The Legend Of Futian Chapter 956

Chapter 956 The Princesss Instructions

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Zhou Zhiming was the Sacred King of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and could have any woman he wanted. But he had built the Lapis Lazuli Palace and had placed Si, who looked a lot like Glass Saint, in there, showing how deep his obsession with Glass Saint was.

He had become famous as a young man and had been enfeoffed as Prince of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty very early. His talent was outstanding, and nothing was denied to him. When Glass Saint was seen by the Lord of Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, the rumor had gone out that her looks were extraordinary, without parallel in the Eastern State. After he had seen her, the consequences were shocking. He tried to pursue her, but could not. He had spent a lot of energy on this, even devising a scheme by which Glass Saint would be taken to his palace on the day of her wedding, but Glass Saint would rather die than marry him.

After entering the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, she had opposed him everywhere, breaking his Holy Road, blocking his attempt to become a Saint. Even his father had suffered the same fate as Glass Saint’s master due to this enmity. The Great Zhou Sacred King swore that he would have her, that she would submit her body to him. He would see how the foremost beauty in the Eastern State faced him then.

But at that moment, the woman that he had tried so hard to get was embraced by Ye Futian. The beauty that he had never even touched had been kissed by Ye Futian. And that scoundrel’s hand was even touching her holy body. It was easy to imagine what the Great Zhou Sacred King’s mental state was at that moment.

And where was this place? Renhuang had asked if you want to become the Emperor, can your heart be hardened to the path?

Right now, the power of the Great Path pressed down on him, and he wavered. He had already been injured, and now he had suffered a catastrophe of the Great Path. The power of Renhuang’s Great Path descended, threatening to destroy his mindfulness towards the Path. Therefore, he would rather close his eyes than look at what was happening. But his desire to kill Ye Futian had never been stronger, even stronger than when Ye Futian had taken his son Zhou Huang during the Sacred War. He would make it so that Ye Futian would seek life but be unable to obtain it, and so that he would strive to die but would not be able to do so.

Ye Futian cast a cold glance at Zhou Zhiming. He was also in great pain. The Great Zhou Sacred King’s last attack had been so strong. The Saint Level power had accumulated and then he had used his life spirit to launch an attack, wounding him greatly. Moreover, Saint Xihua had wounded him in the outside world. His situation was not much better than the Great Zhou Sacred King and Glass Saint’s.

However, in this way, all the obstacles had been cleared for Huang Jiuge. As long as he could pass Renhuang’s questioning, the inheritance would be in the palm of his hand. The Great Zhou Sacred King and Glass Saint’s mindfulness of the path had been damaged, and so they had no way to pass the questioning.

Ye Futian looked down at the beautiful face that he held. Tears had appeared on her cheeks, and he wiped them away. Her skin was so delicate that you could break it by blowing on it, and her face did not have a single blemish. She had cultivated herself to the Saint-level and transcended her physical form. Now her skin was soft and tender, and her body was the same. She was so delicate all over. Anyone would have trouble holding on to this woman, who was considered the foremost beauty in the Eastern State and was the Master of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple. This was human nature.

But he did not feel guilty. Glass Saint was not a good person. Although everything she had done had been done out of her intense desire for revenge, her recent attack on the Great Zhou Sacred King had been done without any regard for how it would affect him. He had used Renhuang’s questioning to break both of their mindfulness of the Path. But it was an eye for an eye. There was no essential difference between the two of them.

He had never been a good man.

If he wanted to, he could kill this beautiful woman who had fainted into his arms. But he would not do this. Glass Saint had been ruthless in her revenge, but it had all been for the purpose of killing her two enemies. He had learned a bit about her miserable past from her conversation with the Great Zhou Sacred King. As for the Yue clan, he would not interfere. It was up to them to decide.

But as far as Ye Futian was concerned, a kiss had taken place, and the place that should not be touched had been touched. His fury had catalyzed in an instant, but he had stayed his hand. He was ruthless, but not that ruthless. Perhaps he was just not resolute enough.

He looked at the Great Zhou Sacred King and saw him begin to cultivate once again. He held Glass Saint in front of him. He pulled out a ritual implement and tied it around her waist just in case. He did not want to become part of her plan again if she woke up. Even though she had been wounded, since she was a Saint, he could take no chances.

A rustling sound rang out in the Life Palace as the World Tree swayed. Emerald green light shone, flooding the palace and rushing towards every part of his body. It repaired his injuries as quickly as possible. The three of them had all been injured, and Glass Saint had fainted. He had an advantage over the Great Zhou Sacred King in terms of recovery, as in addition to recovering, the Great Zhou Sacred King also had to resist Renhuang’s power, so he would not recover very quickly.

Now the two of them were at the end of their strength and were no better off than their opponent. They did not dare to make a move. Ye Futian had learned his lesson.

