saint Plane.

As long as his Master was safe, the Barren State would have its second Saint. He was not in a hurry to take Zhou Huang and the others’ lives. After all, he had captured them to save his Master.

Everyone understood why Ye Futian agreed first. After all, they all knew what Ye Futian’s objective was for coming to the Nine State College. It was the Great Zhou Sacred King who had led the Sacred Dynasty’s army to pressure them, attempting to kill Douzhan and Ye Futian. However, the Great Zhou Sacred King had not predicted what would happen afterward. As such, as long as Douzhan was able to become a Saint and leave, it would be the Barren State’s victory.

“Sacred King, what do you think?” the Xia Clan elder looked at the Great Zhou Sacred King and asked. His name was Xia Shen, and he was one of the higher-ranked figures on the Sage Ranking, so he had quite an esteemed position.

The Great Zhou Sacred King’s faint golden eyes had an extremely sharp look in them. Although Ye Futian’s attitude was unyielding, he could still see his impatience. No matter how mature his frame of mind was, he was still a teenager. His emotions were naturally his weakness.

Not agreeing to any added conditions? He would see about that.

“Go ahead and kill them,” The Great Zhou Sacred King looked coldly in Ye Futian’s direction and said, his tone icy.

He taunted Ye Futian to kill them.

He wanted to see if Ye Futian dared to do it.

Evidently, the Great Zhou Sacred King was unwilling to accept Ye Futian’s terms.

On the Divine Ape, a violent killing intent emerged. Zhou Huang and the other two had pained expressions on their faces as their hearts fell cold. Their father was ruthless indeed. Although they knew that the Great Zhou Sacred King was only testing Ye Futian, what if Ye Futian really decided to do it?

The Great Zhou Sacred King was testing Ye Futian. At that moment, they were competing to see who cared less.

The Great Zhou Sacred King similarly released a savage aura that engulfed Douzhan, as though once Ye Futian struck, he would as well.

The tense mood continued to remain. Ye Futian’s heart fell as he saw the Great Zhou Sacred King’s emotionless expression. He knew that he had lost the battle.

“If you want me to agree to your two conditions, forget it,” Ye Futian said. Neither he nor Yaya could be allowed to land into their hands. If he fell into the enemy’s hands, he would not be the only person who died. He would implicate the entire Barren State and his Master would also not be able to live.

This was not a simple one-for-one exchange.

“Sacred King, maintaining this deadlock is pointless,” Xia Shen continued to say.

“In this Sacred War, many of my Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s people died. Before this, the Holy Zhi Palace sent men to assassinate the Infinite Palace and two other major factions, killing multiple elite Sage Plane figures from the Sacred Dynasty, including the Sage Ranking’s Sage Wuliang. It’s time to settle the score,” The Great Zhou Sacred King retorted.

“The Palace will not use anyone as a bargaining chip,” Sage Douzhan glared at the Great Zhou Sacred King and said coldly.

“Then it shall end with your death,” The Great Zhou Sacred King looked mockingly at Douzhan and replied.

“In three months’ time, Saint Xia will organize his birthday banquet in the Xia Clan,” Xia Shen suddenly said. This irrelevant information caused many people to be shocked. Saint Xia’s position in the Nine States was extremely high and had a huge reputation.

“Today, I would like to take the opportunity to invite all of you to join us. How about the Sacred King and Palace Lord Ye join us?” Xia Shen continued.

“Since it is senior Xia’s birthday banquet, I will definitely be there,” The Great Zhou Sacred King replied. He had to give Saint Xia respect.

“I will definitely be there to pay my respects,” Ye Futian replied. He would naturally not reject, an invitation from the Xia Clan could not be rejected. Moreover, the host of the birthday banquet was Saint Xia, one of the people standing at the pinnacle of the Nine States.

“Okay.” Xia Shen smiled as he nodded. “Since that is so, today, both parties are unable to come to an agreement. Why not sit down and have a discussion instead? I have previously said that the Xia Clan is willing to mediate the sacred war. Why not both parties stop today and three months later, Saint Xia will personally mediate the matter. How about it?”

If it had been someone else, the crowd would definitely scoff. However, the Xia Clan had the makings to become the leader of the Nine States. As such, there was nothing wrong with them doing so.

The Great Zhou Sacred King fell silent. Xia Shen had already said this much, if he continued to refute him, it would not be giving him face. Although Xia Shen was only an expert on the Sage Ranking and he did not need to care, but he was apprehensive about the clan behind him.

“What about them and my Master?” Ye Futian asked. He was naturally referring to Zhou Huang and Douzhan. What would happen to them?

