The Legend Of Futian Chapter 934

Chapter 934 The Sword Points At Zhisheng Cliffs

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Saint Zhi’s words had instantly put the Barren State into an extremely dangerous situation. Because of this, the Holy Zhi Palace would be facing three great holy lands. Three holy lands had allied in order to send the Barren State to their deaths, not giving them any chance of survival. After the wedding banquet, they would probably be thrown into turmoil.

“Zhisheng Cliffs are really kicking us while we’re down,” said Ye Futian sarcastically. “Since Xihua Sacred Mountain invited me to come for this, I will not even finish my wine before leaving.” On saying this, he rose into the air, preparing to leave. He did not plan to walk down Xihua Sacred Mountain. The others from the Barren State rose into the air behind him and started down the mountain.

“Hold on, Lord Ye,” came a voice. Ye Futian stopped and turned around to see a figure walking forward on the ceremonial platform. The person walking forward wore ceremonial robes and was the main figure of the banquet, Liu Zong.

“What is it?” asked Ye Futian coldly.

“I have already explained the events at Nether Sword Mound. Chess Saint is the Saint of the Eastern State. In order to save him, some sacrifices were inevitable. If I were to face the same situation again, I would make the same choice.” Liu Zong stepped into the air, full of righteousness, as if he were in the right. Those who did not know Liu Zong would probably be deceived by him. When he talked like this, his face did not betray him at all.

“However, you have repeatedly tried to humiliate me. Even though you are a guest today, and your talent is the crown of the Nine States, I still wish to teach you a thing or two.” Liu Zong continued forward, and suddenly, his power coalesced in the air. The rule power of heaven and earth surged, the weather shifted and the Great Path resonated. All of this happened with Liu Zong at the center as he released an amazing amount of power towards Ye Futian.

“I’m not interested,” said Ye Futian quietly as he continued to move away.

“Then you may do as you please.” Liu Zong continued forward, and many afterimages appeared. Sound came from all of the images of him, as if he were everywhere at once, occupying every space. A strange look came over everyone’s faces. Even the Saints felt the incredible power there and were slightly surprised. This disciple, who had been taught by the three Saints of Xihua Sacred Mountain, was indeed worthy of his reputation.

“Go ahead, Ye Futian,” came an endless chorus of voices. The heavens and the earth trembled as the Great Path resonated. Liu Zong’s endless figures reformed into one, forming a terrible storm. He descended in front of Ye Futian like a gigantic god. Golden light bloomed and pressed down from the sky. The godlike figure struck out with his fist and pressed it towards Ye Futian. With his strength, he seemed to crack the very air.

Ye Futian turned around and faced the godlike figure. He seemed extraordinarily small, and it seemed as if this falling fist could crush him into nothing.

An invisible airflow shot out around Ye Futian and he raised his fist. The starry laws crushed everything as they collided with Liu Zong’s falling fist. His violent airflow swept out with a great roar, and many of the Saints below waved their hands to relieve the pressure and block the aftershock of that attack. The airflow swept down from the sky, creating a hurricane.

Ye Futian had been thrown back quite a ways, and Liu Zong was still standing in his original position. He did not move as his gorgeous robe fluttered in the wind. He truly looked like a hero.

“Has Ye Futian been forced back?” Everyone below’s hearts trembled as they watched this scene. Ye Futian was so strong that he was said to be peerless in the Nine States. This seemed to be the first time that he had been beaten back by someone of the same generation in a face to face confrontation.

Of course, Liu Zong was on a higher plane than him, so being able to push someone back was quite normal. But this was Ye Futian. In many people’s minds, this proud son of heaven should not be able to be defeated.

Zhou Ziyi gazed at her husband Liu Zong, and her eyes were full of pride. This was her man; he could even defeat Ye Futian.

“In all the Nine States, no one can dominate an entire generation. I will witness all of this,” said Ji Mo of the Hall of Holy Light with a hint of irony in his eyes.

Witness? He himself had been dominated.

“So this is the hospitality of Xihua Sacred Mountain.” Ye Futian seemed very angry. “We will meet again.” On saying this, he walked away. All the people of the Barren State cast a cold glance at Liu Zong, and then followed him. Soon they had all disappeared into the distance.

Everyone at the banquet watched Ye Futian as he left. Their eyes revealed their thoughts.

“It seems that this man who went to undergo trials with the Princess has improved greatly,” said someone.

“Ye Futian considers himself so extraordinary that he refused the Princess’s invitation, and yet still thought he could be peerless in the Nine States.”

Saint Zhi and Kong Yao both smiled coldly. Although this was only a casual confrontation, Liu Zong had still pushed Ye Futian back. This was extremely significant. Because of this, those forces that Ye Futian had pulled into a closer relationship would stop and reconsider. For example, the Yue clan of the Summer State.

But at that moment, Saint Xia raised his glass and swirled it. His eyes revealed his thoughts. Just now, he had felt Ye Futian’s aura. He was an upper-level Magi. According to the Xia Clan’s news, when he had fought his way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven he was a mid-level Magi. Those he had defeated were all upper-level Magi.

Could those at Jiutian Temple really be so weak? Even if the people below were weaker, what about those on the Ninth Layer of Heaven?

