The Legend Of Futian Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Fantasy

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In the Barren State at the Holy Zhi Palace, a group of mighty figures appeared in the sky above the palace.

At this moment in the palace, many disciples already levitated so as to welcome their return.

Apparently, the palace had received the news. Ye Futian and his party had returned from Summer State.

Since the Ice Temple, the Sovereign Family, the Alchemy City, the Zhuge family, and many other elite principalities had moved into the Holy Zhi Palace, the number of cultivators in the Holy Zhi Palace had not been the same as it was before. Not to mention that after the last battle outside the palace there were people in the Barren State who continued to join in.

Therefore, looking at the sky above the palace, it was all these cultivators that welcomed the triumphant return of the heroes.

Even though Ye Futian and his party had a victory, as long as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was not destroyed there would be no triumph.

However, the Barren State had finally produced a saint. For many years what the Holy Zhi Palace and even the entire Barren State had been expecting was finally a reality.

Palace Lord of the Battle Sage Palace, Sage Douzhan, was now entering the Saint Plane.

The Barren State not only gave birth to its first cultivator of Saint Plane, but also possessed two great saints, and was now truly a holy land.

“Greetings to the Palace Lord.” Voices were heard calling out and mighty figures bowed in respect one after another. Now the people of Holy Zhi Palace truly admired Ye Futian from the bottom of their hearts.

The young man who became palace lord while he was still in the Noble Plane had first brought to the palace a Holy Elder of the Saint Plane and the many cultivators from the Tombkeeper Village and Chess Saint Villa, later remaining unbeaten in the Sacred War instigated by the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and personally bringing Sage Douzhan to the Nine State College to make possible the first saint truly from the Barren State, and the creation of Holy Zhi Palace as it was today.

Although the pressure of the Sacred War was still there, the people of the Holy Zhi Palace were full of confidence that they would certainly be victorious in this Sacred War.

Ye Futian nodded with a smile and then all eyes turned to Sage Douzhan, who was next to Ye Futian. Its indomitable figure, now, stepped into the Saint Plane.

“In the future the Master will not only serve as the Palace Lord of the Battle Sage Palace, but he will also serve as the Holy Elder of the Holy Zhi Palace.” Ye Futian announced. Holy Elder was just a honorary title, because as palace lord he was not a saint so the saints appearing in the Barren State would be more appropriately known as the Holy Elders.

“Greetings to the Holy Elder.” Countless people of the Holy Zhi Palace bowed in respect. This was a saint. Even if Sage Douzhan was not Holy Elder, they had to greet the saint.

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Sage Douzhan stood on the void looking down at the people below, his heart filled with emotions. If the old palace lord and Liu Chan could see the Holy Zhi Palace today, perhaps they would be happy too.

He knew that his sainthood was full of significance. To the Barren State it was an encouragement.

For many years, the Barren State had only produced one being of the Saint Plane, which was him.

“I will still continue to cultivate at the Battle Sage Palace. Anyone at the Holy Zhi Palace who was at the sage plane and has questions about cultivation or wants to feel the power of the saints are welcome to come and ask me at the Battle Sage Palace.” Sage Douzhan said, and suddenly the eyes of many showed a glimmer of light.

To cultivators of Sage Plane, being saint was their ultimate dream.

Although the Village Chief was also a saint, Ye Futian had brought him in. They were not familiar with him and dared not disturb him unnecessarily. But Sage Douzhan was different. He had always been the palace lord of the Battle Sage Palace. Later, the outstanding people of the palace could be taught by saints.

“Then, don’t feel like we are bothersome.” Next to him, You Chi spoke half-jokingly. But really, he was actually somewhat jealous of Douzhan.

Saint Plane- who would not want to be saint?

That was the plane of his dreams. In the future he would really have to go to Douzhan and ask for advice, even if he thought it was embarrassing.

Many people around Ye Futian laughed, especially Sword Demon and others. They were even more familiar with Douzhan, but once Douzhan became saint they were in the position of asking him for instruction. Even thinking about it was a little awkward.

“Are you guys going to let me return to the palace?” Ye Futian said laughingly, looking at those blocking their way.

Those people were stunned momentarily, and then they made way, somewhat embarrassed, “Please, Palace Lord.”

“Let it be known throughout the Barren State the news of the Master’s sanctification,” Ye Futian’s voice roared, heard throughout the Holy Zhi Palace. He then walked towards the direction of Holy Sage Pavilion.

“Yea.” someone responded. It seemed that the palace lord was so pleased that he wanted to inform the whole Barren State.

