The Legend Of Futian Chapter 962

Chapter 962 Death Wish

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Ye Futina looked down from the sky at the mighty ones from the holy lands and said, “I’ve told you that the Renhuang ruins are left behind by the ancestors of the Sovereign family, who studies in the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State. I’m not taking the lineage and the princess isn’t taking it either. With Huang Jiuge, a descendant of Renhuang having obtained the lineage left behind by his ancestor, we shall call it a day with the matter of the Renhuang ruins.”

All the others wore peculiar expressions hearing Ye Futian’s words. While Xia Qingyuan had indeed been generous enough not to take the lineage, yet Ye Futian was not a saint despite being immensely talent, and he had dared to tell the top notch figures of the Nine States to call it a day as a sage.

No one cares.

Saint Xihua snickered sarcastically and the sacred king was in no hurry as well. While he had personally witnessed how peerless Ye Futian’s powers truly were, but that mattered little as over half of mighty ones ranked on the Sage Ranking from all holy lands throughout the Nine States gathered there, and all of them held divine implements.

While Ye Futian was indeed peerless below the Saint Plane, but if he intended to protect Huang Jiuge’s lineage, none there would have let him walked out alive.

Saint Ji took a plain look at Ye Futian and paid him no heed. From his perspective, Ye Futian and the ones from the Barren State were all dead people. He would have seen to it that the Holy Zhi Palace perish to avenge Ji Mo.

“You’re not making sense, Palace Lord Ye. The ruins belong to anyone capable enough of taking it, and the place shall belong to the one who would take it first. Wouldn’t it be easier if we just see who shall be the one who take it first before everyone else? Why do we need to fight about this?” The current Palace Lord of the Ocean Palace, the Ocean Saint said. Ye Futian took a look at him and saw the saints from the three major holy lands from the Endless Ocean stood together. They would have probably reached a consensus telepathically earlier.

While the three holy lands from the Endless Ocean were not exactly at friendly terms with each other and they tried to one-up each other all the time, but none of that prevented them from allying with each other at the moment.

It would have been splendid for them to just take Huang Jiuge and decide what to do with him after returning to the Endless Ocean. Fighting among themselves internally was deemed a better option than fighting the holy lands from all over the Nine States after all.

“I agree to Saint Ji’s suggestion,” the Nether Saint from the North Deep said plainly. The three holy lands from the Ocean State had no edge over those from the Summer State, Qi State and War State. If they were to simply fight in a free-for-all manner, the holy lands from the Ocean State had a slim chance of coming out on top. If they were to ally with each other per Saint Ji’s rules, then they would have still stood a chance.

The lineage of Renhuang was very tempting after all.

Both the Upper and Lower Worlds of Emperor Xia’s Realm had only one master—Emperor Xia.

The sight one would have been able to see at Renhuang Plane was a dream shared by all saints and none dared claim themselves to be totally uninterested. Huang Jiuge was but a sage and a common student in the Holy Zhi Palace, and none there deemed him fit to take the Renhuang lineage.

While they would have called Ye Futian’s demise a waste, but they would have not minded much. If Ye Futian were to take such a route, then he shall simply die for it.

“Very well.” Saint Ji nodded.

“With that said, that’s how it shall go then,” the clan leader of the Yi clan said in agreement to Saint Ji’s opinion—kill Ye Futian and take Huang Jiuge.

The saints from all other holy lands said nothing, but their eyes were all on Ye Futian and they all had their own agendas.

Many sage stepped out at that moment and sealed the space off completely. Escape was no longer an option for those from the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State.

It was a scene that the people from the Barren State found harrowing and they gathered around Ye Futian, looking at the mighty ones from all over the Nine States in the sky with determined eyes.

They had never expected that there would have been a day where they would make enemies out of everyone else in the Nine States.

All of them were wondering if they would have simply perished that day.

Ye Futian looked up at the people from other holy lands in the sky and he smirked all of a sudden. Becoming enemies of the entire Nine States eh?

