The Legend Of Futian Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Attending The Banquet

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The news that the third disciple of Xihua Sacred Mountain, Liu Zong, would marry the princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, Zhou Ziyi, led to a great stir in the Nine States. Invitations from Xihua Sacred Mountain were sent out all over.

Everyone understood that this marriage alliance was of great significance. Liu Zong was the third disciple and could represent the will of Xihua Sacred Mountain, while Zhou Ziyi was a princess. This was almost equal to the two top holy lands in the Eastern State forming an alliance.

In the Eastern State, the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple was relatively weak, and although Sky Saint was himself quite powerful, he was only one person, plus his one disciple.

A marriage alliance between these two great holy lands would certainly make Glass Saint feel a lot of pressure. After all, the Great Zhou Sacred King had always been interested in Glass Saint. This was no secret. As for Sky Saint, there was nothing he could do by himself, and so he was nothing to worry about.

Of course, the people of the Nine States understood that the ones feeling the greatest pressure where not Glass Saint and Sky Saint. Instead, they were the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State and Ye Futian. Taking the Sacred War into account, this marriage alliance would undoubtedly be a disaster for the Holy Zhi Palace.

Moreover, it was said that Liu Zong had had great luck in his trials with Xia Qingyuan, and he was a Heavenly Chosen One. Adding that to his identity as the third disciple of Xihua Sacred Mountain, his name was widespread throughout the Nine States and had been pushed to the top.

More than three years earlier, Ye Futian had refused to go to the trials with Xia Qingyuan. Now, those who had gone had made great progress and had had great luck. Now, Ye Futian did not know if he could withstand the might of those who had undergone the trials.

After Xihua Sacred Mountain had convoked the Nine States Forum, the eyes of the Nine States had once again been upon them. Many people set off for Xihua Sacred Mountain, and many holy lands had sent out people as well. And within Holy Sage Pavilion in the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian summoned everyone together to discuss this matter.

With a marriage alliance between these two great holy lands, it would be impossible to say that there would be no pressure on the Holy Zhi Palace. And due to the Sacred War, this involved the life or death of the palace.

Sword Demon, Qin Zhuang, You Chi, Huang Xi, Yang Xiao, and the others of the palace each looked over their invitations and frowned slightly. Although rumors of this had already made its way through the Nine States, when the day finally came, they still felt the pressure.

“What do you think of this, seniors?” asked Ye Futian.

“More than three years ago, we reached an agreement at Saint Xia’s banquet. Those of us at the Saint Plane would not get involved in the Sacred War. But those of us below the Saint Plane, other than the fact that we could not get the assistance of battle matrices, were unaffected. Although this is only a wedding banquet, the Sacred War concerns the life or death of the people of the holy land. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty arranging some grand strategy there is not impossible,” You Chi analyzed. “I suggest that we decline and then wait and see. What we need is time.”

Everyone naturally understood what You Chi meant. Ye Futian’s people were the most talented, and they were all growing quickly. In five or six years they would all be top Sages. So, the Holy Zhi Palace had been conservative for the past three years and not provoked the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty in order to let their powerful figures improve.

“Moreover, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty might not care about the cost to kill the Palace Lord,” said Sage Daozang. He also recommended not going.

“I have entered the upper levels of the Magi Plane. If the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty wants to kill me, it won’t be easy,” said Ye Futian. Last time he was only on the Sage Plane, so any Sage could threaten him. Other than being able to call upon battle matrices, it was quite burdensome. Now he had the power to protect himself. It would not be like before when every time he went out he was in danger.

“Moreover, Xihua Sacred Mountain has invited me to the wedding feast, they would not go so far as to shamelessly try to kill me there,” he continued. If they did that then that holy land would lose a lot of face.

“That depends on how determined the Great Zhou Sacred King is to kill you,” said Sage Douzang. Ye Futian smiled and shook his head. The Great Zhou Sacred King naturally hated him, a Sage Level figure, and had several times lost face to him, even though he was a holy king.

“I agree with the Palace Lord. Although the two holy lands want him dead, they have invited us to a wedding feast, and have moreover sent invitations all over the Nine States. This is not the time for them to try their schemes. Saint Xihua and the Great Zhou Sacred King still want to keep face, and the Holy Zhi Palace is now famous throughout the Nine States. We have finally been recognized, something that we won for ourselves through the Sacred War. We have the initiative. Since they invited us, why not go?” Sword Demon supported the opposing opinion. As a swordsman, he was very direct by nature.

“They mostly want to stop our momentum. If we go, they will deliberately provoke and suppress us. If we don’t, it will be equivalent to weakening our momentum. If they let other holy lands see this, it will awe those that are friendly to us and at the same time, letting those holy lands that covet the Holy Zhi Palace see our power. Don’t forget, the Yu State and Zhisheng Cliffs have been watching us all along. If they have an opportunity to act against us, they will absolutely not hesitate,” said Huang Xi.