The Barren State, perhaps would be causing some shocks.

As they expected, the news of Sage Douzhan becoming a saint caused quite a strong commotion in the Barren State, and shocked countless cultivators.

Those principalities that had not been fighting side by side with the Holy Zhi Palace felt some regrets deep down inside. They felt that they might have missed out on something. Although they could still join the Holy Zhi Palace, the respect they would receive would not be the same as those who joined the Sacred War.

After Ye Futian returned to the Holy Sage Pavilion, he first visited the Master, the mistress, Liu Chenyu, Qingxuan, and the others let them know the news of Jieyu, Wuchen, and Yu Shang.

Yu Shang did not follow Xia Qingyuan for the trial, but he went to the Vajra Region instead.

On the birthday banquet of Saint Xia, the Vajra Region Lord, who ranked within the top ten of the Saint and Sage Ranking of the Nine States, had invited Yu Shang to cultivate at the Vajra Region for a period of time. This kind of display of goodwill was not refused by Ye Futian, so he had permitted Yu Shang go to the Vajra Region to cultivate.

Vajra Region’s expertise was in Buddhist power, strong and masculine, similar to the strength of Yu Sheng’s cultivation, but it could also be considered oppositional. However, Ye Futian believed that Yu Shang could try to cultivate both strengths and see whether it could add to his own cultivation. It was with the guarantee of the Vajra Region Lord that he agreed to it.

The top ten ranking of the Nine States would not lower themselves just to deal with a young person, not even at Saint Xia banquet in front of other saints so Ye Futian was very reassured.

For a time that followed, the Battle Sage Palace of the Holy Zhi Palace had been particularly festive, with many people going to the Holy Zhi Palace for advice every day.

Moreover, with the spread of the news, those with great accomplishments in cultivation in the Barren State had continuously come to the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate there.

This holy land in the Barren State was now full of vitality.

Ye Futian delegated many trivial matters to the others while he himself was happy to get some quiet time and practiced in peace.

Of course, occasionally there was the vexation from Long Ling’er and her various ruses.

Although Long Ling’er was already over twenty in age, reaching the most beautiful age as a young woman, in front of Ye Futian she still did not show any of the self-restraint of an adult and behaved like a child.

However, it also added a little vigor to Ye Futian’s life.

When he returned this time, almost all of the most familiar people around Ye Futian had left so occasionally even he himself was somewhat unaccustomed to the feeling.

While cultivating in peace and quiet, time also passed unawares.

In the twinkling of an eye, half a year had already passed and the Holy Zhi Palace had gradually returned to the tranquillity of the past.

On a quiet ancient mountain peak of the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian sat cross-legged with eyes closed, cultivating. The surrounding heaven and earth were enveloped by curious rules. The wind swept gently past, lightly caressing his clothes.

Not far from Ye Futian there sat a figure, feeling the air coming from Ye Futian.

Ye Futian’s eyes slowly opened, and the air that pervaded around the body disappeared. He stood up and felt the wind blowing on him. He walked to the edge of the cliff, his thoughts seemed to be pulled into the distance.

It had been half a year. He wondered where Jieyu and the others were, and how was the trial going.

Since entering the cottage, whether it was brother, sister, or Jieyu as well as others, there was always someone around. Especially Yu Shang, who almost never left his side. And now that all of them had gone, he would sometimes feel lonely by himself.

Behind him, a figure walked over and put a coat over his shoulders. Ye Futian reached out and saw the quiet figure put his coat on him.

Ye Futian looked down at the woman in front of him; she seemed to be always so quiet, to the point that she seemed non-existent.

As if she felt the gaze from Ye Futian, the woman looked up slightly, her silvery eyes revealing stunning beauty. She diverted her gaze and did not look into Ye Futian’s eyes.

“Loulan, you have been with me for ten years?” Ye Futian asked in whisper. Loulan Xue had been following him since the beginning of the cottage, and in a blink of an eye it was now more than ten years.

“Mmmm.” Loulan Xue nodded lightly.

Ye Futian, feeling emotional, asked, “These days you were cultivating alongside me, because I wanted to let you feel the atmosphere of the rules and how it is, so you can comprehend. In the future you will understand when the time comes. The celestial empress had always hoped that Loulan would have a sage future. You will be that.”

The celestial empress that he talked about was naturally referring to the mother of Loulan Xue, the celestial empress of Loulan.

“Mmmm.” Loulan Xue was still just nodding.

Ye Futian did not say much. Wait until she reached the Sage Plane, then she would be considered as a stronghold in her own right besides the holy lands and principalities of Nine States, and her mentality would also change. And by then she should know how to choose her own life.

