The Legend Of Futian Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Lotus At Every Step

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Upon the Palm of Mahavairocana, great rays of sun bloomed and even overshadowed the light shooting out from the body of the bright god of war. The air seemed to be sucked of its moisture, and the palm that was full of Yang and masculine energy slammed down to crush heaven and earth.

Ji Ya was looking solemn. It was rumored that the battle monks of the Vajra Region were experts of warfare. Now the 108 battle monks had turned into a matrix, everyone’s movements resonating with each other’s exactly the same. Obviously, this was the result of long and arduous practice, so skilled that no common battle matrixes could be compared.

His hand Pinching Sword Techniques made the light even more brazen. The bright sacred sword slashed out as if to break open the void, like a beam of light that was shot through the sky.

An incredibly heavy power descended, and the bright sacred sword and the Palm of Mahavairocana collided, creating terrifying light. Above the Palm of Mahavairocana there was endless golden glory that continued to press down. The bright sacred sword rubbed against the palm print and cracks appeared but did not pulverize it and instead it flew backward.

“Fall.” Monk Tianxin spat it out, the palm slammed down, and suddenly the Buddha on top acted in sync. The Palm of Mahavairocana, with such a force and sudden increased speed, plowed through everything as if they were just bamboo, and instantly fell on the body of the bright god of war. Great roaring sounds came out, and the body of the bright battle matrix exploded. The cultivators who manned the matrix were all shaken off, and many spat out blood.

Ji Ya, who was in the lead, also quickly flew in retreat, the eyes that focused on the battle monks of the Vajra Region full of cold intent of murder.

“Resentment and sorrow are both bitter, allow me to bless you into the Great Beyond, which would be a great contribution to the world.” Monk Tianxin sounded solemn and the Light of Buddha was burning ever more brightly, but Ji Ya’s face was now more hateful. He ranked second on the Sage Ranking. That that was ahead of Monk Tianxin. If it were one-to-one combat, he felt he would not be weaker than the other, but the Buddha’s battle matrix was way too powerful. It was difficult for him to overcome it.

“Bald donkey, you are full of nonsense. The Buddha has already known of your blasphemy, now go to hell.” Ji Ya responded coldly. He extended his hand, and suddenly a sword appeared in his hand. The sword was rather curious, with sharp teeth on its body, frightening to behold. Even more terrifying was that when the sword came out, the power in Ji Ya’s body was swallowed madly by it.

“Saint Ji was determined to want Ye Futian dead.” Further away upon the Holy Sage Pavilion, Saint Li, who was playing chess, whispered.

“Yes, he had handed over the Sword of Judgment to Ji Ya.” Saint Xia nodded. With the talent that Ye Futian had demonstrated in the imperial mausoleum, if he was not dead, the one who would die might be Saint Ji. Ye Futian’s talent was no longer just simply limited to prove the Divine Path.

Saint Ji, ranked fifth among the saints on the Sage and Saint Ranking, had a divine implement, though not of the top three in the Nine States, that was also a most tyrannical Sword of Judgment which ranked eighth on the Nine States Divine Implement Rankings.

The strength of Ji Ya was impossible to control, and the tenacity of the Sword of Judgment was that it could swallow the rules of heaven and earth of its own accord and could cause great repercussions against Ji Ya. His power alone was far from enough.

In the hands of Ye Futian, he wielded the third ranking divine implement, the Halberd of Time and Space, so Saint Ji handed the Sword of Judgment over to Ji Ya, apparently as a counter measure against Ye Futian.

However, he was forced to use it in advance by the 108 battle monks of the Vajra Region.

At this time, Ji Ya’s body shivered slightly, and the power of the endless light rushed into the Sword of Judgment creating a terrible vortex in the space surrounding it. Not just him, but many cultivators of the Hall of Holy Light gathered together and stood behind Ji Ya, their look solemn, even pious, allowing their own power to flow into the Sword of Judgment.

The Sword of Judgment trembled in the void, shooting out endless light as if it could judge all the rules of the Great Path of the world, and the surrounding area already had a terrible intent of destruction.

Seeing this, the Monk Tiaxin was no longer looking so relaxed. Once again, he clasped his hands to his chest, Sanskrit chanting came out from his mouth, and endless symbols surrounded him. The 108 battle monks seemed to be psychically connected to each other, and the power of the Great Path seeped out, and behind the monks and above them, 108 materialized. Chanting the sutra at the same time, they resonated with the heaven and earth with unspeakable prowess.

These Buddha reached their hands downward at the same time, and their palms sheltering the sky and covered the sun.

However, Ji Ya seemed to not have seen it, completely ignoring it.

The tyranny of Sword of Judgment had its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage was that it was extremely difficult to invoke, and it could even consume the power of the holder as its own and cause great harm to the holder. But this disadvantage was also its advantage. For this reason alone, he could borrow the power of the sword and magnify his own, without being limited to his own strength.

Furthermore, there were many cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light who were attacking with him.

The muscles on Ji Ya’s face were faintly distorted, but his eyes were even more indifferent. With him and the Sword of Judgment as the center, a terrible airflow now manifested around them as if the Great Path of heaven and earth was also to be judged.

Countless palm prints slammed towards him, but wherever they impacted the space where the Sword of Judgment was located the palm prints collapsed bit by bit until they were torn and pulverized.

The sword of the judgment chimed and the light that was puffing out from it penetrated the void.

“Go.” Ji Ya’s palm pushed toward the void, and suddenly the Sword of Judgment turned into a light intending to kill, aiming towards the 108 battle monks. Ji Ya’s eyes were filled with rapacious thoughts of slaughter. If these people of Vajra Region were seeking death, he would gladly oblige.

