The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 106

Chapter 106
One huge sum.

"It's not important who refined them. Is the Magic pill central workshop going to accept them or not?"

You XiaoMo is just about to answer when Ling Xiao stretches his hand out in front of him and stops him. He looks up to see him calmly looking at the old man with narrowed eyes, his expression rather sharp, as if wanting to look through the old man's skin.

The old man tries to cover up his slip up with a soft cough, and says seriously, "These magic pills, even though they are level two magic pills, they are definitely not ordinary. The quality is also a little better than normal top grade magic pills. How about this ba, three of the bottles are common magic pills, with small markets. I will give you the price of five hundred gold pieces for each pill. The other two bottles are comparatively special for level two magic pills. So I will give you six hundred for each pill. Do the two of you have any objections?"

"That will do."

Ling Xiao nods as he speaks.

You XiaoMo feels extremely pleased as he calculates, three bottles of five hundred gold pieces is seventy five thousand, two bottles of six hundred gold pieces is sixty thousand. Altogether he gets one hundred and thirty five thousand gold pieces. Deducting the cost of the magic herb seeds, he earned a lot.

Seeing that the they don't object, the old man just counts out a heavy pouch of gold coins and gives it to them.

You XiaoMo takes the pouch of gold coins, his arms feeling the weight, almost failing to hold on to it. He quickly puts it into his magic bag gleefully. Level two magic pills are clearly much better than level one magic pills. Two hundred and fifty pills selling for one hundred over thousand. The depression he felt downstairs from the price of one stalk of level four magic herb immediately disappears.

Only now does he have the sense of becoming a truly rich person.

Holding his nice and warm magic bag, You XiaoMo remembers another matter. Coincidentally this is a medicine workshop, so they should have what he wants, so he asks, "Old sir, do you sell level four to level six magic herb seeds here?"

The old man is momentarily stunned, looking him up and down in surprise, saying, "You want to buy magic herb seeds?"

You XiaoMo nods, looking at him full of hope, "Yes, does this workshop have that for sale?"

Such a large medicine workshop. If even they don't have it, the chance that the other magic herb shops have it is even smaller.

The old man strokes his beard, pondering for a moment. A strange gleam flashes across his eyes. He hesitates for a bit before saying, "Yes we do have but definitely not much. I suppose the two of you also know the higher the level of the magic herb seeds, the less buyers there are. So, even a big medicine workshop like Magic pill central workshop won't have too much stock."

You XiaoMo is already very excited the moment he hears the word yes. As for whether there's a lot or little, that is not a problem for now, "How much stock does old sir have? What is the price?"

"He he, currently, Magic pill central workshop has sixty five types of level four magic herb seeds. One hundred seeds per type. The price is fifteen thousand. Eighty nine types of level five magic herb seeds. Fifty seeds per type. The price is thirty thousand. One hundred and twenty one level six magic herb seeds. Twenty seeds per type. The price is two hundred."

The old man drums his fingers lightly on top of the table, laughing softly.

With every level he describes, You XiaoMo drips a drop of cold sweat. Hearing the last of it, the sweat just gushes out.

He never expected that mid level magic herb seeds would be so expensive. One level four magic herb seed is already sixty five thousand. The money he has in his pocket is not even enough to buy half. Don't even talk about all the seeds altogether adding up to over eight million. Clearly the number of seeds is getting less and less but the price is getting higher and higher. He'd be better of committing robbery ne.

You XiaoMo raises his head and looks at Ling Xiao, "Brother ....... "

Ling Xiao rubs his head calmly, and speaks to the old man, "Can we trouble old sir to help us set these seeds aside? We will come get them tomorrow. Is that alright?"

"He he, of course."

The old man laughs as he nods.

"Then we'll take our leave."

Ling Xiao nods towards the old man and takes You XiaoMo with him, leaving Magic pill central workshop.

Seeing them leave with his own eyes and listening to their gradually fading footsteps, the old man seems to be in deep thought, stroking his beard. His gaze again falls on the five bottles of top grade magic pills on the table. The strange look in his eyes becomes even more apparent. The things these two people brought out really exceed his expectation.

"Selling off five bottles of top grade level two magic pills in one go. That is not ordinary low or mid grade magic pills. The number of high quality magic herbs needed is more than seven hundred stalks. This sum is simply one that is never seen before. However that young man seems to be not more than seventeen to eighteen years old. At most, barely a level two mage. Could it be that these magic pills were not refined by him? But looking at that young man's expression, it seems that he is the one ....... "

The old man mutters to himself. Suddenly a shocked look appears in his eyes. Then he shakes his head seeming pleased with himself.

But what shocks him the most is that a mage can, with no rhyme or reason, buy so many magic herb seeds, and adding to that the five bottles of top grade magic pills, the old man feels that he has discovered something unimaginable. If it is really as he thinks, that is really too much, "No, the master of the city must be notified. If that young man really has a secret way to cultivate high quality magic herbs, we definitely can't just sit by and watch. If I can get a hold of that secret technique, wouldn't that mean that from then on, getting high level magic herbs and magic pills would be as easy as pie?"

