The Legend Of Futian Chapter 918

Chapter 918 He Who Hailed From The Nine States

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Roaring cheers were heard everywhere in the Jiutian Temple, and every single stand in every single Layer of Heaven was packed. The event was of such fame that no battles were fought in any of the stages in the Jiutian Temple, which was over ten thousand feet tall. No one bothered fighting as no one would have been in the mood to watch any other fights.

Everyone was simply there for the battle at the Eighth Layer of Heaven that day.

They were there to bear witness and see if that unparalleled monster of a person would be able to make it to the Ninth, the one who might have subsequently gone off to challenge Pei Qianying.

Many looked up at the Eighth Layer of Heaven’s direction, but they were able to see little other than vague shadows. They were all waiting for the projections of that battle at the stage of the Eighth Layer of Heaven’s fight.

It was a day that captured everyone’s attention, and the Jiutian Temple went out of its way to promote the event. Regardless of who came, there was no doubt that the fight was one that was needed to be projected from the Eighth Layer of Heaven for all to witness together.

“What’s the hold-up?” Many took their seats and began to feel restless.

“They just got here not long ago, and the temple needs time to field the candidates as well,” someone replied.

“Well, among the three, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu, who do you think will be able to make it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven, or maybe they will all make it.”

“There are just too many legendary figures who you don’t get to see much elsewhere here in the Eighth Layer of Heaven today. They have all secured many consecutive victories. I don’t think it’d be easy for the three of them to all make it up to the Ninth.”

“Just wait and see. Gu Dongliu was able to overpower Mu Fanchen, while both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng have been able to take out everyone in their way at the Seventh back then. That shocking scene might actually happen; the scene where all three of them make it to the Ninth.”

Everyone chatted and had high hopes about the battle that was about to happen.

Streaks of immensely dazzling, blinding even, light showered from above. However, no one averted their eyes as they were all at the peak of excitement. They were all too familiar with the light of that matrix. They knew the show was about to start.

Their eyes pierced right through the air and their gaze locked at the Eighth Layer of Heaven. Dazzling light was projected below. Many were taken aback when they finally were able to see what was happening at the Eighth Layer of Heaven clearly, before erupting into sky-reaching shouts and cheers in a frenzy. Their voices heard even at the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

“This is crazy.”

“It is indeed. Even the temple itself has gone crazy.” Everyone was shocked to find that there was more than one stage being projected from the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

All three stages at the Eighth Layer of Heaven lit up. The three stages represented battles from three different planes: Sage, Magi, and Archmage.

At that moment, people were seen on all three stages at the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Gu Dongliu appeared in three different stages. That meant there would be three eye-catching battles taking place at the Eighth Layer of Heaven at the same time. Jiutian Temple had never been so crazy before.

The temple was actually crazy enough that time to project three different stages at the same time. When Xia Qingyuan fought in the Jiutian Temple, she was only fighting alone and as such, there had only been one stage projected. What was happening that day was noteworthy enough to be recorded in the Jiutian Temple’s annals.

Everyone saw another person appearing on the stage where Gu Dongliu was. It was the top-notch figure at the Eighth Layer of Heaven—Li Feng—one who had secured nine consecutive victories. He was one victory short from making it into the Jiutian Ranking.

Regardless of who emerged victorious from that battle, be it him or Gu Dongliu, the winner would be ranked on the Jiutian Ranking.

Li Feng was also the only magi capable of winning nine consecutive battles at the Eighth Layer of Heaven thus far. Few at the Eighth Layer of Heaven were capable of winning multiple consecutive battles. When two cultivators secured nine victories each, the Jiutian Temple would then arrange for them to have a showdown. The winner would then be granted access to the Ninth Layer of Heaven, while the loser would have had to start all over again.

The Jiutian Temple arranged for Li Feng to face off against Gu Dongliu.

Ye Futian was facing off against Wang Jing, Mu Fanchen, and other top ten mighty ones. While there were no nine consecutive winners at the moment, Wang Jing had secured nine consecutive victories once. His streak was broken and he was forced to start all over again. Mu Fanchen had been winning eight consecutive battles until three days ago. All the others had winning streaks as well, with the weakest having secured seven consecutive victories.

With the top ten fighters of such caliber facing off against Ye Futian at the same time, if he was able to emerge victorious, fighting all of them at the same time, there was no doubt that he was qualified to be at the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

The same went with the stage where Yu Sheng was. Yu Zhan had once secured nine consecutive victories and everyone else around him were extremely renowned figures at the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

The fighters banded together on that day as they appeared on the stages, to face off against three top-notch geniuses from the Nine States.

It was a sight that would have rendered anyone crazy.

There were no cheers at the Eighth Layer of Heaven, and things were considerably quieter there. Those who were at the stands there were renowned people after all. However, they nonetheless looked up at the three stages, looking at the mighty ones coming from the Lower Worlds.

Pei Qianying declared with overwhelming force that Ye Futian and the others would learn to fear the greater ones from that day onwards. However, Pei Qianying did not come to watch the battles. He was waiting for Ye Futian at the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

Pei Qianying was not alone in this; many other renowned figures were waiting at the Ninth Layer of heaven as well. In their perspective, if Ye Futian was unable to make it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven, then he lacked the right to even see them, for humiliating himself.

