The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 101

Chapter 101
HunJi city.

When the last ray of light drops below the horizon, and the whole world is in darkness, You XiaoMo finally wakes up. He stands up and stretches himself and just when he wants to break out a yawn, a beaming handsome face appears in front of his eyes.

Although this type of situation has happened before, he still jumps in fright, his body toppling backwards abruptly. Just when he is about to fall off the chair, the owner of that handsome face stretches out his hand and grabs his collar, pulling him up.

"Little brother, why are you so clumsy ne?"

Ling Xiao speaks softly by his ear.

You XiaoMo's soul still hasn't calmed down when he takes a breath and glares at him, "If you don't frighten me, I wouldn't be so clumsy."

Ling Xiao brings him to his side, smiling while speaking, "How could I frighten you? Clearly, you are the one who was sleeping, so you can't blame me."

You XiaoMo exclaims *ah*. He just remembers that he was transcribing magic pill formulas before he fell asleep. Lowering his head to take a look, he doesn't see the ten or so pieces of paper that he finished transcribing before. When he fails to find them after looking under the table, he can't help but widen his eyes, "The magic pill formulas I transcribed ne?"

"Little brother, are you talking about this ah?"

Ling Xiao lifts up the pile of paper in his hands. They are the ones he picked up from the floor before. The topmost piece is a little wrinkled, as if stained by something wet.

You XiaoMo stretches his hand wanting to snatch them back but Ling Xiao raises his hand causing him to come up empty.

Ling Xiao crosses his legs, flipping through the sheets of paper while mocking, "Little brother, your calligraphy really made be see things in a new light ah!"

You XiaoMo shifts his gaze uneasily, two tell-tale pink spots appearing on his cheeks.

Of course he knows that his calligraphy is too terrible to look at. But he can't help it. Who asked him to have never written with a brush before? If he has a fountain pen or a ball point pen, he would be able to write acceptable-looking characters.

"There is something I'm very curious about. I wonder if Little brother can help explain it. If you can satisfy me, I will help you transcribe these magic pill formulas. How about it?"

Ling Xiao throws the stack of paper in his hand onto the table. Then he picks up another stack of paper and waves them in front of his face.

You XiaoMo was just looking all over the place awkwardly when he sees Ling Xiao bring out a stack of papers. He looks over in surprise and sees neat and orderly characters written in beautiful handwriting. His eyes gleam suddenly when he thinks of another thing. He asks doubtfully, "Elder brother Ling, did you write these?"

"If it wasn't me, then don't tell me it was you?"

Ling Xiao casts a sidelong glance at him as he retorts.

"But ....... I remember that you said you haven't written for a long time, so ....... "

You XiaoMo rubs his nose. He still remembers the characters from when Ling Xiao transcribed the Heavenly Soul Scroll for him. At that time, his calligraphy was just like his now. It can also be described as too terrible to look at. So the sudden appearance of this beautiful handwriting, makes him doubt that this is really written by him.

Ling Xiao angrily raps him on the head, "That was before."

Ever since he showed his ugly handwriting, in order to not embarrass himself in front of You XiaoMo again, he deliberately found time to practice writing again. These magic pill formulas were just written by him based on what You XiaoMo transcribed.

Hearing his reply, You XiaoMo is deeply jealous, "What was it that you're so curious about?"

Speaking of that, Ling Xiao suddenly looks at him as if deep in thought, "Usually, someone who can read should be able to write. But you seem to be able to read but not write. Why is this? Furthermore, I feel that you seem to have more secrets that I don't know about."

A drop of cold sweat suddenly rolls down You XiaoMo's forehead. This person is too sharp.

You XiaoMo doesn't dare to look directly at him. He shifts his gaze away while saying, "There is nothing to be curious about. My parents died young. Before I was seventeen, I was brought up in my maternal aunt's family. My maternal aunt's family is not rich, so there is no money to send me to school. I could only learn to recognize a few words from my maternal aunt's son and daughter."

He wouldn't tell him the real reason even if beaten to death. He is someone that crossed-over from the twenty first century Earth.

Ling Xiao frowns. He isn't really clear about You XiaoMo's life history, "Is that how it is?"

"Of course. If you don't believe me, you can find a time to look for someone to ask."

You XiaoMo answers hastily. He isn't worried that he would be found out because when he asked Jiang Liu about things that has to do with him, Jiang Liu also told him the same thing.

Although Ling Xiao is still skeptical, seeing him speak with certainty, he doesn't ask any further. Thinking of why he came over this time, he says, "Regarding the auction, I have already made the proper arrangements. If you are not busy tomorrow we can just set out tomorrow ba."

"Really? I have nothing going on tomorrow. I can go at any time."

Once he hears that the matter with the auction is settled, he immediately grabs Ling Xiao's arm excitedly.

