The Legend Of Futian Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Situation

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Zhisheng Cliffs. Now, the outcome of the battle became even clearer.

No one could block Sword Saint’s demonic blade, and after Qin Zhuang and his party killed Ge Feng, they moved in on Nie Yan for the kill.

This was war, and there was no fairness in it.

Qin Zhuang and his group of nine were able to kill Ge Feng, and in addition to Yunshang and Huang Xi, who were armed with divine implements, Nie Yan had no chance to block it and was soon exhausted, his body sealed by ice. When the sword arrived, his body was pulverized instantly, and his divine implement was taken away.

Out of the three great sages of Zhisheng Cliffs, two were killed with the 18 elders who had perished before. Their battle power had been diminished again and again. Zhisheng Cliffs was washed in blood. On the other hand, on the side of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, there was no such catastrophe, so the situation of the battle was clearly one-sided.

“It’s finished.” Those from Zhisheng Cliffs, who were still battling, felt hopeless inside. They clearly understood that there was no hope in the battle of Zhisheng Cliffs. Since when could these people of the Holy Zhi Palace from the Barren State, who had no saints and were greatly despised, now slaughter Zhisheng Cliffs, destroying them all?

Those who had participated in the Battle of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State were feeling particularly bitter. Back in the day, Zhan Xiao of the younger generation of the Nine Warriors of Zhisheng Cliffs had descended to the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State. He had been enough to stir up a storm of blood and guts, making the Holy Zhi Palace agree to everything they had asked for, on account that they did not dare to offend Zhisheng Cliffs. However, once a weakling of a character from the Noble Plane became the palace lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, an army was now at Zhisheng Cliffs for the kill. How ironic.

If this was known before, they would have killed Ye Futian, no matter the cost, and would not have allowed him to go to the Palace to participate in the battle so that he had the opportunity to become the lord of the palace before Emperor Xia.

However, there was no such thing as “if.”

Above the firmament, violent bursting sounds of explosions could be heard. Yuan Hong and the Heavenly Guardian collided once again, and this time, Yuan Hong’s attack was so shocking and powerful that everyone could see that although he was using the Infinite Ruler, it was clearly the staff method in disguise. The power of each strike was stronger than the previous one. It gathered the power of the heavens and attacked with the might of the matrix.

Along with this terrible bursting sound, many people’s eardrums shook. The god-like body of the Heavenly Guardian was now fraught with cracks. The elder who was controlling it made a muted sound, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

“Go now, leave Zhisheng Cliffs,” on the cliff, the white-haired elder shouted. Obviously, he knew that there was no more hope, so he was allowing the sages of Zhisheng Cliffs to retreat and give up. Otherwise, they would all die here.

Boom. Another shockingly loud noise was heard. Yuan Hong’s staff techniques directly split open the body of the Heavenly Guardian. The elder spat out blood, and the people behind him also had their breath diminished, and the divine implement of a hammer dropped straight into the hands of Yuan Hong.

“The White Elder was also defeated. Let’s go.” Another loud scream came from Zhisheng Cliffs and suddenly, all the sages fled, abandoning the battle.

Bang! Yuan Hong’s Infinite Ruler slammed down, sweeping endless areas, killing many cultivators instantly.

Sword Saint’s blade was also madly cutting down the enemies. Once upon a time, Zhisheng Cliffs nearly killed his third junior brother, Gu Dongliu, and their younger brother. Today, this debt would be repaid. Moreover, those who escaped today would come back again with Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty in alliance to fight the Holy Zhi Palace, so it went without saying that they could not allow these people a second chance.

The body of Qin Zhuang also moved, but this time, he did not gather the sword matrix. Instead, he crossed the void by himself, continuing the slaughter.

The same was true of Xu Shang. His body was like a wind, killing those who tried to escape.

The demonic beast let out a roar, tearing at the all the cultivators who were guarding different areas of the Zhisheng Cliffs and trying to escape.

In this battle, Zhisheng Cliffs completely gave up and the massacre was a one-sided affair.

The immense body of the golden Demon Ape came to a cliff, and Yuan Hong lowered his head to stare coldly at a group of elders of the Zhisheng Cliffs.

