The Legend Of Futian Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Who Is More Brutal?

Chapter 955: Who Is More Brutal?
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Ye Futian was puzzled. Both the Glass Saint and the Sacred King did not move at all; they simply sat where they were sitting. The Glass Saint turned her eyes away and no longer looked at Ye Futian. She was working hard at maintaining her mind, as if she was being put under serious pressure.

The eerie scene made Ye Futian frown. He stepped forward slowly and Huang Jiuge followed suit. They were moving at a very slow speed with their auras engaged, being on guard against those two saints. At that time, pulsing pressure fell onto them, which grew increasingly heavy as they continued to move forward.

Ye Futian and Huang Jiuge looked up at that very tall and imposing Renhuang shadow faraway. In an instant, the figure became imprinted in their minds directly, making them struggle to breath. That Renhuang figure faraway seemed to be right before their eyes.

Boom. Their spiritual will shook. Ye Futian felt as if his will was on the verge of being snuffed out. He grunted as his body came down, sitting on the ground. Everything in the world seemed to have changed, and that Renhuang shadow seemed to be standing right before them like a god.

“Is your mind firm and unyielding enough to inherit my will?” A voice seemed to be heard from a thousand years ago, seeping into Ye Futian and Huang Jiuge’s mind, as if they were being interrogated.

Ye Futian only knew right there and then that despite how they came, the lineage of Renhuang was right before their eyes. There were still challenges that needed to be faced. Even a descendant of Renhuang had to be tested despite coming so far. Is your mind firm and unyielding enough to inherit my will?

If the one to inherit the Renhuang’s will proved to be of weak mind, then such person would be deemed unqualified to take the lineage, as it would be a waste. Renhuang, who had been a legend like none other in his time over a thousand years ago, left behind a tomb that could only be opened by his descendants. However, if his descendants were to be of bad stock, then they would be deemed unqualified to inherit what he had left behind. He would have rather find someone who was truly determined to walk the path of cultivation.

Ye Futian felt he had entered a realm of illusion, as if he had no secrets and everything was laid bare before the will of Renhuang. He felt a shadow hovering in the air, as if that was where he should be. His mind recalled all that he had been through for the past 30 years and more. He recalled Qin Yi, the big sister, and Feng Qingxue, the twerp, wondering how they were doing presently. He liked that big sister figure of hers. No one would have not liked a sexy, beautiful big sister like that after all. However, the little fox named Hua Jieyu was just simply too stunning back then. The question of missing out on that big sister might have been a regret, but his mind answered with a definite “no.” His mind might have wavered a little bit, but he was hardly affected.

He recalled old man Ye Baichuan and his mother. There was no news of them and he had no idea if they still lived. It was something that affected his mind, but his will remained firm.

He recalled Emperor Ye Qing and the crying Snow Ape King, as well as the Nandou clan’s advent, the empire being muddled with just one song. It was only then that Ye Futian’s heart began to ache. It felt like a terrible pressure fell onto him, as if a catastrophe of the Great Path had struck his mind. It was painful. He grunted as his face turned pale. It was apparently something that stayed deep within his mind still, and he still had trouble letting go.

“So you’re trying to make me review my life, eh?” A sarcastic smirk was seen on his face. His eyes were determined as he glared at the shadow of Renhuang that seemed to be right before him. It was said that one’s mind needed to be whole before one could achieve sainthood. So, you’re testing my mind out right now then?

While his heart ached, the old man dying in battle was not something that would sway him from his path. He stood up slowly and walked forward. His white garb and long hair billowed in the wind. Flashes continued to appear in his mind. In the cottage of the Eastern Barren Territory of Cangye Kingdom, his brothers and sisters treated him like family. The battle at the Heaven Mountains brought an end to everything. The reason as to why that old man was taken away remained a thorn in his side, but he remained diligent in his training in order to someday meet that princess of the Divine Prefecture that he had only seen twice, to talk to her about the Snow Ape King and that old man.

The battles fought at the Crouching Dragon Mountain, Taihang Mountain, and the Holy Zhi Palace flashed in his mind. He had never been perfect and had done a lot of wrong, being haughty and inflexible, just like how he was before Xia Qingyuan. If he would have simply lowered his head and followed Xia Qingyuan, many things would have turned out better, maybe even turning out to be the results he sought, but even if he had been missing out on things, his mind remained firm.

The answer to the question of whether or not his mind had been firm and unyielding was a natural yes. He did not dare to claim that his mind was whole and flawless, but at the very least, his beliefs were firm and nigh-indestructible.

Boom. His took one step forward, which sounded like a step on the path he sought. Cracks were hard and the shadow of Renhuang, that had been weighing on his mind, disappeared altogether.

One step, and he was gone.

