The Legend Of Futian Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Decision

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When everything was gone, the ocean waves were coming in, and all the cultivators were still stiffly standing in the same place. The palace had disappeared, and it had turned into a ruin at the bottom of the seabed, completely gone.

That one halberd turned the whole Ocean Palace into a matrix and destroyed everything. The proud owner, the cruel and bloodthirsty mount… In the end, Jiuying still died at the cruel calculations of the Ocean King. Although this stroke of the halberd was initiated by Ye Futian, it was the Ocean king who killed Jiuying.

Just as Ye Futian had said, from the beginning to the end, the Ocean king had never given Jiuying any chance to survive.

Ye Futian was thinking. These saints, when their cultivations reached a certain plane, their attitude would become more cold and indifferent. If it was him, it was one thing if he had not chosen Jiuying as a mount. But since the choice was made, and it had been through wars for many years, it would not be seemly to choose such a way to trap and kill it. Although the two were separated by time and generations, he could still feel the cruelty of the Ocean King.

The water of the ocean washed their bodies, and those in the ruins pulled their thoughts back to the present and took a deep breath. The sacred beast that had made them desperate was dead. This was an unexpected turn of events for them. They had completely lost hope and thought that for sure they would die, but no one expected that Ye Futian would succeed and spur the Palace Matrix to kill Jiuying.

This ending was truly invigorating.

Their eyes were directed to Ye Futian, and the face under the silvery mask was still invisible. Of course, compared with Ye Futian’s true identity, at this moment, they were more interested in the divine implement that Ye Futian held in his hand, ranking third on the divine implements ranking, the Halberd of Time and Space—Nothingness.

Moreover, the top three on the divine implement ranking had never actually faced one another, it was merely deduced by the people of Nine States according to the strength of their masters and the power of the device itself.

Ranking third, was, in reality, already at the peak.

Ye Futian could crack the secret of the stone wall left by Ocean King. Naturally, his talent was incomparable. However, his cultivation seemed to be only that of a mid-level sage, and at the moment, the palace was crumbling, and there were no more matrices involved, so the cultivators of the three holy lands now had some ideas in their heads.

Although Jiuying had killed a lot of them, even those who were most capable, there were still many sages remaining from the three holy lands, and even a few mid-level sages had survived. So that even if the other had the Halberd of Time and Space in hand, it would be easy for them to grab it.

They did not consider the identity of Ye Futian much. After all, it was the territory of the Endless Sea, and all three holy lands of the Endless Sea were here. Unless it was a saint, it would be a useless struggle, no matter who the other person was.

“Your excellency has an extraordinary talent, to kill the evil beast. Would you be willing to enter the Ocean Palace to cultivate?” At this time, Lin Yu of the Ocean Palace offered Ye Futian this opportunity. Pang Kun and many of the top cultivators of the Ocean Palace were dead. Among the remaining cultivators, he was the highest-ranking from the Ocean Palace. He was a disciple of a saint. If he could help the Ocean Palace to bring back the Halberd of Time and Space, the Masters would certainly reward him handsomely, and his position in the Ocean Palace would be further elevated.

Ye Futian casually cast a glance at Lin Yu, and the cultivators of the other two holy lands also sneered inside.

Ye Futian invited to cultivate at the Ocean Palace? Perhaps there was more to it than just that.

Ye Futian understood clearly. He coldly replied, “No need.”

Lin Yu did not seem to mind, and continued smiling. “It’s a pity. Just one thing. Ocean Palace was created by the descendants of the Ocean King of yore, so if the Halberd of Time and Space can be returned to the original owner, the Ocean Palace will reward you greatly, and you will not suffer any losses.”

Underneath the mask, the eyes of Ye Futian cooled a few degrees. He wouldn’t suffer losses, really? Ocean Palace, what did it have to exchange for the Halberd of Time and Space? At least it was also a divine implement of rank. Was Lin Yu really qualified to decide on this level of treasure? As for the descendants of the Ocean King…

“Before, why didn’t you tell Jiuying, you were the descendant of Ocean King.” Ye Futian looked at Lin Yu coldly.

“That’s right, Ocean King was the master of the Endless Sea. The Halberd of Time and Space cannot be said to belong to the Ocean Palace alone. All three holy lands have a share of it,” the cultivator of the North Deep spoke up, obviously sharing the same ideas as Lin Yu.

