The Legend Of Futian Chapter 944

Chapter 944 Two Worlds Shake

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On that day, there was an earthquake in Zhongzhou City.

In the old home of the Huang Clan—the top power of Zhongzhou City—a beam of light shot up to the Ninth Layer of Heaven. The whole city could see the light piercing through the clouds. The mighty Qi cut through the sky, a natural yet extraordinary sight.

The countless cultivators of Zhongzhou City looked up to the sky, and their hearts were as turbulent as the stormy seas. Then, the news swept through the ancient city. There were massive matrices beneath the Huang Clan palace, and an Imperial tomb was buried there. Now the matrices had been started up, and the tomb had been found. They had dug down very far, turning all the buildings nearby into rubble, and only the Imperial tomb remained standing. It was said that the Imperial tomb was surrounded by a Sovereign Aura and that they were the Renhuang Ruins.

The news swept throughout the Barren State, and even throughout the vast land of the Nine States, causing a great disturbance.

The Holy Zhi Palace was in Zhongzhou City.

At that moment, Ye Futian stood in the air above the Holy Zhi Palace. Many figures appeared beside him, looking far up into the sky, which was glowing red. A magnificent tableau was presented there. Magnificent figures stood in the sky, riding dragons and surrounded by armored soldiers and chariots. They looked like they could conquer the world.

This scene seemed to have been created by Martial Will but had been projected into the sky. They were struck dumb with amazement. What kind of level would one need to do something like this?

Something had happened there.

At that moment, a blade of light flashed, and Qin Zhuang appeared riding on a sword in front of Ye Futian and the others. “There is a matrix under the Huang Clan mansion that has been broken open. That’s where that image is coming from,” said Qin Zhuang to Ye Futian. Qin Zhuang was so fast that going there and coming back with the news took very little time.

Beside Ye Futian, Huang Xi trembled slightly. He gazed fixedly on the image in the sky, and he had a faint feeling that it was familiar. This was clearly an illusion created by the martial cultivation of the Huang Clan.

“Father,” called Huang Jiuge to Huang Xi. He walked over to his side, and his heart was clearly trembling. There was an array below the Huang Clan home, and the imperial tomb had been unearthed. It was said that the Huang Clan were descendants of Renhuang, which had always made them proud. But in reality, Huang Xi, who had been worn down by the years and who had killed many of the cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty in battle, did not think of himself as a descendant of any d*mn Renhuang.

But now…

Was God playing a joke on him?

Ye Futian also looked at Huang Xi. Huang Jiuge’s life spirits were extraordinary. He had three powerful ones—the Renhuang Body, the Renhuang Bow, and the Renhuang Sword—all of which used Renhuang’s name.

In the past, many people had thought that the Huang Clan regarded themselves too highly. How could they be descendants of Renhuang? He was an unattainable legend. Now it seemed that the names of his life spirits were no coincidence.

Most common people had no life spirits because their ancestors did not have them. Most life spirits were passed down. And now it looked like the three great life spirits of the Huang Clan had a superhuman progenitor.

“Who broke open the matrix?” Ye Futian asked Qin Zhuang.

For many years, the Huang Clan had never found the matrices beneath their home. Now that it had been broken open, they could tell that the ones who had done it were more familiar with it than they were. They were probably no ordinary people.

“It was a group of outsiders. Their identities are unknown, but there are several Saints among them,” said Qin Zhuang. Ye Futian’s face became serious.

“If that is truly the Renhuang Ruins, this will shock both the Upper and Lower Worlds. Emperor Xia will send someone here,” said Ye Futian. He did not even entertain the idea of taking up arms against them. He knew better than anyone how much strength the Holy Zhi Palace had, and besides, they were already engaged in a Sacred War.

Even if the Renhuang Ruins were there, they wouldn’t fall into his hands. Besides, even if the Huang Clan found them, it wouldn’t be a good thing for them. The Huang Family was the top force in Zhongzhou City, but that was it. Any of the holy lands of the Nine States could easily wipe them out and take the Imperial tomb from them. Moreover, the Nine States were all under Emperor Xia’s control. None of the holy lands of the Nine States would get any share of the Renhuang Ruins unless he willed it.

Huang Xi naturally thought that same as Ye Futian. A touch of coldness and unwillingness flashed in his eyes as he stared into the sky. There was no more hope in the members of the Huang Clan. They no longer thought of themselves as the descendants of Renhuang, but suddenly, this day had proved that they were and that his ruins were left. But they were not entitled to a share of what he had left behind.

They could not avoid a little sadness at this.

“I want to go see,” said Huang Xi. Those who were not of the Huang Clan could probably not understand their state of mind right now.

“Alright.” Ye Futian nodded and called everyone together.

Before long, another group of powerful cultivators from the Holy Zhi Palace gathered together and set off towards the Huang Clan palace. With the power of the group that set out, enemies could not ambush them as they pleased. If Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty wanted to deal with them they would have to lead their armies from their holy lands. More importantly, Ye Futian now had the power to protect himself, so there was not too much need for concern.

