The Legend Of Futian Chapter 939

Chapter 939 Saint Zhis Howl

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It had been a while since Ye Futian left the Xihua Sacred Mountain and yet, things remained lively there.

It was a rare occasion with so many of the Nine State’s saints gathering in one place, so it was only natural that they had a lot to talk about. Be it about the younger generations of the various holy lands, or something about training and whatnot, at their level as saints, only people of the same plane as they were, would have been able to verify and discuss each other’s way of training.

Other than that, they still had to let the genius among the younger generations of the Nine States to spar with each other, which without doubt, were only strictly for learning and no harm were to be done. Time flew and things at the banquet remained harmonious and lively.

There was without doubt that they were also those who left. For example, Saint Xia did not stay for long before returning to the Summer State. The Moon Saint had brought his people and left the place early as well.

Saint Zhi had of course remained. He had allied with the Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, which meant that he had to stay behind and chat for a bit. However, the hour was late and he had to leave.

Yet, just when he was about to leave, a drastic change was seen in his expression. He extended his palm and a jade scroll materialized in his hand, which had a name carved on it: Ge Feng.

Ge Feng, who was personal student and the leader of the Nine Warriors of Zhisheng Cliffs of that generation.

His spirit jade scroll was shattered, which meant that he perished.

“Invaders at Zhisheng Cliffs.” Saint Zhi’s expression ashen and saintly might emanated from his body. It was terrifying.

There was no way Ge Feng would have been harmed in any way training in the Zhisheng Cliffs. Furthermore, he was tremendously powerful and was armed with a divine instrument. If he had ended up dead, that could have only meant one thing: extremely powerful beings had invaded Zhisheng Cliffs.

He recalled the people of the Holy Zhi Palace, who had left the place early, immediately and uttered a line coldly, “The Holy Zhi Palace.”

I’ve been set up.

Ye Futian had left the place angry, seemingly due to the insult he suffered. From the looks of things currently, however, it seemed that he had been doing so on purpose. But why did the ones from the Holy Zhi Palace dare to invade the Zhisheng Cliffs? He was unable to fathom as Ye Futian’s power was entirely inadequate, unless it was the village chief of the Tombkeeper Village going on a killing spree there. But then again, wouldn’t they fear that I’d just head straight to the Holy Zhi Palace and kill everyone there?

“Saint Zhi,” Saint Xihua called at the moment. The eyes of every saint who stayed turned to look at Saint Zhi. They were able to tell from the aura emanated from him that something happened.

Furthermore, it definitely had to be something dire to get Saint Zhi being so aghast.

The Glass Saint had yet to leave. She sat there quietly and turned her bright eyes at Saint Zhi. Ye Futian’s telepathic words to her made her curious as to what the young sage would have been up to. At the moment, she was able to somehow guess the answer to that from Saint Zhi’s reaction alone.

“The Zhisheng Cliffs was invaded.” Saint Zhi looked up and cold aura burst from him. Yet another broken piece of jade scroll appeared on his palm, which was that of the third warrior of the Nine Warriors of Zhisheng Cliffs. He too, was Saint Zhi’s personal student, and a very exceptional genius.

The expressions of Kong Yao and many who were around Saint Zhi turned pale. They all stood up as their hearts beat violently.

“How could this have happened?” Qin Zhong’s heart ached when he heard Saint Zhi’s words. Did he bring his people to go on a killing spree at Zhisheng Cliffs?

“Excuse me, I’d be off.” Saint Zhi took to the air in an instant, heading straight in one direction like a gust of wind. He left without taking Kong Yao and other mighty ones from the Zhisheng Cliffs.

If the village chief of the Tombkeeper Village had indeed went on a killing spree, then it would have been a burden for Saint Zhi taking the others with him. His mind was ice-cold at the moment. He was determined to raze the Holy Zhi Palace.

Other than strong murderous intent, Saint Zhi also felt a faint tinge of fear. He was wondering if the number one holy land of the Yu State would have been rendered on the brink of total annihilation, and he dared not speculate further.

