The Legend Of Futian Chapter 987

Chapter 987 The Indomitable Nine

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As one among the top ten on the Sage Ranking, no matter if it was by true strength or judgment, Kong Yao was extremely sharp. He had been watching the previous battle. Although Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu had jointly defeated the three battle matrixes of the Endless Ocean, he could see that Hua Jieyu was leaning upon a powerful external force, and Ye Futian himself had expended a great deal of energy and suffered heavy injuries.

Even if he had multiple life spirits, two were destroyed and he just could not believe that Ye Futian was not injured. Even if he was not fatally wounded, he was injured heavily and was hiding it. He had repeatedly erupted with the power of killing and destroyed Ao Feng and the others. But behind this great momentum of eruption, Ye Futian was absolutely in a state of exhaustion. His most powerful attack was released by the burning of his own power, thus destroying the cultivators of the three battle matrixes of the Endless Ocean.

Moreover, although Ye Futian had expended a lot of energy, his injury was not overwhelming. With the strength of him and Hua Jieyu, it was not impossible for them to fight it out and converge with others from the Holy Zhi Palace. There was still no solution to block them.

From the battle inside the imperial mausoleum to today’s great battle, even though they were enemies of life and death, Kong Yao had to admit that within the lands of Nine States, of those under the Saint Plane, no one could suppress Ye Futian, and he had not yet reached the peak of the Sage Plane. If he was allowed to continue to grow, he would only be even more invincible. However, no matter how strong Ye Futian was, he still couldn’t escape his fate today. He would die here.

Kong Yao had felt just how strong these people behind him really were. Maybe in one-on-one combat, Ye Futian could not be suppressed, but with joined forces, they were truly invincible to anyone below the Saint Plane, enough to crush anyone. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu would be no exception. Therefore, they did not participate in the battle, just quietly watching as the three holy lands exhausted Ye Futian’s combat power. Now that the battle matrixes of the three holy lands were completely destroyed, they could finally make their move.

As if detecting something, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu looked up at the same time and saw Kong Yao and the others stepping down from above. There were nine cultivators behind Kong Yao who scattered directly in nine different positions, vaguely in some formation. The ninth position covered the space of the battlefield where Ye Futian was located. Moreover, the same powerful instruments appeared in the hands of these nine powerful cultivators. They were similar to swords but resembled long needles, extremely thin and hard to detect at first glance, like a slender golden thread. What was shocking was that the swords of needle held in these nine powerful cultivators’ hands were filled with holy authority, as if they were all divine implements that were exactly the same.

“Who are they?” Saint Li frowned and asked. Within the Nine States, there didn’t seem to be anyone who used such a weapon. These nine cultivators exuded the air of the top-level Sages. The nine seemed to be one. Though standing in nine different positions, their air was surprisingly similar.

Saint Xia also frowned. Zhisheng Cliffs was recently annihilated by the great army led by Ye Futian, and almost everyone there of the Sage Plane was completely exterminated. Even the leader of the Nine Warriors, Ge Feng, was killed on the spot. Afterward, the only cultivator that mattered was Kong Yao. These cultivators obviously were not from Zhisheng Cliffs, but now they appeared with Kong Yao. Moreover, they had witnessed Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu destroy the cultivators within the three major battle matrixes, yet they were still dared to come forward. What did this mean? Obviously, these people did not harbor good intentions, so he couldn’t help but wonder what or who they were.

“This divine implement seemed to be cast especially for this matrix. The nine divine implements are a set, and these nine people are similar in their air. It is very likely that they are cultivators specially groomed for killing.” Saint Xia furled his brows tightly. He seemed to have smelled something unusual. He had lived a long time and had seen many things and had a great range of knowledge. But in the Lower Worlds of the Nine States, he had never seen anyone with such a grand stance.

“Well.” Saint Li gently nodded, and, of course, he also felt that when such formidable figures such as these nine joined forces, even the divine implements they used were in a set. They were absolutely people to be feared. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu had just destroyed the cultivators of the three great holy lands of the Endless Ocean, and the emergence of nine such strong cultivators was definitely not a good omen. Not just Saint Xia and Saint Li, but many cultivators had sensed the strangeness.

At this time, horrible golden threads fell down from the swords of the needle, madly intertwining in that space, crisscrossing, and turning into straight lines shooting downwards. They did not touch Ye Futian and the others but just landed around their bodies with countless golden lines arranged like a great net, completely locking down this space.

Nine in a matrix! Everyone looked at this scene with great shock. Jiang Sheng, who had been treating Xu Chehan and Little Butterfly, also stood up and stared at that space. He had a bad feeling.

“Saint Xia, they may not be people from the Nine States,” Saint Jiang said. Saint Xia nodded, but these people were indeed within the realm of the Sage and they came with Saint Zhi of Zhisheng Cliffs. So, as part of Zhisheng Cliffs, there was no fault they could pick as it was in observance with the rules set by Emperor Xia. And the war was erupting; they had no time to investigate it.

