The Legend Of Futian Chapter 957

Chapter 957 Unmatched Battle

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Ye Futian’s voice was bright and clear. In the space of the Imperial Mausoleum, Glass Saint slowly opened her eyes. She sat up and looked at Ye Futian. In fact, she had woken up before, but she had closed off her senses, not letting herself think so that she could slowly recover from her injury.

However, there was nowhere she could go to hide from the feeling of those claws touching her skin. Even separated by a thin layer of clothing, it was still so clear. His hand had even moved to the most sacred, soft place on her body. What was even worse was that he had seemed to feel good about it, and he could not help but grasp it.

Such humiliation almost made her wake up to fight him, but when she remembered her vast sea of hatred for the Sacred King, she was able to bear it. She got up and bit her lip. She stared at Ye Futian with eyes as cold as ice, hoping that he would die at Xia Qingyuan’s hands.

Xia Qingyuan fixed her gaze on the figure before her. As the daughter of Emperor Xia, she had been born extraordinary. She was without parallel among those of her generation in the Upper Worlds, and no one could oppose her. Who would dare stand before her? Who had the right to? But the man who had refused to follow her twice, who had boasted that he was without parallel at the Jiutian Forum, now stood before her and asked her to fight!

Xia Qingyuan stepped forward and divine light flowed from her. She glowed as brightly as an immortal. She stepped forward, and the Great Path moved with her as if what she was stepping on was the Path itself.

Ye Futian knew that Xia Qingyuan was the strongest opponent he had ever faced. He claimed to be unbeaten by any opponent at the same level as him, unparalleled in the Nine States, but none of the people that he had beaten could match Xia Qingyuan. This woman, who was hailed as the strongest in Emperor Xia’s realm, had the blood of Renhuang flowing through her veins. Moreover, she had mastered hundreds of schools had a broad body of knowledge. She had cultivated herself to know all kinds of powerful magic, becoming the most powerful magic-user in Emperor Xia’s realm.

At this moment, even though their strength was limited in the Imperial Mausoleum, and they were not able to expand their will into the heavens and the earth, Xia Qingyuan’s steps were still full of the Worldly Great Path. Ye Futian could not take her for an ordinary weak woman. This was clearly a wild beast.

A powerful airflow came out from her body. It was like heaven and earth had become one. Ye Futian stepped forward, and his power burst forth from him like thunder, fighting against Xia Qingyuan’s airflow. The two of them stood facing each other, setting off a violent storm in that place.

Boom! With another step forward, his power swept out. Light bloomed from Xia Qingyuan, and more sacred power condensed on her arms. In a flash, she descended in front of Ye Futian as quickly as lightning. She raised her arm and struck out with a fist, clenching her slender, jade-like hand. Her fist was not big, but the power it contained seemed like it could collapse the sky and fight with a true dragon or an ancient phoenix. The sacred light wrapped around her fist and a suffocating power burst forth from it, piercing through heaven and earth as it rushed towards Ye Futian’s chest.

Ye Futian also stepped forward, and his power shone like a rainbow. He did not retreat at all. No matter how strong Xia Qingyuan was, he would not fear her. Today, he would look at this princess, who was hailed as the strongest in both worlds, and see how strong she was.

A rhythm started as he lifted his hand. It was completely natural and fit into the Worldly Great Path. An imperial fist will gathered and flowed on his arms, and radiant particles flowed from him. As he plunged his arm down, it all gathered together into a fist and smashed down like a star towards his opponent’s fist.

He used a fist to fight a fist.

Both of their arms went to the same point, and finally, their fists collided together. Their skin did not touch, only their fist wills did, but a loud sound like a clap of thunder rang out. The space around them trembled fiercely, and two brilliant rays of light shot out from where their fists collided.

Xia Qingyuan was shocked and retreated. A strange look flashed in her eyes. Her fist style contained imperial power. It melded with the Worldly Great Path and could put forth an extreme amount of rule power. And Ye Futian had defeated it, showing how strong he was.

Ye Futian had refined his body and had washed his body in the medicine pool. He had melded the Rule of Particles and rule power into his fist, making it extremely strong. Anyone on the same level of him in the Nine States would have been wounded by that one attack.

Of course, Xia Qingyuan was also slightly different in that moment. The Huangting Fist Will had 33 layers. It resonated with the Worldly Great Path, and each layer was stronger than the last. If Ye Futian could not crack even the first layer, how could he call himself unparalleled in the Nine States?

Her mighty power gathered together once again, and she flashed toward Ye Futian. The second layer of her fist will burst forth, even stronger than before. Ye Futian stepped forward again, and his power gathered together even more strongly than before. He struck out with his fist without hesitation, matching Xia Qingyuan attack for attack. This kind of attack was an incredible tempering for his body. He would never find an opponent like this in the Nine States.

