The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 100

Chapter 100
Magic pill formula.

Three days later, Kong Wen as expected, sends someone to call him over.

Because of his outstanding performance in the Hall of Mages, the Elders of the Mage division all agree that he should be able to practice that volume of alchemical techniques. Once he practices those alchemical techniques, he will be a core disciple of TianXin sect.

Swearing the oath takes place in front of Kong Wen and a few of the Elders.

With the protection of the blood seed pact, You XiaoMo swears the oath straightforwardly. He swears in front of the Elders that he will forever be loyal to TianXin sect, and will not reveal the contents of the alchemical techniques to anyone. The contents of the oath is done by repeating after one of the Elders. It has always been like this so they are not afraid that the oath taker will be able to take advantage of some loophole.

After leaving the Hall of Mages, You XiaoMo follows Kong Wen to the secret chamber.

In the secret chamber, Kong Wen passes on that volume of alchemical techniques to him. Because it is a low grade alchemical technique, the content is not much. Compared to the Heavenly Soul Scroll that has over ten pages, this volume of low grade alchemical techniques has not more than six pages.

You XiaoMo reads it over once and stores it all in his memory. With the increase in his power, he can now remember everything firmly after reading it through just once. Much like the so-called photographic memory. It's also because of this that he has read most of the books in the first level of the library in the short span of half a year.

"Master, I've decided what I want?"

After leaving the alchemical technique, You XiaoMo remembers that he still hasn't made his request, so he simply brings it up before leaving.

Kong Wen is not the least bit surprised, replying calmly, "As long as it is within Master's abilities, you can ask for whatever you want."

Those words mean that if it is not within his abilities, the request will become invalid or he would have to come up with another one.

You XiaoMo had guessed as much. Luckily his request is not especially difficult, "Master, I ....... I want to go take a look at the third level of the library's East pavilion."

Kong Wen immediately frowns, "What do you want to do on the third level of the library?"

The third level of the library's East pavilion is considered a restricted area. The books displayed inside have considerable value. Disciples can't go inside without explicit authorization from the higher ups. Even though You XiaoMo is a core disciple, he still isn't allowed inside. With his current status, he can only go to the first and second level.

"Disciple heard that the third level of the East pavilion has formulas for level four magic pills. So disciple wants to go take a look."

You XiaoMo steals a look at him.

Kong Wen is the head of Earth peak and a high level mage. He doesn't need the permission of the Elders to enter the third level of the library. He also has the right to allow his disciples to go to the third level. He learned all these from asking Elder brother during their last conversation.

Kong Wen clearly didn't expect him to make this request. After some hesitation, he says, "You are now only a level two mage. The things in the third level of the library are not things that someone at your level can touch for now. Even if I let you go take a look, it is not of much use to you."

"Disciple understands but disciple still wants to go have a look ....... "

You XiaoMo lowers his head and speaks softly.

This is also something he found out later. Having magic herbs and a soul force doesn't mean that mages can refine a magic pill.

Because only a few magic herbs are required for low level magic pills, it only takes a paltry five steps to form a magic pill. So a specific formula is not needed. But this is not the case for level four and above magic pills.

For example, a level four magic pill. It requires eight types of magic herbs. Because each type has a different effect, if an error is made while putting a few types together, the effect would be lost making that magic pill worthless. So it is necessary to follow a formula when conducting the blending steps.

You XiaoMo had looked all over the second level of the library and he still didn't find any formulas for level four to level six magic pills. So he guessed that formulas for level four and up magic pills are not things that are easily given out. That's why he wants to go look for them on the third level.

But he still doesn't qualify to enter the third level at this moment, so he makes this request of Kong Wen.

If he made this request before swearing the oath, Kong Wen would absolutely not agree because level four and above magic pill formulas are only passed on to core disciples. Now, he is only a little suspicious.

"Since you are determined to go to the third level, Master will not stop you. But you can only go in for two hours. You have to come out after two hours without delay, understand?"

Kong Wen says.

"Disciple understands."

You XiaoMo immediately promises happily.

Then Kong Wen takes out a red tablet and hands it to him. His name is written on the tablet. Using this tablet, he can enter the third level of the library. But he can only enter the third level of the East pavilion. The West pavilion can't be accessed with this tablet.

"This is a one time use tablet made by Master. It can be used to enter the library only once. Once it's used, it will destroy itself automatically."

