The Legend Of Futian Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Hidden Currents

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Ye Futian naturally felt the subtle change in the atmosphere. Previously, the Glass Saint had spoken on his behalf and relaxed the tension, but clearly, someone was not happy with him.

Ye Futian raised his wine cup and toasted in the direction of Saint Xia and said, “Today is the feast of Saint Xia, who has been meditating on behalf of the Holy Zhi Palace. We are forever grateful. It is completely my fault for interrupting the festive mood of the banquet for such a small thing. I will drink up as a penalty.” As he was speaking, Ye Futian drank the wine in the cup.

Saint Xia’s status in the Nine States was highly respected, lofty, and peerless. He also knew that Saint Xia was not deliberately targeting him, so there was no need to offend Saint Xia over such a trivial matter.

Seeing Ye Futian’s action, Saint Xia eased up a bit. Twice he had invited Ye Futian and twice Ye Futian had refused, and his reason was clearly a pretext to evade which naturally displeased him.

“Ye Futian, the reputation of the supervising inspector in the Upper Worlds is not less than yours in the Nine States, and within the lands of Nine States, it is hard-pressed to find people who can compete with you in your generation. Following the supervising inspector to cultivate and test together would only be good for you. Don’t waste your talent,” Saint Xia looked at Ye Futian and said.

Ye Futian nodded. “I understand. But since I have declined, I have my reason for declining. Of course, if Saint Xia and the supervising inspector wanted me to participate in the assessment, then I would go. The test at Lapis Lazuli Pagoda would not be necessary.”

Everyone understood that with Ye Futian’s talent, the test at the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda would just be a formality, and there was no doubt about other things. In truth, Ye Futian just didn’t want to expose his spirit.

“Indeed, such self-importance.” Saint Ji smiled and drank.

“Everyone in the Nine States must go through the test at the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda. It seems that Palace Lord Ye thinks differently about himself than of others,” said the Head Saint of Zhisheng Cliffs. Saint Xia was being too nice about it.

The Sacred War between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace made the Head Saint of Zhisheng Cliffs feel greatly threatened. He knew very well that the strength of Zhisheng Cliffs was not far from that of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

“Previously, someone said that today is Saint Xia’s birthday banquet, so why keep repeating such unpleasant talk to spoil the mood?” Ye Futian’s eyes now also became sharp. He did not respond to Saint Ji before because he felt that it was unnecessary. The other was in Saint Plane; there was not much power in his verbal response, so he simply chose to ignore it. However, the other party did not want to let him go so easily.

“Since you commented that I feel self-important, then let’s just say it is so.” Ye Futian continued, “If both of you think that I am not qualified, the Hall of Holy Light and Zhisheng Cliffs both have the most talented people in attendance today. I am an upper-level sage, so feel free to pick someone of that plane. If I am not up to par, I will resign my position as the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace.”   Ye Futian’s sudden aggression silenced the crowd at the banquet. He wanted to challenge both the Hall of Holy Light and Zhisheng Cliffs by himself.

The air now became cool, and the eyes of those from these two holy lands were extremely cold when they were fixed on Ye Futian.

Saint Ji slightly looked up. His radiant eyes stared at Ye Futian. This genius once crushed his equals from the four major holy lands in the Nine States Forum. The Hall of Holy Light was hard-pressed to find someone in this plane to compete with Ye Futian and as far as Zhisheng Cliffs was concerned, it would be even harder.

“You…” Saint Ji wanted to refute.

“Talk is cheap. You have commented that I feel self-important and I have admitted it. If you have any questions, just send out the geniuses of the Hall of Holy Light.” Ye Futian cut Saint Ji off and continued, “Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the birthday banquet. There is no need to worry about me and the Holy Zhi Palace.”

It would have been better if that last sentence was expressed in a different way, otherwise, simple silence would have done. But Ye Futian’s temper was not so mild. Among the Saint’s seats, he was the only one who was not yet a saint. He thought that he had already made concessions towards all the saints, but if someone was going to challenge him, then he would need to return the favor.

The Great Zhou Sacred King was very pleased to see this conflict unfold. Although he said nothing at the moment, he was very leisurely tasting the fine wine. Truly aggressive. Saint Ji, ranked fifth on the Sage and Saint Ranking, was someone that even he was unwilling to confront. Not to mention, Saint Ji was equally aggressive.

Most of the saints in the Saint’s seats all looked at Ye Futian with great interest. They seldom paid any attention to those of the younger generations, but Ye Futian was an exception. Today was the first time that many of them had seen a palace lord of a holy land who was not a saint, and he was indeed different.

The Sky Saint smiled imperceptibly. It was unexpected that Saint Ji was actually rebuked by a young one today. The defiance initiated by Ye Futian was not as simple as its literal meaning. He said that if he should lose, he would forfeit the position of Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, and that was a bet equivalent to an outright challenge.

If Saint Ji were to really send someone to fight, in his position, it was unlikely that even if his person from the Hall of Holy Light were defeated that they would get off scot-free. At the very least, there would be a need to apologize. But this was clearly unacceptable to Saint Ji, so at the moment, even Saint Ji could only stare at Ye Futian in silence.

The quiet atmosphere of the banquet once again subtly charged. Saint Ji’s eyes were like a beam of light that penetrated everything, piercing into Ye Futian’s eyes.

“That’s enough.” Saint Xia spoke softly, breaking the awkwardness.

Saint Xia gazed deeply at Ye Futian. He finally understood the cause of the Sacred War between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace. Not only was the Great Zhou Sacred King domineering, but Ye Futian, though only a sage, was almost excessively aggressive. This was probably also the reason why some people in the holy lands of the Nine States could not stand the Barren State. The legends of the past had always been the same, but Ye Futian, in his present state, was still a bit weaker. Too much inflexibility would only cause one an early demise.

