The Legend Of Futian Chapter 963

Chapter 963 No One But Saints Remaining

Chapter 963: No One but Saints Remaining
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Ye Futian, who was about to do battle, looked at her feeling rather surprised.

Jiang Yuechan admires me?

Both of them hardly talked to each other and he was not arrogant enough, to think that a beautiful woman who was ranked on the Sage Ranking would have loved him so much, that she was willing to die for him. That would have sounded too far-fetched.

Furthermore, he knew that Jiang Yuechan had her reasons for killing the ones from the Yue clan, and she had probably been doing it for the Glass Saint.

He was able to sense the air of a martyr from Jiang Yuechan.

He and the people of the Yue clan had investigated the deaths of those mighty ones from the Yue clan, sensing a sliver of aura left behind. The Yue clan probably was able to see something from how the Glass Saint had turned on the Zhou Sacred King after entering the imperial mausoleum.

If things were indeed like that, Jiang Yuechan was indeed having a death wish.

None of those in the air paid any heed to Jiang Yuechan’s words. Her status as one ranked in the Sage Ranking remained unimportant in front of the saints. Furthermore, what was at hand involved acquiring the lineage of Renhuang, and they would have cared nothing about Jiang Yuechan’s wish.

Ji Ya walked out first before everyone else and took a cold at Jiang Yuechan below. “Nothing wrong with adding one more to the list.”

Yu Sheng of the Holy Zhi Palace had driven a wedge in his plans using the power of demonization, and Ji Mo was killed right before his eyes. He was determined to not let a single one from the Holy Zhi Palace leave the place alive. If Jiang Yuechan wanted to fight alongside the Holy Zhi Palace, then she shall simply die together with them.

“Yuechan, get back here,” the Glass Saint said coldly. She knew without a doubt that everything Jiang Yuechan had been doing was for her sake. They had been supporting each other while shouldering the vengeance of their clan being obliterated and came all the way to where they were at present. While Jiang Yuechan’s talents were not exceptional, but she had nonetheless made it all the way to become a mighty one ranked on the Sage Ranking with indomitable belief and will.

There was no way the Glass Saint would have simply let Jiang Yuechan send herself to death’s door like that.

“Madam, I apologize for being unable to take your orders this once.” Jiang Yuechan replied the Glass Saint telepathically, “If Ye Futian is able to leave this place alive today, you can further the relations with Ye Futian. Please take good care of yourself after I’m gone. I shall serve you again in the next life.

She took a look at the Moon Saint’s direction after she was done talking and took one step towards him.

She knew that she had to die one way or another. A life for a life. She owned up to her actions and knew that day would have came when she acted against those mighty ones from the Yue clan. However, she had no regrets. The truth paled in comparison to getting the Yue clan to side with Ye Futian.

No one would have cared about the truth when she died.

Ye Futian did not get in Jiang Yuechan’s way. It was her own choice. Her fate was sealed when she decided to assassinate the Yue clan’s people. Even if there was not such a scuffle taking place at present, there was no way the mighty ones of the Yue clan would have spared her.

“Kill her,” Saint Ji said plainly without any sign of emotion. Seeing how Jiang Yuechan continued walking, several mighty ones ranked on the Sage Ranking made their move.

Kong Yao of Zhisheng Cliffs moved. His divine elephant brought immense pressure to their surroundings. Jiang Yuechan shuddered, but remained staying in the air and continued moving.

Zhong Kui of the Xihua Sacred Mountain walked. Sounds of the bell rang in their surroundings and Jiang Yuechan’s speed slowed. Li Daoqiu extended his arm and grabbed at the air, seemingly about to freeze the space. Jiang Yuechan’s speed got increasingly slow.

Two beams of light flashed. Ji Ya and Ji Mu of the Hall of Holy Light acted at the same time. The swords of holy light flashed in their hands and they drew a dazzling arc. Jiang Yuechan’s body was pierced and blinding light emerged from her body. She was torn to blinding shreds at the very next moment, reduced to nothing right there and then.

