The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 104

Chapter 104
A stupid pig.

Seeing his expression, the old man thinks that he is not satisfied with this price, so he explains, "Although spiritual liquid can replenish the spiritual energy, but the stronger the martial artist, the more spiritual liquid is needed. For example a Moon level martial artist. One drop of spiritual liquid can only replenish one fifth of their spiritual energy. For the higher ones, even more is required."

Even though it is only one fifth, but in a moment of crisis, it can still provide some safety. That's why the price is not less than one hundred thousand. Furthermore, since it will be sold by auction, when the time comes, no one knows how high the price would go.

You XiaoMo nods his head as if he understands. He is not very familiar with the world of martial artists. But he knows the different levels of martial artists. They are divided into: Man level, Earth level, Sky level, Sun level, Moon level, Star level, Celestial level, Spiritual level, Imperial level, Emperor level, Divine level and Sacred level. Twelve levels altogether, similar to the twelve levels for mages.

Anyway, this means that this price is not considered low.

Seeing that he doesn't disagree, the old man heaves a sigh of relief. Actually, things like spiritual liquid is not something that anyone would give up for auction. Most people would keep it for their own use. That's why it is priceless yet never sold.

"The price assessment is complete. How many drops would you like to put up for auction?"

You XiaoMo also doesn't say much. He simply takes out two ice sculptures the size of a person out from his magic bag. The cold air that is released by the ice sculptures immediately increases the moisture level in the secret room but there is not much change in the temperature.

The old man's eyes open wide when he brings them out, his face completely stunned. He thought that this young man would at most bring out five to six drops of spiritual liquid. Didn't expect that it would be such a big ice sculpture. And there are two of them.

The old man makes clicking noises with his mouth. Although he is used to seeing treasures, he is still shocked. After some hesitation, he says, "Two ice sculptures can probably produce ninety drops of spiritual liquid. But the old me suggests that it would be better for the two sirs to first refine this spiritual liquid before auctioning them off."

"Why is that?"

You XiaoMo asks immediately.

"Because only mages can refine it. Even if the martial artists win the auction, they still have to find a mage to help them refine it, adding one extra step in the process. The one hundred thousand price can only be reduced to ninety thousand. But this should be done as soon as possible because the auction is tomorrow."

The old man strokes his beard, with a gleam in his eye.

You XiaoMo frowns. It's just refining and the price drops by ten thousand. This seems wrong. It's better if he just does it himself but there is only half a day left. After this he still wants to go buy other things with Ling Xiao. There doesn't seem to be enough time. What should he do?

You XiaoMo looks helplessly at Ling Xiao, putting on a pitiful look.

Ling Xiao receives the message and can't help but smile. Then he looks at the old man and smiles knowingly, "Just say it out ba."

The old man hesitates and coughs. Clearly he can't get past this man. If this man wasn't here, he would be able to find a way to trick the young man at his side. One look and it's obvious that the young man is completely clueless when it comes to auctions. But it's not the same with this man. He feels that he won't be able to get anything past him, so he says, "The old me can find someone to help the two sirs. But when it's done, hopefully three drops of spiritual liquid would be given as repayment."

You XiaoMo immediately makes the calculations. Three drops of spiritual liquid is three hundred thousand. Although that is just the base price, but if he auctions it off without refining, he will lose nine hundred thousand. Counting this way, it is more worth it to get someone to refine it before the auction.

"Elder brother Ling, this is acceptable ....... "

You XiaoMo lightly tugs on Ling Xiao's sleeve.

Ling Xiao raps him on the head impatiently. It's clear from his expression what he is thinking. He thinks that he is the one that is getting a deal. The reality is there is no loss to the other person. Some people won't be able to get one drop of spiritual liquid even after spending one million.

"Two drops."

Ling Xiao says with no room for negotiation in his tone.

The old man seems to have expected this reply so he answers without hesitation, "Deal. But eighty eight drops of spiritual liquid is not a small number. Would the two sirs like to divide them into two or three batches for the auction?"

Ling Xiao smiles meaningfully, "No need. Auction it all off in one go."

The old man is stunned for a moment. Then he shakes his head smiling wryly. He can almost see it. Tomorrow's auction will be very fierce. Eighty eight drops of spiritual liquid is not a small number. If one wins the auction, it can guarantee one's life in battle. Those powerful forces will definitely not let go of this excellent opportunity.