The White Elder looked up at that incomparably violent golden body, and said coldly, “Evil beast, your massacre today will one day be the demise of your clan.”

Yuan Hong put away the Infinite Ruler but picked up the hammer of divine implement that the other party had just used. His arm lifted high, and a knowing pressure cascaded down. The White Elder and the others looked extremely pale. The Heavenly and Earthly Guardians were all eliminated, which caused great injuries to their spiritual will, and it was now impossible to resist Yuan Hong. It was the end for them.

“That day when the people of Zhisheng Cliffs went to Taihang Mountain for the massacre, not only did you not stop them, but instead sent people to help. Have you ever thought that this day of retribution would come for you?” The golden eyes of Yuan Hong were full of murderous intent. Without waiting for a response, the huge hammer of the divine implement smashed down. With a great loud boom, the mountains burst and shattered, and those cultivators disappeared right where they stood.

Next, of course, was to clean up the mess.

Ye Futian was still playing the guqin. A sunset was now at the edge of the sky, red like blood, eerily similar to the scene that happened on Taihang Mountain in the past, as if this was the retribution that had been a long time coming.

The sound of the guqin stopped. The Village Chief and Douzhan had also returned. They stood beside Ye Futian. The Earthly Guardian had disappeared, and the countless people at Zhisheng Cliffs below shuddered in fear.

“Let’s go.” Ye Futian glanced at the place below indifferently, then turned to leave. The army withdrew and the demonic beasts levitated, and soon they had all left Zhisheng Cliff and headed for the distance.

“Village Chief, Master, now that Emperor Xia has permitted the Nine States Sacred War with no requirement to warn the others, the concern here is that Saint Xihua and Saint Zhi will join forces. What are your thoughts?” Ye Futian asked the Village Chief and Douzhan.

“Futian, what are your thoughts?” Douzhan asked. In this context, he automatically understood what he was facing. He could not return to the Holy Zhi Palace, otherwise, it was as if he was waiting for the opponent to come and kill him. Having cultivated to the Saint Plane, naturally, he would not sacrifice himself lightly.

“The Endless Ocean is vast and without end, with countless islands that no one has any knowledge of, which will be great for concentrating on cultivation. Of course, Master could also go to the Upper Worlds and bring a demonic beast so I can always contact Master,” Ye Futian said. He had gone to the Zhisheng Cliffs to force Flame Saint to summon Emperor Xia and formulate the rules of the Sacred War so that no one dared to disobey them in the land of Nine States. Naturally, he would use those rules to his own advantage and avoid what would not benefit him.

“Fine.” Douzhan nodded. “What are the plans for the Village Chief?”

“I don’t care. Let’s send Futian and the others back to the palace first. Only I won’t confront them head-on, they can’t catch up with me,” the Village Chief replied, apparently very confident with his speed.

“That’s great. Master can go now, lest the other party go directly to the palace to end us,” Ye Futian said.

“Very well.” Douzhan nodded. “Be careful, don’t start the fight.”

“I understand.” Ye Futian nodded, and he had a plan in his heart.

Douzhan stepped onto a demon beast and left. When a saint chose to intentionally remain hidden, he would not be easy to find. The Village Chief summoned the giant sword and took Ye Futian and the others, heading toward the Barren State.

When Saint Zhi rushed back to Zhisheng Cliffs, the battle was already over and Ye Futian and his people had been gone for a while. Those below the Sage Plane level at Zhisheng Cliffs were cleaning up the mess. The vast and endless Zhisheng Cliffs of the holy land of Yu State was now in total ruin. Mountain ridges had collapsed and been destroyed, and there were cracks on the ground. Numerous bodies were laid out on the field, bright red blood colored Zhisheng Cliffs.

From Saint Zhi, an immeasurable murderous aura coursed out of him and permeated the air. Its pressure was so heavy that the people below could hardly breathe. When they looked up, they saw Saint Zhi, and yet no one greeted him; there was only a sense of sorrow.

In the space, there was nothing but silence. What happened to Zhisheng Cliffs today was the demise of their elders. As the Head Saint of Zhisheng Cliffs, could Saint Zhi shirk the responsibilities of any of it? He did not guard the Zhisheng Cliffs well, and as Ye Futian had said at the banquet in Xihua Sacred Mountain, Saint Zhi announced his decision to participate in the Sacred War, thus bringing on the annihilation of Zhisheng Cliffs.

