The Legend Of Futian Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Saint Jiangs Wish

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Saint Jiang brought Little Butterfly and Xu Chehan to Holy Sage Pavilion, and no one dared to stand in his way. After all, he only had two disciples, and he was not a target for the six great holy lands, and so there was no need to anger him by killing Little Butterfly and Xu Chehan. After all, out of all of them, only Saint Ji was higher up on the Saint Ranking.

The three of them reached Holy Sage Pavilion, and Saint Jiang personally saw to his disciples’ wounds. He also integrated their powers together. Little Butterfly had practiced medicine and she was very fragile, while the poison all throughout Xu Chehan’s body had made him too forceful. Integrating their powers had benefits for both of them, and in the future, they would both be able to practice both kinds of power. This in and of itself was his expectations for his disciples.

Saint Xia and Saint Li looked at Saint Jiang. Saint Li said, “Saint Jiang, you’re too harsh on your disciples.” Xu Chehan was like a young Saint Jiang, and he knew that Saint Jiang saw him this way. So he didn’t really want him to die.

“There is no making without breaking,” responded Saint Jiang. He was the one who understood Xu Chehan best in the world. There had always been something lacking in him due to his harsh life. If he did not have a great awakening, then even with all his talent he would never set foot on the Divine Path. And so he had put pressure on Xu Chehan for all these years to try and have him make a breakthrough.

“Hmph.” Saint Li snorted with displeasure. “You can’t have done this just to test one person.” Was the test for Xu Chehan not also a test for Ye Futian?

Saint Jiang did not answer. Li Sheng looked out at Ye Futian as he fought and said, “If the palace can avoid this disaster, are you planning on cultivating in the Barren State in the future?” He had sent his disciples to fight in the Sacred War and had himself announced that he would join. Saint Li definitely understood Saint Jiang’s intentions. Moreover, he knew Saint Jiang’s wishes better than anyone. Saint Jiang knew where Saint Li’s resentment was coming from. He had lived at Nine States College for so many years and yet had never done anything for them.

“I am like a drifting cloud or a wild crane. I seek to cultivate everywhere. I apologize for having imposed on you these past few years.” Saint Jiang looked up into the sky, then whispered, “Moreover, you know what it is that I want.”

“Has he succeeded?” asked Saint Li, clearly talking about Ye Futian. He had previously said that bringing Saint Jiang to Nine States College was actually to Ye Futian’s benefit.

“Very nearly. And he is only a lower level Sage. If he continues to improve, then there’s no doubt he will. In fact, even without me, he would doubtlessly become a Saint. But this is at least a start. From now on I will put all that I have into this,” whispered Saint Jiang.

“You wish that all the cultivators of the world would not be hampered by the divine catastrophe. The Great Path has no place for sentiments. That is against the rules of the Great Path,” whispered Saint Li. He sighed, “This is easy enough to say, but it will take a long time.”

“If I do not live long enough, there are always Chehan and Little Butterfly.” Saint Jiang looked off into the sky with a resolute look on his face. There was a magnificent figure there.

The person who he loved the most had died due to the Great Path catastrophe. He did not want Little Butterfly to repeat the same mistake. In fact, he did not want anyone in the world to do so and experience the same despair that he had. This was the reason that he had agreed to help Douzhan avoid the Great Path catastrophe when Ye Futian had brought him to him all those years ago. He had proposed conditions for Ye Futian to undergo the medical trial. It was only one test, but he had never thought that Ye Futian would become as legendary as he was now.

Saint Li said nothing. He looked out at Ye Futian. If Ye Futian did not die in the battle, then the Holy Zhi Palace would become the foremost holy land in the Nine States. Sometimes war could truly change many things: minds, beliefs, and even the moment of enlightenment between life and death. Of course, most of what war brought was just death.

After Xu Chehan and Little Butterfly had left the battlefield, Ye Futian and his companions had become the new targets for the three great holy lands of the Endless Sea, especially the North Deep. Their armies pressed in and their commanders ordered all their forces to attack Ye Futian. It seemed that they were venting all their rage on him. Battle matrices filled the sky and surrounded Ye Futian and his companions, even sealing themselves in. Such determination was strong indeed.

On the other side of the battlefield, the one who had slaughtered the most cultivators from the Holy Zhi Palace was not Ji Ya. He had been pinned down by cultivators from the Vajra Region. Nor was it one of the top figures from Xihua Sacred Mountain. Most of their Sages had died at Ye Futian’s hand. Nor was it someone from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Zhou Ming was leading the Golden Phoenix Army and Yuan Hong commanded the Heavenly Battle Matrix.

Instead, it was Liu Zong. Most of the cultivators from Xihua Sacred Mountain were fighting the Yue clan, but Liu Zong lead a team of elite cultivators to intercept Ye Futian’s men. Liu Zong was skilled at forming matrices, and the men behind him were in position. They looked like an ancient tree. Their power flowed and descended upon him. Liu Zong waved his hand, and it was like a willow branch slashing down. It seemed to have no strength, but it was the sharpest weapon in the world. It cut through several cultivators in front of him.