Formless power flowed with the wind around him. His will seemed to have been strengthened somewhat. Even within that sealed space, he was still able to sense a stronger willpower.

With one step, he came to Archmage Plane.

His white garb billowed without wind. Ye Futian cast his gaze at the shadow of Renhuang faraway, as if nothing had changed. He turned to look at Huang Jiuge beside him. Huang Jiuge was steeped in all that as well and there seemed to be tears at the corner of his eyes. His body shuddered a bit, as if he was locked in a struggle.

Ye Futian was able to relate to Huang Jiuge’s struggle. Huang Xi, the leader of the Sovereign family, and Huang Jiuge’s father blocked the gates by putting his life on the line. That stage alone had been enough to make Huang Jiuge’s mind waver.

Hopefully, he will be able to get over it. Ye Futian could have simply gone up to the shadow of Renhuang right there and then. He would have been able to acquire the lineage so long as he was willing. However, he did not, as that was something left behind for Huang Jiuge, and he was in no position to take it.

Not doing was risky, as both the Glass Saint and the Sacred King were still around, but he was determined to keep his belief, as that was his way. He would have never been able to face Huang Xi and the Sovereign family, who fought by his side, again if he were to take the lineage for himself.

He stepped forward and walked to where the two saints were. The Glass Saint turned her eyes to look at Ye Futian again.

“Zhou Zhiming sustained severe injuries and his mind is being interrogated. This is your chance.” The Glass Saint’s eyes shone with a red glow. It was apparent that her situation was not any better compared to the Sacred King’s.

Ye Futian simply looked at her without saying anything.

“Zhou Zhiming massacred my clan, all 3,000 of them. I’m determined to avenge my family and I’m after the Renhuang lineage just so that I can kill him. Futian, you call me ‘sister.’ Other than what happened outside, have I ever acted against you with ill intentions?” the Glass Saint continued.

“Should I trust you, Sister Glass Saint, or should I not?” Ye Futian looked at the Glass Saint and asked, “The death of those of the Yue clan was your doing, no?”

“Indeed.” The Glass Saint did not deny it. If Yuechan had killed them, it was as if she was the one doing it. There were no differences and she owned up to it.

“The Yue clan wanted to forge a marriage alliance with you because they saw your potential. The deaths of those from the Yue clan would have undoubtedly aroused the Yue clan’s suspicion, and it was not someone from Xihua Sacred Mountain or the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty doing the deed. But if they had wanted in on this, they knew what they had to do, and things indeed turned out that way. Would all of that have been in yours and the Holy Zhi Palace’s favor or against it?”

“Aren’t you afraid of dragging the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple to hell with you for what you have done?” Ye Futian asked.

“If the Yue clan was involved, then I shall be on your side. The Yue clan could come settle their scores with me, just so long as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty falls.” The Glass Saint then added, “Regardless of how you look at things, at this very moment, will you be going against me or against Zhou Zhiming?”

The Sacred King remained sitting where he was, unbudging. He apparently knew his priorities and what he needed to do at the moment. He needed to restore his powers and break through Renhuang’s pressure.

Ye Futian admitted that what the Glass Saint said made sense. To him, the Sacred King was obviously the true enemy.

“You’re willing to leave the lineage to the Sovereign family, and I definitely won’t lay a finger on it so long as Zhou Zhiming ends up dead. You can ask anything of me to make it up to you,” the Glass Saint continued.

Ye Futian turned his eyes at the Sacred King, and his eyes were filled with murderous intent. It was not because he was convinced by the Glass Saint, but because there was no way he and the Sacred King could coexist. He had that thought as soon as he entered. He was simply thinking if he should have taken the risk. It was an opportunity like none other after all.

The Polearm of Divine Destruction appeared in his hand, and the powers within Ye Futian’s body gushed into the ritual implement. Terrifying pressure manifested. There was no doubt that the Sacred King had sustained severe injuries. Furthermore, he had to endure the pressure of the Great Path. It was a chance that he felt reluctant to miss.

Boom. He stepped forward and brought the divine implement in his hand down. His surroundings felt like they were about to collapse in that very instant. Boundless shadow of the staff fell from the heavens, heading straight for the Sacred King.

The Sacred King, who had stayed silent all the while, looked up at Ye Futian all of a sudden. A bright, dazzling light burst from his body and the phoenix shot forth with lethal intent. It was apparently his Life Spirit, heading straight for Ye Futian.

The Polearm of Divine Destruction clashed with the divine bird with a boom and Ye Futian felt as if his body was about to be penetrated. The terrifying power stunned him and sent him flying. Bones all over his body seemed to have cracked, but at that very moment, a dazzling sword flashed by, heading straight for the Sacred King’s head.