When Ye Futian led his people here, what was Saint Zhi doing? Perhaps still enjoying the feast.

The vendetta between Zhisheng Cliffs and the Holy Zhi Palace started because of the order issued by Saint Zhi. He even used his will on the Holy Zhi Palace and suppressed the Barren State by force. Now he had announced his intention to participate in the Sacred War; a mixture of new hatred and old debt had resulted in the ending before his eyes.

At this moment, there was resentment in the hearts of many. The Zhisheng Cliffs of the present had been completely finished, and the first holy land in Yu State was no more.

Shadows of figures descended one after another. They were saints rushing over from Xihua Sacred Mountain. When they saw the scene in front of them, all were silent.

Ye Futian had really destroyed Zhisheng Cliffs.

“What exactly happened?” Saint Zhi was still immersed in deep hatred when Saint Xihua inquired coldly.

Great Zhou Sacred King’s eyes were sharp and indifferent; the intent to kill was extremely strong. But in reality, none of what happened was a disadvantage to him. Now, Saint Zhi was probably going to kill Ye Futian no matter the cost.

“Ye Futian led the army of the Holy Zhi Palace from the Barren State and annihilated us,” a man said and looked up at the void.

“An army from the Holy Zhi Palace?” All the saints who were present had an indifferent look. How could that even be possible? Unless, before attending the birthday banquet, Ye Futian had already ordered the army to ambush Zhisheng Cliffs?

“Emperor Xia appeared?” Saint Zhi glanced at the stone monument at Zhisheng Peak. He could already sense something.

“Yes, the army of the Holy Zhi Palace came with the saints of the other two holy lands. Flame Saint summoned the will of Emperor Xia.” The people from below continued, “However, Ye Futian claimed that the Head Saint announced their participation in the Sacred War at Xihua Sacred Mountain, and with three major holy lands joining forces to bully the Barren State, he had no choice but to strike back. Emperor Xia did not stop it, but issued an order saying that any holy lands within the Nine States desiring to battle no longer need to ask him for permission again, but just need to obey the rules governing the Sacred War—saints to saints, and sages to sages, so that those below the Sage Plane will live.”

Kaching! Saint Zhi clenched both fists, blue veins bulging, and the thought of killing gathered around him and turned into a hurricane, extremely frightening.

“Ye Futian.” His eyes were directed at the void and murderous thoughts swept up toward it. He understood now that Zhisheng Cliffs was set up by Ye Futian, who had laid out the plan in advance to annihilate them.

Nowadays, there was the edict of Emperor Xia, and he could not even go straight to the Holy Zhi Palace to take his revenge and could only target the two saints from the Holy Zhi Palace. But how could it be that the other party was not prepared to wait for them?

Zhisheng Cliffs was destroyed, but he could not avenge it by bringing slaughter to the Holy Zhi Palace. Ye Futian was exploiting the rules of Emperor Xia. He could disregard Emperor Xia’s command and go over there to massacre them, but then he would be daring to exchange his own life. If he violated Emperor Xia’s order, then the question was whether or not Emperor Xia would kill him as the Head Saint of Zhisheng Cliffs.

In the Nine States, no one could disobey the command of Renhuang; the words of the Xia Emperor were the words of heaven.

Glass Saint was quite shocked when she witnessed this scene in her heart, and she finally understood the meaning of Ye Futian’s question to her before he left. Even before any of this, he had already planned to use Xia Emperor to give orders for the Sacred War. Although it seemed that Holy Zhi Palace Palace of Barren State was still in a position of absolute disadvantage, this was already the best possible outcome.

To upend the power of Zhisheng Cliffs, as long as the two saints temporarily evaded the attention at the moment, the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State would only face the army of sages from two major two holy lands. Leveraging the advantage of their location, they still had a chance to win the battle!

All the saints looked on quietly, and they thought that Ye Futian was truly a tough character. Saint Zhi was fooled by a youngster and in the land of the Nine States, which had been calm for many years. The first holy land to be wiped out was actually not the Holy Zhi Palace but Zhisheng Cliffs!