The Legend Of Futian Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Enter The Temple

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“Pei Qianying.” In the depth of Ye Futian’s eyes, there flashed a cold ray. “That ritual implement should not be a name only.”

“Of course not,” the young man said with a smile. “I will then tell you some other news. Pei Qianying was born into a well-known family, the descendant of Jueying Sword Saint. Furthermore, Pei Qianying is the cultivator of Jiutian Ranking and he is close to the young master of Jiutian Temple. If you want to pick a fight with Pei Qianying it won’t be easy, especially in the Jiutian Temple. Even if there are saints present, I would encourage you not to.”

This was just polite talk, and it wasn’t just that it was not easy. If Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen were the same as cultivators of the Lower Worlds, this grudge had to be let go or Ye Wuchen would surely die. In fact, if it wasn’t for Xia Qingyuan, Jueying Sword Saint would probably have already destroyed his spirit and stripped him of the sword will that he had obtained from refining.

“Jueying Sword Saint.” Next to Ye Futian, the Village Chief’s eyes showed a strange light, and Ye Futian looked at him, asking, “You recognize him?”

The Village Chief nodded slightly. “He visited in the past and was refused.”

Ye Futian’s eyes sparkled and knew who the visitor meant to see—the Sword Saint of the Void.

Back in the days when the Sword Saint of the Void was invincible in the Nine States and the Nether Sword Mound claimed to be able to annihilate all holy lands, one could only imagine how powerful the Sword Saint of the Void was. This Jueying Sword Saint was also a sword saint that cultivated in the art of the sword, so it was not surprising that he had visited the Sword Saint of the Void.

The young man looked up at the Village Chief. Tianji Pavilion claimed to know all things but had limited knowledge of the things in the Lower Worlds of the Nine States because information of the Lower Worlds was of little value, at least for the Tianji Pavilion.

“Where are the people of the Lower Worlds now?” Ye Futian continued to ask.

“The cultivators within Emperor Xia’s Realm were beyond count. Tianji Pavilion will not pay attention to where everyone is. After all, this is not valuable information. However, it must be around the vicinity of the Jiutian Temple. In fact, in the past few days, they have been coming to Jiutian Temple. Now that Gu Dongliu has gotten to the Eighth Layer of Heaven, pay attention to the Law Battle of the Eighth Layer of Heaven and you will see him sooner or later,” the young man said.

“Why do you want to charge Jiutian Temple?” Ye Futian asked again. Ye Wuchen was stripped of his spirit by Pei Qianying, but what was its connection with Jiutian Temple?

“It was said that after Pei Qianying stripped Ye Wuchen’s spirit, he returned to the Upper Worlds. The people of Nine States refused to let the matter rest and paid a price for the Little Princess to intervene. Pei Qianying replied that to get the spirit of Ye Wuchen back, he could be found in the Ninth Layer of Heaven in the Jiutian Temple, otherwise, get the hell back to the Lower Worlds.” The youth looked at Ye Futian and continued, “So the princess, Xia Qingyuan, made a guarantee and gave the people of Nine States three months. Afterward, the people of the Lower Worlds began to venture into Jiutian Temple. However, until now, only Gu Dongliu was able to enter the Eighth Layer of Heaven. One more step and he will be able to enter the Ninth Layer of Heaven and formally challenge Pei Qianying on the Jiutian Ranking. Of course, the distance of this step is as difficult as stepping into heaven,” the young man said, smiling.

Ye Futian’s expression was still indifferent, and he cast a glimpse at the young man. The news was simple and, in fact, was not worth the price he paid, but to him, it was extremely important. After inquiring about some other matters Ye Futian left Tianji Pavilion.

After walking out of Tianji Pavilion, a coldness exuded from Ye Futian. Although Wuchen’s talent was limited, his mind was extremely firm and he was clear about that all along. If all was as the people of Tianji Pavilion had said, the sword will that Wuchen obtained was at least the sword will of the saint and may have even been the Renhuang Sword Will. It was completely within Wuchen’s character to make every effort to integrate it into his own spirit. This was Wuchen’s chance, but this chance had become a disaster and caused him to be stripped of his spirit.

To cultivators, the stripping of the spirit was equivalent to the deprivation of an extremely important part of the soul. If it was destroyed, it would directly lead to Wuchen’s rapid deterioration from the planes and loss of mental power. Never mind progressing forward, he would probably unable to even reach the height achieved previously.

Once upon a time his Master, Hua Fengliu was a good example.

Pei Qianying was unforgivable.

Returning beneath Jiutian Temple, Ye Futian looked up and glanced at the endless figures in the sky above and the beautiful radiant Law Battlefield. He said, “Yu Sheng and I will participate in the Law Battle of Jiutian Temple.”

