The Legend Of Futian Chapter 877

Chapter 877 Thoughts Not Actions

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The Yue clan was one of the four holy lands in Summer State, and it was a familial force with a history passed down by many generations. It had a deep-rooted foundation. Although not quite on the level of the Xia clan and Nine State College, it was definitely one of the top ten powers of the holy lands in the Nine States. Its power was not inconsiderable.

When such a family of power engaged in talk, naturally there was always more hidden meaning than what met the eye. Why would a lady from the Yue clan, with such a prestigious background and whose clan had a number of cultivators of the Saint Plane, need to come to Ye Futian often for instruction? Looking at the age and beauty of Yue Lingshuang, it was easy to understand their intentions.

Of course, in their position, it would be impossible for the Yue clan to make their intentions known the first time. Therefore, it was only hinted at that if Ye Futian was willing, he could try to contact them. If not, then there would be no harm done at all.

Behind Ye Futian, Sage Wanxiang, Sword Demon, and others looked at each other, and some thoughts started to materialize in their hearts. Obviously, the Yue Clan had noticed ​​Ye Futian’s potential and wanted to use marriage to unite their powers by having one of their daughters marry into the Holy Zhi Palace and become Ye Futian’s woman, thus tightening the relationship of both parties.

They assumed that the Yue clan knew Ye Futian already had a wife, so a marriage would only yield the position of a concubine. Therefore, Yue Lingshuang must not have been the most important daughter of the clan. After all, Yue clan had a status formed over the past thousands of years.

Even so, the Holy Zhi Palace was now famous in the Nine States and had the potential to rise, but compared to the Yue clan, at least presently, it was still insignificant. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had been difficult to deal with for the Holy Zhi Place, so the Yue clan was very sincere. It was obvious that they valued Ye Futian’s future potential so that they acted in this way, with cultivators in the Sage Plane visiting him in person.

Naturally, Ye Futian understood Yue Jiangliu’s hint. He looked at Yue Lingshuang. He had praised Yue Lingshuang’s beauty as being outstanding and it was no lie; she was indeed a very beautiful woman. He also detected curiosity and some shyness in those pretty eyes. Clearly, she was in the know but she did not reject him. Perhaps a woman born into such a family knew that marriage was one of her fates.

Yue Lingshuang understood that although she was resistant before, because, after all, although she was not the most excellent woman of the clan, she was within the top three among her peers and had her pride. If she was to be a wife, she would not have minded. After all, Ye Futian was now known throughout the lands and he could be described as the most legendary figure in recent years.

But everyone in the clan who had seen Ye Futian all agreed that he would become a peerless figure in the future and that he was incredibly handsome and young. He would one day lord over many leaders of the holy land. When she thought about that, she was not so resistant. Many of the great men in the Nine States had wives and concubines, and those concubines were all outstanding women in their own right.

Now that she had seen Ye Futian in person, he was indeed an incomparable gentleman, so the resistance in her heart was weakened and instead replaced by some coyness. There was a momentary silence in the courtyard, and many thoughts were swirling in the minds of everyone in such a short moment. Ye Futian was thinking about how to respond.

“Yue clan is a clan of a holy land with a long history, whose art of sealing is well-known in the Nine States. There is no need to ask for my advice.” Ye Futian smiled in reply. His tone was warm and let those who heard it feel very comfortable. People of the Yue clan looked a little surprised, but Ye Futian continued, “Of course, if Miss Lingshuang would like to ask questions regarding cultivation, I would happy to oblige, but I may return to the palace in Barren State when things are finished here.” Ye Futian’s words were humble and courteous. Although it was a rejection, he was still polite.

There was still a smile in Yue Jiangliu’s eyes, and it was hard to decipher what he was really thinking and not revealing. In fact, he also understood Ye Futian’s polite rejection.

When Yue Lingshuang heard what Ye Futian had said, she felt a faint loss. She had put down her pride, but she did not expect Ye Futian to refuse, so it was inevitable that she felt disappointed. Of course, her self-esteem was not trampled just because of the rejection. The two had only met for the first time, and she was resistant before. How could she ask Ye Futian to accept her at first sight?

