The Legend Of Futian Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Swim Or Sink

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Ye Futian did not bother answering Saint Xihua. His eyes stayed fixed on the mausoleum statues that exuded the might of the great path. Every single statue exuded different types of might; that of the sword, power, the five elements, destruction, and so on. The power of all manner of mighty pressure filled the air, which, when leaned onto one’s body, felt like the pressure from the heavens out to crush everything.

Furthermore, the greater one’s training, the stronger the pressure one felt. While Saint Xihua and the Zhou Sacred King, for instance, were still standing tall and proud as all of them were, only they knew how much pressure they were dealing with at the moment.

Saint Xihua’s expression was cold and Ye Futian ignored him altogether.

“Everyone, the mausoleum is very possibly the tomb of Renhuang, I think you’re all following him because you’ve caught wind of some news. Only they know the secret of the entrance, and if we continue to stand here and do nothing, there won’t be anything left for us later.” Saint Xihua continued, “Furthermore if the others realize what is happening, we won’t need to be here any longer.”

Xia Qingyuan and the others were all currently drawn to the palace at the front. If the princess were to arrive, there was definitely no way they would be able to get anything out from this trip.

A figure was seen stepping forward at the moment. He had a slender body and was dressed in white. Holy light images were present on his body and his long eyes felt sharp. His body shot at Ye Futian like a beam of light after turning into a mirage. He was none other the figure who ranked second on the Sage and Saint Ranking of the Nine States, as well as the top-notch figure on the Hall of Holy Light, Ji Ya.

A strike from his sword brought light to his surroundings as if he was opening up the heavens. The Sword of Holy Light was unnervingly fast and sharp, reaching the target in mere moments. However, Ye Futian simply stood there without moving. Several figures appeared behind him. Huang Xi and Yu Sheng blocked Ye Futian’s back, launching attacks at Ji Ya.

Boom. Huang Xi’s shirt was torn in that clash, with several holes seen. Yu Sheng, who was wielding the Battleaxe of Judgment, was unable to block the power of that thrust. Several gashes appeared on his stout, imposing body. Terrifying sword will lingered and coursed about in his body.

Ji Ya was known as a demi-saint and ranked second on the Sage Ranking. In the planes beneath the Saint Plane, there was only one person who proved to be more powerful than he was. The sword of light in his hand was also a divine implement. Saint Ji had ordered Ji Ya to keep a close eye on Ye Futian and his people, without any doubt of Ji Ya’s powers. The people before Ji Ya at the moment notwithstanding, even if Kong Yao and his people were to get in Ji Ya’s way, there was still no way Ji Ya could have been stopped.

“Where is the entrance?” Ji Ya’s piercing eyes gazed forward as he held a sword in his hand. The mighty ones from the Holy Zhi Palace all had their eyes on him. Ji Ya was not the only one who was ready to pounce, as many other mighty ones also surrounded the ones from the Holy Zhi Palace.

Ye Futian did not bother turning around. He kept his eyes on one of the statues. An imposing great path will swept all over the place. He seemed to have immersed himself in it, comprehending the power of the great path.

Yu Sheng stepped forward at the moment, coming to stand before Ji Ya. An extremely wild demonic might coiled around him. His injuries quickly healed and a demonic storm whipped about with his body at the center. Crisp cracking sounds were heard from his body as he continued to expand, growing even more imposing and wild. A demonic shadow appeared and his eyes looked like that of a demon.

Boom. A loud boom was heard as Yu Sheng stepped forward. Ji Ya frowned as he actually felt threatened by Yu Sheng’s presence. Furthermore, he clearly sensed Yu Sheng’s power was rising exponentially, reaching into the level of archmages. His eyes remained incredibly pointed as he gazed into Yu Sheng’s eyes. He seemed to be looking at a devil who reigned supreme throughout all realms. One look from the devil seemed to be more than enough to subjugate all living beings.

Yet another boom was heard as Yu Sheng continued to step forward. The pressure grew with every step taken and it seemed as if the space was being taken control of by him.

The holy sword in Ji Ya’s hand hovered before him. His hands twirled about with the holy sword at the center. Holy light images appeared before him as the extremely dazzling light of holiness merged with his sword will. The image breathed terrifying sword of light. Beams of light shot out and all of them were imbued with unparalleled sharpness. One look at the beams would make one feel as if they were about to go blind, a testament of how frightening the rules within were. The boundless light was targeted at Yu Sheng. If the light managed to pierce him, it would have riddled him with holes and reduced him to specks of light.

Boom. Another boom was heard and Yu Sheng did not evade the attack. He continued to move forward as Buddhas appeared around him, shinning sky-reaching golden light. Dark golden shimmers coursed about the Buddhas as all of them exuded ferocious killing intent. The demonic and buddhist ways were merged into one, as if a buddhist king of slaughter had appeared.

The dazzling holy light sword will flashed in an instant.

Clang… A crisp sound reverberated throughout the space around them. Boundless swords of holy light pierced at the golden screen of light as two types of powers clashed. The sword wills adamant in piercing the screen while the screen, on the other hand, seemed to be devouring the sword will bit by bit, merging it into the screen.

Ji Ya’s expression remained cold. His sword of light was of frightening, limitless power, yet he was utterly incapable of piercing Yu Sheng’s defense. Ji Ya’s opponent seemed to have activated his potential using secret means, evolving his powers and blocking Ji Ya’s way.

