The Legend Of Futian Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Stir Up Some Trouble

The last day of the Divine Prefecture Calendar Year 10000 did not seem like it was going to be a peaceful day. The news of Ye Futian being ordered to become the Crown Prince's study attendant and Hua Jieyu to be the Crown Princess hit Donghai Academy like a storm. Everybody was in shock.

Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian were once the most well-known couple on campus, as well as the most gifted. They were a match made in heaven, but with one imperial order from the Imperial City, the young couple was destined for a sad ending. Nobody thought that they could go against the imperial order. The only thing left to do was to go where fate takes you.

Ye Futian had once rejected the Crown Prince's offer but now, there was no way out. This was the power of royalty. But of course, if Ye Futian just gave in, he would have the opportunity to climb up the power ladder. However, according to what the people of Donghai Academy knew about Ye Futian, there was no way he would give in. Otherwise, he would not have rejected the Crown Prince's offer during the Assembly of the Seven Schools.

At the School of the Emperor Star, many people were gathered. Headmaster Yan Shao, his disciple, Zhuo Qing, Vice Headmaster Han Mo, as well as other officials,were all present.

"Where are Headmaster and the rest going?" asked a student watching the group from afar.

"I heard they're going to the Nandou Palace to congratulate Hua Jieyu for being chosen as the Crown Princess," said a knowledgeable student.

At the mention of Hua Jieyu's name, many people were feeling conflicted. The young woman once cultivated at the School of the Emperor Star. She was a goddess to many, the girl of their dreams. She was outstanding and beautiful but, in the end, she betrayed their school. And now, she was going to be the Crown Princess and the empress in the future. From now on, they were only worthy of looking up at her. Perhaps only a perfect girl like her was worthy of all this.

As for Ye Futian, it was bound to be a tragedy.

The large group from the School of the Emperor Star set off for the Nandou Palace.

The people of Donghai Academy were not the only ones who knew of these new developments. The news has spread like wildfire all through the City of Donghai. Many powerful people who found out about the news all headed over to the palace to congratulate the Nandou clan on this last day before the new year.

The clan was already powerful because they had a royal background, but now, one of their younger members had been bestowed the title of the Crown Princess. This was the perfect chance to establish a great relationship with the clan. Plus, Minister Hua was also at the palace.

The Nandou clan, the used-to-be royal family, had become the main focus of everyone once again. Today was definitely not going to be a quiet day.

Just as Yi Xiang and Ye Futian stepped out of the Guqin Gardens, Xia Feng, Xia Fan, and their people surrounded the two of them. Xia Feng asked Ye Futian, "Where are you going?"

"Does His Majesty's imperial order also include restricting my freedom?" asked Ye Futian.

"Obviously not but we're heading to the Imperial City tomorrow, so it's best for you not to go running about." Xia Feng smiled.

Ye Futian gave him an icy glance then picked up his feet to leave. Xia Fan smiled and asked, "Can't keep yourself from seeing your lover?"

Ye Futian stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Xia Fan. Xia Fan was giving him an evil smile and said, "That's all in the past now. She's going to be the Crown Princess. You better keep yourself in check and know your place. If you keep having these thoughts, I'm afraid...." Xia Fan laughed but did not continue. The mocking look in his eyes became more obvious. He was provoking Ye Futian on purpose. He actually hoped that Ye Futian would cause a ruckus by disobeying the imperial order. This way, it would be a dead end for him. Literally. No one was going to be able to save him.

Ye Futian suddenly gave Xia Fan a smile before walking towards him. Xia Fan watched Ye Futian as he neared. The smug look on his face grew. Did Ye Futian think he was still the genius cultivator that Minister Zuo favored? Things were different now. Only bad things were waiting for Ye Futian. The Crown Prince obviously had it out for him.

Ye Futian stopped in front of Xia Fan with a charming, bright smile. He then took out the Decree of the Minister and showed it to Xia Fan. "Do you know what this is?"

The look on Xia Fan's face changed a little. Was Ye Futian really threatening him with the Decree of the Minister at a time like this?

Just then, Ye Futian acted at the speed of light. His fist landed right on Xia Fan's face. Because Xia Fan had no time to react, to defend himself, he was knocked down to the ground, face first.

"How presumptuous!" yelled Xia Feng. The powerful cultivators came in closer. Yi Xiang also came closer behind Ye Futian. His aura was domineering and his long robe blew in the wind.

"Even if he doesn't know what this is, you should know, right?" Ye Futian held the Decree of the Minister up for Xia Feng to see. "I was bestowed the title of the Crown Prince's study attendant by His Majesty and give this decree by Minister Zuo. To insult me in public, is that dissatisfaction with the Emperor or is he looking down on Minister Zuo?"

Xia Feng's expression darkened at Ye Futian's words. However, he did not dare to lay a hand on Ye Futian. Even though Ye Futian was most likely going to end up being very pitiful, there was nothing wrong with what he said.

Xia Fan crawled off the ground, blood in the corners of his mouth. A bruise had already formed on his face. He threw Ye Futian a murderous look as he continued to stare. However, he made no moves to get revenge. Instead, he smiled a creepy smile and said, "You're right, my actions were too rash. I apologize." Xia Fan believed that Ye Futian would be dead soon. He'll allow him to be arrogant for a little longer. He would take the punch.