“Great Zhou Sacred King, Glass Saint and I have now touched. When she wakes up, she will enter my harem and become my woman. Why don’t you demolish the Lapis Lazuli Pavilion?” said Ye Futian as he was recuperating. He saw the Great Zhou Sacred King’s arms were shaking, but his eyes were closed as if he had not heard him.

“Her hands and skin are so soft. Although she has cultivated for so many years, she is as soft as water and is as pure as ice.” Ye Futian ran his hand over her tender arm as he spoke. The Great Zhou Sacred King clenched his fists, and his aura began to leak from him. He could not help but groan. He was fighting against the power of the Path, but Ye Futian was slashing at his heart. But he was a king. His eyes remained closed, and he did not move at all. His heart was as strong as iron. Ye Futian stopped stroking her arm. He did not continue provoking the Great Zhou Sacred King, and instead focused on recovering.

Time passed in silence. Ye Futian’s wounds healed quickly. He kept his eyes open, staring at the Great Zhou Sacred King. He wondered if he could put an end to him if he struck now. But would the Great Zhou Sacred King be the same as before? Would he recover all his energy for one strike? Would he heal as much as possible so he could kill him?

Just as Ye Futian was hesitating, a sound rang out. He turned and saw Huang Jiuge walking forward.

He had obviously defeated himself.

“He succeeded.” Ye Futian sighed with relief. Huang Jiuge had received his inheritance. This trip had been completely successful.

Xia Qingyuan had promised that if they could get it, it was theirs.

At the same time, Huang Xi was blocking many Saint Plane cultivators outside the cliff statue. A group of figures appeared. At the head was Xia Qingyuan. She walked in front of Huang Xi, followed by several powerful Saints. She looked up at the statue.

Huang Xi had thought that he could hold back all comers, but when he looked into her eyes, he trembled. If this Princess wanted to fight, he did not know if even Jiuge could handle her after receiving his inheritance.

With a single sentence, she could strip them of everything. She did not even have to get involved. All she had to do was change the rules of the Sacred War to let Saints get involved and the Barren State would be lost.

“The Imperial Mausoleum was left behind by my ancestors. I hope that you will help me,” said Huang Xi. He could hold back all the Saints of the Nine States. After the incident, they all had to abide by Emperor Xia’s rules, but fighting Xia Qingyuan by himself would be impossible.

She stepped forward a few paces, still staring at the statue. She said nothing.

But her eyes explained it all—no one in the Nine States could stop her.

When he saw that look in her eyes, Huang Xi felt only sorrow. Yu Sheng stepped forward with magic light shining in his eyes. Behind Xia Qingyuan, the other Saints also stepped forward, their auras blazing forth.

“Only the Princess may enter. How about that?” said Huang Xi.

Still looking up at the statue, Xia Qingyuan said, “Fine.”

“I hope that you will not forget your promise.” As Huang Xi spoke, the statue blazed with light, and the gate that led to the mausoleum opened once again. Everyone’s hearts pounded as Xia Qingyuan walked in. Li Yao tried to rush in as well, but was stopped by Xia Qingyuan’s people.

Xia Qingyuan walked in the gate. No one in the Nine States could stop her. The gate closed once again, cutting them all off. They had no way of knowing what would take place inside.

Huang Xi could only pray. There were five great cultivators inside. Did Jiuge have any hope?

Ye Futian saw Xia Qingyuan enter as the gate opened. A cold light flashed in his eyes. Xia Qingyuan saw him as well. She took in the situation inside the Imperial Mausoleum in a glance, then looked up at the figure of Renhuang as she stepped forward. She soon felt the power of the Great Path, but she did not stop. She kept walking forward step by step. She had already felt this kind of power from her father. Her mindfulness of the Path was firm and could not be shaken.

Ye Futian put down Glass Saint and stood up, blocking Xia Qingyuan.

“The Imperial Mausoleum was left behind by the Huang clan ancestors and should be inherited by their descendants. You promised that if I could take it, it would be mine. It should be the same for the other members of my palace,” he said.

“Yes,” said Xia Qingyuan. Then she looked at Huang Jiuge and said, “That’s assuming he can take it.” On saying this, she continued forward, passing by Ye Futian.

Ye Futian’s figure flashed and he appeared in a space not far from Renhuang. His back was to the statue of Renhuang, and he faced Xia Qingyuan.

“You think you can stop me?” Xia Qingyuan glanced at Ye Futian, and suddenly a Sage level aura bloomed. Ye Futian felt the fierce wind. This terrible aura was coming forth from the body of this delicate beauty in men’s clothing. It seemed that everything in the world would be forced to crawl at her feet.

Ye Futian’s white robes flapped in the wind. He fixed his gaze on Xia Qingyuan. She was the foremost talent of the Upper Worlds, the favorite daughter of Emperor Xia, and was hailed as a woman whose talent surpassed even her father’s.

“Your highness, Ye Futian, the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State, asks for your instruction!” His voice rang out throughout the Imperial Mausoleum. The echo lingered on and on.