The Huang Clan’s palace was not far from the Holy Zhi Palace. After all, they were both in Zhongzhou City. Nowadays, the community that had lived in the Huang Clan palace had disappeared, and they had been replaced by a vast mausoleum that spanned a great distance. One day, it had appeared out of thin air.

The cultivators of Zhongzhou City had all gathered together, including the top forces. Of what had once been the top four forces of the city, the Huang Clan and Tingxue House had entered the Holy Zhi Palace, but the Ximen Clan and the Thunder Courtyard had not.

The cultivators of these two clans had also come today, and their hearts trembled at the sight of this mausoleum.

The head of Ximen house wore a white robe and carried a sword on his back. Looking at the Imperial tomb made him thoughtful. Nowadays, the Holy Zhi Palace dominated the Barren State, and their prestige was unparalleled. The power of the other top forces had been destroyed and they had entered the palace. Now they had no voice. Soon, it would be like they didn’t exist at all.

Nowadays, the Holy Zhi Palace was the only thing that outsiders cared about in the Barren State. But if a Saint appeared in their family, things would be different.

Ximen Hanjiang stood beside him, and his eyes shone. He had once made a name for himself in the Holy Zhi Palace and had been ranked number one in the Law Rank. But the palace had already forgotten that he existed. He had always been persistent, but Ye Futian’s fame had always been like a mountain pressing down on him until he couldn’t breathe.

At that moment, there was a confused hubbub all around and a sound could be faintly heard.

“The people from the Holy Zhi Palace are here.”

“That’s Ye Futian, who revitalized the palace and led the army that destroyed Zhisheng Cliffs.”

Their voices rang out, and the Ximen House turned to look at the figures far away in the sky. The two in the lead stood shoulder to shoulder, one of them extraordinarily handsome with an unparalleled aura, and the other with a face that could cause cities and countries to fall. They were like a pair of immortals.

Cultivators gathered around them like clouds.

Ximen Hanjiang’s eyes became extremely sharp, and he clenched his fists. But he had been unable to defeat the one-armed swordsman beside Ye Futian, and nowadays it would still be difficult.

“Let’s go.” The head of Ximen House stepped forward and bowed to Ye Futian. “Ximen House greets Ye Futian and his wife.”

Ye Futian did not look at him. He still stared at the Imperial tomb that had appeared out of thin air. It was extremely majestic. It was covered in golden light. It was not an ordinary tomb but was a golden necropolis. Within the tomb were countless armored soldiers wielding golden spears. Although they were covered with dust, they still gave people a sense of solemnity, as if once this army was set in motion none could stand in its way.

Huang Xi and the other members of the Huang Clan were trembling with awe. This was their ancestral glory. What powerful figures their ancestors had been!

When Ximen House saw the Ye Futian did not look at them, they felt greatly humiliated. Their faces turned ugly, but they did not dare to attack. The head of their family had personally greeted Ye Futian, and he had not even looked at him.

Ximen Hanjiang clenched his fists and looked up at that handsome face. Ye Futian no longer even took him seriously.

Ye Futian slowly looked back and swept his gaze over Ximen House. He said nothing, but they all took a step back and felt ashamed. Of course, Ye Futian ignored them. Ximen Hanjiang had left the palace when they faced a Sacred War. Although he had said that he would not argue with him and that the people of the Holy Zhi Palace had the right to choose, could he really be expected to let him keep face? Nowadays, Ximen House was still considered a top force in the Barren State until the end of the Sacred War when power would need to be re-divided.

At that moment, an extremely cold killing will covered everything. Ye Futian turned and saw a figure standing calmly in the distance. There was just one figure, dressed in a black robe. His aura was extremely cold, and his killing power could not be hidden.

“Saint Zhi,” said Ye Futian. It looked like after he had led the attack on Zhisheng Cliffs, Saint Zhi had come to the Barren State. He may have been watching their movements all along. Unfortunately, under Emperor Xia’s orders, no matter how much he wanted to kill them, he could not attack them.

At this time, there was a beautiful radiance in the sky, and a strong aura descended. Everyone looked up and saw a group of figures break through the clouds, descending in rays of sunlight.

At their head was a figure wearing white men’s clothing, but who had a face more beautiful than any woman’s, making everyone who was looking a little dumbfounded. If one were to say that this looked like an immortal descending to the human world it would not be an exaggeration.

Saint Zhi looked up, and when he saw who was coming his face changed slightly, becoming a little bit unsightly.

They were coming quickly.

It seemed like the Upper Worlds were not satisfied with any great disturbances in the Nine States, and could come to deal with them in a very short time.

Saint Xihua had encouraged him to act against the Holy Zhi Palace in secret. Now, it seemed like if he had really done so he would not have been able to escape.

Emperor Xia’s power was even greater than he had imagined.

Ye Futian also looked at the figures descending from the sky. The young person who was dressed as a man and yet more beautiful than any woman was naturally Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan had not cared that Ye Wuchen had taken the Renhuang Sword Will, since Renhuang was her father she could sense it at any time. So although it would have been useful, there was no need for her to take it from her subordinate.

But the Renhuang Ruins were different. They were not comparable to the Renhuang Sword Will at all!