The Sacred King slapped at the ground and retreated backwards. The phoenix turned away to intercept the attack, and with a loud boom, the wings of the phoenix seemed to have been broken right there and then. The bird was damaged and returned to the Sacred King’s body with a wail. However, that sword attack was blocked. The Love Destroyer returned back to the Glass Saint’s body as well.

Pfftt. Blood splattered from the Sacred King’s mouth, staining the ground red and his face turned ashen. He looked up and said to Ye Futian coldly, “You really don’t know your place. The Glass Saint trains in the ways of emotional suppression. She killed her own fiance back then and she doesn’t care about your life.”

“He deserved to die,” the Glass Saint said coldly.

“He indeed deserved to die for giving his woman to me. But please, you and I had been only one step away from becoming husband and wife. Why do you need to do this?” the Sacred King added.

“Shut up, Zhou Zhiming.” Coldness emanated from the Glass Saint.

“Am I telling the truth or not? You’d rather die than marry me back then. Why? You killed the man that sent you into my palace. Was your mind broken?” the Sacred King continued. The Glass Saint did not care. She naturally understood that the Sacred King wanted to make her mind waver. At that moment, they were all undergoing the Great Path’s test.

Seeing that the Glass Saint remained silent, the Sacred King continued, “I built the Lapis Lazuli Palace in my place, and I have a concubine named Si, who looks rather similar to you. Every time I go inside, I think of her to be you and have her please me. How that soothes my mind, just like how it would have been if you were by my side. If you’re willing, I’ll head straight home and kill her. You’ve spent years being alone. Why do you need to do so? The way of emotional suppression kills your humanity. How could it be able to compare to the joy of training with me?”

“Zhou Zhiming.” The Glass Saint’s body trembled and another splatter of blood came out of her mouth. Terrifying pressure rained down on her mind. Her face turned ashen and she slumped, feeling as if her mind was about to collapse.

The Sacred King snickered at the scene. Ye Futian knew what was going on between both of them. He took a look at the Sacred King. He was indeed willing to go to extreme lengths. He knew well what was going on with the Glass Saint, as he was going through the same thing at the moment. The Sacred King’s words proved more sharp than blades. But then again, the Glass Saint was not a pushover.

Ye Futian came to the Glass Saint’s side and looked at that beautiful face. She looked rather pitiful, but her eyes remained determined as she looked at Ye Futian. “I’m willing to pay any price just for you to kill the Sacred King. If you hate me, then kill Zhou Zhiming. I’m all yours when that is done.”

“Very well.” Ye Futian nodded and carried the saint up, having her lean close to him. Her soft, voluptuous figure was incredibly seductive, but Ye Futian had nothing else on his mind at the moment.

The Sacred King shot a pointed look at Ye Futian, seeing him do that. Ye Futian then looked at the number one beauty in the Eastern State in his arms and said, “Sister Glass Saint, he was right. Even though you’ve been betrayed, you shouldn’t have trained in ways to kill your emotions. There’re all manners of sentiments in the world that are worth being cherished. Me, for instance, I’ve always had a liking for you.”

Ye Futian lowered his head as soon as he finished. The Glass Saint’s eyes were wide open as she stared at Ye Futian getting increasingly close. She had a dazed look. It was anyone’s guess if she was too weak to do anything or if she had simply forgotten to do so, but she did not resist. At the very next moment, she felt her lips being invaded and her mind felt like it was being blown to pieces as it turned completely blank.

“How dare you!” Tremendous murderous intent filled the Sacred King’s eyes. Yet, at that moment, terrifying pressure fell onto him like a catastrophe of the Great Path, pounding his mind. The Sacred King’s face turned pale like the Glass Saint’s, and he spat up blood. His aura had never been so weak.

Ye Futian lifted his head and looked at the dazed, beautiful eyes and said, “You said that you were willing to pay any price for killing Zhou Zhiming. I’ll definitely kill him. I take it that you won’t mind then.”

Ye Futian’s hands were in places where they should not have been. The sensation was soft and the Glass Saint looked at him with dazed eyes. There were tears at the corner of her eyes and then she spat up blood again, turning even paler before blacking out altogether.

Ye Futian looked at all of that calmly and extended his hand to caress the beautiful face of hers, smiled and turned to look at the Sacred King. “She’s indeed the number one beauty in Eastern State indeed, poised and beautiful like none other. What do you think, Sacred King?”

The Sacred King continued to glare at Ye Futian while blood oozed out of the corner of his mouth. He shut his eyes and turned away. Both the Sacred King and the Glass Saint had been brutal figures, and it was totally unexpected that Ye Futian was just as brutal. He was actually trying to kill both the Sacred King and the Glass Saint at the same time.