The third-ranking divine implement was being held in the hands of a mid-level sage, and he was by himself, so how could they not thinking about the alternative?

“Your Excellency, it would be best if you hand this divine implement over to us, the three holy lands of the Endless Sea,” the cultivator of the Celestial Cliffs also said to Ye Futian. They moved and subtly intending to surround Ye Futian.

“Clearly, you had the ability to move against Jiuying, but you waited deliberately after Jiuying had killed many cultivators of the three great holy lands. I can ignore that fact, so long as you hand over the Halberd of Time and Space,” Lin Yu continued to speak, no longer civil and reconciliatory, and his tone seemed more combative.

When Liu Yu heard the words of these people, she felt a coldness inside. She looked at them and wondered, was this how a holy land was? How disappointing.

“Under those circumstances, if he came out earlier, he would have been dead also. Who dared to fight against Jiuying? Anyway, he saved everyone’s life, and ungratefulness aside, everyone here came for the Halberd of Time and Space, and those who are the most capable should get it. Ye Huang killed Jiuying and saved everyone in order to get the Halberd of Time and Space in hand. Now you all say the Halberd should belong to the three holy lands. That sounds beyond unreasonable.” Although she had already guessed Ye Futian’s identity, at this moment in the Endless Sea, Ye Futian was alone and unsupported. If the three holy lands really wanted to make a move on Ye Futian, it would be difficult for him to escape.

These people had faced desperate situations not so long ago. Now that Jiuying had just died, they all owed their lives to Ye Futian. In a blink of an eye, they had turned against him all for the Halberd of Time and Space.

On Ye Futian’s part, he actually never expected these people to be grateful. He was not trying to save their lives but was trying to save himself. Even though he did save them, but to be grateful? It was absurd.

Human nature was always the most complicated. Not long ago, they were trembling and feared they would die. As soon as Jiuying died, immediately, all they could think about was the divine implement in his hands.

The reason why human nature was complicated was because of cleverness and the ability to see all the pros and cons so clearly, so thoroughly. To avoid disadvantages and exploit opportunities, that was the nature of men. Naturally, he was the same himself, but at least he had his own principles.

“How dare you. Take her,” a cold voice was heard, and immediately, several cultivators descended next to Liu Yu, and a strong breath landed on her, and Liu Yu paled. Those who made a moved on her were family members, and the person who gave the order was Liu Shi.

Liu Shi was a smart man, so he knew very well what choices to make were the best for him at the moment. Prior to this, he had already regarded Ye Futian with displeasure; he did not expect him to be so clandestine.

“What are you doing?” Liu Yu stared at Liu Shi and asked in an icy tone.

“Liu Yu, you colluded with outsiders to infiltrate the family. Your intention was already doubtful, and now you dare to question the holy land, do you not know your place?” Liu Shi spoke coldly and looked at Ye Futian. “You infiltrated our family just so you could enter the ruins. Hand the Halberd of Time and Space to the Ocean Palace, and I will pretend as if nothing happened, and Liu Yu will be safe too.”

Ye Futian’s brow knitted together. Liu Shi was taking on his own family member to threaten him?

“Let her go.” Liu Zixuan surveyed those who surrounded Liu Yu.

“Miss.” These people found themselves in a difficult situation; Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan were paternal cousins ​​and grandchildren of the family. They could not afford to offend either one of them.

“Zixuan, this is for the benefit of you, me, and the family,” Liu Shi said, then looked at those few people and said, “Just listen to my orders.”

“For the benefit of the family, you can go get it yourself.” Liu Zixuan looked coldly at Liu Shi.

“Zixuan, even though you are talented, you are too soft. How can you achieve anything?” Liu Shi continued. He was very happy to see Liu Zixuan’s reactive. He and Liu Zixuan entered the Ocean Palace holy land, but his talent was lesser than Liu Zixuan. From Lin Yu’s previous attitude toward both of them, it was obvious that he valued Liu Zixuan more. And now, here was his chance.

“You, have you made your decision?” Liu Shi looked at Ye Futian and asked aggressively.