When Zhisheng Cliffs and the Yu State had suppressed the Barren State, the top forces of the Barren State had all experienced it personally. That battle had changed the Barren State’s future. Because of that battle, Ye Futian had become the Palace Lord.

“Since everyone has different opinions, why don’t we have Uncle Master Wanxiang perform divination?” Ye Futian looked over at Sage Wanxiang.

“I did that before you came. This trip may cause turmoil, but it will present no great obstacles,” said Wanxiang.

“Uncle Master was well prepared,” said Ye Futian with a smile. This kind of fortune-telling was relatively simple and would not waste too much of Wanxiang’s energy.

“However, I also divined the fate of the Nine States during this period. There were signs of turmoil,” continued Sage Wanxiang. Ye Futian looked at him, then nodded. He had felt that long ago, and now Wanxiang’s prophecy confirmed it. It looked like with the background of the Sacred War, there would be a storm in the Nine States sooner or later. He only hoped that this storm would come a little later. It would be best if it could wait until he had entered the Saint Plane. At that time, he would have no need to fear anything.

“In that case, I have decided to go.” As Ye Futian spoke, everyone nodded. Although they all had different opinions, once Ye Futian had decided something no one would gainsay him.

At that time, Yang Xiao said, “My Lord, I’d like to accompany you to the banquet.”

Ye Futian looked at Yang Xiao. Although it had been several years, Yang Xiao’s hatred for Liu Zong had not diminished at all.

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of propriety,” said Yang Xiao.

“Fine.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Thank you, my lord.” Yang Xiao bowed and left. Ye Futian watched his back. Liu Zong and Chess Saint had ordered his wife and several disciples to be buried alive in Nether Sword Mound. If this was not avenged, he would not be able to die happily.

Now, Liu Zong’s glory was seemingly limitless. He was a Heavenly Chosen One and was famous throughout the Nine States. Now his marriage was being celebrated by everyone in the Nine States.

It was obvious how Yang Xiao felt.

Afterward, Ye Futian selected the rest of his entourage. Everyone wanted to go with him, but Ye Futian selected only the strongest companions as well as those who had gone to the trials.

Several days later, a group of cultivators set off from the palace. The Village Chief personally escorted them. In addition to Ye Futian, there were Yuan Hong, You Chi, Qin Zhuang, Xu Shang, Yang Xiao, Gu Dongliu, Sword Saint, Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge , and other cultivators. Moreover, many top level Sages and Demonic Beasts set out from the Endless Sea. They headed towards the Eastern State through the sky in order to avoid presenting too big a target. The demons all moved forward by themselves so that even if they were discovered people would not raise an alarm.

This gathering of Demonic Beasts was done just to be prepared for all contingencies. This way, even if the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was willing to lose face and kill him, he could use the army of monsters that he had hidden.

Huatian City in the Eastern State was once again receiving attention from all of the Nine States. Many cultivators from the holy lands had arrived. Some of them had settled there in advance. This time, the lineup was far stronger than the last Nine State Forum since people on the Saint Plane had come too.

The Saints of the Nine States had felt that the land was not peaceful, and thus they had personally come to the wedding feast to see the marriage alliance between Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and to see how far this alliance would go.

Would they really ally together in a war against the Holy Zhi Palace?

This time, the famous Huatian Tower of Huatian City was not as lively as it had once been, seeming to be quite quiet. But at the top of the tower, a group of figures was eating and chatting. The people sitting here were all Saints. Almost all the Saints of the Nine States had come here personally.

“I’ve invited you all here to bring up a matter. I assume everyone has heard of the events in the Lost Ruins in the Endless Sea?” The Palace Lord of the Ocean Palace looked at all the others as he spoke. Everyone nodded. They had indeed heard of this.

“The Halberd of Time and Space really wasn’t taken away by you three holy lands?” A Saint from the Hall of Holy Light’s eyes were sharp as he stared at the Saints from the Endless Sea. They still had some doubts after the news had gotten out, and still suspected the three holy lands.

“The Halberd of Time and Space is number three on the Divine Implement Rankings. But there is only one, how could our three holy lands divide it up?” the Saint from the Celestial Cliffs said unhappily.

“But there have been no movements from the Jiuying for many days. It’s like it disappeared,” someone said.

“The Jiuying is a Sacred Beast. It is treacherous and murderous. If it turned into a human and hid in the Nine States, no one would recognize it on the street. But if it got the Halberd of Time and Space, it would not walk around carelessly but would cultivate vigorously. If we wait until it is strong enough to completely control the Halberd of Time and Space I’m afraid there will be a bloodbath throughout the Nine States. If there is any news of the Jiuying, the holy lands must be notified so that we may join together to annihilate it.”

Everyone looked evasive. They all had their own ideas. If they found a trace of the Jiuying, their first thought would be to kill it and seize the Halberd of Time and Space for themselves. But now, no one knew where the Jiuying had taken the Halberd of Time and Space. They could only wait for it to reveal itself!