The Legend Of Futian Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Jiutian Temple

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Above the ancient palace on the Path that Ascends to Heaven, the middle-aged commander looked at the disappearing figures and smiled.

The Nine States’ Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Since the little princess had gone to the Lower Worlds to select prodigies to look for the Heavenly Chosen Ones, there would definitely be people from the Nine States who would become famous in the Upper Worlds. However, since the two of them had chosen to scale the Path that Ascends to Heaven, they evidently did not follow the little princess in the trials.

However, they had taken the Path that Ascends to Heaven in such a dominating fashion. Evidently, to the two of them, there was no difference between the Lower and Upper Worlds.

In Emperor Xia’s Realm, he had seen too many geniuses, but such confident and arrogant people were few and far beyond. He claimed that he was unparalleled in the Nine States and would not need to look up to anyone even in the Upper Worlds.

He wondered if the little princess had met the two of them in the Nine States. What was their purpose for entering the Upper Worlds?

Li Qingyun stood rooted to the spot as the wind blew past, rustling his sleeve. There was still a stinging sensation at his throat.

He had gathered the force of the battle matrix, war drums and the pressure of the Path that Ascends to Heaven, but that one halberd strike had caused him to feel a force that would destroy anything in its way.

A person from the Lower Worlds had caused him to end up in such a sorry state.

“Qingyun.” At that moment, a voice sounded. Li Qingyun looked towards the middle-aged commander with a complicated expression. Not just him, the people around them had also been overwhelmed. Although there would usually be nothing to do when guarding the Path that Ascends to Heaven, but it was the first time that someone had ascended the Path that Ascends to Heaven in such dominating fashion and it had startled them.

“Don’t think too much about it. That person claims to be unparalleled in the Nine States, he must be one of the prodigies at the pinnacle of the Nine States. Every generation of the Nine States has been known to have a few geniuses that have startled the Upper Worlds. This generation will not be an exception as well.” The middle-aged commander consoled him, afraid that Li Qingyun’s frame of mind would suffer a blow.

“A loss is a loss. There is no need to comfort me, commander.” Li Qingyun replied.

Hearing his reply, the middle-aged commander knew that there was no impairment to his frame of mind and continued saying, “The two of them have taken the Path that Ascends to Heaven, but don’t even want the Decree of Ascension. It seems like they are rushing for something important, but what important matters can there be for them to come to the Upper Worlds from the Lower Worlds?”

“Commander, you mean?” Li Qingyun looked at him and asked.

“Didn’t you previously mention about the matters in the Lower Worlds?” The middle-aged commander commented.

A surprised expression appeared on Li Qingyun’s face as he thought of something. He replied, “The Jiutian Temple?”

“Yes. Those people following the little princess in her trials are from the Nine States and are likely from holy lands. The two of them just now had a Saint Plane figure accompanying them and are evidently the same. If they came to the Upper Worlds for an emergency, it is very likely that they know those people and have come from the same holy land.” The middle-aged commander deduced. He was an elite archmage and was the commander in charge of guarding the Path that Ascends to Heaven. Naturally, he was an extremely clever person and soon linked the two incidents together.

“Commander, I would like to take a few days off.” Li Qingyun requested.

“Okay, go ahead.” The middle-aged commander smiled and replied, as though he had already anticipated it.

“Commander, we want to have a look as well.” Many people with strong backgrounds started to ask as well.

The middle-aged commander glared at them. These fellows just didn’t have the patience.

“Scram.” The middle-aged commander waved his hand. The crowd all broke into laughter and replied, “We’ll be on our way then, commander.”

As they said that, their figures flashed and they left.

Seeing them leave, the middle-aged commander smiled while shaking his head. He wanted to go and watch as well, but as the commander, he could not leave his post. If guarding the Path that Ascends to Heaven was not such a free job, he would not let them leave either. After all, there was some risk to doing so.

“The Jiutian Temple is probably going to be bustling now.” The middle-aged commander looked into the distance and mumbled to himself. With the strength that the two of them had revealed, they would at least be able to make it to the Eighth Layer of Heaven or even all the way to the Ninth Layer.


Ye Futian would naturally not care about what the people on the Path that Ascends to Heaven thought. They had rushed the moment they reached the Upper Worlds. First, they found a map and got some information about the Jiutian Temple, then made their way there quickly.

At that moment, a blade of light traveled in the air speedily as though it could teleport through space.

Ye Futian stood on the blade as winds billowed towards him. He did not block it completely with Spiritual Qi and felt the violent winds beating on his body. His shirt billowed in the wind and his hair fluttered wildly.

“What rich Spiritual Qi, I can even feel the rule power.” Ye Futian said softly as he closed his eyes, feeling the air. Was this how it was like in the Upper Worlds.

The Village Chief stood quietly behind him and Ye Futian asked, “Village Chief, have you been here before?”

“Yes, but only for a short while. I am not familiar with it.” The Village Chief nodded and replied. Back then, the Sword Saint of the Void’s name was known throughout the world, not just in the Nine States, but also in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Ye Futian nodded and replied, “Cultivating here is far better than the Nine States. Even breaking through the Sage Plane would not be that difficult.”

However, the people from the Nine States could not enter Emperor Xia’s Realm as and when they liked.

Yu Sheng and him had forcefully taken the Path that Ascends to Heaven, but the two of them were not good representations of the Nine States’ strength. Anyone else, even the elites from the other holy lands could probably not do it.