“Liu Zong!” came a furious voice. He looked and saw a line of cultivators in formation rushing towards him. One of them was his old acquaintance—the disciple of Chess Saint Villa Yang Xiao.

“The celestial dragon matrix?” Liu Zong looked over the matrix that Yang Xiao led with interest. His eyes gleamed with the desire to wreak havoc.

“You’re all old men from Chess Saint Villa. When I cracked the celestial dragon matrix, I was invited to meet with Chess Saint, and you all followed by my side. Now you want to kill me?” asked Liu Zong mockingly.

“If Li Kaishan had not deliberately let you, you would not have been the one to enter the villa.” Every time Yang Xiao thought of this it hurt him so much that he no longer desired to live. If it had not been for Li Kaishan’s betrayal, only Ye Futian would have seen the master. And given Ye Futian’s character, would everything not be different? Moreover, Ye Futian had the ability to bring the master to Nether Sword Mound. His wife and his sworn brothers would not have died.

“Is that so?” Liu Zong’s look became cold. “In that case, why don’t you see if I can break the matrix now!” He had been so strong back then, how much stronger must he be now! What was more, those who followed him today were comparable to those who had followed him then. This time he did not need to study how to break the matrix, he just had to force his way through and kill all of them.

Two powerful auras rose up from this area of the battlefield. The two matrices were extremely strong. A huge golden dragon appeared with Yang Xiao at its center, and its eyes were full of majesty. The matrix that Liu Zong had formed looked like an ancient tree. Each of the cultivators hung there like a branch or a leaf. Crashing sounds rang out as endless vines covered the sky.

The dragon roared and slashed out with its claws. Its five claws were like hooks. They were so sharp they seemed to be able to tear through space itself as they rushed towards Liu Zong. Numerous vines swept out from the ancient tree and wrapped around the claws, but the claws tore right through them. However, the vines were endless and they wrapped around the claws, slowing them down.

“Yang Xiao, all the Sage Ranking cultivators of your generation should stand down.” Liu Zong’s voice was cold. As he spoke, numerous crashing sounds came from the leaves and branches, and then there was a flash of radiance as they shot out towards the oncoming claws. Each branch and leaf seemed invincible. They all contained the rule power of the Great Path, and they tore through the dragon’s claws little by little.

The cultivators of the younger generation had all grown up by now, and many of them were Sages. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Gu Dongliu, Xu Chehan, Lin Shubai, and others. Many of the higher level Sages had been killed by Ye Futian, and so Liu Zong’s words were not wrong.

Just as waves rose and fell, the Sage Ranking would have great changes. Many people would stand down and never reach the Sage level. And then they would be replaced. This was the cruelty of the world of cultivators. If you did not advance you must step down.

The celestial dragon’s claws were torn, but Yang Xiao did not look disturbed. There was only fury in his eyes as he stared at Liu Zong, and a desire to kill. Golden light shone from the celestial dragon’s abdomen, and a giant sword appeared there—the Celestial Dragon Sword. Dazzling light shone from the sword, and it seemed to be invincible.

Liu Zong glanced at it indifferently, with disdain showing in his eyes. He could bring to bear all the combat power of his battle matrix. With this much power, there were few in the Nine States who could match him. Among them were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Both of them were powerful enemies, and if he didn’t have the matrix they could sweep him aside. But besides them, there were very few people he had to worry about. Even though Yang Xiao was on the Sage Ranking, he was not worthy of Liu Zong’s attention.

“A sword? I can do that too,” Liu Zong said casually. As he spoke, countless images of him appeared on the leaves and branches of the ancient tree. A terrible power swept out, and the leaves and branches turned into swords. In a flash, thousands of sword wills pointed towards the Celestial Dragon Matrix, and there was a faint sound of shrieking Sword Qi.

Liu Zong used the Pinching Sword Technique, and the language of Buddha rang out. Heaven and earth resonated, and the Sword Qi of thousands of swords shrieked. A terrible storm of Sword Qi appeared in front of him. The third disciple of Xihua Sacred Mountain was skilled at many things.

The Celestial Dragon Sword slashed through the air, but a dazzling light appeared in Liu Zong’s eyes. His thousands of swords burst out at the same time, becoming a terrible vortex of Sword Qi. Thousands of sharp swords smashed into the Celestial Dragon Sword, creating an ear-piercing sound.

The Celestial Dragon Sword was worn away bit by bit from tip to blade. In the end, it was completely destroyed. The terrible Sword Qi continued forward, and the dragon roared. Golden light bloomed, protecting that space. The thousands of swords struck the light, making the Celestial Dragon Matrix tremble. Cracks appeared in their defenses.

“You want revenge, Yang Xiao, but you’re not good enough,” Liu Zong said arrogantly. He stepped forward!