“What are the thoughts of the supervising inspector?” Saint Xia’s gaze turned to Xia Qingyuan. Among those in attendance, only those in the Xia clan knew about the true identity of Xia Qingyuan, and he knew about it the most.

Xia Qingyuan’s status was definitely more terrible than those in attendance could have imagined. This was someone who lived in the close attention of others since birth, whose talent in cultivation was unparalleled in the world. If any of these cultivators of the Saint Plane in the Nine States had gone to the Upper Worlds in the past ten years, they would definitely know of her. But clearly, these cultivators currently sitting in the Saint’s seats had not.

Never mind Ye Futian. One word from Xia Qingyuan could decide the fate of anyone present. Even those of the Saint Plane were of no exception, and it certainly included him.

Xia Qingyuan waved a hand and put away the Lapis Lazuli Pagoda. She did not look at Saint Xia, but instead looked at the people below and said, “Start preparing. We will leave after the banquet.” Everyone looked surprised. Moving so fast?

It seemed that this supervising inspector was all action, and was prepared to leave right after the banquet.

As she finished, Xia Qingyuan turned and walked towards her seat. When she reached to Ye Futian, she paused and said, “I won’t force you. Since you don’t want to go, you don’t have to go.” She did not look at Ye Futian after that and continued moving forward.

Ye Futian said nothing. From Xia Qingyuan’s person, he felt a cold arrogance. This was a person who was proud to the extreme.

Saint Xia did not comment on the matter again. He looked at Ye Futian and secretly lamented that Ye Futian had missed an opportunity through no fault but his own. Among the people who came from the Nine States this time, there were only a few who could really pass the assessment. If Ye Futian was willing to try, he should have a chance.

He might even have gained the favor of Xia Qingyuan.

Suppose it could really be like that, following Xia Qingyuan to cultivate together. The title of palace lord of the Holy Zhi Palace would count for very little then. Even if he gave it up, it would not have mattered.

Saint Xia raised his cup to those facing him. “Our business has concluded today. Everyone can now enjoy the banquet in peace. Feel free to move about and mingle without restraint.”

“To Saint Xia.” Everyone raised their cups in toast and drank.

The mood of the place noticeably relaxed. Many people got up to walk around and chatted. On the side of the Saint’s seats, Ye Futian saw that Xia Qingyuan got up and left. All the saints still chatted casually. He felt that he was somewhat out of place, so he got up and walked toward the bottom of the stairs.

Ye Futian went to the side occupied by the Holy Zhi Palace. Hua Jieyu stood with Zhuge Mingyue, Yun Shuisheng, and Phoenix. Ye Futian glared at Hua Jieyu, but she seemed not to care at all. She smiled brightly at him and there was nothing Ye Futian could say.

“Second sister, I’m leaving her in your care,” Ye Futian said to Zhuge Mingyue.

“What, you two have been together too long, so it’s hard for you to separate? I heard that you have been doing very well at Nine State College.” Zhuge Mingyue smiled and seemed to suggest something.

Ye Futian was confused and complained slightly, “Just exactly whose sister are you?”

People such as Yun Shang, Undying Old Man, Huang Xi, Xu Shang, and Zhuge Qingfeng bid everyone to watch out for their own safety. These people, who were on their way to gain experience, were almost all the top figures of the younger generation in the Barren State, and they were also the future of the Barren State.

“Palace Lord Ye,” a gentle voice spoke, and Ye Futian saw a beautiful woman coming to him. It was Yue Lingshuang, and there were many young people of the Yue clan around her.

“Miss Lingshuang,” Ye Futian called out.

“These are the people from our clan who will go to the assessment. This time, they go to the trial with the people from the Barren State, and they can take care of each other,” Yue Lingshuang said. She did not qualify for the trip.

Ye Futian glanced in the direction of Moon Saint, and when he saw the other nod to him, he smiled and said, “Well, this is my Big Brother, and we can take care of each other while we are on the road.”

The head of the Yue clan nodded slightly to Sword Saint and then bid goodbye. It was a good idea to pay a visit to get acquainted. After all, no one knew what danger would lie ahead.

“Big brother and second sister, people from the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple are reliable and can be trusted. If there is danger, you can try to join forces with them,” Ye Futian said.

“Will do.” Sword Saint and Zhuge Mingyue both nodded slightly.

“Palace Lord Ye is very thoughtful and thinks a few steps ahead,” a voice said, and Ye Futian turned his attention that way and saw a group looking at them from a distance. It was the people from the Hall of Holy Light. Ye Futian simply cast a casual glance toward the person, then looked away without much attention.

“Unfortunately, Palace Lord Ye will not go this time or else it would be more interesting,” a young man from the Hall of Holy Light said nonchalantly.

“Whether he goes or not, it will still be interesting.” Ye Futian paid no attention to it, but Gu Dongliu looked toward the other side and spoke.

“Ji Mo, of the Hall of Holy Light,” the young man picked up the wine cup and greeted Gu Dongliu.

“Gu Dongliu, of the Holy Zhi Palace,” Gu Dongliu responded.

“I remember.” Ji Mo merely smiled and didn’t continue to say anything more, then looked away.

Many who witnessed this scene thought that the trial this time should be very exciting.

At the birthday banquet, there naturally would be no conflicts, but underneath it all, there was an undercurrent. All those in the Saint Plane had lectured the young generation that was about to go on trial. Some of them were full of expectations and wondered what the situation would be like after these people returned!