The Legend Of Futian Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Be Good

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Many people, such as Sword Saint, Gu Dongliu, Zhuge Mingyue, and Ye Wuchen, all descended next to Ye Futian. Seeing Ye Futian, Hua Fengliu and the others had tears in their eyes also.

Ye Wuchen looked up and watched the cultivators of the six great holy lands, who had begun to retreat in the sky. There were tears falling down his cheeks. He knew Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu since their time in the Cangye Kingdom of the land of the hundred kingdoms. Today, those people had not yet been completely annihilated.

Liu Chenyu came to Ye Wuchen’s side, pulling on his hand with the same painful tears. Yi Qingxuan and Loulan Xue also arrived and were saddened. All the palace lords at the Holy Zhi Palace came successively, one after another. There was blood on their bodies.

At this time, Sage Wanxiang stopped not far from Ye Futian. He bowed and said “Palace Lord, the divine spirit of the lady has not dissipated. Perhaps there is still a chance to revive her.”

Ye Futian looked up with difficulty. It had already gotten this far, was it possible that there was still really a chance?

Sage Wanxiang saw Ye Futian was still without movement, so he extended his hands and then kneeled and worshipped to the sky. He said clearly, “God bless the lady.” He had made a divination of the outcome before the battle, but it was undetermined, and he was impacted in his heart and soul as a result of it. The celestial plane carried by this divination had exceeded his ability and he was not qualified to know its secret. The appearance of the will of the emperor, the descent of the divine spirit of the empress, and the command of Emperor Xia were not something that the likes of him could have deduced.

Upon hearing the voice of Sage Wanxiang, countless people at the Holy Zhi Palace looked up at the sky. Sword Demon, Sage Daozang, and the other palace lords all kneeled down and shouted, “God bless the lady.” All these voices were heard throughout the Holy Zhi Palace. Countless people fell to the ground in the direction where Hua Jieyu had disappeared and worshipped. At this moment, a voice was heard throughout heaven and earth.

“God bless the lady.”

In the void, Xia Qingyuan, Saint Xia, Saint Li, Saint Jiang, and Moon Saint all witnessed this scene, and their hearts could not be calmed.

To the palace, Ye Futian was the palace lord—its future and its faith. After the battle today, Ye Futian would be the god of the palace.

Even Glass Saint, who held great resentment against Ye Futian, experienced a great disturbance inside her heart. She had thought about killing Ye Futian with her own hands, but after today, could she still do it?

Everyone had their own lives to live. When she was young, she once dreamed of being like Hua Jieyu, finding someone who truly loved her, and offering everything to each other. But instead, she experienced the darkest part of her life, which had given birth to the Glass Saint of today. Then, after this battle, what would Ye Futian become?

As the wind blew, her clothes fluttered, and her long hair flew in the wind. She looked at the sky above the battlefield. As Xia Emperor had ordered, all the holy lands had retreated. Even though their intent to kill him was as high as the sky, they still weren’t able to do it. Zhisheng Cliffs had been destroyed and the cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light were almost all annihilated, and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty also suffered heavy losses. The three holy lands of Endless Ocean lost more than half of their people with all of their top figures killed. Of course, the Holy Zhi Palace also had many who had fallen in this battle. Even the lady of the palace had perished in the battle. Therefore, the Holy Zhi Palace, at the moment, did not experience the joy of winning the Sacred War but was instead immersed in sorrow.

In this battle, the blood of the palace was enough to create a river.

“Return,” Glass Saint said and led the cultivators of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple to leave. She had thought that the saints would have a chance to fight, but the arrival of Xia Qingyuan interrupted everything, so that saints, after all, did not have the opportunity.

Since what happened today had attracted the attention of Emperor Xia, there was no doubt he would personally investigate. Just as Emperor Xia had commanded, before the order was lifted, all holy lands would not be allowed to make any move, so there would probably be a period of quietude. It was just unknown how long it would take Emperor Xia to investigate the matter.

All the cultivators left in succession. Saint Xia, Saint Li, and Moon Saint had all left, as well as the people of the Vajra Region. Saint Jiang announced that he would join the Holy Zhi Palace and thereafter cultivate at the Holy Zhi Palace.

The Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State now had one more saint added to it; a saint who ranked number twelve on the Saint Ranking no less.

Half a month later, the news of the earthquake in the Nine States and the battle of the Holy Zhi Palace swept through the land of Nine States, and many were shocked. It was rumored that Saint Zhi had died and that the Zhisheng Cliffs was now under the control of Emperor Xia’s people. None of the cultivators were allowed to step out of Zhisheng Cliffs. No one knew what had happened or why Emperor Xiang was controlling Zhisheng Cliffs.

In this battle, the seven holy lands joined forces to lay siege to the Holy Zhi Palace and were unable to take it down. It was rumored that blood flowed like a river at the Holy Zhi Palace and there were countless deaths and injuries. But what made people tremble the most was that no one knew which cultivators had died, as the news had been blocked.

The world only knew the result of this battle, but the details were unknown. It was rumored that Emperor Xia had arrived and all the holy lands retreated and were ordered to stay within their own territory. They were all controlled by the cultivators sent by Emperor Xia, who guarded all of the holy lands.

No one knew why, and those who knew the inside story were too afraid to say anything. Even Saint Xia had returned to the clan without so much a word of complaint, and Saint Li also returned to the Nine State College and did not talk about the battle.

All of this shocked the people of Nine States. What had happened in this battle? Everyone in the Nine States wanted to know the inside story of the battle.