“Very well.” The Village Chief nodded, and then all three walked toward the Jiutian Temple. The first level of Jiutian Temple could be entered without any cost. Everyone was watching the battle below and could even see into the battlefield platform that was even higher into the sky. The Nine States Platform had only set up the battle platform of the three realms of the Sages. For Emperor Xia’s Realm, the Noble Plane was too low and lacked attraction, the Saint Plane was too strong, and who would be participating in the Law Battle?

The level of the sage was suitable for all cultivators to observe, even for the saints who would sometimes come to watch the battles between the youngsters. The First Layer of Heaven of Jiutian Temple had nine battle platforms and nine regions; the Worthy, the Magi, and the Sage, each had three.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were separated and not together, but were in the two adjacent Law Battle platforms.

Sitting on the grandstands, Ye Futian looked up, and he could see the battle platforms in the air, surrounded by the light of the matrix. The steps up and down, and all around him were surrounded by people, and each layer leading all the way up. The tendency to practice martial arts in Emperor Xia’s Realm was far stronger than in the Nine States.

There were many people battling at the same time on the battle platform, and each battle had a hundred people on the same stage at the same time battling for ranking until the last person, and according to the ranking to continue participating in the following Law Battle.

Therefore, every battle was extremely fierce, and this was only the First Layer of Heaven. The battles for the Third Layer of Heaven were all battles between the top geniuses, where each match was enough to make one’s blood boil. Of course, the battles for the Third Layer of Heaven were far less frequent than those for the First Layer of Heaven, the rules were also different so that there were not many who could make it to the Third Layer of Heaven.

After a long time, the hundred-person matchup concluded. The person in the first place was naturally the focus of all attention, was qualified to participate in the Law Battle of the Fourth Layer of Heaven, and skipped over the Second and Third Layers of Heavens.

“Continue to the next round, who is willing to challenge?” At this time, on the battle platform, an elder looked down to the stand. As his voice trailed off, shadows suddenly flashed out. They were all the cultivators who came to participate in the Law Battle.

Jiutian Platform was a place suitable for tempering one’s own combative power and appreciate the strength of various rules power from other cultivators. It was of great benefit to one’s own cultivation. Of course, to get on the Jiutian Ranking was the dream of countless cultivators in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Ye Futian stood up, and with one quick flash, he took a step into the void and soon descended upon the Law Battle Platform that was in the void. The Law Battle of the First Layer of Heaven, as long as it conformed to the plane, anyone could participate.

“Wang Yin.” At this time, countless eyes from the grandstand landed on one person. That young man wore a gorgeous golden robe, and he exuded an unusual and outstanding spirit. When he appeared on the battle platform, everyone around him was eclipsed.

“Sure enough, Wang Yin also came to Nine States Platform; this is his first time at Jiutian Temple. I wonder which layer of heaven he will be able to reach.”

“There’s no doubt who’s going to be first in this battle. After the first battle, he will directly advance to the Fourth Layer of Heaven.”

Many people on the view stand discussing and gossiping. Clearly, this Wang Yin was well-recognized, but because he had never participated in the Law Battle, this would be his first showing in Jiutian Temple. On the viewing stand, even some of Wang Yin’s elders had come to cheer him on, observing the battle.

This would be the first step for Wang Yin to impact the Jiutian Ranking.

On the platform, a beautiful woman smiled at Wang Yin. “Senior Brother, you have to be merciful.”

“It will not be a problem for you to go to the Third Layer of Heaven,” Wang Yin said. The second and third place in each round could skip over the Second Layer of Heaven and were qualified to battle in the Third Layer of Heaven.

Many looked at Wang Yin and the woman and murmured to themselves about their bad luck. Wang Yin was one of the most outstanding disciples of the third generation of the sacred forces, quite famous. He had only begun to enter the Jiutian Temple after he became a top-level Magi, clearly wanting to impact the Jiutian Ranking.

Since the woman was the Junior Sister of Wang Yin, it was obvious that she was also from the Qianshen Clan, and she must also be very strong, and with Wang Yin backing her, the first three slots may have already been decided by this duo.

It appeared that this Law Battle was quite unlucky, and all that could be done was to give it one’s best so as to continue to participate in the following Law Battles.

After some time, 100 cultivators of the Magi Plane appeared on the battle platform and the matrix was initiated, surrounding them all, shrouding them with a huge light screen so as to protect the observers in the grandstand.

“You may begin now,” the elder announced, and as soon as his voice drifted away, a terrible atmosphere suddenly exploded in the vastness of the battlefield platform. The battlefield area was hundreds of thousands of meters high and was immensely wide, so that even when the sages battled, it would not appear narrow.

