The Legend Of Futian Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Onward To Ruins

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Liu Clan- the attentions of many were aimed in the same direction where the sound came from.

They saw a young and handsome face. Although the air exuding from his person was restrained, one could still feel his extraordinary temperament.

It was said that Liu Yuan, the extended side of the Liu Clan, had found a teacher for his children. Perhaps it was this person?

Ye Futian, Liu Yuan, and Liu Yu walked to Liu Qing’s side. All three of them wore a look of coldness. They had seen everything that happened before. Liu Yun intentionally provoked Liu Qing and started the fight, leading to the man who interfered.

He spoke words that seemed innocuous, as if to ask Liu Qing for advice, but just now he had stopped Liu Qing from hurting Liu Yun, restricting Liu Qing’s actions but doing nothing to stop Liu Yun’s counterattack, which injured Liu Qing.

This was clearly protecting and interfering; a person of sage-level was involved in a conflict between the young, and with an obvious inclination to one side.

The man’s name was Yan Lu, who was also not a member of the Liu Clan, but was a sage of Cliff State City. He was the teacher employed by Liu Yun’s elders to teach Liu Yun cultivation.

Yan Lu would also go along this time.

At this point Yan Lu’s gaze turned to Ye Futian. Seeing that the other was looking back at him, he smiled and asked, “Your student?”

“Indeed.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Do you think there is a problem with what I said?” Yan Lu asked.

“There is a problem.” Ye Futian nodded.

“What was the problem?” Yan Lu laughingly asked.

“You arrived very early, watched the fight taking place, but you did not stop it until your disciple was losing. Then you stopped Liu Qing but did not stop your disciple in return. Because of your interference the loser injured the winner. Your own conduct was dishonorable. You have no qualification to teach others.” Ye Futian’s voice was very calm, but there was a trace of coldness in that calm.

This was bluntly stating that Yan Lu was in the wrong, had no right to preach, and there was no further need to discuss right or wrong.

More people’s attentions were directed to this side. Yan Lu was a sage, and even though he was not a top contender at the Liu Clan, as a sage he was considered a very strong figure indeed.

Even Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan, who were standing on the steps outside the castle, were also looking this way.

Yan Lu’s eyes stared at the man in front of him but still did not seem to be angered and appeared quite calm. However, there was a faint pressure that filled the air. Smiling, Yan Lu said, “What did you want to say before that?”

“Do you want to try it?” Ye Futian repeated.

“Good.” Yan Lu nodded, and he immediately levitated into the air.

“The matter about the spear does not require so much trouble. Right here is enough.” Ye Futian’s calmly said, and Yan Lu was stunned for a second.

“Older Brother Ye, he is a sage.” Liu Qing walked behind Ye Futian and whispered softly.

“Liu Qing, I told you before that at this stage of cultivation you should focus more energy on comprehending the power of heaven and earth. However, skills are not completely useless. When skills are cultivated to their extreme, they can be evolved into rules. Watch carefully.” Ye Futian reached out and the Spiritual Qi immediately condensed into a long spear, held in his hand.

Liu Qing nodded emphatically and looked solemn.

Seeing Ye Futian’s movements, an incredibly large Flood Dragon appeared behind Yan Lu, because his Natal Spirit was also a Flood Dragon. That was why Liu Yun’s elders employed him.

A terrible rules power coursed, surrounding Yan Lu’s body. The breath of his body that was blooming from him indicated he was a mid-level sage.

“Please.” Yan Lu said.

There still wasn’t a detectable breath coming from Ye Futian, controlling the rules power that flowed between heaven and earth above the spear and giving out the feeling that his power was quite similar to that of Yan Lu.

The wind swept through. Ye Futian disappeared from where he was standing, and like a residual shadow appeared in front of the Yan Lu with the long spear stabbed straight out, similarly to the shot that came from Liu Qing.

However, it was merely similar.

When the spear got close to Yan Lu’s body a heavenly force slammed down, and there seemed to be shadows of spears everywhere accompanying the impending horror, the oppressing space where Yan Lu was.

Suppression rules power.

Skill in its extremity became rules, and Ye Futian turned the spear into rules.

Liu Qing’s eyes stared at the one shot that Ye Futian stabbed out. His breathing seemed to have stopped, and there was only the shadows of the spears in his eyes.

Under that one shot, the immense Flood Dragon was forcibly suppressed. It roared and screamed, crushing and breaking the rules powers. A terrible wave swept out. The surrounding crowd also felt that they were unable to breathe, and they were being oppressed without quarter.

However, it was just for a moment. Yan Lu’s body was knocked out and flew away, falling toward the distance.

Only one shot, and there was not much difference from the fight that took place between the two youngsters.

Liu Yun was pressed to the ground by the remnant wave of suppression. He looked up at Ye Futian and shivered. The one that he had called an idiot had knocked out his teacher in one shot, and he was completed embarrassed.

After this, his teacher probably would not appear again in the Liu Clan, and would not instruct him again.

Ye Futian did not look at Liu Yun. He acted as a natural response to help Liu Qing get back at these two. Aside from that, he should not need to be assessed to be able to join the group to the ruins.

