The Legend Of Futian Chapter 94

Chapter 94: A Group of Idiots

Nandou Wenshan looked at Ye Futian. This guy was talented but saying he was fated to be an emperor was a bit too much. However, he didn't doubt it. Minister Zuo had given Ye Futian the minister decree and probably had really tested Ye Futian's fate. It meant that he couldn't have an average fate.

Looking at the handsome figure before him, Nandou Wenshan said, "No matter what, do not go to the Nandou clan tomorrow. If it's truly as you said, that Minister Zuo didn't tell the Emperor, then there's more to the fact that he sent Minister Hua. If you object, he will definitely not treat you nicely."

"Uncle, if I have the fate of an emperor and don't mind what happened before, will Nandou support me?" Ye Futian asked instead of replying to what Nandou Wenshan said.

The Nandou clan was the previous royalty after all. They had strong foundations and were established in Donghai City. If they could abandon everything of Nandou Kingdom, they might be able to change the situation and fight with Minister Hua.

"This guy" Nandou Wenshan looked at Ye Futian. It seemed that the youth had lost his cool.

It was the Emperor's decree for Minister Hua to come and give the title of Crown Princess. Ye Futian was only seventeen. No matter how talented he was, it didn't mean anything. The Crown Prince was more talented; there wasn't even a need to choose. How could Ye Futian prove that he had an emperor's fate?

"You have to think clearly and not muddle your mind. Would you like me to pass a word on to Jieyu? I'm afraid she'll do something silly," Nandou Wenshan said.

"Uncle, tell that silly girl to not do anything silly and wait for me. Minister Zuo was right. She has the fate of an empress and is destined to be the mother of the world," Ye Futian said.He trusted Minister Zuo's prediction because his godfather and Emperor Ye Qing had said similar things before.

"Okay." Nandou Wenshan sighed inwardly. He glanced at Hua Fengliu again but left without saying anything more. It had seemed that everything was improving. The clan leader had agreed for Nandou Wenyin and Hua Jieyu to come to the Guqin Gardens but the decree had changed everything.

In the garden, everyone stood behind Ye Futian. They didn't know what to say and couldn't comfort him. The mood was repressive.

Ye Futian turned. Seeing all the eyes on him, he forced a smile and said, "What are you all looking at me for? It's getting late. Go rest." To Hua Fengliu, he said, "Master, let's go back." He carried Hua Fengliu toward his own yard. Yi Xiang looked at their receding backs and sighed inwardly. He had planned on taking this group of extremely talented youths to the Imperial City tomorrow for the Tingfeng Banquet. With Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's skills, they could definitely surpass the others. They also had Minister Zuo's help and would have a smooth path to becoming the best of the kingdom. But this decree had destroyed everythingMinister Zuo's anticipations and their plans. Ye Futian had just called His Majesty of Nandou the idiot king. His mood was clear. Even though he was only 17, the man was not the king in his eyes.

The Study Attendant of the Crown Prince? In a few years, he might become more impressive than the prince. Now, he was only worried that he would die young.

Just as Ye Futian had guessed, even though Yi Xiang had accepted Yu Sheng as his disciple, he also saw Ye Futian as a disciple but treated them differently. Otherwise, he wouldn't help Ye Futian so much.

. . . . . .

At night, there was music in the garden. Ye Futian sat there, playing his guqin. There was a breeze and it was quite cold but Ye Futian's heart was even colder. He played with his eyes closed. At this moment, he thought of many happy memories. A beautiful face appeared in his mind. She was so beautiful but also playful.

They had met for the first time when they were 12. The 12-year-old girl already had shocking looks. He said that if she was like this at 12, she'd become a fox when she grew up.

At 15, they met again in the Qingzhou Academy. The girl purposely lied to everyone so they would have misunderstandings, making him gain a bunch of enemies. Later, he cultivated with his master. They had months of interactions and playalmost like flirting in hindsight. A warm smile appeared on his face.

Later, the girl went to the Ye mansion, shocking everyone there. The two then joined hands by the Qingzhou Lake to announce their relationship. Then, they separated.

After that, something happened in Qingzhou City. He crossed the East Sea and caused a commotion in Donghai Academy so she would know he was there. They met again in the Guqin Gardens and the girl hugged him gently.

The two were in love but didn't dare to publicize it until the School of the Emperor Star started suspecting it. When Mu Yunxuan spread the rumors, he walked into the School of the Emperor Star. He marked their relationship with a kiss, leading to the battle at the gate of the school. They held hands and smiled, facing the future fearlessly.

In the School of the Finance Star, the two slept in each other's arms. The girl was shy but did not stop him. He knew that she was willing to give him everything. He swore in his heart that he would marry her. However, no one expected that fate was a joke. The Imperial City's order was so aggressive and merciless; it destroyed everything.