Five mighty ones ranked on the Sage Ranking attacked her at the same time and one of them had been Ji Ya, ranked second, and Kong Yao, ranked ninth. There was simply no way Jiang Yuechan would have been able to stand against such attacks. Furthermore, she had a death wish to begin with and never intended to come out alive.

Many throughout the Nine States had no idea why Jiang Yuechan wanted to die, but the Glass Saint was not one of them.

A streak of tears rolled from her eyes, a sight that would have broken the hearts of many. While she was trained in the ways of cutting off emotions, there was no way she would have been able to rid herself of all emotions nonetheless. The woman who had been following her and calling her madam since young left her for good right there and then, and that woman died for her.

She recalled her younger days when a servant girl stood behind her and helped her with makeup, looking at the mirror saying, “Madam, your looks is such that even I as a girl would have fallen for you. I wonder who would be the lucky man to become your husband. He would definitely be the happiest man in the world.”

Jiang Yuechan was unable to see that day realized. She only saw her master being betrayed and sold out by the man who was to be her master’s husband. Her clan obliterated and she lived a hard life ever since. The Glass Saint put all her time and effort into her training in order to avenge her clan’s destruction, and Jiang Yuechan herself became a mighty one ranked on the Sage Ranking.

Beautiful women were doom-bringers, and she was indeed a doom-bringer. Her clan was killed because of her and she ended her fiance’s family personally. She had even brought doom to her teacher and at present, to Yuechan.

It was something that would have probably ended only when she died.

However, it was not her time to die yet, because Zhou Zhiming still lived.

Despite telling Yuechan to return to her, but she knew without doubt that there was no way Yuechan would have been able to come out of this alive. As such, she never tried to earnestly get in the Jiang Yuechan’s way, making a pathetic and selfish woman.

She did not wipe her tears and whatever tears she shed quickly dried. She did not shed any further tears and simply looked at Ji Ya, Kong Yao, Zhong Kui and the others. Those people were backed by Saint Ji, Saint Zhi and Saint Xihua.

At present, she seemed to have cared for more than just taking her revenge against Zhou Zhiming.

Ye Futian took a look at the Glass Saint’s direction and saw the streak of tears at the corner of her eyes, looking deplorable yet beautiful. The Glass Saint seemed to look even more despaired than when she was bullied, a despair that was utterly silent.

She probably knew that there was no way she would have been able to keep Yuechan alive.

He sighed deep down and her resentment towards both the Glass Saint and Jiang Yuechan reduced somewhat. Every single person had something they treasure more than anything else. While Jiang Yuechan’s methods were rather despicable, she nonetheless ended up atoning with her life.

He was able to relate to how the Glass Saint was feeling at the moment. The current predicament with the Holy Zhi Palace looked just as despair-inducing.

They have just made enemies with the Nine States and their chance of emerging in one piece was slim.

However, all who stood by him were willing to fight to the death by his side. They, like Jiang Yuechan, had their own beliefs which they had to see through.

He would have never let himself ended up like the Glass Saint, who had been unable to protect her own.

It was fine to make enemies out of the Nine States. If the people of the Nine States were out to take the lives of the students of the Holy Zhi Palace, then he shall slaughter his enemies until a river of blood flowed.

Ye Futian gradually took to the air.

Countless eyes were fixed on Ye Futian at that moment, seemingly having forgotten about Jiang Yuechan’s death.

Jiang Yuechan remained insignificant. While she was a mighty one ranked on the Sage Ranking, but that status meant nothing in the predicament they found themselves in. How she died and her reason of death were things that no one cared about.

Everyone cared only about one thing at the moment—who shall be the one to take Renhuang’s lineage.

Many mighty ones from holy lands made a move as they saw Ye Futian rose to the air. Ji Ya held the sword of holy light in his hand as he reeked murderous intent.

Kong Yao stood in the air like a god, looking down at Ye Futian.