How did Ye Futian dare to do such a thing? Did he have no concern for the lives of the people of the Holy Zhi Palace then? Letting the village go on a killing spree without any warning signs. How dare he? Not even Emperor Xia would have forgiven him.

The Nine States were all under the rule of Emperor Xia’s Orthodoxy. Emperor Xia would have found nothing more repugnant than saints going on killing sprees without a care.

Saint Xihua told the Rain Saint and the others back in the Xihua Sacred Mountain, “Take care of Xihua Sacred Mountain. I’d be off for a while.”

“I’d come with you.” The sacred king went up as well. Their minds were incredibly cold at the moment and they speculated the same thing as Saint Zhi. There were no other possibilities to be had. Other than the village chief going on a killing spree, there was no way Ye Futian and his people would have been capable of such feats at the Zhisheng Cliffs.

The Zhisheng Cliffs was a holy land and the most powerful force to be had in the Yu State after all.

“Everyone, I fear that I would be unable to be the host of this banquet any longer. If any of you wish to stay, Liu Zong and the others would attend to you. Please excuse me,” Saint Xihua said to address the crowd before leaving with the sacred king.

“We’d go with you.” One silhouette after another took to the air at the moment. The saints all headed towards the Zhisheng Cliffs.

They were all wondering that with the three holy lands declaring that they were to be allies, would Ye Futian would have done something so illogical and unthinkable?

If the village chief had indeed went on a killing spree, then the saints of the three holy lands would have been permitted to head straight for the Holy Zhi Palace and kill everyone there. It was an action akin to digging one’s grave, as not even Emperor Xia would have saved them.

That would have probably been the way things the sacred king wanted to see turn out.

The Glass was thinking as well, if Ye Futian would have acted so impulsively. Her alluring figure was seen taking to the air and she flew away like a fairy.

The sky at a corner of the Yu State several hundred miles away from the Zhisheng Cliffs were tainted fiery red, as if a firestorm had lit the sky.

Countless at the vast lands below looked up and shuddered violently within. It was the heaven’s might.

A battle between saints were taking place high in the sky. It was terrifying, for those below were actually witnessing a battle between saints taking place.

The elder who was manipulating fires of his surroundings and was capable of burning the sky with just his thoughts, would have probably been the Flame Saint of Zhisheng Cliffs.

The one who stands before the Flame Saint, the silhouette looking like a stout, sky scraping god. Who would that saint be?

It was said that Douzhan of the Holy Zhi Palace had attained sainthood due to his exceptional physical might. Furthermore, Zhisheng Cliffs of the Yu State and the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State were sworn enemies. Would it be him?

At that moment, the stout god-like figure was bathed in fire. His body had been burned flaming red and yet, he seemed as if he felt nothing. He stood where he was with the might of the great path coursing all over him. His achieved sainthood through physical feats, and his body itself was a rule of the great path.

Other than both of them, there was yet another elder clad in unparalleled might of the sword taking care of things in another corner. It was none other than the village chief.

He did not participate in the battle between saints. Douzhan had fought the sacred king as soon as he became a saint, which naturally meant that he was overpowered. That battle at the moment served well to allow Douzhan to get used to battles fought at Saint Plane. The village chief would have only acted when things turn dire.

There was no way the Flame Saint would have been able to run with the village chief around. Be it attack or speed, he was way above the Flame Saint.

“Is the Holy Zhi Palace really going to kill everyone then?” The Flame Saint’s voice was heard saying coldly in the sky, “You people came trampling when Saint Zhi was absent. Do you think the Xihua Sacred Mountain, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and Saint Zhi would have let you off easy after this?”

“Are you saying if we spare you and the Zhisheng Cliffs, Saint Xihua, the sacred king and Saint Zhi would just stand by and do nothing then?” The village chief said sarcastically. The lords of the three holy lands were now allies as declared at Xihua Sacred Mountain, and that could have only been meant for one thing—the annihilation of the Holy Zhi Palace. There was no way they could have gone easy, so much so that the three holy lands would have came for the Holy Zhi Palace right away, as soon as Ye Futian and his people returned to the Holy Zhi Palace.

