The Legend Of Futian Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Hints

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A few months was a fairly short time for cultivators. It passed by in the blink of an eye.

The battle of Nine State Platform had spread throughout the territory of Summer State; Central Plains City in Summer State, one of the largest main cities of Nine States, was equally known as the Nine State City. Because it was located in the middle of the Nine States, it held the name “Central Plains.”

In this glorious ancient city, there were many prestigious families and clans. Any random person in the city could be an extraordinary character. This city could be described as weather-stricken, having witnessed many families rising and falling.

However, in the Central Plains, there was an ancient family that had a history of thousands of years. No matter how history evolved, it was always standing at the apex of this city and controlled the land of the Central Plains. Not only that, but this ancient family, even among all of Nine States, was still one of the most powerful families, so recognizable that even one or two words in its name could be removed.

This family, of course, was the longest withstanding family of the land of Nine States—the Xia family.

Saint Xia, the head of the Xia family, possessed a lofty status in the land of Nine States. The elder had lived for many years and was highly respected. He witnessed the rise and fall of history and had even experienced the glorious era of the unification of the Divine Prefectures a few hundred years ago.

More than 300 years ago, Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing unified the lands, but the fact was that, even before then, the Divine Prefectures had experienced a long period of war until it was finally unified.

For the younger generation, the history of hundreds of years ago was far and seemed as if it had nothing to do with them because it was not their era. But perhaps to people ranked close to the elderly Saint Xia, he was considered a witness of history.

Now, all holy lands of the Nine States were invited to attend Saint Xia’s birthday banquet. So in a short time, the Central Plains City were trafficked with well-known figures and celebrities; countless top families and clans were coming together in one place.

The cultivators of all holy places also came under the leadership of commanders of the saint plane, crossing through boundless regions even as remote as the three holy places of Ocean State and arriving in succession into the Central Plains City.

For the time being, Central Plains City was truly the gathering place of all the important figures of the holy lands of Nine States, making this ancient city more lively and prosperous. Even the Nine State Forum did not have such a robust gathering.

Even the Nine State Forum, held once every three years, would not see the saints from other states other than the state where the host was located. But this time it was different. All the saints were arriving personally to celebrate the birthday banquet of Saint Xia.

In this endless territory of Nine States, there were no more than three people who had such influence. Moreover, at the banquet of Saint Xia, there would also be mediation between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace regarding the Sacred War. The battle three months ago shocked the Summer State, and the news quickly traveled to the Central Plains City in Summer State. Rumor had it that the palace lord of Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian, was a truly impressive figure of the times. Many would also like to see for themselves just how dazzling this young legend was. Top clans aside, even those others from all the holy lands, were looking forward to seeing him.

At this time, in a pavilion in the Central Plains City, the cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light in Qi State were resting. In that battle at the Nine State Forum, the Hall of Holy Light suffered a great loss in the front of the people from the Holy Zhi Palace. Ji Hua was their shining star that they used to direct at the disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace, but later, he was humiliated and defeated by Yu Sheng, and his pride was shattered.

Now that time had passed. In only a short period of two years, Yu Sheng’s fame as the winner of the Nine States Forum grew, and he enjoyed an even greater reputation. The palace lord of Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian, topped his peers in the Nine States.

At this time, the cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light sat and chatted together, and Ji Hua was also there. Although he was crushed by Yu Sheng, he was able to resolve it with his own extraordinary nature and entered the Sage Plane. Still, to him, Yu Sheng was a shadow of the past.

“I heard that three months ago on the stage of the Nine State Platform, Ye Futian swept the four holy lands of Summer State of all their top geniuses of the same generation, and they were all Sons and hallowed disciples of the Divine Path. But they were all defeated. Ye Futian then let it be known that he would witness the competitions of all the geniuses of the Nine States, see who would come out on top, but he would not participate, only witness.” A cultivator sat in the upper position said, ” Any of you who went to the Nine State Forum and have seen him in action, how strong is this young one?”

Some people who went to Xihua Sacred Mountain to participate in the Nine State Forum in the Eastern State recalled, “Zhou Ya had provoked Ye Futian, but he had no power in front of Ye Futian to fight back, so it was hard to judge Ye Futian’s true strength based on that. But he was able to vanquish those from the four holy lands. His power has to be considerable.”

“The same generation of people of the four holy lands were suppressed. Ye Futian obviously has the talent to stand at the peak of Nine States. However, what he said was full of pride and arrogance,” the cultivator occupying the upper position said quietly, his sight landing on a figure not far from his side. The man sat quietly, seemingly unaware of the conversation taking place.

The Hall of Holy Light was placed within the top five holy lands of Nine States, so one could only imagine how powerful it was. The power of light rule was one of the most powerful rule forces. And he, as the most ingenious of the Hall of Holy Light, even in all of the Nine States, could only be matched by a few.

Not only had the Hall of Holy Light arrived, but other holy places in the land of Qi State were also there. Jixia Holy Palace was stationed in another pavilion not far from the one occupied by Hall of Holy Light. This time, Jixia Holy Palace also had many powerful cultivators coming to participate. In the courtyard, an extremely handsome young man stood next to an ancient tree and looked into the distance pensively.