The two top mighty ones on the Sage Ranking from Xihua Sacred Mountain were incredibly cold, and their killing intent just as strong.

Zhou Huang and Zhou Mian of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty moved. A will of heat spread throughout their surroundings as they launched themselves at Ye Futian.

Mighty ones ranked on the Sage Ranking from the three holy lands from the Endless Ocean made a move, locking down the space.

Mighty ones from the Yi clan moved as they carried bows and arrows in their hands, pointed at Ye Futian and emanating killing light.

The actions taken by all those mighty ones alone were more than enough to end the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State right there and then.

With everyone in the Nine States becoming enemies, it was a luxury for anyone below Saint Plane hoping to emerge out of it all alive.

Tremendous pressure was cast on Ye Futian and a terrifying gale whipped out. Someone dressed in white garb billowed and the air became filled with murderous intent.

The people of the Holy Zhi Palace behind Ye Futian mobilized and every single one of them unleashed their own powers, ready to fight to the death.

The air was silent, save for the cold wind blowing. It was a stifling scene.

Many from the Zhongzhou City far away had their eyes locked onto the battlefield, while sighing deep down.

Is the Holy Zhi Palace really going to perish at last on this day?

If Ye Futian were to perish, the Holy Zhi Palace was no longer the Holy Zhi Palace even if the organization and place were to remain intact.

“The one to kill me shall acquire the lineage?”

Ye Futian lifted his head and scanned the mighty ones in the air. He stepped out and faced the mighty ones from the Nine States alone.

He extended his hand and dazzling light emerged. A ritual implement appeared on Ye Futian’s palm.

It was a halberd, shining with a golden glimmer that made it seem like it was made of pure gold, emanating brilliant sparkle. Terrifying power of space ebbed on the weapon; it was the might of the saints.

It became clear that the weapon he held was a divine implement.

Many from the holy lands did not catch on. It was hardly surprising that Ye Futian came to possess a divine implement. However, the saints from the three holy lands at the Endless Ocean froze at the sight of the weapon, locking their gaze on the halberd and nothing else.

The Ocean Saint, Palace Lord of the Ocean Palace stepped forward with wide-opened eyes and said coldly, “The Halberd of Space and Time.”

The saints from all over the Nine States wore peculiar looks. Is that really the weapon that ranked third on the Divine Implements Ranking—the Halberd of Space and Time, Nothingness?

Saints from the Endless Ocean claimed not long ago that the lost ruins were broken and the Halberd of Space and Time disappeared. The one who had taken the weapon was Jiuying, a divine beast.

Yet at present, the weapon appeared in Ye Futian’s hand.

The saints of the North Deep and the Celestial Cliffs wore similarly cold expressions as they glared at Ye Futian.

“So this is to say that you’re the one who killed the people of the three major holy lands of the Ocean State, and the one who took the Halberd of Space and Time that belonged to the Ocean Palace then,” the Ocean Saint said as power of the saints emanated from him.

Ye Futian held his right hand up and pointed at the Ocean Saint, “Lineages of ruins shall belong to those who are able to take it. I believe those are your words. Have you forgotten them already?”

It hardly mattered if he had killed the people from the three holy lands, and him taking out the Halberd of Space and Time was just as irrelevant.

If the Nine States were to become his enemies, then so be it.

“Brilliant,” Saint Ji said. He did not expect to not only find the Renhuang lineage on that day, but also the Halberd of Space and Time, Nothingness, which was ranked third on the Divine Implements Ranking, appeared as well. Things turned out to be very nice.

The two divine implements ranked first and second were probably still in the hands of their masters—the top two on the Saint Ranking. They were nowhere to be found. With the third divine implement appearing and both Saint Xia and Saint Li not fighting over it, then it would have belonged to him.

“Brilliant indeed.” Ye Futian took a look at Saint Ji and said coldly, while pointing the weapon at him, “If there is anyone from any holy land were to kill even a single person from the Holy Zhi Palace, and if I were to emerge alive, I would make sure that said holy land would have no one else remaining but their saints.”