Ji Ya extended his hand and held the holy sword. A beam flashed and Yu Sheng brought down his ax without hesitation. The attack seemed to have cleaved a crevice in space. The light of the sword burst, drawing a terrifying arc in the space before it as the ax did. The space they occupied seemed to have exploded as devastating storms appeared. Ji Ya was thrown behind and his body hovered in midair.

The mighty ones around them looked stunned. Yu Sheng of the Holy Zhi Palace had actually been able to stand his ground against Ji Ya, who was ranked second on the Sage Ranking and was known to be a demi-saint. Other mighty ones from the Hall of Holy Light walked towards Ye Futian’s side. They were Ji Mo and Ji Mu, yet other mighty ones ranked on the Sage and Saint Ranking.

Huang Xi intended to make a move when Ye Futian told him telepathically, “Uncle, the entrance is at the Renhuang statue in the middle. I’m unable to resonate with it, and if I’m not mistaken, it is probably meant for someone with the blood of Sovereign family in their veins. Don’t get into battle.”

It was an imperial mausoleum left by the Sovereign family and the Imperial Mausoleum Map had been passed down in the family throughout the generations. It was only natural that the place was meant for the descendants of the family. Ye Futian had tried to activate the Renhuang statue in the middle using the imperial will, but it did not work. As such, he implored Huang Xi to seize the opportunity as they were running out of time. With mighty ones from both the Upper and Lower Worlds and Xia Qingyuan, the princess, present, the handful of saints before them hardly mattered in this case. Such opportunities would not stay for long.

Huang Xi nodded and walked to the statue in the middle. Unparalleled pressure bore onto him and Huang Xi’s eyes were all solemn and seemed even devoted, wondering if that was his ancestor—the ancestor of the Sovereign family.

He had no idea what happened 1,000 years ago. It was too long ago and the Sovereign family had fallen so much that they did not even have a saint among them. He had even been on the verge of forgetting that he was a descendant of Renhuang, wondering if it was all a sham. It was irony like none other. With the lineage of his ancestors presented right before him, he was willing to pay any price to inherit the true Renhuang bloodline.

“Uncle, Life Spirits and bloodlines are all that matter with lineages. Try communicating with the statue and see if it works,” Ye Futian said while standing beside Huang Xi, who was standing before the statue. Ye Futian had been able to connect with the wills of all the other statues but that particular one, which meant that only someone of Renhuang blood was able to do so. If it was truly something left behind by Renhuang, then the most direct way to prove it would be through Life Spirit and bloodline.

Huang Xi nodded and unleashed his Life Spirit. Dazzling light appeared and he did not bother concealing it. He naturally knew what Ye Futian meant, and with things as they were at the moment, it was sink or swim.

“It doesn’t work.” Huang Xi’s expression turned even more severe, seeing the statue not responding. He walked towards the statue and pricked his finger. A drop of blood appeared and Huang Xi pointed it at the statue. A line of blood shot forth and landed on the statue’s grooves.

The blood coursed along the statue’s grooves and disappeared as if it had been absorbed by the statue. Huang Xi was able to feel it clearly. The statue seemed to have been imbued with life and exuded greater pressure.

“There’s still hope.” Huang Xi’s heart raced. The line of blood from his finger zipped at the statue and he held nothing back. The grooves gradually lit up and dazzling light was seen emitted from the statue as if Renhuang himself had revived.

Everyone present knew what was happening after seeing all that. One figure after another shot into the air and headed straight for Renhuang. The fastest of the two in the crowd were two who were from the Hall of Holy Light, who wielded the Rules of Light.

Hua Jieyu stepped forward and Ji Mu’s body seemed to stop in midair. He felt that his spiritual will seemed to have shrouded by some formless power. He looked up and stared at Hua Jieyu, who seemed to be emanating saintly power.

Ji Mo’s speed was incredibly fast as well, yet at that very moment, another dazzling sword swooped by. Ji Mo’s body dodged the flying sword in an instant. When he finally felt that the beam of the sword had passed, a cutting noise was heard and blood sprayed. Ji Mo was dazed for a brief moment before looking down at his left arm, which had been severed. His face turned incredibly ferocious. He looked up at the one who took his arm, and it was none other than Ye Wuchen, who had embarked on a pilgrimage led by Xia Qingyuan along with him. Ye Wuchen’s plane was lower than his, yet he had been able to cut off one of his arms.

Ye Wuchen’s cold eyes remained gazing forward. He stood before a statue and his Life Spirit burst. It was a silver sword, which rang as it exuded vaguely stifling sword will. What was more terrifying was that it seemed to have resonated with the statue, which had been emanating sword pressure. The might of the sword emanated from the statue seemed to have merged into a single being with the sword of his Life Spirit. The resulting power had shrouded Ji Mo and the strike took Ji Mo’s arm.

“The imperial mausoleum is a tomb of an ancestor of the Sovereign family, whose member now studies in the Holy Zhi Palace. As such, it shall be inherited by said member of the Sovereign family. If all of you intend to force your way in, you’ll have to get through me and I won’t show any mercy,” Ye Futian said as he stood before a statue, turning his eyes to the surrounding mighty ones.