The music went from heartwarming to sweet. It seemed to contain deep emotions and gradually grew depressed, furious, and hateful, wishing to cut apart the world.

With a clang, the string snapped and the music cut off. Ye Futian opened his eyes. He looked at the broken string; his eyes were still sharp. When he looked up, he saw the old man with a broom under the moonlight. The violence in his eyes disappeared.

He asked, "Grandpa Yu, why aren't you resting?"

"I was attracted by your music," the old man said with a smile. "Young Master, your music is a bit chaotic today. Did something happen?"

Ye Futian glanced at him and felt something affectionate. He said, "Grandpa Yu, someone wants to steal the girl I love."

"How can someone dare to steal Young Master Ye's girl?" the man asked in confusion.

"The emperor of Nandou. He ordered my girl to become the Crown Princess," Ye Futian said. "Grandpa Yu, what should I do?"

"If she's your girl, steal her back. So what if he's the emperor?" Yu said naturally. Hearing his calm voice, Ye Futian's eyes narrowed. The old man's eyes were cloudy but he seemed to feel nothing wrong with the logic.

Ye Futian smiled brightly. "Grandpa Yu, you're right. If she's my girl, so what if he's the emperor?"

"Young Master Ye, please rest early. I'll go now." The old man stooped low and left. Looking at his back, Ye Futian's smile grew determined.

The night was as still as water. Ye Futian didn't sleep the entire night. Later, a Black Wind Eagle landed soundlessly in the garden. Ye Futian climbed onto it and wind appeared. The eagle flapped its wings and flew. However, the moment the Black Wind Eagle shot into the sky, a figure appeared out of thin air and blocked him. It was Yi Xiang.

"Where are you sneaking off to at night? Are you a thief?" a cold voice sounded behind him. Ye Futian turned to see Tang Lan there.

"Senior Yi, Aunt Tang." Ye Futian smiled wryly. It seemed that everyone was guarding him instead of sleeping. People appeared one after another down below. Yu Sheng, Yi Qingxuan, and Tang Wan were all there, looking up at him. They had guessed he would run away alone.

"Whatever you want to do, talk about it after tonight," Yi Xiang said coldly.

Ye Futian knew he couldn't leave now. He just nodded and had the eagle land on the ground. Then he went to his room to rest. The others watched him without leaving. They sat in the garden, guarding him.

. . . . . .

It was the last day of year 10000 of the Divine Calendar.

In the morning, Ye Futian walked out of his room and saw the people sitting in the courtyard. It made him feel warm inside. These people were all part of his family.

"Master, you're up so early too," Ye Futian said, walking to Hua Fengliu who was on the bench.

"Aren't we going to see your Masteress and Jieyu today? I'm excited so I woke up early," Hua Fengliu said with a smile.

"You're not allowed to go," Tang Lan said, glaring at Hua Fengliu.

"She's right. Master, you shouldn't go because of your body. I'll bring Masteress and Jieyu here," Ye Futian said.

"If you dare leave me behind, you can go find another teacher," Hua Fengliu said with a glare.

"Fine, as if I need you," Ye Futian replied.

Everyone listened as they argued but it felt bittersweet.

Hua Fengliu stared at Ye Futian and said, "Try me."

"Aunt Tang, please help me look after him. He's already like this but he's still conceited," Ye Futian said to Tang Lan, almost harshly.

"You're really going?" Yi Xiang asked Ye Futian.

The youth nodded. He had no choiceif he didn't go, there was no saying what that silly girl would do. No matter what the ending was like, he had to go try. Otherwise, he wouldn't admit defeat.

"What are you looking at me like that for?" Ye Futian said, smiling as he looked at everyone. "I have an emperor's fate. I won't die so easily and I'm going to bring Masteress and Fox here."

Yu Sheng followed him and Yi Qingxuan followed Yu Sheng.

"What are you doing?" Ye Futian asked Yu Sheng.

"Going with you," he replied.

"I'm going to see my wife. What are you going for? Your wife is behind you," Ye Futian said but Yu Sheng didn't move. "Get the f*ck back!" Ye Futian yelled.

Yu Sheng didn't move.

"Yu Sheng, come back," Yi Xiang said to his disciple. Yu Sheng looked back. "I'm going with him," Yi Xiang said.

Yu Sheng's eyes were red and his fists were clenched tightly.

Ye Futian looked up at Yi Xiang, saying, "I'm not your disciple. What are you going for?"

"You're an idiot," Yi Xiang replied coldly.

Ye Futian froze. Looking at the man, he finally smiled and said, "You're the real idiot."

As he spoke, he started walking out. Yi Xiang followed behind him, but not without glaring at Yu Sheng and Yi Qingxuan. "Be obedient. Tang Lan, watch them for me."

Tang Lan's eyes were red too. Seeing the two leave, she muttered, "You're all idiots!"