As the two of them collided wildly and loud sounds rang out continuously. The wind raged as an extremely strong and domineering atmosphere burst forth. A terrible storm raged between the two of them, like a tornado that swallowed everything.

Glass Saint watched the battle. She was a Saint-level cultivator, but this battle between two Sages was still thrilling. Their power was amazing. That shameless disciple was still extremely strong.

After striking 11 times, Xia Qingyuan’s fist will seemed to be completely transformed. As her heavy fists slammed forth, heaven and earth cracked. Ye Futian also felt that his arms would crack. If a fist entered his body, it would crush him from within. It was extremely oppressive. If his body had not been strong, he would already have been destroyed.

Ye Futian was forced back with a loud noise. But Xia Qingyuan followed him like a shadow and attacked again. She was wrapped in an incomparably powerful fist will that destroyed everything. Rays of brilliant light burst forth from Ye Futian’s body as he opened the Seven Star Acupoints. Suddenly, his aura surged more powerfully. He could feel that Xia Qingyuan was growing stronger and stronger. Her martial arts were extremely advanced and could even be compared to the Nine Heavenly Attacks in some places.

Boom! Ye Futian stepped into the air, and his body became like a dragon. He raised his hand and pressed it against the sky. Xia Qingyuan shot towards him, her fist will piercing through the stars towards Ye Futian. The two of them continued to fight fiercely, shaking the heavens and the earth. But it seemed that neither could crush the other.

Finally, after 20 attacks, Xia Qingyuan could not continue. It was said that when one cultivated up to the Huangting Fist Will’s 33rd attack, one could pierce the heavens and the earth, and could break the world with a single punch. She was still far off from this, and there were only a dozen or so layers that she truly comprehended.

She glanced at Huang Jiuge and saw him still standing before Renhuang. Light fell on his body, and he seemed to have already received the inheritance. The whole tomb started to shake as sunlight fell.

She looked back at Ye Futian, and the pressure on her grew more intense. She stepped into the air like a goddess. Her pale face was so beautiful it was suffocating. A sword will extended continuously from her finger, seeming to want to cut through the space in the Imperial Mausoleum. Even though her power was restricted, the sword will that she released at this moment was still astonishing.

Ye Futian’s face grew solemn as he gazed at Xia Qingyuan. As the daughter of Renhuang, and as someone who was unparalleled in the Upper Worlds, she would naturally not just be good at one thing.

Xia Qingyuan’s figure flashed as she tried to get past Ye Futian, and he felt a suffocating pressure on him, seeking to destroy him. He still stood in her way, shining brightly. Xia Qingyuan raised her finger, and with this attack, a catastrophic sword will seemed to pierce into his chest, cutting through his will and wiping away his soul. The sword will continued towards his body, seeking to cleave him in two.

Xia Qingyuan had once gone to the Lihen Heaven and learned from the foremost swordsman of the Upper Worlds. She had integrated many types of swordsmanship into her own: Catastrophe Swordsmanship. With her status, it was not only Emperor Xia who had taught her, but all the great figures of the Upper Worlds. In both the Upper and Lower Worlds, only Xia Qingyuan could be called illustrious.

Ye Futian felt that his spiritual will was under attack, and it seemed like it would soon collapse. He kept it together to resist, and at the same time, starry rule power flowed from his body. His body became like a star that protected his flesh.

Crack! A sharp cracking sound rang out. A single slice broke through his defenses and cut through all his rule power. It slashed towards his body. Fortunately, his body was immensely powerful, but his clothes were still ripped.

Catastrophe Swordsmanship was different than Huangting Fist Will. Huangting Fist Will grew stronger and stronger. When you reached the end, no one could stand against it. But Catastrophe Swordsmanship struck all at once like thunder, cutting through everything. It was extremely powerful.

The sword went for the kill.

Xia Qingyuan stepped forward, surrounded by powerful sword will. She was like a goddess of death approaching. She could truly be described as ultimately powerful. She stepped on the sword and flew directly towards Renhuang. An incomparably brilliant light shone around Ye Futian. Powerful rule power flowed from him and gathered together into a halberd.

He stepped forward and transformed into a beam of light. A sword appeared in Xia Qingyuan’s hand, and it whistled through the air as she slashed it. Ye Futian raised his long halberd to strike, and the brilliant light flashed. It pierced through the air and cut through the sword.

He stepped through the air and descended in front of Xia Qingyuan. He struck with his long halberd. Suddenly, a terrible vortex appeared, and everything in the area seemed like it would be completely destroyed. The sword will collapsed.

Xia Qingyuan frowned and pressed her finger forward. Suddenly, her mighty sword will all gathered together and crossed through the air and collided with the halberd. In a flash, a destructive power raged wildly. The halberd smashed through space and pierced downwards. Xia Qingyuan’s Sword Qi blocked it. As the power in front of her was blocked, she was thrown flying backward.

Ye Futian stood there with his halberd staring at her. He said, “Why don’t you take this a little bit more seriously, Princess!”