Underneath the mask, Ye Futian’s eyes were still very calm. He had not spoken because he had been thinking. He was thinking about how to handle the situation today so there would not be repercussions later.

“If I don’t hand it over, what are you going to do?” Ye Futian asked the people of the three holy lands.

“Do you think you have a choice?” The cultivator of the North Deep circled behind Ye Futian, a powerful atmosphere snaking out, cold and indifferent.

“You have great talent, you should take your life seriously,” the cultivators of the Celestial Cliffs also joined in.

“My previous promise is still valid. If you give hand over the Halberd of Time and Space to the Ocean Palace, I can introduce the Palace Lord of the Ocean Palace to accept you as a direct disciple, otherwise…” Lin Yu was using both favors and threats on Ye Futian.

The situation now was not between them and Ye Futian and who would get their hands on the divine implement the Halberd of Time and Space, but the battle between the three holy lands.

There was only one divine implement.

“You will accept me as a disciple?” Ye Futian looked at Lin Yu.

“Yes, my own,” Lin Yu said very seriously.

“Even if the Palace Lord of the Ocean Palace is standing in front of me, he is not qualified to speak to me like this,” Ye Futian spit out his reply with fierce defiance, which made Lin Yu frown.

“How dare you,” Lin Yu said chillingly.

“I was hesitating as to how to deal with this matter,” Ye Futian looked at Lin Yu and continued, “now, you have given me the answer.”

The people of the three holy lands frowned. Ye Futian’s tone seemed to be different than before.

“Didn’t you ask me who I was before?” Ye Futian stared at Lin Yu, then placed his hand on his face and slowly removed the mask.

At this moment, the heartbeats of the people of the three holy lands involuntarily spiked. Could it be that this person had a special identity? Their eyes were all fixed on Ye Futian’s face. As the mask fell, a very handsome face was revealed.

“Recognize me?” Ye Futian asked icily.

Many looked at each other in silence, and no one had seen Ye Futian before.

“How could it be you,” at this moment, a shocked voice asked. It was a cultivator from the Ocean Palace, his face suddenly pale, and he had an ominous feeling of foreboding.

This person’s reputation in the Nine States was monumental.

If he dared to take off his mask, what could this mean?

“Who is he?” Lin Yu looked at the man and asked, his voice was inexplicably nervous.

Liu Shi also stared at the man; who was it exactly?

The cultivator looked at Lin Yu, his face pale, and said, “Barren State, the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian.”

Lin Yu’s heart trembled. The most prestigious Palace Lord of the Holy Zi Palace, whose name was known throughout the Nine States, and a symbol of the generation, Ye Futian, stood in front of him. He had repeatedly imagined that he would replace Ye Futian, but when Ye Futian really appeared in front of him, he felt a mountain of pressure, as if he could not breathe.

Just as Ye Futian had said, even the Palace Lord of the Ocean Palace was not qualified to take him on as a disciple. Likewise, Liu Zixuan’s heart felt as if it was being hit, and her beautiful eyes drifted to him. Ye Futian, whose name was so strange, and yet so familiar. In this manner, he appeared in front of her.

“Even if you are Ye Futian, you are alone in my turf, the Endless Ocean, what can you do?” Lin Yu, felt a little humiliated. He was scared off by the name of Ye Futian.

“Is it so?” Ye Futian took the Halberd of Time and Space and moved forward step by step, as Lin Yu continued to retreat, step by step.

Buzz. A shadow flashed, and Ye Futian’s body suddenly moved. Lin Yu’s body retreated with an explosion and he shouted, “Block him.”

With a whisper, Lin Yu physically moved into the distance, and he was fine. In the other direction, Liu Shi’s eyes were round and surprised. His shaky hands covered his throat, where the Halberd of Time and Space had pierced into it. Blood flowed out into the sea.

At this moment, Liu Shi had endless sadness in his heart. The great ups and downs of life, he had experienced them all during this time. Why was fate so cruel to him? He should have cultivated in the holy land, and his future was boundless. However, he survived the Jiuying only to have his throat pierced by the Halberd.

Liu Shi looked at the profile of that handsome face and realized that Ye Futian did not even look at him. In the endless sadness, Liu Shi slowly closed his eyes.

Proud genius? He did even warrant a look from the person who had killed him, so what could be sadder than this!?