“What are you thinking?” a beautiful woman walked toward him and asked softly.

“I used to think that I would be the main player in this world. I was born to be different and shouldered different missions. However, one day, you suddenly discover that you are not so important. The world works according to its own rules. Sometimes, an inconsequential person turns out to stand at the center of the stage one day. What exactly are we pursuing when we cultivate?” the young man said softly.

“Although I don’t know what you are trying to express, the world is a big place. There’s no telling who can become an absolute main player, but at least in your world, I believe that you will be the most dazzling person.” The girl’s voice was soft, and she spoke with a smile.

“But perhaps that’s no longer what I want to pursue,” the young man whispered. A wind gently blew past him, but he seemed to be in a state of deep thoughts.

In a few days, he might see familiar people from his past. Once, he was the absolute focus amongst them, but now he was cultivating at Jixia Holy Palace. He thought that if he was to face the past, he could be completely undisturbed. But when that day really arrived, he found that it was still impossible to do.

After all, it was still not enough.

Perhaps cultivating was a process of seeking knowledge.

Everyone had their own way of cultivating, and he was also seeking his own way.

Ye Futian and company had already arrived in Central Plains City, and they came with the Nine States College, with Saint Li leading the group. After all, the friction between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace had not yet been resolved. With Saint Li as a personal guarantor, nothing could go wrong, and with him there, both sides would not be able to make unnecessary movements. Although Great Zhou Sacred King was extremely proud, in front of Saint Li, he was still obligated to show respect.

After they had arrived, Ye Futian and his party settled in a pavilion. There were people visiting on and odd. Most of them came to visit Saint Li, who represented the Nine State College. Outside the pavilion, there were always many people gathering, wanting to meet the figures from the College and the other two holy lands, especially Ye Futian.

At this time, Sage Wanxiang came to the courtyard where Ye Futian was and said, “Palace Lord, an envoy from the Yue clan is here.”

Ye Futian revealed a look of doubt. He and the Yue clan did not have any prior interaction.

“Who is it?” asked Ye Futian.

“Yue clan’s Yue Jiangliu,” Sage Wanxiang replied. Ye Futian’s eyes showed a look of surprise. He had heard of the name. Yue Jiangliu, a sage on the Sage and Saint Ranking.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian said. Even though he was a palace lord of a holy land, when a sage of the Yue clan personally came to visit, he was obligated to show respect. Otherwise, he would come across as rude and crass.

Yue Jiangliu was middle-aged, seemingly around 40. His body exuded an extraordinary temperament. His eyes smiled when he saw that Ye Futian personally came to welcome him, and he put his hands together to greet him in return. ” I just visited Saint Li and thought that I would also pay a visit to Palace Lord Ye. Did I disturb Palace Lord Ye?”

Saint Li’s position was recognized by all, and it was only natural that he should be visited first, so Ye Futian did not mind that. He replied, “You are too courteous. Your visit is an honor for us, there is no disturbance whatsoever.”

“Palace Lord Ye is the lord of holy lands, renowned throughout the Nine States. I should visit you in person.” Yue Jiangliu sounded very humble, and his eyes remained focused on Ye Futian, full of joy. The Ye Futian at the moment and the one that was at the Nine States Platform were different. He appeared humble and courteous, not at all like the sharp and jagged one at Zhongzhou City.

“Please, formalities are not necessary.” Ye Futian smiled and said,” Is there some way I could be of service?”

“It was nothing urgent.” Yue Jiangliu glanced at the person standing beside him. Ye Futian’s eyes followed his and saw a woman wearing a long blue skirt. Her figure was graceful and her curves elegant. Even though she was not wearing makeup, her beauty was undeniable.

“Lingshuang, come and meet Palace Lord Ye,” Yue Jiangliu said.

Yue Lingshuang’s eyes were a strange color, and her beautiful eyes that looked towards Ye Futian revealed some curiosity and shyness, which confused Ye Futian.

“Yue Lingshuang here, paying respect to Palace Lord Ye.”

“Miss Yue is too polite.” Ye Futian returned the greeting.

“Lingshuang had heard many legends about Palace Lord Ye and always wanted to meet this legendary figure of Nine States, so I’m taking her to visit. Now that Palace Lord Ye is the ideal pursued by many of our peers in the Nine States, Lingshuang has a lot more to learn from Palace Lord Ye.” Yue Jiangliu smiled.

“Miss Yue is beautiful and refined, a most excellent figure among her peers and bound to be outstanding in her own right. There is no need to learn from the likes of me,” Ye Futian replied politely.

“Although her natural talent is fair, there is still left much to desire compared to Palace Lord Ye. If Palace Lord Ye does not mind, perhaps in the future, Lingshuang could come to Palace Lord Ye for advice,” Yue Jiangliu continued, and many around Ye Futian showed a look of surprise.

This suggestion was full of obvious hints!