“Since both parties have previously stayed in the Nine State College, why not stay in the College for a while longer? I will ensure that both parties will not mistreat them in this period, and we can head towards the Xia Clan together. I have not seen Saint Xia for a very long time as well.” Saint Li also chipped in, stepping in as a guarantor.

Ye Futian did not say anything else. If Saint Li personally guaranteed it, both parties would naturally be at ease. Both the Great Zhou Sacred King and Ye Futian did not have the courage to disrespect Saint Li.

“I’m okay with that,” Ye Futian replied. He could only accept it for now. His sight turned towards his Master’s direction. He would put in his best effort to bring his Master back to the Barren State in one piece.

“Okay, since we have an agreement, let us stop here for today.” Saint Li waved his hand and continued, “Everyone, please return to the College.”

“I will leave first. I have to go and report to Saint Xia and invite the other holy lands and the Supervising Inspector,” Xia Shen said. He understood very well that this time’s Nine States Supervising Inspector was different. Saint Xia’s birthday banquet would invite all the holy lands in the Nine States. This was not Saint Xia’s intention but that person’s.

“Okay,” Saint Li nodded and replied.

The Great Zhou Sacred King retracted his aura and stared at Douzhan, saying, “Let’s go.”

His Life Spirit returning to his body, the Village Chief looked at the Great Zhou Sacred King before moving in a flash to Ye Futian’s side.

Ye Futian also released Zhou Huang and the others and released the battle matrix. Many figures appeared in the air and Hua Jieyu went up to support Ye Futian, seeing as he was a little pale. In reality, Hua Jieyu’s current condition was not good as well.

The Great Zhou Sacred King stared at Ye Futian. Seeing Ye Futian’s condition, he instantly understood. As expected, it took Ye Futian a lot of effort to maintain the battle matrix and he was unable to withstand it for much longer.

Douzhan also looked at Ye Futian and the two of them looked at each other and understood what they were thinking. Douzhan nodded lightly, then stepped forward boldly with no fear.

“Holy Elder, keep a tight watch on them,” Ye Futian said in a soft voice. He then used his remaining strength to walk towards the Nine State College.

A massive confrontation had faded to nothingness, but it had left a lasting impression on the people of the Nine State City, especially the Holy Zhi Palace Lord Ye Futian. A younger generation figure standing up against the Great Zhou Sacred King, he was probably the only person in the Nine States who dared to do so.

If the Great Zhou Sacred King was unable to kill him, there would probably be another legendary figure in the Nine States in the future.

This generation’s Barren State had shown signs of rising up. Now, the Great Zhou Sacred King was probably intimidated, or he would not have remained that headstrong even after his children had been captured.

However, at that moment, a pair of brilliant yet sharp eyes closed in the Nether Sword Mound. The Sword Will in the air also stopped its humming and the area fell to silence yet again. However, the Sword Will within the sword eyes appeared to be endlessly flowing through the young girl’s body, tempering her body.

Soon, news spread throughout the Nine States, causing a huge uproar.

The Barren State Holy Zhi Palace’s Sage Douzhan had become a Saint. This was the first Saint that had appeared in the Barren State for many years. From now on, the Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace would have two Saints.

However, Sage Douzhan was still under the Great Zhou Sacred King’s control and had yet to escape danger. Conversely, Zhou Huang and his two other sons were still in Ye Futian’s hands. With Saint Xia mediating personally, it was very likely that both parties would take a step back and reach a compromise. Apart from Douzhan entering the Saint Plane, the masses focused more on the insinuation behind this battle.

The once prosperous Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, apart from the Great Zhou Sacred King, seemed unable to suppress the Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace any longer. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty that had once ruled the Eastern State was weakening once again, while the Holy Zhi Palace was rising up within the storm.

It was as though the Nine States was ushering in an era of change. The flow of history could not be stopped.

When the news spread back to the Barren State, countless people were excited and worried. They were excited to witness the rise of a new era and the Barren State was on an unstoppable streak. However, they were worried as their problems had yet to end.

The people who had stayed in the Holy Zhi Palace to stand guard were apprehensive. They were waiting for Ye Futian to bring the Barren State’s second Saint back.

Apart from that, another huge piece of news was spreading.

Saint Xia was going to organize his birthday banquet, and the Xia Clan’s experts had headed to all the holy lands in the Nine States to send out invitations. They had invited people from every holy land to the Summer State to join in the celebrations. Nobody knew why the Xia Clan was going to such an extent, but regardless, Saint Xia had personally invited them to his birthday banquet, so no holy land would reject. Even if the holy land’s lord was unable to attend, he would send a representative.

For the time being, the Summer State, central state of the Nine States was bustling with activity, and not just because of the mediation between the sacred war between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace!

No matter what, the Xia Clan had the entire Nine States’ attention focused on them!