The Legend Of Futian Chapter 988

Chapter 988 Impasse

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In the vast battlefield of the Holy Zhi Palace, countless mighty ones rushed to the battlefield where Ye Futian was once again. Every single slash the Sword Saint dealt resulted in a rain of blood and gore. Yu Sheng did his best to break through the barricade at his side, intending to return to Ye Futian. The nine over there made them feel that they truly held the power to kill Ye Futian.

“Get him.” A cold voice was heard from the air. The mighty ones from the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean barricaded the place where Ye Futian was in layers, making that particular battlefield unusually packed. They cordoned the place off both in the air or on the ground, forbidding anyone from getting near.

While those saints had no idea who those nine people that came with Saint Zhi were, the mighty ones from the battle matrixes consisted of members of the Endless Ocean that were all killed by Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. The consequences would be dire if they were to let Ye Futian and people successfully break out. With the people being able to kill Ye Futian, it was only a given that none of them minded. To those from the other holy lands, they were determined to kill Ye Futian even if the Renhuang lineage were to never fall into their hands. His survival would have posed a huge, lethal threat to all of those holy lands.

Huang Jiuge became coiled by endless golden threads at the moment. His training had been somewhat lacking and there would have been no way he could just transform into something else altogether in such a short period of time, for he had yet to master the Renhuang lineage that he had just acquired. Not even Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu would have been able to deal with the nine mighty ones, which meant that he stood no chance at all.

Ye Futian turned into the Roc and covered Hua Jieyu with his wings, protecting her. The countless golden threads continued to gnaw at the Roc’s body, intending to end both Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu right there on the battlefield, showing no mercy at all.

Astounding sword will zipped by in the air from outside, streaking into the battlefield. Many saints turned their eyes in that direction and they frowned. They saw two figures riding holy swords and joining the battlefield. One of them was the saint of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State—the Village Chief of Tombkeeper Village.

The other was a young woman who was about 18 years old. She tied her hair in a ponytail and came barefoot, looking young and rather immature. However, her eyes seemed to be the sharpest swords that the world had ever produced, seemingly able to pierce anyone with just one look. The young woman was apparently Yaya, who had spent several years training within the Nether Sword Mound at Tombkeeper Village. She swept the battlefield with one look and charged into the fray with the holy sword.

Mighty ones at the outside sensed a powerful sword will and turned around, but were only able to see the holy sword streaked past like a bolt of lightning, zipping past the air and splattering sounds were heard in just one instant. The heads of tens of mighty ones rolled and were crushed. The saints in the air all turned their eyes to Yaya. The Sacred King and Saint Xihua frowned. She, who was suspected to be a sword spirit by the Tombkeeper Village, had unexpectedly returned. She had disappeared for several years and there were speculations about her isolating herself in training in the Holy Zhi Palace, as well as her having transformed into a sword spirit. She had then emerged as a sage at the pinnacle of her plane. Her speed at training was frighteningly fast, quicker than even Ye Futian. However, the Sacred King and the others knew that her case was not a case of a person’s speed at training, but the rate of growth of a sword spirit.

“Take her down,” the Sacred King said coldly. Speaking of which, it was due to her that he and Ye Futian went from resenting each other to becoming archenemies. He wanted to take the Nether Sword Mound and went to Tombkeeper Village personally, ordering his men to kill Yaya’s parents. Ye Futian killed mighty ones from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty on the spot in retaliation. The Sacred War broke out after that. The Sacred King thought it would be an easy feat to destroy the Holy Zhi Palace back then, never expecting things to turn out as they were at present.

One figure after another charged in Yaya’s direction, trying to intercept her. The holy sword continued zipping forward in an unstoppable manner, heading straight for the spot where Ye Futian was. Many evaded the holy sword right away and came before Yaya herself. Some mighty ones from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty transformed into golden phoenixes, descending upon her with flaming golden claws.

Yaya continued to move forward. Her deep eyes took one look at the mighty ones coming at her. They felt as if they had been thrust into the abyss within an instant. A blood-colored abyss with countless swords lying in wait. The blood-colored sword was hanging high in the air. Boundless sword will emanated from the sword, cutting up their spiritual will. Their faces turned pale and they felt their spiritual will being destroyed on the spot.

The barefooted young woman took one step and zipped past the crowd before her. Wherever she happened to streak past, mighty ones dropped like flies to the ground one after another, reduced to dead bodies that did not even know how they died. As such, the battlefield turned extremely eerie. The holy sword flew before a barefooted young woman as she walked, carving out a bloody path in the extremely raging and chaotic battlefield. Furthermore, the rate at which it was done was frighteningly fast. Countless perished where she was present.

“Take her down,” Saint Ji and Saint Xihua said. They felt that the emergence of the barefooted young woman posed a threat to the nine mighty ones. If she was able to make it all the way there, Ye Futian might find an opening that he could exploit. They needed only mere moments more to kill Ye Futian. There was no way they would let any unforeseen circumstances get in the way of that happening.