Perhaps this was normal. As the most legendary genius in the Barren State, it should not be so easy for him to be distracted by mere beauty. With Ye Futian’s talent, position, and looks, it would not be difficult to procure any kind of beauty if he wanted to.

“The ways of cultivation all have their own strength. Palace Lord Ye single-handedly fought geniuses of all four holy lands of your generation. Naturally, there is much to learn from you.” At this time, Yue Lingshuang smiled and said, “The Barren State is far from the Summer State. If there is an opportunity to visit in the future, we hope Palace Lord Ye would not avoid meeting again.”

Yue Lingshuang seemed not to have minded, and her smile was even more attractive. When Yue Jiangliu heard what she had said, he was silent and just smiled. If Yue Lingshuang was only a superficial girl with a pretty face, he would not have brought her.

“If Miss Lingshuang visits me at the Holy Zhi Place, I will definitely host her personally.” Ye Futian smiled.

“It seems that you young people have much to talk about.” Yue Jiangliu smiled at the two. “I will not tarry further. If you have time, Palace Lord Ye can come to our place to chat.”

“For sure.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Farewell.” Yue Jiangliu put his hands together, bowing to leave. Ye Futian returned the gesture with equal courtesy.

After the departure of the Yue clan, everyone’s attention turned to Ye Futian. Xu Shang smiled lazily. “It is a pity that the feelings were not mutual.”

Ye Futian gave Xu Shang a dirty look and replied, “We just met for the first time, what feelings are there to speak of? It’s just first impressions and the obedience to family arrangements.” The purpose of marriage was ultimately a consideration of interests.

“The timing of the Yue clan’s proposition is just right. For us, this is extremely beneficial. From the perspective of the Holy Zhi Palace, I actually hoped you would consent,” the Sword Demon said. Within the context of the Sacred War, the proposition of marriage by the Yue clan would mean that as long as Ye Futian consented to the marriage, the Yue clan would help Ye Futian, which would help the Holy Zhi Palace overcome this difficulty. They might even protect Ye Futian going forward and witness him step into the Divine Path.

“You actually turned down this kind of wonderful proposition.” Xu Shang shrugged. To acquire a beauty as a concubine and also empower the Holy Zhi Palace, no matter how one looked at it, it was a great deal. At least until Ye Futian was strong enough, to a certain extent. However, Ye Futian was his own person. If no such idea existed in his mind, they could make a joke or two about it.

“Why don’t you agree?” at this moment, a voice came from behind, and suddenly the space became quiet. Everyone turned around and saw a beautiful figure appear, like a beautiful landscape, pleasing to the eye. However, everyone was keen enough to leave the two of them alone, leaving only Ye Futian there.

Hua Jieyu walked to Ye Futian and tilted her head up slightly. Those delicate and beautiful eyes looked into Ye Futian’s and said, “You know their intentions perfectly well, and since the matter with the Master has not yet been settled, if you agree, the Yue clan would lend a helping hand. Not to mention, she is very beautiful.”

Ye Futian looked at the perfect face that was so close to him. They could feel each other’s breathing. Jieyu very rarely talked to him so seriously. Previously, when she took Little Butterfly in the Herb Garden, even though she was in a joking mood, Ye Futian could not understand what was on her mind. Little Butterfly was the disciple of Saint Jiang, and Saint Jiang was ranked 12th on the Sage and Saint Ranking. There was a little selfishness on her part.

Ever since they left the Barren State, although they now enjoyed fame in the lands, it was a long and difficult journey. Especially the Sacred War. Several times, Ye Futian faced a crisis, and twice he had fallen into a coma for many days and he even took the risk to test out medicines, all of which Hua Jieyu had watched with tears and heartache. However, with her cultivation level, even if she had fully committed to stimulating power that did not belong to her, it was still just a drop in the bucket, completely powerless to those who were in the Saint Plane. Therefore, she did not want Ye Futian to be so tired and often encounter life-threatening dangers.

Previously, she did not know whether or not Little Butterfly was interested in Ye Futian, but since Ye Futian did not express interest, she had let it go. Now that the Yue clan had come forward preemptively and Ye Futian once again refused, she would come forward and discuss it seriously.