Ye Futian saw the creepy smile on Xia Fan's face and returned it with a cold, icy glare. He did nothing to hide his murderous intentions. Turning around, Ye Futian was on his way again.

"Follow," ordered Xia Feng when he saw Yi Xiang and Ye Futian leaving. A large group following obnoxiously after the two and the headed in the direction of the Nandou Palace all together.

This day was not a quiet one for the Nandou clan. People kept arriving with congratulatory words. The guests were all powerful people of Donghai City. The large palace was filled with guests for the first time in a long time. At this scene, the people of the clan felt as if they have recovered their glory. Many people were very excited at this and imagined the clan's bright future.

The only thing giving the clan a headache was Hua Jieyu's attitude. She still seemed to be very put off by this situation. Many people in the clan could not understand. Was this because of Ye Futian? Everyone knew who to choose between a gifted young man and a gifted Crown Prince? Why was she still stuck on Ye Futian? It was all because she was still too young. Hua Jieyu was still at the age that her imaginations were more important than reality.

At this moment, outside the palace, a black wind eagle landed on the ground. Two figures got off of the eagle. It was Yi Xiang and Ye Futian. When Ye Futian saw how lively the palace was, his heart clenched. The two of them stepped to the entrance of the palace. There stood two powerful members of the Nandou clan. They had been welcoming guests. Their face fell as soon as they saw Ye Futian. Coldly, they asked, "What are you doing here?" Presently, he was the one person that the whole clan dreaded seeing the most.

"I came to look for my Masteress and my girlfriend. Didn't the clan already agree to it?" asked Ye Futian.

"Nonsense. There is no one here that can be your girlfriend," a middle-aged man reprimanded. How dare Ye Futian called Hua Jieyu his girlfriend now that she was given the title of the Crown Princess?

"You'll see whether or not my girlfriend is here if you let me in," Ye Futian tried to take a step forward but was blocked by multiple bodies.

Yi Xiang stood behind Ye Futian, exuding a powerful aura. The powerful cultivators of the Nandou clan looked at him with different expressions from before.

"I think you guys should go and announce his arrival," said Yi Xiang.

The leader of the group blocking Ye Futian looked at Yin Xiang. Then he gave a command to someone behind him, and that person ran into the palace.

Ye Futian and Yi Xiang stood quietly outside the entrance of the palace. Inside the palace, Nandou Tai had set up a huge celebration to receive Minister Hua and the guests. At the party, every table was full and laughter filled the air. Everyone was getting along well and more and more arrived. Just then, a person came running and whispered in Nandou Tai's ear. Whatever this person told him caused a change in his facial expression.

"What's wrong, Brother Nandou?" Beside Nandou Tai, Minister Hua quickly picked up the vibe that something was wrong.

"It's nothing, Brother Hua. I will take care of it," Nandou Tai answered with a smile. It was as if truly there was nothing wrong.

"If he's here, then let him in," said Minister Hua. Ye Futian came at the perfect time.

Something flashed through Nandou Tai's eyes and he nodded as he told his subordinate what to do, "Let him in."

"Yes, Clan Leader," said the messenger. Minister Hua picked up his cup for a quick drink, his eyes cold. To dare to show up at a setting like this today, Ye Futian most not be able to let things go. If so, he was going to learn the consequences of being young and stubborn. Death was the only result of defying an imperial order. This was probably part of the reason why Emperor Luo sent Minister Hua. Very quickly, everyone in the clan knew of Ye Futian's arrival.

Outside the palace, Ye Futian received his reply. The members of the clan led the way. Ye Futian looked into the spacious palace and turned to Yi Xiang beside him. "Senior, if anything happens, just leave. Forget about me."

"Can you shut up?" reprimanded Yi Xiang.

Ye Futian did not know what to say and shut his mouth. Taking a step forward, Ye Futian stepped into the Nandou Palace for the second time.

Following the main road in the middle, people kept appearing on the sides. They were all glaring at Ye Futian with rage. There were even those who spoke up to tell him off. "Jieyu is already the Crown Princess, how dare you still come here?"

"You didn't even dare to fight last time. How can you be so thick-skinned and show up here again?"

Similar insults were continuously thrown at Ye Futian. Suddenly, Ye Futian stopped in his tracks. Staring straight ahead, he said, "A family of fallen royals, kicked off the throne. To be proud of marrying into the new royal family instead of being ashamed. I can't believe the Nandou family clan has fallen so low. How pitiful."

"What did you say?" At Ye Futian's words, a lot of people stepped up, giving off a murderous vibe.

"I said that Nandou family clan doesn't know what pride is. I didn't want to battle last time because I wanted to leave you guys with your pride but since you guys are all so shameless anyway, then today I will let the Nandou clan know just how inferior you guys are," said Ye Futian.

Afterward, a pair of beautiful golden wings appeared. The bright Roc Spirit was released behind Ye Futian. Then, he was lifted into the sky. An immensely bright light formed by the gathering of Spiritual Qi shined all over his body.

"Ye Futian, six-starred Glory Plane cultivator, challenges everyone in the Nandou clan who is in or below the Dharma Plane," he said.

The Ye Futian at this moment possessed such a powerful aura. He was going to release his full potential!