The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 105

Chapter 105
Magic pill central workshop.

"You're asking for death!"

The middle aged man says viciously. He especially hates people calling him a pig. Even an insinuation is not tolerated. Suddenly his thick brows rise sharply. He lifts up the big axe in his hand and cuts down ruthlessly at Ling Xiao, bringing with it a momentum that only Moon level martial artists have. The onlookers all around immediately do all they can to move backwards.

Just when the big axe is about to fall on Ling Xiao's body, a strand of purple flames surge out from his body. The blazing hot temperature immediately raises the temperature all around considerably. Much like a fire dragon whooshing and winding around the middle aged man's big axe. In an instant the axe is burnt into ashes. Then that strand of purple fire shoots violently at the middle aged man .......

That middle aged man doesn't even have time to cry out. That strand of purple flames shoots through his chest finally changing into tiny sparks and vanishing.

Everyone looks at this scene in horror.

When the purple flames disappear, the middle aged man's body falls to the ground amidst the shocked cries of the onlookers. Bright red blood gushes out. In just a little bit, there is a pool of blood on the ground. In the middle aged man's chest is a shocking bloody hole.

Quite a number of people cover their mouths speechlessly. Their terrified gazes fall on the handsome man who appears so gentle and refined. No one expected that this person that is smiling so warmly would actually make such a cold-blooded move.

Marching over unhindered for over ten years without once falling down, the leader of the wolf fang gang, an unquestionable Moon level martial artist, actually falls down dead with one strike from this man. This misfortune is really too tragic ah.

But this man's skill is so ruthless, with the power of thunder and speed of the wind. This is not some thing easily witnessed in the peaceful HunJi city. Today, not only is this skill witnessed, it is so ruthless right from the start. Really making everyone jump in fright.

You XiaoMo also didn't expect it. He swallows with difficulty, raising his head to glance at Ling Xiao.

He thought that at the most, Ling Xiao would just send them running. He didn't expect him to kill the middle aged man right away. But he is also not especially surprised. That time in the ice cave, he saw Ling Xiao strike Elder Jiang dead with one move. He even dares to kill an Elder of TianXin sect. Who is there that he doesn't dare to kill? Although Elder Jiang was a spy for the demons.

So he had known long ago that Ling Xiao is a very ruthless person. But knowing in his heart is still a little different from witnessing it with his own eyes.

The few people that were smugly accusing Ling Xiao just a moment ago, having witnessed the death of their gang leader, are now all pale with fright. Their terrified eyes reflect the slender figure of Ling Xiao. Their legs are shaking so hard that they are almost unable to stand. Don't even talk about rushing out to take revenge for their gang leader.

"Take your gang leader's corpse and get out of here ah. Or do you all want to stay here and accompany your gang leader?"

Ling Xiao looks over at them and speaks in a gentle voice.

All the members of the wolf fang gang are terrified by his gentle voice, making their hair stand on end. The group of people stumble over to the middle aged man and lift up the corpse of their gang leader while completely flustered. Then they quickly disappear.

"Alright. Let's go ba."

Ling Xiao looks down and speaks to You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo immediately follows him and dives into the crowd of people, as if nothing happened. If not for the pool of blood on the ground, a lot of people would think that everything that just happened was just an illusion. After all, it was too shocking.

Not long after they left, a group of black-clothed guards led by a man rushes over. It's too bad that they are one step too late. The matter already ended. The people have also left without a trace. If not for the pool of blood on the ground, with the crowd dispersed after the show is over, he would have thought that he had just been fed false information.

Walking slowly down the street, You XiaoMo's gaze continuously sweeps across the shops on both sides of the street.

As the busiest street of HunJi city, the goods that are sold here is more complete than in HePing town. Every few steps is another magic pill shop or magic herb shop. But these shops are relatively small. There are people moving around inside but definitely not too many.

You XiaoMo really wants to go in to take a look but Ling Xiao doesn't stop. He also can't just run in by himself.

After the two of them walk for about a quarter of an hour, You XiaoMo's flickering eyes finally lock on to the signboard of a huge shop. On the light gold board is written 'Magic pill central workshop', in large simple characters. Furthermore, on the upper right corner of the sign there are seven red stars engraved. Clearly this is one of Seven Star's businesses.

This shop is the size of four shops. Compared to the surrounding shops, this shop may be considered luxurious.

At this moment, Ling Xiao also stops walking, lowering his head to say to him, "It's this one."

You XiaoMo nods somewhat excitedly and follows him into this extraordinary shop. Just stepping into the shop, a whiff of medicinal fragrance assails his nose. The concentrated fragrance almost makes him sneeze. After taking a careful look, his eyes are filled with wonder.