The old man gets more and more excited thinking about it. The seemingly muddy eyes shoot out rays of excitement, as if he can already see that glorious future. But the man by the young man's side is a problem .......

Thinking of that, the excitement in the old man's eyes suddenly calms down. Looks like he has to find away to get rid of that man.

At that moment, You XiaoMo is crestfallen with his head lowered as he leaves the Magic pill central workshop.

When he entered the Magic pill central workshop, he was full or interest and in high spirits. When he leaves the place, those feelings has been flung all the way to Java country. He makes a rough calculation. Deducting the money needed to buy the magic herb seeds, the rest is not enough for him to buy a good cauldron. This trip down the mountain, he actually has two main goals. That is to buy mid level magic herb seeds and cauldron.

If the gold coins from the auction is not enough, he can only buy a little less magic herb seeds.

Just as he is deep in thought, his head is rapped by a large hand, almost causing him to fall down the stairs of the Magic pill central workshop. There is no need to think who it is. You XiaoMo immediately glowers at Ling Xiao, "Elder brother Ling, why did you hit my head this time?"

The corners of Ling Xiao's lips lifts as he smiles. He pinches both of his cheeks, "Little brother, you are really cute ei. Do you actually think that eighty eight drops of spiritual liquid will not exceed eight million? If you really think so, then why bother putting them up for auction?"

You XiaoMo's cheeks feel somewhat painful from being pinched. He quickly pulls his hands away and covers his reddened cheeks and takes a few steps to the side. He puts on a fierce look and glares at him saying, "A gentleman uses his mouth, and not his fists. But ....... is what you just said really true?"

Right after his first sentence, the later words exposes his real thoughts, with the two black eyes widely open, clearly full of hope. Ling Xiao can't help but smile, again stretching his evil claws towards him.

In order to get away from the evil claws, You XiaoMo takes a few more steps backwards, making him bump accidentally into someone who was behind him that was just about to go into the Magic pill central workshop. That person unconsciously pushes back at him, pushing him back into Ling Xiao's arms.

Catching the You XiaoMo that flies on his own accord into his arms, Ling Xiao can't help but feel amused. How can this person be so lovable ne!

"Ok, ok, I won't tease you anymore. Let's talk seriously."

Ling Xiao holds down You XiaoMo that is trying to struggle out of his embrace, "As for the auction price of the spiritual liquid, the price that the old man gave you is only the base price. What is important is the final price. Valuable things like spiritual liquid, the final price can only be double. There is no need to doubt that the powerful forces won't take the bait."

"Really, it can double?"

You XiaoMo raises his head and looks doubtfully at him. It's not that he likes to doubt him but Ling Xiao always likes to make fun of him and tease him, so he has to be a little cautious.

"If you don't believe it, you just have to wait for the start of tomorrow's auction and you will see."

Ling Xiao also doesn't explain much.

Even if you have not seen a pig run, you have still eaten one before.

You XiaoMo feels that there is some truth to what Ling Xiao says. In his previous life, he seems to have vaguely seen auctions and the like on TV. Those rich people, when they see something they like, each one of them will bid vigorously, so the price can double very easily.

After finally throwing off the burden of poverty, the single-celled organism that is You XiaoMo finally regains the ability to move again.

This time it's finally You XiaoMo's turn to pull Ling Xiao to the other shops. There are still a lot of things he wants to buy. For now, he doesn't have enough money to buy a good cauldron. So he decides to go to the wooden furnishings shop first to buy some wooden racks.

The wooden furnishings shop of HunJi city are more luxurious than those of HePing town. The wood that is used to manufacture the furnishings are of the best quality, all made of twenty to thirty year old wood. The workmanship is both fine and has beautiful aesthetics. Especially the outer contours, carved into exquisite patterns, very visually attractive. But one of the very best wooden racks costs fifteen gold pieces. Although it is several times more expensive than those sold in HePing town, You XiaoMo still buys a hundred or so.

On top of that, he also asked the manager for materials to build a wooden hut. He also buys two hundred barrels to use when diluting magic water. In one go, he spends several tens of thousands of gold coins, making his heart ache unbearably.

After coming out of the wooden furnishings shop, the two of them make one round in every direction, only looking for a place to spend the night when the sun is just about to set.

Seven Stars tower is the largest hotel in HunJi city. Because the auction will be held tomorrow, a lot of people that are here to take part in the auction will choose to stay at the Seven Stars tower. Especially those with the distinguished guest status card. They only have to show this card to stay free of charge in the Seven Stars tower.

Java country - the island of Java is far away
Even if you have not seen a pig run, you have still eaten one before - even though you have not experienced it personally, you can still guess how it will be
single-celled organism - simple minded