Pei Qianying, the son of a Sword Saint and a cultivator of the Lihen Heaven, had also gone to the trials with the Princess, just like Liu Zong. But it was said that Ye Futian had crushed him in a humiliating way, crippling his life spirit. With that in mind, Ye Futian should not have been defeated by Liu Zong.

There was only one possibility—Ye Futian was deliberately pretending to be weak.

But why would he do that?

Could it be that he was feeling the pressure of the alliance between the three great holy lands, and thus was pretending to not be very outstanding in order to prevent the three holy lands from going all out against him?

He feigned weakness to paralyze his opponents.

In addition to Saint Xia, Glass Saint also felt that Ye Futian was doing this. Ye Futian had personally told her that Saint Xia had come for him when he was in Jiutian Temple. In addition, he had told her something before he left.

Emperor Xia’s will was present in all the holy lands of the Nine States.

She wondered what he meant by this.

Liu Zong seemed calm after repelling Ye Futian. He returned to the ceremonial platform and bowed to everyone. “I apologize for disturbing you. My wife and I will raise a toast to you all.” As he said this, two people stepped down onto the platform from the sides.

Saint Xihua and the Great Zhou Sacred King had come personally. After all, all the Saints and important figures of the Nine States were here today. Since he had been respectful, they naturally had to return the compliment.

“After the banquet, the Great Zhou Sacred King and Saint Zhi should return to their homes to prevent Ye Futian from mobilizing his army when he returns to the Barren State and making a sneak attack on the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and Zhisheng Cliffs. Given the current situation, it is possible that he now sees this as a case of ‘either the fish dies or the net gets torn,’” said Saint Xihua.

“When he gets back to the Barren State, we will already be back in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. And even if I’m not there, we have a battle matrix there that the people from the Barren State cannot break through,” said the Great Zhou Sacred King confidently.

Saint Zhi sat there calmly drinking his wine. He was not worried either. What could Ye Futian do? Would he dare to attack Zhisheng Cliffs? After today, the three of them were on the same side. In their discussion about how to destroy the Holy Zhi Palace and swallow up the Barren State, the Great Zhou Sacred King and Saint Xihua had already agreed with him. After taking the Barren State, Zhisheng Cliffs could occupy the Holy Zhi Palace, and the Sage Hall would be brought back to his home. They would also get half the divine implements. This was enough to convince him. Moreover, there was bad blood between Zhisheng Cliffs and the Holy Zhi Palace. They could not bear to see the Holy Zhi Palace rise.

After Ye Futian left Xihua Sacred Mountain, he traveled upon the sword. The sword pierced through the sky at high speeds. Ye Futian and the others stood upon it.

Huang Jiuge asked, “Why did you let him do it?” He naturally knew how strong Ye Futian was. How could Liu Zong have possibly struck him back with one blow?

“This is Xihua Sacred Mountain. They wanted to see me lose, so why not let them?” Ye Futian answered casually. He had no interest in fighting Liu Zong. If he defeated him, would he have been able to kill him?

Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had invited him, so they naturally would not move against him. But if he killed Liu Zong, murdering the son of Xihua Sacred Mountain while at Xihua Sacred Mountain, this would give them an excuse to act.

“Go that way, Village Chief.” Ye Futian pointed to the northwest.

A strange look came over the Village Chief’s face. “That is not the way to the Barren State.”

The Barren State was directly to the north of the Eastern State.

“Go to Yu State,” said Ye Futian.

“Yu State.” Everyone’s eyes became sharp as they looked at Ye Futian.

“Zhisheng Cliffs,” continued Ye Futian. Everyone’s hearts trembled.

The sword pointed towards Zhisheng Cliffs in Yu State.

“Fine.” The Village Chief did not ask why. He just changed direction towards Yu State. After a while, he frowned and said, “There is a large demon nearby.”

“Don’t worry, it’s mine. All the demons that I have on the road are going with us,” said Ye Futian. A demon descended from the sky. The sword flashed over to the demon, meeting it, and the demon landed on it.

As they moved forward, demons kept appearing, making everyone’s hearts tremble. They would never have thought that Ye Futian would arrange this to guard against the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s attack.

“You are probably faster than Saint Zhi, Village Chief. The Barren State is closer to Yu State, and you are already taking people there,” said Ye Futian.

“No problem.” The Village Chief nodded and increased the sword’s speed as they crossed the sky.

It looked like Ye Futian had let Liu Zong defeat him to give others the impression that he was retreating. As they calmly retreated, it was likely that the three holy lands were still smug and self-satisfied.

Behind Ye Futian, Sword Demon, Zhuge Qingfeng, and the others all looked forward with sharp eyes. They would get revenge for what had happened in the past.

“What about Emperor Xia?” Zhuge Qingfeng was still a little worried.

“When Zhisheng Cliffs acted against us, they did not notify Emperor Xia. He already knows of the enmity between Zhisheng Cliffs and us. Moreover, the three holy lands have formed an alliance against us, but I still have to follow the rules set between us?” Ye Futian’s voice was cold. Was he looking for death?

“And we’re not going to destroy Zhisheng Cliffs. We are just getting payback for what they did to us. We’re just requesting instructions from Emperor Xia, we’re asking that he personally set the rules for this Sacred War.” Ye Futian looked off into the distance.