It was entirely fine for Ye Futian to make such a decision at the moment, to shave off certain powers of his enemies. They were to cut down any they would have been able to at the moment, and it would have made their enemies much easier to deal with in the future.

“Douzhan, let’s join hands and get rid of him. We don’t have much time,” the village chief said. They were definitely there sooner than Saint Zhi, but that did not mean that they have a lot of time to spare. When Saint Zhi was alerted and he were to return to Zhisheng Cliffs not long after they left, they would have had little time to do what needed to be done.

Saint Zhi’s powers would have probably been stronger after all.

“Alright.” Douzhan nodded. He stepped forward as soon as he finished saying that. The might of the great path descended upon him and a powerful pressure descended upon his opponent. He stepped forward and threw a frightening punch of the saint in an instant, tearing the air before the punch apart.

The Flame Saint’s eyes remained burning. Giants of magma manifested around him all of a sudden, throwing themselves at the incoming flash of the punch. A firestorm burst before him at the same time, Ashfire with the power to burn everything down was brought to bear in an instant.

At that moment, the Flame Saint sensed looming crisis. The sword of the great path descended from above, shrouding his surroundings in it.

The village chief made his move as well.

The Flame Saint pulsed with boundless fires and his expression completely ashen. The village chief was considerably more powerful than he was. There was simply no way he would have been able to take the village chief on, especially now that the village chief attacked together with Douzhan.

While the Flame Saint indeed possess a divine instrument, but the level of the thing in his hand was not high and the amplification effect was limited.

It was as if top notch sage ritual implements would have been of limited use to top notch archmage level sages. Common divine instruments operated in the same manner with saints, unless it was some high level divine instrument that surpassed their own levels.

In the case of Douzhan, who had achieved sainthood through physical feats, his body itself was comparable to common divine instruments.

Seeing the boundless sword aura descending from above, the Flame Saint looked up and the Great Path of Boundless Rules was transformed into a special fiery image. He burst with sky-burning flames in an instant, shrouding the sky and the flames even headed straight for the village chief’s body.

When the sword reached him, it disappeared entirely within the image.

Boom, boom, boom! The air shook violently and Douzhan stepped forward in great leaps. His Seven Star acupoints were all opened and his arm was thrown straight at the Flame Saint, who was gathering his powers to resist the village chief’s attacks. He turned rather despair sensing Douzhan’s incoming attack.

He intended to retreat, but quickly saw a beam of powerful light shot forth. A beam of holy light appeared in the air. Sword matrix diagrams showered down, heading straight for the Flame Saint.

The Flame Saint’s body seemed to have been burned. Screens of terrifying flames appeared with his body at the center. When the sword will reached him and immersed in the fires, it would have dissipated bit by bit.

However, Douzhan did not seem to even be aware of the power of the flames. His arm bashed right through the screen of flames and headed straight for the Flame Saint’s body.

Boom. A loud boom was heard. Douzhan felt the arm of his saintly body scalded and seemingly felt like it was about to be reduced to ashes. However, the terrifying shock also sent the Flame Saint flying.

The Flame Saint intended to just turn around and escape using the force from the shock. He had no intentions of fighting any longer.

The sword diagrams continued to press on him. The looming sense of crisis grew increasingly strong and at the very next moment, a flash of the sword came and went like a bolt of lightning. The space seemed to have been torn and the Flame Saint was stopped dead in his tracks. Extreme fear was seen in his eyes.

At that moment, the village chief and the Flame Saint had their backs facing each other, as if both of them just happened to brush past each other.

At the very next moment, despair was written all over the Flame Saint’s face. His body split apart in the middle right away.

The village chief’s body disappeared right away. Streaks of lightning flashes of the sword boomed in the air. The Flame Saint completely dissipated from the space he occupied soon. It was difficult for saints to die. As such, he had to end the Flame Saint completely, leaving his opponent with no chance of emerging alive.

A saint of the Zhisheng Cliffs perished.

“I, Saint Zhi, swears to cut down every single person from the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State.” A voice voicing out a murderous intent like no other reverberated in the air during the journey between the Xihua Sacred Mountain to the Zhisheng Cliffs, causing all from the holy lands to tremble.