She must be stopped at all cost.

Intense rumbling was heard from above. One huge mountain after another appeared on the battlefield, dropping onto the holy sword. The blade penetrated the mountains in mere moments. Thousands of sword will weaved about like spider webs. The mountains were crushed right there as the holy sword continued to move straight in its course. It rang intensely with the barefooted young woman in tow, and anyone who dared to stand in her way was quickly thrown into the blood-colored abyss with no way of escape. The seemingly long battles actually happened with a very short period of time. The barefooted young woman soon arrived near the battlefield that Ye Futian was in. It had only taken her mere moments to arrive on that battlefield itself.

Saint Ji’s, Saint Xihua’s, and the sacred king’s expressions, as well as the saints from the Endless Ocean, turned sour. Things are actually still changing on the battlefield at this point?

Saint Zhi turned his eyes to Yaya and shouted with an ashen face, “Kong Yao.” Kong Yao stepped out and headed towards the holy sword as soon as he finished. There were few throughout the entire battlefield capable of intercepting Yaya, as everyone was fighting their own raging battles. They had been giving their all to intercept other mighty ones from the Holy Zhi Palace out to back up Ye Futian, meaning that none of them had much time nor power to spare for intercepting her.

Kong Yao, who ranked ninth on the Sage Ranking, was no doubt one of the top figures left on that battlefield. Divine elephants appeared as he walked. The huge elephants pressed down on the place surrounding him as he was clad in armor-type divine implements. When the holy sword came at him, he launched a flash of the punch. The elephants moved and they went out to intercept the holy sword.

Boom… A rumble was heard and the entire place shook. The divine elephants were torn to shreds one after another as if no one would have been able to stand in the sword’s way at all. It went all the way before Kong Yao.

Doom. Kong Yao took one step with a solemn expression. The step seemed to be harnessing endless power, the force of the divine elephants burst with him as the epicenter. While the holy sword was not blocked, its speed was somewhat slowed.

Another punch was thrown to the air before him. Holy light burst and an extremely huge divine elephant walked, clashing with the holy sword coming at Kong Yao. The sword was finally halted that time, unleashing boundless sword will and tearing at the divine elephant’s body bit by bit, intending to destroy it altogether. Yaya then emerged from behind and cast her cold eyes at Kong Yao. One look from her made Kong Yao feel intensely threatened.

“Take them out already.” Saint Zhi frowned and took a look at Yaya, before addressing the nine mighty ones below. The light emanating from the divine implements in the nine mighty ones’ hands burst with greater intensity. The dazzling golden threads tearing at the air tore the Roc’s body bit by bit. Both wings were cut down and they were about to get to Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, whose deaths seemed to be mere moments away.

Countless held their breaths. None of the mighty ones who were fighting were in any mood to fight after sensing what was happening there. Both sides were actually very clear that the key to the Sacred War rested on whether Ye Futian ended up living or dying.

If he were to survive, all seven holy lands that ganged up on the Holy Zhi Palace would be in great peril. If he were to die, the Holy Zhi Palace would be no more. The legend that spanned a short period of time would have been a piece in the annals of history that inspired regret.

Powerful aura coursed around Ye Futian’s body. His arms were opened to embrace Hua Jieyu. The devastating threads cut his body, staining his white robe red with blood. Hua Jieyu felt the warmth in Ye Futian’s hands. There were tears at the corner of her eyes. She lowered her head and the crystal clear tears dropped onto Ye Futian’s bloodied robe like pearls.

At that moment, she sensed the boiling power within Ye Futian’s body; she knew what he was about to do. There did not seem to be any other better option. If he continued to hold back, what awaited them would be the end of their journey, where there was no future to speak of. However, she did not know what would happen to Ye Futian if he were to do what he was planning to do, or whether or not he could bear the consequences of such things happening.

She did not think about any of that, as there was simply no point to thinking about any of that at such a juncture. They gave their all and it was just them. The entire Holy Zhi Palace gave their all as well. Everyone held the same beliefs of protecting the holy land of the Barren State. Even the Yue clan, the Vajra Region, the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, and other forces participated in the Sacred War to help them.

They had done their best to hold back the attacks of the seven opposing holy lands’ forces. They tore through the adversity at hand and things brightened bit by bit until they were able to break the barricade formed by the seven holy lands, taking out the strongest elites from three. The end of the Sacred War seemed to have been within their grasp. However, another nine mysterious mighty ones emerged all of a sudden, hunting them down. It was apparent that the nine were not of the seven holy lands, but outsiders coming from the Renhuang lineage that Huang Jiuge had inherited.

They gave their all and their opponents returned fire with equal fervor. Their enemies did everything they have been able to just so Ye Futian would end up dead.

If that’s the case, then all of you shall die right here, right now!