Then the old man takes out a black and gold tablet that is made out of emerald jade from under the counter. He hands it over to Ling Xiao, "This is our Seven Stars auction house status card. Because the two sirs are auctioning over five million, it is enough to reach our distinguished guest level. This is the seat number. When the time comes the two sirs will just have to take a seat according to this number. On top of that, this tablet can also be used at all the auction houses and shops under the Seven Stars banner."

Not waiting for Ling Xiao to stretch out his hand, You XiaoMo eagerly takes that tablet.

The black and gold tablet looks very distinctive. On it is drawn seven five-pointed stars. It makes him think of the mall member discount cards. This tablet must be the same as those discount cards and the like. Just nice, he can try it out in little bit.

The old man unconsciously glances at Ling Xiao. The latter's expression is all gentle and elegant.

He can perceive that this young man is only a low level mage. Maybe not even level two. But the man together with him, he has no way of telling his power. For a level four mage like him to not be able to perceive, this person can not be any less than Moon level.

A person of this strength actually allows a low level mage to act so presumptuously in front of him. Clearly their relationship is quite extraordinary.

After sending the two of them off, the old man immediately calls over the attendant from before. He tells her to not let anyone disturb him for the next few hours before returning back to the secret room and locking the door securely.

Spiritual liquid is a good thing. Although it is just two drops, he does not plan on giving this opportunity away to anyone else. Because other then replenishing a martial artist's spiritual energy, it has an even bigger use. That is to increase the rate of success in refining magic pills and the quality of the magic pills. Especially for high level magic pills. The rate of failure is so high that most mages are unable to bear it. But it's different when spiritual liquid is used. One just needs to pour in one drop of spiritual liquid when refining, and it will increase the rate of success by ten percent. Such a high rate of success, every mage will find it attractive.

Coming out of the auction house, You XiaoMo looks into the distance while standing at the side of the street. He doesn't find any trace of the Raging fire horse.

Ling Xiao has no intention of calling the Raging fire horse, simply walking towards the stream of people.

You XiaoMo hesitates for a moment and then runs to catch up. He finally figures it out. From now on they can only use their own two legs to get around. The things he wants to buy is quite a lot. It is really not convenient to be taking a carriage to find those shops.

The street they are on is HunJi city's busiest street. The number of people is more than two times that of the other streets. Although the street is already very wide, two to three times that of HePing town, it is still packed with people. A moment of inattention would result in bumping into other people.

Terrified of being separated by the surging crowd, a pair of lively eyes are looking randomly in all directions.

Although Ling Xiao doesn't turn around, he can still guess what he looks like now. His lips start to curve up knowingly. He then stops in his tracks, and the person behind immediately crashes his head onto his back. Turning around he sees him looking resentful, rubbing his nose. Just when he is about to say something, an uproar suddenly erupts in front of them.

"Get aside! If you don't want to die, give way for the great me!"

A group of people with sharp swords at their waist, with fierce and ruthless faces suddenly rush out from among the surging crowd.

The leader is a rather chubby person. From the faint aura from his body, it is possible to tell that this middle aged man should be of Moon level strength.

At this moment, this group of people are walking menacingly in their direction.

You XiaoMo pokes his head out from behind Ling Xiao. One look and his eyes open wide. He actually recognizes a few people behind that middle aged man. Because not long ago, they met outside the city gates. He quickly withdraws his head, terrified that he would be recognized by them.

What he forgets is that those people have a deeper impression of Ling Xiao than of him. On top of that, Ling Xiao's presence is extraordinary becoming the point of attention while standing in a crowd of people. Those few people already catch sight of him when they were still ten over meters away.

"Boss, that's him!"

"That's right. He's the one that injured the second boss."

Several people strive to be the first to point out Ling Xiao. They no longer appear fearful, actually seeming quite pleased. The looks directed at Ling Xiao appear more aggressive and sinister. Dare to touch people of the Wolf fang gang? Today we will definitely demand a hundred
fold repayment in thanks.

Very quickly, twenty over men rush to the front of Ling Xiao. The middle aged man stops three meters away. He holds a large axe in his arm as he walks forward a few steps. The flesh on his face shakes menacingly as he says sinisterly, "You are the ones that injured my second brother?"

Second brother? You XiaoMo pokes his head out again and looks him up and down a few times. He mumbles, "No resemblance at all ma."

Ling Xiao hears his mumbling and lowers his head, looking at him with laughter in his eyes. Then he moves his line of sight to the middle aged man, smiling while saying, "Excuse me. I don't know your second brother. But not long ago I actually came across a stupid pig. Don't tell me that he is your second brother?"

"Pu ....... "

You XiaoMo can't hold back his laughter.