Ling Xiao glances at the arm that is clutched by him and reveals a crafty smile, "It is already dark. Since I have to come here again tomorrow, I might as well ....... sleep over here tonight."

His tone clearly states that this is not something to be discussed .......

You XiaoMo quickly takes back his hand and stammers, "Elder brother Ling, this is not really suitable ba. I only have one bed and it is very small. It can only hold one person ....... "

Ling Xiao smiles sweetly, "It's alright, we only have to squeeze a little."

You XiaoMo's face suddenly crumbles. Squeeze a little? He is afraid that even his innards will be squeezed out. He has an inkling that Ling Xiao will definitely make use of this opportunity to make a move on him.

The real situation proves that Ling Xiao really isn't going to just squeeze a little like he said. His bed is already small to begin with. For two persons to sleep on it, they can only stick closely together. You XiaoMo dawdles for half a day before he was finally pulled by Ling Xiao onto the bed. All four limbs tangling together, not even a crack is left in between them.

Waking up the next day, You XiaoMo finds that he is again like a eight-legged octopus hanging onto Ling Xiao's body.

Because the matter with the auction can't be revealed to anyone else, Ling Xiao only arranged for the two of them to go down the mountain. Zhou Peng who had originally wanted to go with them was sent by Ling Xiao on another secret mission.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo notifies Fang ChenLe about going down the mountain. Because he is already a core disciple, he doesn't have to ask for permission like before. It also doesn't have to be recorded.

Fang ChenLe knows that he is going down the mountain with Ling Xiao so he isn't worried. He only tells him to take care.

Half a stick of incense later, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao leave TianXin sect together.

TianXin sect is located in the most flourishing Southern part of Long Xiao continent. HunJi city is the the third biggest city of this Southern region. It's located on a mountain pass of the WuFeng mountain range. Every day, over ten thousand people go in and out of this fortress. That's why it developed so quickly in a short ten or so years to become the third largest city in the Southern region.

The destination of their trip this time is this HunJi city.

Although the area of HunJi city is not as large as the largest and second largest city, its prosperity is greater than even the largest city. So a lot of rare things can be found there, like rare high level magic pills and high level magic herbs.

Looking at the unending green flatlands, a black horse carriage is flying forward like a whirlwind. The horse carriage is drawn by a galloping reddish brown horse. Its tall and large body is much stronger and sturdier than normal horses. Its fiery red eyes are stubborn and unruly. Time and again, it would raise his head up and neigh. One look and people can tell that this horse is in a very excitable state .......

You XiaoMo feels like he is soon going to vomit. This is the first time he is taking a horse carriage. It's also the first time he is taking a horse carriage that is running so fast.

Although the inside of the horse carriage is lined with a layer of thick plush woolen blankets, the horse carriage is shaking very fiercely. His brain that is not very smart to begin with, right now is already shaken into mush. His stomach churns endlessly, almost causing him to throw up last night's meal.

The one hugging him, Ling Xiao, is not the least bit affected by the speed of the horse. His eyes laugh as he hugs the listless You XiaoMo and strokes his back, "We'll be there soon. Just endure it a little more and it'll be fine."

These words, You XiaoMo already heard them quite a few times.

"After this ....... I will never again sit this horse carriage ....... "

You XiaoMo speaks falteringly. It's too much torture. He feels that he has already lost half his life.

Because there is no limit on the time he can go down the mountain, there is no need to get there in a hurry. So Ling Xiao suggested that they take a horse carriage. Thinking that he has yet to take a horse carriage, You XiaoMo thinks that he can give it a try, so he agrees. He didn't expect that he would regret it less than half an hour later. Also, where did Ling Xiao get this horse carriage? The horse that is pulling the carriage seems relatively easily excitable leaving You XiaoMo in a disastrous state.

"It will be fine when you get used to it."

Ling Xiao consoles him.

The Raging fire horse is really relatively easily excitable. But they have good stamina. And they are also fast. Once you get used to their speed, you will find that this is actually a very enjoyable thing!

"I rather not get used to it ever ....... ou ....... "

Crossing through the green plains, that enormous city on top of the fortress finally appears.

The tall city walls reaching to the clouds are extremely wide and grand. The unending red city wall seems to give out a rusty feel. It obviously has a very long history. When the sunshine pours down from above, the red city wall seems to shine, reflecting dazzling rays of light. Taking a look from up close, the red city walls are actually made of what is called Rosefinch spirit iron.

Rosefinch spirit iron is something that has excellent defensive properties. But its price is also extraordinary. HunJi city walls are completely made out of Rosefinch spirit iron, so it is clear how deep their resources are.

Half an hour later, the horse carriage finally reaches outside HunJi city. That Raging fire horse, that is not driven by anyone, stops on its own.