“Judging from the attitude of the Great Zhou Sacred King, he did not want to lose everything. Otherwise, he would have already done it that day. Now the Xia clan has come forward to mediate. As long as the Great Zhou Sacred King proposes conditions that do not go past the bottom line, I am willing to agree.” Ye Futian said, “Not to mention, this is the Sacred War. It is impossible for Yue clan to directly interfere with Great Zhou Sacred King’s decision. At most, they could only affect it, but certainly not make a definite decision.”

“But…” Hua Jieyu still wanted to say something, but Ye Futian covered her mouth, smiled, and said, “This is you allowing me to have concubines and girlfriends, don’t regret it.”

Hua Jieyu stepped hard on Ye Futian’s foot. How could this guy be in the mood to make jokes?

“However, the arrival of the Yue Clan did remind me that this time, all the holy lands are here in the Central Plains City. Let’s take the opportunity to visit some principalities.” Ye Futian said, “Jieyu, come with me.” Hua Jieyu could not say anything but nodded gently in agreement.

The next day, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu led many notable people from the Holy Zhi Place and went to visit the pavilion where the Yue clan was residing. The cultivators of the Saint Plane of the Yue clan had personally set up the banquet. Yue Lingshuang was also in attendance. When she saw Hua Jieyu next to Ye Futian, like an elven nymph, she vaguely understood in her heart why Ye Futian did not agree to the proposition. Even though she was also considered a rare beauty, when Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu sat together, they looked like a golden couple.

Ye Futian did not talk about the matter regarding Yue Lingshuang, keeping the intention of the visit as purely paying respect to the elders of the clan. Ye Futian’s humility was much appreciated by the Yue clan.

After leaving the Yue clan, Ye Futian went on to visit the Sky Saint. He had already had his people inquire about the whereabouts of where all the people of the holy lands were staying. This time, Sky Saint and his disciple, Han Yu, had also arrived. During the Nine State Forum, Sky Saint and Glass Saint of the Eastern State gave him a great feeling, and they had expressed their care in words, so he decided to visit. After Sky Saint, it was time to visit Glass Saint where the people from the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple were staying.

It was not until evening time when Ye Futian finally returned with Hua Jieyu.

“Rumor has it that when he was young, the Great Zhou Sacred King once pursued the Glass Saint. We don’t whether this is true or not,” Ye Futian whispered. In truth, the Great Zhou Sacred King had good taste.

In the land of Nine States, he had seen many beautiful women. However, in terms of appearance and temperament, Glass Saint was the number one beauty of the Eastern State and was definitely the most outstanding. After all, having cultivated to the Saint Plane, she possessed a unique allure that was also holy and pure, so that no one dared to dishonor her.

“Of course it’s true. A beautiful woman such as the Glass Saint would naturally incite similar thoughts in all the top geniuses of the Eastern State at the time.” Hua Jieyu said, “Even today, the Glass Saint still looks like a girl. The years have not left any traces on her.”

“You cultivate so fast, you will soon be the same as the Glass Saint.” Ye Futian smiled.

“Who do you think is better looking, me or Glass Saint?” Hua Jieyu said with a smile and looked at Ye Futian, her beautiful eyes concealing a hint of playfulness.

“Glass Saint is the first beauty of the Eastern State, but looking at all of the Nine States, I am afraid it is difficult to find a second,” Ye Futian said with a smile. “Of course, the premise is that the present company is excluded.”

A sweet smile came onto Hua Jieyu’s face, but she whispered in Ye Futian’s ear, “If you could win the heart of the Glass Saint, do you think the Great Zhou Sacred King would have his heart broken?”

Ye Futian looked at Hua Jieyu with a shocked look. This girl was getting naughtier, and even dared to have such an idea? This was Glass Saint they were talking about, the lord of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple.

Blinking, Ye Futian seemed to consider the matter seriously for a moment, then nodded. “What a good idea.”

“Go die!” Hua Jieyu gave Ye Futian a look of feint irritation. This guy had actually dared to consider it!

“That was your idea.” Ye Futian was a little surprised. Was this change in opinion a bit too fast?

“Yes, I said it, but would you dare?” Hua Jieyu looked at Ye Futian with a smile, and Ye Futian suddenly shuddered for no reason. Thoughts and no action might be the best route. If the Glass Saint knew what the two of them talked about, she would probably kill them with a single slap!