The Legend Of Futian Chapter 924

Chapter 924 What Is Meant By Peerless?

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Everyone in Jiutian Temple looked at the two figures who stood on the Law Battle Platform.

Gu Dongliu and Yu Sheng had both defeated their opponents, leaving only the final battle. And from those battles, people could already infer that Pei Qianying would come to tragedy in this fight. Ye Futian had purposely given ground to him for the purpose of restraining his spirit and to make him let go of his control.

What was he trying to do?

All was silent in Jiutian Temple, even in the highest stands. Everyone had become aware of something.

The Jueying Sword Saint’s face grew unusually ugly. Pei Qianying was in danger.

Pei Qianying’s spiritual will had been released, and the sound of it smashing between the Divine Ape’s fists rang out continuously. The Sword Spirit tried to break the restraints, but the Divine Ape’s spirit held Ye Futian’s spiritual willpower. When the rule power was released his two fists were like the sturdiest prison, as they pressed down firmly on the Sword Spirit.

At that moment, Ye Futian reached out and suddenly, the Starry Brilliance flowed, turning into a long staff that he held in his hand. Starry rule power flowed around the staff. A surging pressure swept out towards Pei Qianying.

Everyone watched Ye Futian’s movements. It seemed that now he was really getting serious

Boom! Ye Futian stepped forward and the clouds and wind moved. His rule power roared, and the situation was wildly in his favor.

“When cultivating the Great Path the weak have no right to take the gifts that heaven offers?” asked Ye Futian coldly. His majestic aura swept out, and time and space seemed to freeze. Pei Qianying felt the sword will around him begin to slow down.

As he waved his hands, a sword will flowed down from the sky. The Lihen Sword cut through the Space Will and broke him free of his restraints.

“Those who don’t know their place should lose their life spirits?” continued Ye Futian. He stepped forward again. The air trembled as his incomparable spiritual will swept out. The Great Path Rules covered the sky and were not destroyed. At this moment he was like a god that everyone should pay homage to.

Pei Qianying made the sword will wrap around his body, breaking the Space Rule Power and not letting it freeze him in place. Otherwise, he would have no hope in this battle.

“The cultivators of the Upper Worlds disdain everything, and the ants of the Lower World have no way to break through the Ninth Layer of Heaven?” Ye Futian’s voice shook the Nine Heavens, and with each step, he shook the ground. The power of the Great Path was growing stronger and stronger, and the shadow of the staff blotted out the sky. It was as if his staff technique had been integrated into his power.

Pei Qianying felt that pressure that was so powerful it could collapse the sky and his face went pale. The sword will in front of him gathered together, forming a huge Lihen Sword. It tore through all the Rule Power around him as a Light Sword, also destroying shadow of the staff.

“You are as insignificant as an ant. You do not even know how weak you are, and yet you dared take my brother’s life spirit? You plundered the good fortune of the Great Path. Do you think this is right?” Ye Futian’s voice was extremely cold. He put his physical strength into play, and the hand that held the staff was filled with limitless power. A terrible brilliance passed through him like it was drilling a hole, making his power grow even stronger.

He likely did not just want to defeat Pei Qianying.

He had taken Wuchen’s life spirit, made Jieyu and the others fight their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven, and had regarded his sworn brothers as ants.

In this battle, he would let Pei Qianying know what was meant by an infinite abyss.

Pei Qianying saw his imposing figure. Ye Futian had terrorized him with force. His mind was shaken, and the confidence had disappeared from his face. His eyes were turning bloodshot.

Lingtian Sword Will burst out from him, and Pei Qianying’s Lihen Sword sliced through space, cutting the Rule Power and splitting the Space Freezing Rules. The sharp sword shot up into the sky towards Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian stood there without moving. He swept his gaze over Pei Qianying, and a monstrous power covered his body, imprisoning all the power in the space around him.

A sharp crashing sound rang out. The sharp sword still shot forward, but its power grew weaker and weaker until it nearly stopped. The sword was smashed in the Starry Brilliance, and Ye Futian’s mighty power pressed down on both Pei Qianying and the sword. The power of heaven and earth was integrated into Ye Futian’s Rule Power, but the Lihen Sword continued to cut down.

Pei Qianying’s face went pale and his heart pounded. He clearly felt the Rule Power that his spiritual will had created, and the Lihen Will could not destroy it. The willpower was too firm, it could not be shaken even by the pounding of a thousand hammers.

When Ye Futian had tested Saint Jiang’s medicine at Nine State College, he had not only tempered his flesh; his spiritual will was extremely stable. Even if Pei Qianying’s Lihen Will could target his spiritual willpower, thus breaking the rules, breaking his accumulated Rule Power would not be easy.

“I came from the Nine States in the Lower World, climbed the Sky Stairwell, and made it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven. Everyone here thinks they are the best in all the Upper and Lower Worlds.” Ye Futian stared at Pei Qianying as he said proudly, “But are you worthy of that title?” He continued forward as he spoke, waving his long staff. It covered the sky and blotted out the sun. Pei Qianying went pale. He wanted to retreat, but how could he under Ye Futian’s rules?