The three holy lands of the Endless Ocean, the Yi clan and Saint Ji had all made their stand. It was apparent that they deemed Ye Futian little more than a dead man by then, having no qualms of offending him.

The Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State has had to deal with the Xihua Sacred Mountain, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Zhisheng Cliffs, and now more were added to the list of their enemies.

Such was the temptation of Renhuang’s lineage. If Xia Qingyuan had not relinquished, no one would have dared to fight against her. Lineages might have been important, but their lives more so. But since Xia Qingyuan had given up on it, they saw it fit to fight instead.

Treasures had ways of messing with the minds of people, and the saints were no exceptions.

“Students of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, fight alongside me,” Ye Futian said. His voice sounded calm yet very solemn.

All of those from the Holy Zhi Palace stood behind him without making a sound. It was a sight that impressed many. The unity of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State was fearsome like no other. They knew they would have died fighting and they still chose to fight.

In the perspective of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, they saw no other choice but to fight at the moment.

While their actions were commendable, the others at the other side deemed that they must die nonetheless. The others from holy lands all over the Nine States did not sympathize with them just because they were commendable.

The spectators of the battles from Zhongzhou City from afar were thoroughly impressed. So that’s how determined the Holy Zhi Palace, the holy land of our Barren State truly is then.

Since the day the young man took charge of the Holy Zhi Palace, that holy land of the Barren State became firm and unyielding, so much so that they were willing to take on the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and massacred the Zhisheng Cliffs.

Even at the moment when they came to make enemies out of the Nine States, they did not flinch.

Some of the top forces like the Ximen clan looked from afar and feared that the battle might have simply brought an end to the Barren State.

“That kid has to go this far…” Saint Xia cursed beneath his breath. So he’s going to do it even though he knows that he stands no chance then?

While Ye Futian had went all the way up to the Ninth Layer of Heaven, but things at present were far more dire than it had been at the Ninth Layer of Heaven. That b**tard sure doesn’t know where he stands.

However, the unyielding determination displayed impressed him nonetheless. The young is truly fearsome.

Jiang Yuechan came to the side of the Glass Saint in another corner. It was an ending that she had never expected would have happened.

If Ye Futian were to perish there, it would have been the end of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple.

“Madam, why is he able to get the lineage?” Jiang Yuechan asked the Glass Saint telepathically, feeling rather vexed.

The Glass Saint looked at Ye Futian and felt complicated. Would Ye Futian be able to kill his way out of this?

“He defeated Xia Qingyuan.” The Glass Saint continued to reply Jiang Yuechan telepathically, “If it hadn’t been for the fact that he had just made enemies out of the entire Nine States, no one would have been able to stop him from leaving.”

Jiang Yuechan shuddered. Is Ye Futian really that powerful?

If such a person were to become a saint, he would have struck fear into the minds of the Zhou Sacred King and Saint Xihua.

Jiang Yuechan’s eyes flashed with determination.

There was still hope for miracles.

It made sense that they chose to stand their ground and fight.

Jiang Yuechan stepped out looking determined.

“Yuechan,” the Glass Saint called as she saw the girl walking out.

“Madam, saints are forbidden from fighting. There is still a chance.” Jiang Yuechan continued to step forward and said to the Moon Saint telepathically, “Saint Yue, I’m the one who killed the people of Yue clan.”

The Moon Saint was unable to help but look down at Jiang Yuechan, but there was hardly any surprise found in his eyes. The Glass Saint fell out with the Zhou Sacred King right after they entered the imperial mausoleum. He came to realize that something was going on. As such, he did not interfere when Saint Xihua and the Zhou Sacred King allied themselves against the Glass Saint.

He felt rather peculiar as to why Jiang Yuechan owned up to that.

“Do you know why the princess had been able to let Huang Jiuge take the lineage right before the princess, Senior Moon Saint?” Jang Yuechan continued to speak to him telepathically. The Moon Saint felt peculiar as well. Having two saints and Xia Qingyuan around meant that Ye Futian’s chance of getting it being the smallest.