At the Holy Zhi Palace, in the Holy Sage Pavilion, Ye Futian woke up from his coma, and when he opened his eyes, he saw many cultivators. Second senior sister, Little Butterfly, Phoenix, Loulan Xue, and Ling’er were all around him. As soon as they heard the news of him waking up, there were many more people who came from outside: the oldest and third senior brothers, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, and the like. All these familiar faces appeared. Master Douzhan had also returned.

Ye Futian knew that they were worried about him, but at this time his heart was still in great pain. He asked, “How are Yu Sheng and Yaya?”

“Yu Sheng’s injuries were not minor, but Saint Jiang is here, everything will be ok. Yaya is in retreat.” Zhuge Mingyue said, “Futian, you should take care of your body.”

“Xia Qingyuan and Emperor Xia’s people, are they still here?” Ye Futian asked.

Zhuge Mingyue nodded lightly. Ye Futian smiled bitterly. Many people did not understand why he did not release the will of the emperor earlier, but in fact, when he faced the nine great cultivators, he had released the will of the emperor with Jieyu helping him to disguise it. It wasn’t until Saint Zhi got involved that they could no longer hide it. Because only he and Jieyu knew what kind of secrets were involved in this will of the emperor.

Back then, Donghuang the Great had sent people to Qingzhou City to destroy the statue and kill the Snow Ape Emperor. By releasing the will of the emperor, it was basically a death sentence. If he died, then the palace would also perish with him.

Now, people at the palace only expected him to recover, but they did not know that Emperor Xia was probably already investigating this matter, and he was not likely to escape the consequences.

As the Master of the Lower Worlds, Ye Futian did not believe that Emperor Xia did not know that Donghuang the Great had twice sent people here. It was just at the time he was an insignificant person, and those who were high above were too preoccupied to take a second look at him. For instance, when they took away Mr. Du, who paid any mind to the disciples of the college and the college? Some were of the Noble Plane or the even lower Arcana Plane. But now it was different. Looking at all of the Nine States, who could say that Ye Futian was insignificant?

Moreover, he had released the will of the emperor in front of everyone. It was impossible for Emperor Xia to ignore it. He now would probably want a thorough investigation on him. The Nine States was under the jurisdiction of Emperor Xia. If Emperor Xia wanted to investigate him, there would be nothing that couldn’t be found. He was born in the city of Qingzhou and used to stay in the cottage. Even if there was no hard evidence, Emperor Xia Huang would be able to deduce a thing or two.

“I am going for a walk.” Ye Futian got up and went out. Everyone looked at him. Gu Dongliu whispered, “Let him have some quiet time.” Everyone nodded and did not follow him, because all could understand the mood Ye Futian was in at the moment.

Ye Futian just had a shirt on and walked in the Holy Sage Pavilion. With the wind blowing on him, he actually felt a little cool. Ahead of him, there were two people coming toward him. It was the Village Chief and Yaya. Perhaps, she could no longer be called Yaya.

Ye Futian looked at the woman who had gone through so much change. She no longer wore pigtails and her eyes were not as clear as they were before. Although she had turned out beautiful, Ye Futian still seemed to prefer the simple girl from before.

The woman, likewise, also looked at Ye Futian. There were some emotions in her eyes. Her lips were moving slightly as if she wanted to say something, but she did not say anything.

Ye Futian looked at her and suddenly he smiled. He was dying, so what would he care anymore about status or identities of the world? It did not matter that she was the world-famous Sword Saint of the Void. She was still Yaya.

Ye Futian stepped forward and reached out to try to rub her head. She leaned sideways slightly, and Ye Futian’s hand stopped for a moment. But he put his hand on her head and rubbed it, saying, “Call me brother.”

The woman’s eyes became sharp for a second and then became soft again. Her eyes revealed some struggle, her lips moved slightly, and then she said involuntarily, “Brother.” Her voice was so very faint that it was almost hard to hear it.

Once Ye Futian heard this subtle voice, his eyes reddened suddenly, even his palms were slightly trembling. Was Yaya still there?

He held out both hands and held the woman’s face, then he took a step forward and held her in his arms. The woman’s body stiffened, but a warmth started from inside her body. This was the emotional instinct brought on by the life that lived for nearly two decades. It had penetrated deep into the soul and was not easily changed. She was the Sword Saint of the Void, but she was also Yaya. Perhaps there was no way that she could escape it.

Her body gradually softened, allowing Ye Futian to hold her. Behind her, the Village Chief observed the scene with an awkward expression. This was perhaps the first time someone dared to hold her? Moreover, she did not even resist? He knew that although her current strength was far from the peak of before, it was still an easy task to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian loosened his arms and smiled at Yaya. To see Yaya in sorrow and despair, one could imagine his mood at the moment.

“Village Chief, there is something I want to ask you,” Ye Futian said, looking at the Village Chief.

“Yes.” The Village Chief nodded.

“If I die, please protect the palace for some years. I will let my master take over the palace. If there is nothing wrong with Yu Sheng, he will replace the master to be in charge of the palace as palace lord in the future,” Ye Futian said to the Village Chief as if to dictate his last will and testament. There were too many people in the palace that he was worried about. If he died, everything would fall apart. His brothers and sisters, and Wuchen, where would they go?

The Village Chief glanced at the woman in front of Ye Futian and saw her looking at Ye Futian, saying, “Okay.”

Ye Futian glanced at her and smiled. Stroking her cheek, he said, “Be good…” As he was speaking, he walked away. Of course, he knew that Yaya was still Yaya, but she was not only Yaya.

When the Village Chief heard this, his emotions were conflicting. He looked at the woman in front of him somewhat fearfully. The woman turned around and looked at the Village Chief. The Village Chief instantly lowered his head. He did not see anything!