The inside of the Magic pill central workshop is very huge. Everything is criss-crossed but the transparent display cases are placed in an ordered manner. The cases seem to be made of crystal, similar to the modern glass display cases. But the display cases here are clearly much stronger than glass cases. Faint spiritual energy drifts up from the surfaces. Not only are there magic pills of various levels inside, there are also quite a lot of magic herbs.

It's possible that the display cases can lock in spiritual energy, so there is no sign of decay of the magic herbs inside. It attracts a lot of people to stop and look. There are also quite a few people standing by the other cases. Sounds of conversation can be heard all around.

You XiaoMo takes a look, his drool almost flowing out. The magic pills and magic herbs are mostly mid level and medium quality. Most are level four to level six, all are quite common ones. As for low level magic pills and magic herbs, there doesn't seem to be any. Clearly big medicine workshops are not the same.

But when he sees the price written on top, the corners of his eyes can't help twitching. Too exorbitant. One stalk of level four magic herb is actually forty thousand gold coins. And it's only medium quality. If it is high quality, would it then be fifty to sixty thousand gold coins?

This type of business is too much of a rip-off, too profitable. He is envious!

After taking a look, he looks away feeling depressed.

He thinks about how much money he got when he sold magic pills in HePing town. It's not even one tenth the price of one stalk of level four magic herb. It's really a huge blow to him. But at the same time, he thanks his lucky stars, thankful that he can grow his own. If not he wouldn't be able to buy it even if he sold himself.

He had heard Elder brother saying before, that although being a mage is a profitable profession, it also burns through a lot of money. Seeing this now, it's clearly not false ah!

"My two sirs, do you need help with anything?"

A female attendant dressed in simple white clothes walks towards them. Her calm gaze sweeps across the both of them, before finally, as everyone expects, settling on Ling Xiao in a respectful manner.

Ling Xiao doesn't immediately answer her. Instead he looks over to You XiaoMo when she speaks. He still remembers what his Little brother said in the Seven Stars auction house. But when he looks over, not only is he not looking at the attendant, he is poking his head here and there looking at who knows what. Only then does he look away in satisfaction.

"Do you take magic pills here?"

The attendant freezes for a moment before nodding her head modestly, "We do. But on the second floor. Will the two sirs please follow me."

Then You XiaoMo is led by Ling Xiao up to the second level following after the attendant.

The second floor of the Magic pill central workshop is not as luxurious as the first floor. Rather it has a simple and plain atmosphere, mostly in plain white. The middle of the great hall is similarly filled with transparent crystal display cases. Inside the cases are jade boxes that mostly contain magic herbs. But what is surprising is that these magic herbs are actually top quality, emitting faint white rays. One look and it's obvious that they are not ordinary magic herbs.

No wonder this is the biggest magic pill shop in HunJi city. It seems they have quite a bit of assets.

There are quite a few people standing scattered in the middle of the hall. From their bodies, You XiaoMo can feel their powerful souls. They are all mages. But this is only to be expected since people who buy magic herbs are mostly mages.

The attendant brings them to an old man dressed in black robes and then explains the situation.

The old man waves off the attendant and looks towards the both of them. This time You XiaoMo is finally the object of attention. After all, only mages will sell magic pills. Martial artists won't come to sell magic pills. They don't even have enough for their own use.

"What magic pill does this Little brother want to sell? But let the old me say this first, Magic pill central workshop will not accept ordinary magic pills."

The old man speaks lightly. He raises this point because he can see that You XiaoMo is a low level mage. The magic pills a low level mage can refine is restricted. Level one to level three without exception. And it's mostly low grade. Magic pill central workshop does not accept low grade magic pills.

You XiaoMo also understands what he means. He doesn't say much but just brings out five bottles of magic pills from his magic bag and places them in front of him.

The old man picks up one of the bottles. Immediately after opening the bottle, a burst of strong medicinal fragrance is detected. The smell that assails the nose makes the expression on the old man's face change slightly. He immediately pours out one pill. A perfectly round yellow gold colored magic pill rolls out from the mouth of the bottle into his palm. From the magic pill's color and scent, it is all first class. Shockingly, it is a top grade level two magic pill.

The old man then takes a closer look at the bottle. They are actually fifty or so pills inside. Then he looks at the other four bottles of magic pills one by one. They are all also top grade level two magic pills, also fifty pills per bottle. A look of amazement quickly wells up in the old man's eyes.

"These ....... were all refined by you?"

The old man stares at You XiaoMo with shock and amazement.

He can hardly imagine that this person that he feels does not have a powerful soul, and is not more than seventeen or eighteen years or age, is actually a level two mage. Most importantly, he actually refined two hundred and fifty top grade magic pills.

It must be said that although Magic pill central workshop is the biggest magic pill shop in HunJi city, it still can't bring out two hundred and fifty top grade magic pills at one time. Also, where did he get so many top quality magic herbs?