The Legend Of Futian Chapter 978

Chapter 978

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The poison cloud spread over the battlefield with Xu Chehan at its center. It killed everything it came across. Bodies were piled up on the ground. More than a hundred cultivators had died at his hands. Among them were many Sage level cultivators. This type of large-scale poison sorcery attack was truly terrible.

Of course, not many of those who were skilled at poison sorcery were good at defense, but Xu Chehan was. His body was incredibly strong, so much so that other people’s rule spells could not kill him. Moreover, at this moment, he could be said to be completely poisonous. No one dared get near him. That was why he could not grab Little Butterfly and break out of there. Otherwise, the poison bursting from him was enough to cut a bloody road through his enemies, and none of them could stop him.

But he couldn’t leave, he could only stay and protect Little Butterfly. His face grew darker and darker as his handsome features grew horrible. His arms were turning black as well. This terrible poison sorcery was turning against him.

“Brother.” Tears streamed down Little Butterfly’s face continuously as the little details of her and her sworn brother’s life together flashed through her mind. She naturally understood his inner nature and knew that although others called him Great Teacher Xu, he was still very hard on himself. Once the situation involved her, he would always do the most important thing and stand before her to protect her. Just like now, as he stood before her in the air. Poison filled the air, but in her eyes, his figure was majestic, almost divine.

“He can’t hold out for much longer,” came a voice from the sky. He had killed so many cultivators from the North Deep that as far as they were concerned, they wanted to kill him despite the fact that he was Saint Jiang’s disciple. Terrible rule spells continued to descend upon him.

Xu Chehan reached up and the poisonous mist reached out from him like a tentacle. It instantly turned into a terrible dark shadow that wrapped around his opponents. In a flash, there were more blackened corpses. Xu Chehan still stood there, weathering their attacks.

Ye Futian was still rushing towards them, cutting a bloody road through his enemies. Yun Shang, Qin Zhuang, and the others had been intercepted by the cultivators from the Endless Sea, so Ye Futian was charging forward alone. He was coming extremely quickly, and his clothes were soaked in blood.

Ao Feng watched him as he came. Ye Futian had been so strong at the Imperial Mausoleum. As one of the top 20 on the Sage Ranking, Ao Feng wanted to try him and see what level Ye Futian had reached. A trident appeared in his hands that seemed to have waves rolling over it. He thrust it forward and the air rushed past it with a sound like the ocean. Divine power spread out from the trident. It was clearly a divine implement.

He looked ahead and saw Ye Futian rushing towards him. He stepped forward and the air trembled. An invisible power rushed out like a slap in the face. It was like thousands of huge waves were rolling over Ye Futian, slowing him down. He looked at Ao Feng and realized that he was facing a truly fearsome opponent.

However, at the moment that he slowed down, Ye Futian stepped forward and a terrible storm wrapped around him, tearing through the air. It rushed forward and tore through the ocean wind. He rushed forward and stabbed out with the Halberd of Time and Space, making it collide with the silver trident.

Time and space seemed to freeze as the halberd pressed forward with an indomitable will. Space and time were torn, and everything was about to be destroyed. But the silver trident had boundless power, and thousands of waves swept out. Its majestic power made Ye Futian tremble, as if his body were being beaten over and over again. Even the starry defense light curtain was broken.

His rushed attack gave him a temporary advantage, but even so, Ao Feng felt a strong sense of danger. He was thrown backward at the instant of collision, and the space where he had stood was no exploding and tearing. Ye Futian rushed past him, not getting entangled with him.

Ao Feng looked back at him angrily. At that moment he felt like he couldn’t move. A deadly attack had descended and time and space froze. This was enough to make him feel desperate. He did not want to feel like that again. Several figures rushed by him. Ye Futian broke through rows of enemies and finally reached Xu Chehan’s side, entering into the poison mist.

A line of dark mist wrapped around him and seemed to enter him. At this moment Ye Futian could feel his breathing stop. He looked back and said, “Don’t come any closer.” He then continued on toward Xu Chehan.

Xu Chehan looked at Ye Futian with his dark eyes. His entire body had turned black, and it seemed that he could die at any moment. On seeing his condition, Ye Futian said, “You should cut off the poison and take a rest.”

Xu Chehan shook his head and said, “I can’t. Take care of Little Butterfly for me.” On saying this, he fell out of the sky and the poison mist spread uncontrollably from him in all directions. But it was not as powerful as before. Yu Sheng, Hua Jieyu, and the others who had dared to come this far were still following Ye Futian.

“Brother!” Little Butterfly caught Xu Chehan’s body as tears fell. Xu Chehan looked at her and smiled. It was a tragic scene. “Little Butterfly, when I’m not here anymore, the master will have to take care of you.”

“That won’t happen.” Little Butterfly shook her head.

Xu Chehan looked at her, and then looked up at Ye Futian who was protecting them up in the sky. He whispered, “If you really love him, Little Butterfly, then let him give you a good status.”