Bang! There was a loud noise as Ye Futian’s staff swept Pei Qianying’s sword away, shattering it, and continued down, smashing into Pei Qianying and sending him falling to the ground below. But Ye Futian did not stop. His figure flashed as he pursued him. He smashed him with the staff again.

Bang! Another loud noise rang out. Pei Qianying spat up blood as all his bones were broken. His face was deathly pale.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The staff’s shadow continued to rise and fall. The two men danced upon the platform. With every bang, the people in Jiutian Temple’s hearts beat faster.

Was this really a Law Battle of the Nine Heavens?

This battle that everyone had come to watch, that countless people in Jiutian Temple paid rapt attention to, had been gathering interest for three days. Pei Qianying saying that he would teach them respect had pushed the excitement for this battle to the top. Many important people had personally come to watch, even Princess Xia Qingyuan.

The three enchanting figures from the Lower World had finally made it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven. But, as Ye Futian had said, was this really a battle between the top figures of the Upper and Lower Worlds? Was Pei Qianying worthy of that title?

As they watched the staff fall upon Pei Qianying’s body, everyone’s hearts beat rapidly.

What did it mean to be peerless? What did it mean to be without a match?

Even though they were on the Jiutian Ranking, even though one of them was the son of a Saint and had cultivated in the Lihen Heaven, Ye Futian had only a staff.

If Pei Qianying had not harmed Pei Qianying, Ye Futian would not have come from the Lower World. The two of them were not at the same level.

Ye Futian did not care about the Jiutian Ranking. He had come from the Lower World only because of Ye Wuchen.

“Enough,” a voice rang out. The Jueying Sword Saint’s face was extremely cold and as sharp as a sword. Seeing how grievously Pei Qianying had been harmed, even a Saint could not hold himself back.

Bang! There was another loud noise as Ye Futian smashed his staff directly into Pei Qianying’s chest. He flew into the air and then landed back on the Law Battle Platform. Ye Futian stepped on his staff, pressing it into the platform.

The arrogant son of heaven of the Jiutian Ranking now lay there like a dead man. He had no power left in his body, and his organs all felt like they had been shattered. Only his eyes could still move and he could still think. But he would have rather fainted.

Watching Ye Futian stepping on his proud figure he felt endless hopelessness and sorrow. Everyone in Jiutian Temple had seen this battle. After this battle, he would become an object of ridicule in Emperor Xia’s realm. Whenever anyone saw him they would think of this battle and of Ye Futian who had come from the Nine States, boasted of his unmatched prowess and then trampled all over him.

After this battle, he would have no way to truly enter the core of the Lihen Heaven. They would not be willing to train a disciple who had suffered such humiliation. He would have no way to come into contact with the best swordsman in Emperor Xia’s realm, the Swordmaster of Lihen.

There was only endless hopelessness in his eyes.

How could someone from the Lower World be this strong? He didn’t understand.

How had he dared come from the Lower World and fight his way here, and do this to him?

Ye Futian was standing on Pei Qianying, but he did not care what he was thinking, just as he had not cared what Ye Wuchen was thinking when he had taken his life spirit.

Only blood could repay blood.

Ye Futian looked up at the Jueying Sword Saint, and his face became cold. He said, “Your son has stripped another of his life spirit. Did you ever think of that when you were training him?” Everyone saw that Ye Futian still looked very strong when facing the Jueying Sword Saint.

“The weak are not worthy of the gifts of the Great Path. Was it you who taught him to strip others of their life spirit?” Without waiting for him to answer, Ye Futian said, “Now Pei Qianying is the weak one. What do you say?”

The Jueying Sword Saint waved, and suddenly a silver sword went flying. It screamed through the air. It was Ye Wuchen’s life spirit. His spiritual will began to fluctuate more strongly.

But the Jueying Sword Saint still controlled his life spirit, and he said, “Take the life spirit and stop this now.”

Ye Futian cast a cold glance at the Jueying Sword Saint. Stop this now? His agreement with Xia Qingyuan had been that as long as he defeated Pei Qianying he could have the life spirit. But the Jueying Sword Saint was taking things as they came. Would he dare to not return it?

“Do you not care about the Princess’s words?” Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan glanced at Ye Futian and then looked to the Jueying Sword Saint. “These are the rules that Pei Qianying set himself. Return the life spirit.”

The Jueying Sword Saint’s face grew ugly when he heard the Princess’s words. He looked at her and saw that she was still calm.

In the past, Pei Qianying had removed Ye Wuchen’s life spirit. He had been arrogant like no other. Now he had to pay the price. No one could complain.

“Fine.” The Jueying Sword Saint looked into Xia Qingyuan’s indifferent eyes. In the end, he did not dare disobey her. Suddenly the light of the silver sword turned into a flash of lightning and flew towards Ye Wuchen’s body, entering it between his eyebrows!