“Palace Lord.” at this moment, a voice called out, and Ye Futian looked in its direction and saw two beautiful women who looked quite alike. Only their temperaments were slightly different. The woman on the left appeared more naive.

These two were sisters, Xiang Zhiqin and Xiang Zhiyan. The people of Fire Emperor Palace had already moved into the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate. Xiang Zhiyan was the wife of Li Futu and had always been at the Holy Zhi Palace.

When he saw the looks of the pair, Ye Futian knew that Xiang Zhiyan was probably only accompanying her sister.

“What is it?” asked Ye Futian.

Xiang Zhiqin evaded Ye Futian’s gaze, but Xiang Zhiyan said, “We have some questions regarding cultivation that we would like to ask the Palace Lord.”

“Very well,” Ye Futian nodded, “come over and sit down.”

Xiang Zhiyan dragged Xiang Zhiqin to come this way and then the two asked some questions about cultivation, all of which Ye Futian answered one by one.

“Compared to the Noble Plane it means to feel more of everything between heaven and earth; mentality, spirit, and comprehension of the power of the world, and to be one with it to give birth of rules. But just how can we get out of that step?”

“Everyone’s way of cultivation is different, and so are their mentalities. I feel to become a sage, it is essential to first understand oneself. Only then could one clearly understand the power between heaven and earth and thus integrate with it.” Ye Futian said.

“Many thanks to the Palace Lord.” Xiang Zhiqin said.

“Not at all, are there any other questions?” Ye Futian asked.

Xiang Zhiqin shook her head.

“Then go back and concentrate on cultivating.” Ye Futian reminded them. Xiang Zhiqin lowered her head slightly and stood up, “Well the, Palace Lord, we will bid you goodbye.”

“Go then.” Ye Futian laughed.

As the two turned to leave, Xiang Zhiqin took a few steps, then took a deep breath and turned to bow slightly toward Ye Futian, “I am sorry for what happened back then.”

“I have already forgotten it.” Ye Futian said with a smile. Right now, he was already the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace. How could he care about the conflicts between them back then? They were young and stubborn; it was best to let the past be gone with the wind.

“Mmmm.” Somehow seeing Ye Futian’s smile, Xiang Zhiqin felt it was all a little hard to bear. Turning around, she pulled Xiang Zhiyan to walk away.

Her beautiful eyes were slightly moist. Everyone had to pay for the decisions of their youth.

Once upon a time, Daozang Palace had four great beauties: Yun Shuisheng, Phoenix, Hua Jieyu, and her. Now, since Hua Jieyu was already Ye Futian’s wife, there was no need to say anything further. Yun Shuisheng and Phoenix were also friends of Ye Futian, and they had both already entered the Sage Plane. Their talents were outstanding. And now there was only her, dim and lackluster.

Moreover, that small and weak youth who had just entered the Holy Zhi Palace was now already shining brightly, illuminating the entire Barren State and becoming the faith of countless people.

Xiang Zhiyan silently sighed in her heart. She had also heard from her sister about the conflict between her and Ye Futian and even if there was once resentment and hatred, when such a true legend appeared in one’s world, watching him progress step by step to where he is today- how could one not ruminate on what was in the past?

But even if she encouraged Xiang Zhiqin to bravely pursue and take the opportunity now that Hua Jieyu was now absent, she understood that in reality, even with a pretty face, her sister would still not have a chance. After all, there were too many outstanding beauties at his side.

At this moment, there were two people coming their way to this side and passed them by.

“Brother Futian.” Behind him came the sound of Long Ling’er’s bell-like voice, and then Ye Futian’s voice was heard, full of smiles. “Ling’er, you come again to bother your brother.”

“I am only concerned that you will be lonely alone so I came. You see, I also brought a great beauty, like sister Zhiqiu, who is very understanding.” Long Ling’er pointed to Mu Zhiqiu and smiled.

“I only have some questions about cultivation.” Mu Zhiqiu said, somewhat tongue-tied, looking at Long Ling’er.

“Zhiqiu, forget about her.” Ye Futian smiled. As they mindlessly chatted, the sound drifted with the wind into the ear of Xiang Zhiqin in the distance, which made her even sadder.

Obviously, Ye Futian treated her differently than Long Ling’er and Mu Zhiqiu.

Even though Ye Futian had said that all was forgotten and now only treated her as a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace, that sense of distance was an undeniable fact laying in front of her. Perhaps she should never had unrealistic fantasies!