Ye Futian walked back to Liu Qing’s side, and Liu Qing’s face was blushed furiously at the moment. As if because of the emotions, his eyes fixed on at Ye Futian.

“Brother Ye.” Liu Yan also called out, her heart beating violently.

One move and Brother Ye had defeated Yan Lu with one shot, like a god descending down to earth.

“Cultivate well and you could be like me in the future.” Ye Futian smiled.

“Mmmm.” Liu Qing nodded solemnly.

On the side, Liu Yuan looked at Ye Futian with gratitude. Supposing that today Liu Qing was bullied and unable to resist, it would affect him mentally. However, Ye Futian’s action was an encouragement, and incentive for Liu Qing to remember forever.

Unfortunately, after going to the ruins it was unlikely that he would return here.

Yan Lu left quietly, no face to continue his stay. The Liu Clan did not suffer much and continued chatting casually. For them, this was just a slight ripple. After all, the Liu Clan was very extensive, and only Liu Yun’s family was really affected this time.

“Will this affect you?” Ye Futian asked Liu Yuan. If it would, he would remedy it.

“Not at all, we are also members of the Liu Clan and conflicts are not a big deal. Not to mention Liu Yu is highly regarded by the family.” Liu Yuan responded, and Ye Futian nodded slightly and said nothing.

It didn’t take long for a person to come and talk to Liu Yu and allow Ye Futian to come with them. This was not unexpected.

The people were still waiting quietly. Finally, there was a procession of mighty figures descending in the distant sky. All of them wore silvery clothes, extremely radiant and beautiful.

“Prepare to welcome.” the head of the Liu Clan moved forwards and levitated into the air. Next to him Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan also followed suit, standing in the air to watch the arrival of the other party.

Silvery beams descended from the sky. The cultivators of the Ocean Palace holy land appeared like gods in the sky above the Liu Clan. For a time, the pressure of authority shrouded the void, and many felt the need to kneel on the ground and worship.

“People of Liu Clan, welcome the visitors of holy land.” The head of the Liu Clan bowed in greeting, and suddenly the people below also bowed deeply in greeting.

Countless many were excited beyond words. To them, the three holy lands in Ocean State were a myth.

Now they had seen the people from the holy land descending from the sky and coming to their clan. This was an honor.

“As you were.” the head leading the delegates of Ocean Palace commanded indifferently and asked, “Where are Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan.”

Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan stepped out, and when those from the Ocean Palace saw the two, they had a look of great satisfaction and said, “From this moment on, you two are the cultivators of Ocean Palace. Return to your place.”

“Thank you, honorable ones.” The two men bowed slightly, and then walked toward the midst of the cultivators from Ocean Palace.

All eyes from the Liu Clan stared into the sky above. The two stood amongst the cultivators from the Ocean Palace and looked so harmonious, as if they were where they always should have been, as one of them.

“In the future, I also want go to the Holy land to cultivate.” Liu Qing only felt a sense of fascination, and next to him, Liu Yu and Liu Yan also revealed a look of longing. The holy land was the dream of all cultivators.

Ye Futian stood in the crowd and observed it all calmly. The influence of the holy land to the outside was greater than he had thought.

As for him, as the Palace Lord of the Holy land, it was naturally that he did not feel anything.

“Let’s go.” The cultivator of the Ocean Palace had no intention to stay, and spoke directly

The Chief of Liu Clan looked at them, and suddenly they levitated into the air. Those were the ones going.

“Father, I am leaving.” Liu Yu said, looking at Liu Yuan, apparently not giving up the idea.

Liu Yuan looked at her deeply and knew that it was useless to say anything more, so he looked at Ye Futian, “On the road, please look after this girl.”

“I will do my best.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Brother Ye, will you come back?” Liu Yan looked at Ye Futian. Although they only knew each other for a short month, the goodbye was still difficult.

“If there are opportunities in the future, I will take you guys to see the world outside.” Ye Futian ruffled the hair of Liu Yan.

“Promise.” Liu Yan looked up at Ye Futian, fearing that he would go back on his word.

“Yes, I promise.” Ye Futian nodded with a smile and turned to Liu Qing, “Work hard on cultivation.”

Liu Qing nodded his head emphatically and said nothing.

“Let’s go.” Ye Futian said to Liu Yu, then he levitated into the air. A silver mask appeared in his hand and he put it on his face.

Although there were not many who had seen him in the holy land of Ocean State, only twice at the Nine State forum and the Xia Clan, and it was only the best from the Ocean State holy land, there was still a chance he might be recognized. So, he put on the mask that he had prepared very early on, just for such an occasion.

“What does it mean, Brother Ye?” Liu Yu asked curiously.

“When outside going through the trial, sometimes it is inevitable to offend some people. Ye Futian found an excuse and said to Liu Yu.

“Understood.” Liu Yu nodded and had no doubt.

Soon, the group went skywards under the leadership of the cultivators of Ocean Palace, and gradually disappeared from their sight.

Below, Liu Yan quietly wiped the tears at the corners of her eyes, silently praying for them in her heart.

Ye Futian, at this time, had a heart was full of expectation. The lost relic, Halberd of Time and Space, ranking third on the Divine Implement Rankings, would hopefully be retrieve on this trip and be brought back to the Barren State!