Like Wang Yin, Lin Yuxiu also came from Qianshen Clan and had just entered the plane of top-level Magi. A radiance emitted from her and suddenly, hundreds of swords appeared all around her, chiming like real magical ritual implements. Her figure flickered, and hundreds of swords rushed forward in different trajectories. She stood in the middle of the sword, impressive with her prowess.

In an instant, hundreds of swords aimed towards a single cultivator spat out fearful sword will until the space was filled with terrifying thoughts of murder. Suddenly, the cultivator who was under attack only felt that his spiritual will was about to be torn to pieces by the Sword Qi.

The cultivator put his hands together, and suddenly a huge golden light screen appeared in front of him, blocking the onslaught of the swords, but the swords went directly to the same place. The golden light screen broke apart, and all the swords turned into one, and quickly morphed into brilliant lightening, flashed, and were gone. In an instant, blood bloomed on the body of that cultivator as the Sword Qi penetrated his body. He fell from the sky and unwillingly withdrew from the battlefield.

In other areas, there were also powerful battles taking place. Wang Yin stood there quietly, watching Lin Yuxiu fighting and thought that with her strength, even without his backing, she could reach the top three.

“YuXiu’s strength could pass the Fourth Layer of Heaven,” someone in the stands said. They were a sage level cultivator from Qianshen Clan who came to cheer for Wang Yin. However, the battle at the First Layer of Heaven was meaningless. The key was the follow-up battles at the topmost three layers of heaven.

Ye Futian stood quietly, calmly watching the battle on the platform. In regards to the cultivators of the Upper Worlds, their strength was not necessarily stronger than those from the Nine States, just that as a whole. Their sages were much younger, possibly because Emperor Xia’s Realm contained the richer aura of heaven and earth, and also the rules atmosphere, and a greater spiritual environment in general.

At this moment, sharp breaths came toward Ye Futian. His eyes turned and he saw just in time that Lin Yuxiu came at him with the sword. Lin Yuxiu stared at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes. This person emitted an air that was extraordinary and he was handsome in looks. However, he did not participate in the battle like Wang Yin, standing aside and looking on as the others struck out one by one. How could she just let him get away with it?

Wang Yin also turned his attention in the same direction. Before, he had noticed Ye Futian standing there casually, as if he was an outsider. However, unless he was so strong that no others dared to challenge him, was it really possible to watch like an outsider?

The powerful Sword Will made Ye Futian feel a stinging in his spiritual will. He looked up and glanced at Lin Yuxiu, and remained standing quietly without moving.

“Presumptuous.” Seeing Ye Futian had ignored her, Lin Yuxiu spit out her displeasure coldly, and all the swords came at him, fast as lightning, and they were almost piercing through Ye Futian’s body. However, when the swords reached the front of Ye Futian, they all suddenly stopped and screamed and seemed to be shaking. Not only the sword, but Lin Yuxiu felt that her body seemed difficult to move as if controlled by an invisible force.

“Sister,” Wang Yin shouted.

“I can’t move.” Lin Yuxiu was pale and knew that she had encountered a very powerful person. As her voice trailed off, everyone on the stand and was shocked; countless eyes were fixed on Ye Futian. They had thought that this matchup would not have much uncertainty, but it seemed that there were still some twists and turns.

Wang Yin stepped out into the void toward Ye Futian, then commanded, “Let go.”

Ye Futian glanced at him, and the rule power disappeared. Lin Yuxiu, who had been struggling to move forward, now suddenly catapulted to the front, sharp swords piercing at Ye Futian’s body. Instead, they made crisp sounds, and none of them were able to stab through his skin.

Lin Yuxiu herself rushed toward Ye Futian, propelled by momentum, but Ye Futian simply pushed his palm forward and a palm print directly impacted on Lin Yuxiu’s chest and her body flew back as a result.

It seemed that the two of them were not on the same plane at all.

Lin Yuxiu, looking pale, could only feel the sharp pain in her chest. Wang Yin looked at her, then turned his icy stare to Ye Futian, walking toward him, step by step. Every step was like a sharp sword that pierced at Ye Futian, attempting to break down the power of his Spiritual will.

“Defeat the others and you can get within the top three,” Ye Futian said to Wang Yin.

Wang Yin’s expression altered, and then, in a very cold voice, he said, “How arrogant.” What Ye Futian meant was that it was not even worth it for him to make a move himself, because he was certain he would be first.

In an instant, an extremely sharp atmosphere swept out and there was a terrible silver storm appearing behind Wang Yin, releasing the spirit.

Ye Futian cast a casual glance at him, then took a step out and, like lightning, he rushed into the incomparably sharp rules of the storm, allowing the violent and extreme rules to attack his body, remaining unmoving.

Wang Yin felt a strong threat and he wanted to retreat, but his body seemed to have solidified, making it difficult to move.

Bang! A loud sound was heard. The bones of the chest burst instantly, and Wang Yin’s body flew backward!