“You idiot,” scolded Ye Futian. As he said this, he reached into the air and the attacking cultivators were imprisoned by stars. He thrust out his right hand and a beam of light pierced the sky, destroying the starry prisons and making it so that the ones rushing towards them did not dare come closer.

“Protect them both,” said Ye Futian to Yu Sheng and the other three. They all nodded. They divided themselves up to protect Little Butterfly and Xu Chehan.

More cultivators were coming. In addition to the ones from the North Deep who had come to deal with Xu Chehan, all the cultivators from the Endless Sea came. Ye Futian and Huang Jiuge were there, so that’s where the Halberd of Time and Space and Renhuang’s inheritance were.

Ye Futian’s face grew ugly as he looked at them gathering together densely. He was strong, but if they restricted his movements he would be in trouble. It was just like it had been for Xu Chehan. No matter how strong you were, you could not endure limitless attacks by yourself. Violent attacks rained down, and Ye Futian stepped forward, guarding the air where he was. He truly became a chokepoint for the enemies.

When he heard Ye Futian’s words, Xu Chehan looked angrily at him, but when he saw what was happening, the anger in his eyes disappeared. As he watched him standing resolutely there in the air he felt a warmth that he had not felt in a long time.

Maybe that guy’s poison came only from his mouth.

“Brother, you can’t be hurt.” Little Butterfly looked at him and shook her head.

“Little Butterfly, the poison pellet contained the poison that I had cultivated over dozens of years. Now that is has been released it cannot return.” His voice seemed so weak. The poison sorcery had damaged his organs and every part of his body.

“I have a medicine pellet.” Little Butterfly smiled brightly through her tears. Then she lowered her head and kissed Xu Chehan on the lips. He looked stunned as if he had forgotten how to think. As he felt those tender red lips kissing him, he felt a powerful medicinal force enter his body.

Their eyes were as close to each other as could be. Xu Chehan shook his head, wanting to stop Little Butterfly. He had a moment of fear. Doing this might kill her. But Little Butterfly held onto him, closed her eyes, and a black line appeared on her face. However, a sacred radiance shone from her body. Tears flowed from Xu Chehan’s eyes. At this moment, he could die without regret. He suddenly understood why Ye Futian had looked at him like that and said those cruel words to him. He had probably already seen what would happen.

That d*mn guy. But at this moment, Xu Chehan could not hate him.

Two pellets seemed to be suspended between their bodies, one black and one white. One was poison, and one was medicine. But now the two intersected, and black and white merged. Blackness flowed across Little Butterfly as the blackness on Xu Chehan’s body decreased. His skin turned white again as his body’s vitality was restored.

The sound of a terrible collision came from the sky. It was the battle that Ye Futian was fighting. But Xu Chehan seemed not to feel it.

Up in the air, a powerful figure stepped forward. Saint North Deep swept his gaze over the one who had come with an ugly look on his face. It was Saint Jiang.

“North Deep, I wish to take away my disciples. Do you have any objections?” said Saint Jiang.

“Look at all the corpses down there, Saint Jiang,” said Saint North Deep.

Sain Jiang seemed not to hear him. He said, “I hereby announce that I am entering the Sacred War. If the three holy lands of the Endless Sea will let me through, then I will not target them. Otherwise…”

Saint North Deep’s face grew hard. As number 12 on the Saints Ranking, this man who had once been a master of poisons was still quite powerful.

“Ocean King Palace will let you through,” said Ocean Saint. Since the two people down there were leaving the battle, they had no need to make an enemy of Saint Jiang.

The Celestial Cliffs were the same and said that they would let him through. Only Saint North Deep’s face remained firm. Most of the people that Xu Chehan had just killed had been his, including one of his sons. In his heart, he cursed the unruly b*stard. But Saint Jiang’s calm words had been so forceful. “If you don’t let me through, I will threaten the Saints of the Endless Sea. Do you dare to try and stop me?”

Emperor Xia had said that anyone in the Nine States could freely launch a Sacred War. They did not need to notify him, and they did not need a reason.

“I’ll let you through,” said Saint North Deep with his face held hard. Saint Jiang would firmly fight him if it came to blows, even at great cost to himself.

The cultivators in the air made a path, and Xu Chehan and Little Butterfly separated themselves. Xu Chehan was already much better as he looked up at Saint Jiang.

“Master!” both of them called.

Saint Jiang’s gaze fell upon Xu Chehan, and he said, “Chehan, from now on you will study the way of medicine.” Xu Chehan looked like he had been struck by lightning. He knelt there for a while, then finally reacted. He bowed down and touched his head to the ground, and the sound of sobbing could be heard.

“Thank you, master.” When he looked up, his face was covered in tears. How could he not understand his master’s good intentions towards him now? His master had always cared for him. He let go of all the darkness he had accumulated over the years. His heart was clear, and his emotions had been released.

Xu Chehan was the great disciple of Saint Jiang!