When the Sword of Judgment was unsheathed, the one who died should have been Ye Futian, but now it seemed that these bald donkeys would die in his place first.

The Sword Qi spewed out far and wide, and people who were battling around it were now flying and backed out from the battlefield. The Sword of Judgment ran through the void to get to the monks.

The sound of chanting was now even louder, resonating with the heaven and earth. Monk Tianxin’s lips moving rapidly, and the cassock upon his body swayed without wind and so were the beads hanging about his neck, flying and spinning, bursting with blinding glare.

Along with clear sounds, the string of Buddha’s beads turned into individual beads, which numbered exactly one hundred and eight in total. Each of the beads had an ancient Buddhist symbol carved on it.

One hundred and eight beads quickly hit the Vajra Region that was above the ancient Buddha, and almost at the same time, the Sword of Judgment shot out and hit right on the head of the ancient Buddha. Clearly Ji Ya had no respect for the Buddha, intending to cut off the head of Buddha.

The Great Path seemed to be on the verge of collapse. From the head of the ancient Buddha cracks appeared and creeped downward and seemed to tear and pulverize the Vajra Region. However, the light released from the 108 beads was now integrated into the Vajra Region, so that despite the cracks, it was still unbroken. Even so, the 108 beads rapidly spun and flew above the head of the ancient Buddha of the Vajra Region, blocking the strikes of the Sword of Judgment.

“Chop.” Ji Ya pointed to the Sword of Judgment, his murderous intent rocketed to the sky, wanting to break the Buddhist beads and split open the head of the Buddha.

“Om Mani Padme Hum!”

A string of characters flew out of the Buddhist beads, and suddenly the Light of Buddha became more powerful. The Sword of Judgment collided with the Buddhist beads, and the heavens and the earth were all emblazoned with the Light of Buddha. At the moment, the Sound of Buddha that came out of the mouths of the 108 battle monks of the Vajra Region was the Avalokiteshvara mantra of compassion. The power of the recitation of the 108 battle monks resonated into one.

The sound of continuous collisions was sharp and harsh, and the light of destruction turned into a horrible stream of light, radiating outwards. Ji Ya took a step back, and the Sword of Judgment flew back in front of him and chimed.

“It is no wonder that the Vajra Region Lord dared to let the battle monks come down the mountain. The Vajra Region battle monks are known for their combat power. This Monk Tianxin ranked second on the Sage Ranking. In one-to-on battle, his strength won’t be less than that of Ji Ya. Now even Ji Ya relies on the Sword of Judgment to gain an advantage, it won’t be easy to break through the Vajra Region battle monks.” Saint Li said while still playing chess. Although their eyes were on the chessboard, their hearts were on the battlefield. And it seemed that the battles between the vast worlds were appearing in their minds, and there was no longer any need to look at them with their eyes.

“The Yue Clan launched the offensive from the rear. The cultivators of the Xihua Sacred Mountain were the first to be impacted, and they have had enough. That Liu Zong was indeed the disciple of the three saints, because Saint Xihua really valued him ​​it and allowed him to lead the battle matrix. His strength is indeed strong, but unfortunately, the Nine States already had such talents as Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, which was enough to overshadow all the others of the same generation.”

“Liu Zong’s ambition is not small, otherwise he wouldn not have married Zhou Ziyi, but unfortunately he was born at the wrong time, and it is no wonder that Xihua Sacred Mountain wanted Ye Futian dead.” Saint Xia and Saint Li chatted casually. They knew that with Liu Zong’s qualifications it was unlikely that he had fell deeply in love with Zhou Ziyi. There were still many excellent women in the Nine States.

Since he had taken Zhou Ziyi as wife, it was natural that he had his purpose and that was to leverage the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to serve him.

“This is indeed the best of times. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng aside, look at the disciple of the palace. Gu Dongliu was also someone who had conquered the Jiutian Temple.” Saint Xia continued with the game. At this time, in the battlefield, the cultivators from the Zhuge Family, Gu Dongliu, and Zhuge Mingyue were all fighting together and had now advanced into the crowd. Gu Dongliu, who had already entered the Sage Plane, with a borrowed divine implement, had strength that was actually not much less than that of Zhuge Qingfeng.

“Where are these people from?” Saint Li asked.

“A Cottage in the East Barren Territory, and the cultivator next to Ye Futian holding the demonic blade is also from there. The fat guy in the crowd who summoned the Tree of Emperor using the matrix, and the cultivator who use the books as his life spirit, they were all from there.” Saint Xia apparently had investigated Ye Futian’s past.

Among the crowds, Yi Xiaoshi had already taken charge of a battle matrix. Even though his own cultivation was not enough, this Sorcerer’s battle matrix was led by him and had lent its spiritual power to him, and the Godly Creation of All Things had called out an incomparable giant spirit of the Emperor tree, possessing extremely strong ability of control.

Xue Ye and Luo Fan were at the same place as You Chi and the cultivators of the Alchemy City. Around Xue Ye, endless pages of books fluttered and turned into sorcery attacks.

In the other direction, although the cultivators of the Sword Palace did not have Sword Demon with them, Ye Wuchen, Xu Que, and the others were able to stand on their own. Along with several top swordsmen assisting, they had also formed a nine-man sword matrix led by Ye Wuchen. The sword that contained the Sword Will of Renhuang would taste blood each time it lashed out. Although it was not on par with Qin Zhuang’s, it was still very strong.

Outside the battlefield, a pure and innocent figure stepped forward, and there was not a touch of dust upon this person, just like a fairy out of this world. Every step that was taken, there were pure and innocent lotuses appearing. There were indeed lotuses at every step!