Apart from taking the Path that Ascends to Heaven, the only other way to the Upper Worlds was to enter the Saint Plane. This would make the Nine States filter only their most outstanding individuals to the Upper Worlds.

After many generations, the people in Emperor Xia’s Realm were all the most outstanding cultivators.

Ye Futian naturally knew that the Upper Worlds actually referred to Emperor Xia’s Realm, which was under Emperor Xia’s rule.

Apart from that, the other Renhuangs also had their reign in the Divine Prefecture and created their own realms, ruling over boundless Lower World regions.

Ye Futian would sometimes think to himself, how big is the Divine Prefecture exactly?

At his level, he had gradually started to come in touch with the world. He also understood how strong the Twin Great Emperors were to be able to be able to rule over the entire Divine Prefecture.

Of course, Ye Futian had no time to think about this at the moment. His mind was occupied with the Jiutian Temple.

The Jiutian Temple was not the sacred force that he had thought and was instead a battle arena that was split into nine layers. It was a battle arena that was extremely famous in Emperor Xia’s Realm. The majority of the cultivators in Emperor Xia’s Realm would come to the Jiutian Temple to battle and try to make their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and enter the Jiutian Ranking.

Those who were able to enter the Jiutian Ranking were all unparalleled figures in Emperor Xia’s Realm and could freely enter any sacred force to cultivate. Of course, it was likely that these people were originally outstanding figures from these sacred forces.

The Emperor Xia’s Realm little princess, Xia Qingyuan was the youngest cultivator to enter the Jiutian Ranking in the history of the Jiutian Temple. When she had entered the Jiutian Temple, she had been watched by the entire Emperor Xia’s Realm. The Jiutian Temple was packed full of people and such a scene had not appeared since Xia Qingyuan.

Even on a normal day, the Jiutian Temple continued to be the most populated place in the Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Emperor Xia’s Realm was extremely vast and the Jiutian Temple was situated in the center of Emperor Xia’s Realm. Even with the Village Chief’s speed, they still took a few hours to reach the region where the Jiutian Temple was.

The Jiutian Temple was full of people at the moment. The battles in the temple had already started for the day and Ye Futian stood at the foot of the stairs to the temple, raising his head and looking up. He saw stairs leading up each level and countless cultivators had split into the nine battle regions. These were the nine Layers of Heaven.

The Ninth Layer of Heaven in the Jiutian Temple was located 1000 Zhang away from the ground. Even with Ye Futian’s vision, he could only see a blurry image.

Ye Futian did not enter the Jiutian Temple directly, but stayed in the vicinity to obtain some information. They then went to the Tianji Pavilion not far away from the Jiutian Temple.

The Tianji Pavilion was the top information brokerage in the Emperor Xia’s Realm and claimed to know everything.

The three of them entered the Tianji Pavilion and someone received them.

“What information would the three of you like to know?” An elder smiled towards Ye Futian, asking.

“Xia Qingyuan once brought people from the Lower Worlds into some trials. There was a batch of people from the Lower Worlds that had a conflict with some Upper World cultivators. Does the Tianji Pavilion know about that matter?” Ye Futian asked.

The elder smiled at him and replied, “There is nothing that the Tianji Pavilion doesn’t know.”

As he said that, he said a name, “Ye Wuchen.”

Ye Futian’s expression suddenly became sharp and looked straight at the elder and said, “I want all information about them.”

“All?” The elder asked.

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded and replied.

“The matter involves many parties, so the price will be high.” The elder’s eyes squinted as he replied with a smile.

Ye Futian waved his hand and an elite Sage ritual implement appeared. He asked the elder, “Is this enough?”

“Please.” The elder gestured with his hand and replied. In reality, although some factions were linked to this piece of information, it was not a huge secret. As such, one elite Sage ritual implement was enough.

Ye Futian was brought into an inner chamber. There were many people here but it was as though they did not see Ye Futian. They were all looking through different case files. Not long after, a teenager walked towards the three of them with a smile and asked, “Sir, are you from the Lower Worlds?”

“The information I want.” Ye Futian did not reply and said instead.

“Yes.” The teenager smiled and nodded, then flipped through the case file and replied, “The person you are asking about has followed the little princess Xia Qingyuan into her trials. They went to an abandoned sword emperor’s realm. There, the Lower Worlds’ cultivator Ye Wuchen absorbed a few Sword Wills into his Life Spirit. According to the Tianji Pavilion’s conjecture, the Sword Wills he absorbed were at least of the Saint-level and could even be Sword Wills left behind by a Renhuang.”

“However, someone from Emperor Xia’s Realm wants that Sword Will. Ye Wuchen’s Life Spirit has been extracted and he has fallen into a coma after suffering severe injuries.” The teenager continued to say.

“Who did it?” Ye Futian asked. A cold aura emanated from him after hearing the other party’s words.

“The information you wanted was regarding the people from the Lower Worlds.” The teenager replied, smiling. Evidently, what he meant was the information that Ye Futian had purchased did not include the other group of people.

Ye Futian looked coldly at him and with a wave of his hand, another ritual implement appeared.

The teenager kept it and replied with a smile, “Since you have already come here, you should know some of the matters. The person who has extracted Ye Wuchen’s Life Spirit is the cultivator on the Jiutian Ranking, Pei Qianying.”