Never mind the saints, even Ye Futian, who was within it, had felt a strong sense of crisis. He looked up at the nine cultivators. Although they were in different positions, there were endless golden threads connecting them so that the nine were one. Each golden line faintly emitted an extremely strong shredding rule, incredibly sharp, enough to cut through the space. Not only that, but Ye Futian even felt that his power of spiritual will was being greatly threatened. The spiritual willpower that he released, intending to mobilize the rules of heaven and earth, were cut off and annihilated when it rushed into that net.

“Jieyu, Jiuge, watch out,” Ye Futian said softly. Hua Jieyu’s enchanted eyes gazed at the void. She had been exercising the power of telekinesis and had also felt the power of shredding that disrupted her attempt to condense the telekinetic powers as they were constantly being cut and chopped.

Ye Futian looked up at Kong Yao and Saint Zhi who were in the void. He looked terrible. He had thought that destroying the three battle matrixes of the three holy lands would be enough to decide a victorious outcome for the Sacred War, but he did not count on the intervention of such a group of mysterious cultivators. This kind of ability, whether it was spiritual or physical, attacking and destroying together, was without weakness.

Saint Zhi and Kong Yao’s eyes were cold, sweeping toward Ye Futian as if regarding someone who was already dead. Even if Ye Futian had some energy that was greater than the sky, he would not escape today. These nine great cultivators indeed did not belong to the Zhisheng Cliffs, but their presence still abided by the rules. If these saints intervened, Saint Ji, Saint Xihua, and Great Zhou Sacred King were not kind and easy people to deal with and would definitely move to kill Ye Futian. But who dared to be the first one to break Emperor Xia’s rules? Even if Saint Xia favored Ye Futian, he would not dare to intervene.

Watching more and more silk lines cutting and covering this space, Ye Futian’s body finally moved. The illusion of the golden-winged Roc bloomed brilliantly. Clenching The Halberd of Time and Space, he thrust it towards the sky, and the storm in the space was continually cut off and shredded the silk threads while Ye Futian aimed straight for the nine powerful cultivators in the void.

The nine great cultivators stood in different positions in the void, holding the divine implements and making the same gestures. They lifted the divine implements that resonated with the heaven and the earth, and the endless golden lines fell down. Then they dropped their arms, and the divine implement pointed to Ye Futian. At this moment, endless lines cut through everything and cut towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian saw radiant golden lines in front of him, and the starry light screen appeared around his body, but as soon as it appeared, it was immediately chopped into countless pieces and had no use at all. This strong and powerful defense, at this instant, was completely useless. The Halberd of Time and Space madly destroyed the golden lines that slaughtered forth, but these golden lines seemed inexhaustible and the lines were cut from the blind spots of Ye Futian’s attacks and aimed toward his body.

Psst. There was blood. No matter how great the strength of Ye Futian’s body, it was cut when the lines in the space hit it. The blood came out of the places where his clothes were torn, and the blood stained his clothes a bright red color. However, the lines were not able to cut through his body, which demonstrated the might of his physical defense. If it was any other person, they would probably already be chopped into countless pieces. Moreover, the other party did not only target Ye Futian but also launched an attack against Hua Jieyu and Huang Jiuge at the same time.

There was a shocking power of telekinesis around Hua Jieyu. Her strong telekinetic power wanted to break through the defense but was constantly being cut and shattered, unable to break the siege laid by the nine cultivators and unable to attack those who stood in the void.

“Jieyu.” Ye Futian seemed to sense something. His body turned into golden lightning and rushed toward Hua Jieyu. The Halberd of Time and Space opened up a path, letting the attack cut his body, but moving forward without hesitation to get in front of Hua Jieyu with incredible speed. Seeing those golden lines attacking toward them, he let out a roar, and the golden-winged Roc turned into a real demonic beast and opened both wings to wrap Hua Jieyu inside.

Psst! Psst! Sharp and harsh sounds were heard, and the body of the golden-winged Roc was cut and chopped to pieces little by little. The nine cultivators in the void gathered into a matrix to continue the attack. The nine divine implements pointed downward, intending to kill Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu on the spot. These two were not the main targets and could be eliminated directly. Their eyes were indifferent and without any trace of emotion. All this was just a mission for them. With their power, those under the Saint Plane, how could they not die?

Countless people from the Holy Zhi Palace showed a look of despair. How could this be? Not long ago, Ye Futian had destroyed three elite battle matrixes of the Endless Ocean. Just when victory seemed apparent, how did it change so quickly with these nine terrible characters? Who were they? Any one of the nine alone would be a top contender, definitely ranked high on the Sage list.

And these nine moving as one, along with a complete set of nine divine implements, were simply a killing machine. Anyone below the Saint Plane, no matter strong in spiritual will power or with an invincible body, would most likely perish just the same! Even Hua Qingqing, who wanted to use her power to help Ye Futian, was cut off by the network that covered the sky and earth. There was really no solution!