The Zhao siblings, Zhao Shi and Zhao Ci, were there as well, gazing at the stage where Ye Futian was. Cold hatred was seen in Zhao Ci’s eyes.

Li Qingyun and his people, who were guarding the Sky Stairwell, were there as well. They looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, the two who had been blitzing their way at the Sky Stairwell and made it to the Jiutian Temple. Those two could not have been more unruly.

The Sword Saint, Zhuge Mingyue, Hua Jieyu, Huang Jiuge, Phoenix, and many others were watching as well. Ye Wuchen was among them as well.

It was a battle fought in Ye Wuchen’s honor.

They had immense faith in Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Gu Dongliu. All of them had unwavering faith that the three would emerge victoriously. The battle between Gu Dongliu and Li Feng erupted alongside the cheers from below, making the spectators’ blood boil.

Mu Fanchen stepped out at Ye Futian’s stage before everyone else. He had been defeated by Gu Dongliu three days ago, and he was eager to see just how capable Ye Futian of the Nine States was.

No one else budged. They were all top-notch figures at the Eighth Layer of Heaven and extremely prideful people. While they were standing at the same stage at the same time, it did not mean that they were ready to join hands. They simply watched as Mu Fanchen walked towards Ye Futian.

“You have to win this,” Zhao Shi whispered to herself deep down as she watched Mu Fanchen walking out. She did not want to see Mu Fanchen lose again.

One exterior incarnation after another emerged. Six of them had Ye Futian surrounded while emanating different auras in different forms. With Mu Fanchen added to the list, it felt as if Ye Futian was fighting seven mighty ones at the same time.

Ye Futian took a look at the exterior incarnations nonchalantly and said to the other mighty ones at the stage, “It’s better that you all just come at me together.”

All within earshot frowned at his words. This fellow who is from the Nine States is simply too much. It’s no wonder that Pei Qianying would comment that they have no respect.

Mu Fanchen sent his exterior incarnations at Ye Futian at the same time, seeing how Ye Futian simply ignored him. Dazzling light burst from Ye Futian’s body. A golden roc took to the air with its wild, unruly eyes watching its opponent, emanating incredibly sharp aura.

“He’s bringing out his Life Spirit?” The eyes of the spectators flashed. He never unleashed his Life Spirit in any of his previous battles.

A wild, unruly aura burst from behind Ye Futian at that moment. An incredibly huge godly ape appeared and walked out, taking guard at a corner.

“Two Life Spirits.” The eyes of the spectators glittered as they found that both Life Spirits were fighting beasts. But then again, it was not actually all that rare and surprising.

A dragon roar shook the air as yet another incredibly huge dragon appeared, circling Ye Futian as if he was looking down the mortals below.

“Godly Creation of All Things.” A cold line was uttered from his mouth. Extremely terrifying spiritual power burst as a huge entity coalesced through the power of rules, appearing before him as if an ancient god had just emerged and guarding Ye Futian.

Countless particles seemed to be coursing around the huge ancient god’s body looking like glittering stars, as if a very old god had taken its place among the stars.

“I said, come at me at once. Stop wasting my time.” Ye Futian’s body slowly took to the air with the roc and the ape at his flank, the dragon circling around him and the ancient god before him. It was quite a dazzling sight to behold, striking the hearts of all who witnessed it, awestruck.

Is Ye Futian, as he is now, truly at his fullest?

He was the number one genius from the Nine States of the Lower Worlds after all.

The scene was just too shocking to many.

The minds of everyone but Mu Fanchen shuddered at the scene. They all felt the extreme threat looming right before them. Extremely overbearing power rules emanated from Ye Futian’s glittering body, shrouding the entire stage.

Under the light of the formless rules, the space seemed to have frozen over at the very next moment. Mu Fanchen and his exterior incarnations all felt an extremely powerful might attempting to fix them where they were, making the space-time right there and then completely still.

Boom, boom, boom… All of Mu Fanchen’s exterior incarnations burst with extremely heavy might, breaking the bonds of the rules. There was simply no way they would have been able to fight if their bodies were all fixed into place. However, a golden halberd appeared on the roc’s claws, drawing a dazzling arc and lashing out at one of the exterior incarnations.

At the same time, the huge godly ape took hold of an immensely huge staff and brought it down hard. The ancient god before Ye Futian stomped and the force seemed like that of stars falling from the heavens, crushing everything beneath.

All manners of powers burst at the same time.

Mu Fanchen’s face went rather pale. He felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness washing over him again, more so than the battle between him and Gu Dongliu. However, he continued to bring his greatest attacks with the exterior incarnations, clashing with the roc and the godly ape.

The roc streaked through the air at blazing speeds, bringing the halberd down hard. Mu Fanchen felt a terrifying shredding power above, or rather, the power of space being torn apart. That exterior incarnation blew into pieces bit by bit within an instant.

Another exterior incarnation withstood a violent hit from the ape. The staff was brought down with might out to crush the heavens, and that exterior incarnation was no more soon enough.

Countless watched at the Jiutian Temple that the unparalleled figure of the Eighth Layer of Heaven named Mu Fanchen, had his exterior incarnations being crushed one after another without any means of retaliating. All of the spectators went speechless as they watched the truly peerless figure at work.

The figure who was named Ye Futian, who hailed from the Nine States!