Yet, the lineage of Renhuang was taken by Huang Jiuge nonetheless.

“Ye Futian had defeated the princess.” Jiang Yuechan continued telepathically, “Not only that, it was thanks to Ye Futian taking on the Sky Stairwell that Ye Wuchen had been able to come back alive. He tore through the entire Jiutian Temple at the Upper Worlds and made short work of the geniuses up there, taking back Ye Wuchen alive. Didn’t you find it odd that Saint Xia, the princess and those from the Upper Worlds were treating Ye Futian in a rather peculiar manner.

The Moon Saint’s eyes became pointed. Jiang Yuechan’s words were able to make sense of many things and everything seemed clear by then.

Saint Xia seemed to have been helping Ye Futian one way or another inconspicuously.

The princess’ attitude towards Ye Futian seemed rather peculiar as well, claiming that there was nothing Ye Futian dared not do.

“The Yue clan had wanted to form a marriage alliance with Ye Futian almost exclusively due to his potential. With the Barren State facing enemies from all side from the Nine States at present, if the Yue clan is able to provide assistance, it would be a far better option than a marriage alliance.” Jiang Yuechan continued, “Further, despite things looking grim for the Barren State at the moment, it is clear that Saint Xia admired Ye Futian immensely and Saint Li of the Nine State College had some relations with him as well. Ye Futian had visited the college several times and had a rather peculiar relationship with Saint Jiang. Furthermore, the lord of the Vajra Region taught Yu Sheng personally as well. If you’re to making your stand here, Senior Moon Saint, and the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple backing him up, things would actually look less severe than they seem at the moment. I believe many holy lands are simply sitting on the fence at the moment.”

“What has all of that have to do with you then?” The Moon Saint finally spoke and replied coldly. Since Jiang Yuechan had killed people from the Yue clan, there was hardly any way he would have left her alive.

“I’ve been staying at Zhongzhou City after Zhisheng Cliffs was wiped out. The assassination attempt was something that I’ve planned and it had nothing to do with the Glass Saint. You should be able to realize that I was unable to wait for the Glass Saint’s orders given how things were moving so fast, and I did not expect mighty ones from the Yue clan would have visited the Holy Zhi Palace. As such, there is no need for you to be angry at the Glass Saint. She would stand alongside you and the side of the Holy Zhi Palace, as that is the trend of things at present.”

Jiang Yuechan continued to spoke to the Moon Saint telepathically when she reached the side where Ye Futian and the others stood. Shen then said, “That is all that I’ve to say and I believe you’d have your thoughts about it all, senior. Ye Futian might die here today, but if he were to survive today, it would have been anyone’s guess, how far someone who had been willing to relinquish his right to fight for Renhuang’s lineage and defeated Xia Qingyuan, who was thought to be more talent than Emperor Xia, would be able to go. I dare not think and I probably wouldn’t get to see it anyway.”

“I’m willing to offer my life for make up for the deaths of the Yue clan’s people. I would not be walking out of here alive. The truth of that assassination shall never be known. The world shall remember that when Ye Futian of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State made enemies out of the Nine States, you, the Moon Saint, stood by him through thick and thin. As for me, Jiang Yuechan, is a nobody and no one would have even remembered my death. I do not have the luxury of being remembered anyway.”

After Jiang Yuechan was done with her telepathic conversation, she turned her eyes at all in the air and said with a brimming voice, “The lineage has found its master and there is no need to fight any further for it. You’re all saints of the Nine States nonetheless and it is rather despicable seeing how you bully the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State. I’ve long admired Palace Lord Ye’s bearing, and I shall stand by the Holy Zhi Palace.

The mighty ones in the air looked at Jiang Yuechan with peculiar eyes, finding it baffling that Jiang Yuechan was walking to her death just like that.

But then again, they deemed such an incident unworthy of further thought. Since she had a death wish, then they shall oblige her!