Because his Grand disciple and Second disciple are already level four mages, they will occasionally go to the library. So Kong Wen already prepared a few of these type of tablets. The tablets contain his soul force. When it is destroyed, he would be able to sense it.

After receiving the tablet, You XiaoMo runs non-stop to the library.

After the assessment, he is no longer busy. He doesn't have much to do these days so he simply heads to the library to take a look.

The library guard tosses him the level two tablet as usual. You XiaoMo doesn't refuse because he can only go to the third level for two hours. So he can while away the rest of his time on the second level.

The third level of the East pavilion doesn't contain as many books as the first and second level. But if these books were to be brought out, there would most probably be a huge pile of people fighting and snatching.

You XiaoMo takes a rough look. There are not just magic pill formulas on the bookshelves. There are also dissertations from high level mages for over several thousand years. Just the dissertations alone are enough to fill three whole bookshelves. If it was not for the time limit, he would hole up in the library for one or two months and read every one of it.

Two hours passes by very quickly. You XiaoMo somewhat reluctantly closes the book in his hand.

Level four to level six magic pill formulas. He uses his soul force to slowly carve them into his soul because normal memory is no use.

The person who wrote down these magic pill formulas seems to have been very powerful. Each word seems to have some sort of charm. After looking at them for a while, the mind would feel like it is in a trance. In an instant, all the previous memories will be wiped out. A very sinister move. Luckily Elder brother told him about his before so this trip wouldn't be wasted.

After one and a half hours, he finally committed all the magic pill formulas to memory. He spent the remaining half an hour on the dissertations of a few high level mages. He wanted to find Uncle Ye's dissertation of magic herb cultivation. Too bad he didn't find it even after looking through all the bookshelves.

After leaving the library, as expected, the tablet changed into a puff of flying ash on its own, just like what Kong Wen said.

You XiaoMo doesn't go to look for Kong Wen again. He runs back to his room and takes out a brush, paper, and inkstone.

This is his first time using the soul force to memorize things so he doesn't know how effective it is. He is worried that he would suddenly forget it all one day so he decides to write out all the magic formulas for now.

Three different levels of magic formulas. There are altogether several tens of magic pill formulas. You XiaoMo is just about to start writing when he realizes one fact .......

Damn it! He can't write using a brush .......

After a whole lot of mouth twitching, You XiaoMo only manages to write three crooked and shaky characters. The twenty first century is a time of fountain pens and ball point pens. Brushes have long ago been discarded into who knows which corner. You might not even be able to find one person out of ten that can write using a brush.

After struggling for half a day, You XiaoMo finally realizes that he has to start by practicing calligraphy. But where can find the spare time for that now? After thinking it over for half a day, he still decides to write the magic pill formulas down first. Although his calligraphy is very much like earthworms crawling here and there, as long as it can read, it should be good enough.

The sun that is hanging high above everyone's heads, after going through a thousand trials and ten thousand tribulations, finally crawl below the Western horizon.

The tightly closed door is pushed open from outside. A slender shadow is cast from the fiery red sunset, making it look very long, cast from the door into the room, falling on the chair .......

Ling Xiao walks in lightly and quietly. Turning around he sees You XiaoMo asleep, sprawled on the table.

You XiaoMo is using one of his arms as a pillow. Saliva drips from the corner of his mouth on the half written white piece of paper. Drop by drop adding up to form a puddle of saliva.

Ling Xiao walks over and bends down to pick up a piece of paper that had fallen to the floor. He turns it over and sees an impressive ten or so crooked shaky characters. Usually, people can fit several hundred characters on this sheet of paper and he can only fit ten or so. On top of that, they are too horrible to look at.

Ling Xiao lifts the corners of his mouth, and can't help letting out a chuckle.

These characters, one look and you can tell that this is someone that is just starting to learn how to write. Because of poor strength control, some strokes are as thick as a baby's arm while others are rather fine. Large and small all uneven, making them appear extremely funny.

Ling Xiao picks up all the papers that have fallen on the floor. Taking a closer look, he finds out that they are all level four magic pill formulas. He can't help but frown. Why is he writing all these magic formulas for no good reason?

"Oh ....... "

You XiaoMo moves his mouth while in dreamland. He unconsciously turns over his face and continues sleeping.

The exposed side of his face, because it was slept on for almost half an hour, is bright red. Like a huge pimple.

Ling Xiao stretches out his finger and pokes his nose. A slight smile appears on his face, "Take advantage of you."

American time - spare time (supposedly it means you're able to do the things you do during the day during the night when it is day time in America)