The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 107

Chapter 107
Taking petty advantage.

"Would the guests like to stay for the night or dine?"

The manager that was just settling accounts at the counter immediately puts on a smile when he sees You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao walking in from outside.

You XiaoMo says that it is the former and the manager shows an apologetic face, "My two guests, I'm sorry but today the Seven Stars tower is only accepting those that will be participating in the auction. If the two of you are not going to participate in the auction, you can only look for another hotel. I am really sorry about this."

The manager actually speaks sincerely, with a good attitude. But if it's someone with an especially bad temper, they probably would be all up in arms. But the ones behind Seven Stars tower is the Master of HunJi city. If one wants to make a fuss here, one still has consider one's own worth beforehand.

You XiaoMo hears these words and immediately remembers the distinguished guest status card in his pocket. He then rummages through his magic bag and a black distinguished guest status card appears in his hand.

Seeing him show the distinguished guest card, the manager is momentarily stunned before quickly inviting them respectfully and reverently to the main rooms on the second floor.

The black card is a level two distinguished guest card. The people that can have this card are all with over five million in assets. These two people hold the level two distinguished guest card so they are clearly people of extraordinary background.

When the two figures disappear into the mouth of the stairs to the second floor, some of the people seated in the main hall finally turn green with envy.

It's not only the manager that recognizes that distinguished guest card. A lot of people in the main hall also recognize it because ninety percent of them will be participating in the auction tomorrow. It's just that the people that are able to get a distinguished guest card is very few.

Although HunJi city is a prosperous city, but the people taking part in the auction are not necessarily rich. A lot of them are just attracted to the famous event. Some of them can't even get the level three distinguished guest card.

"His mom really has money, level two distinguished guest card is only for those that auction over five million ah!"

A skinny and rather leery man looks at the direction where the two of them disappear while licking his lips. He finally can't stop himself from cursing. His face seems unhappy but his eyes are mostly green with envy.

The important thing is that the distinguished guests seats are much better than the hard seats. On top of that, it is easy to see the items on auction. That's why a lot of people want to get the distinguished guest card. Otherwise, you will only be able to see the price of the items on auction. But a level three distinguished guest card is only for those with over two million.

The skinny man's voice is not soft. There are two tables of people next to him. Looking at their dressing, they seem to be together.

At one of the tables, is an especially eye-catching woman. The woman is dressed in a flame red dress. Her full and slender hour-glass figure is faintly visible wrapped up under the red dress. Really provocative, attracting the surrounding men to look over in her direction over and over again. Their leers are rather bare-faced but the woman acts oblivious. Her seductive eyes are looking in the direction of where You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao disappears with an unreadable expression.

The old man at her side sees her expression and can't help asking, "Young miss, can it be that you are interested in those two?"

"Those two people seem to be a little interesting."

A slight smile is on the woman's lips as she puts down the wine glass. She doesn't deny it.

"Even if they are very interesting, we still can't provoke them."

The old man says seriously.

"What makes you think so?"

The woman asks in reply, showing much interest.

"The young boy holding the card is indeed very weak. Not worthy of mention. But the man with him is rather unreadable. The old me is unable to figure out his level. Furthermore, you saw for yourself, the Seven Stars distinguished guest card is not for just anyone. Those people probably have some backing. It's better not to provoke them."

The old man speaks earnestly.

"Elder Yun, you are clearly lauding the spirit of others while belittling that of our own."

The woman smirks, her indifferent expression seems to not place any importance on the old man's words.

"Young miss, you cannot speak like this. This time there are many powerful forces taking part in this auction. It's not that there are none that are more powerful than XiaoYao sect. Furthermore, before we set out, the Grand Master already warned me not to let you throw a tantrum and offend people."

The old man shakes his head.


The woman looks to the side, her gaze still fixed on the second floor. A strange gleam in her eyes.

The old man sees how it is and can only shake his head helplessly.

The manager brings the two of them to a luxurious room. Because the room already has two beds, he doesn't arrange two rooms for them. He only leaves after seeing that the both of them don't have any objections.

You XiaoMo walks into the inner room and sees that there are actually two beds. His momentary surprise turns into wild rejoicing. He thought that there would only be one bed. Before, he didn't ask for two rooms because he knew that Ling Xiao wouldn't allow it, so he didn't protest pointlessly.

Ling Xiao also walks inside, and after a sweeping gaze doesn't mind that the two beds give such joy to a certain person. After all, when it is time to sleep, he only needs to pull that person onto the bed and that would be the end of it.

"Elder brother Ling, should we go back to our original appearance?"

You XiaoMo stands in front of the mirror, looking at the unfamiliar face reflected in the mirror. This face has obviously been altered.

After the two of them set out, Ling Xiao altered their faces to avoid being recognized and creating unnecessary trouble. So their faces now are completely different. Even if those close to them like Zhou Peng and Fang ChenLe were to stand in front of them, they also wouldn't be able to recognize them.

"No need."

Ling Xiao walks to the tea table and sits down.

You XiaoMo dawdles over and looks at his face, asking cautiously, "Elder brother Ling, the face you have now, is it your real face?"

Ling Xiao lifts his eyes and glances at him, his lips starting to smile, "You really want to know?"

You XiaoMo immediately moves a few inches back, laughing *hei hei*, "If Elder brother Ling is willing to tell me ....... "

But seriously, he really is very curious about Ling Xiao's actual appearance. After knowing him for so long, he still doesn't know what he really looks like. He only knows that he is called Ling Xiao. Same pronunciation as Brother Lin Xiao's name, so he never had to worry about calling the wrong name.

"Is that so ....... "

Ling Xiao moves closer to him, looking at him with smiling eyes, "Then I'm unwilling."

You XiaoMo's mouth twitches, " ....... "

Not long after, the waiter brings over steaming dishes for dinner. After finishing dinner, You XiaoMo calls the guy again and asks him to bring ten plates of after dinner snacks. This is because he remembers something that he almost forgot. This time down the mountain, there is one more thing that he wanted to do, that is to stockpile some food.

He is not used to eating Fasting magic pills all the time. Just during times of seclusion when he has no choice. He is someone that usually places importance on good food. But he doesn't really like the canteen. Too many people, too many words. On top of that the brothers are always giving him strange looks so he decided to store up a pile of food in his dimension while on this trip down the mountain.

Since things are free in Seven Stars tower, if he doesn't make full use of it, it would only be a disservice to himself. Thus You XiaoMo would call the waiter to send up refreshments every half an hour. Once the waiter leaves, he would immediately pack the snacks into his dimension. In order to not let the waiter realize what he is doing, he deliberately scatters a few crumbs on the floor, to provide circumstantial evidence, letting the waiter see when he comes to clear away the plates.

You XiaoMo's actions makes the waiter depressed. He feels that these two people have too much capacity for food. Perhaps he really is tricked by You XiaoMo so he doesn't realize that the evidence presented in front of him is actually manufactured.

Ling Xiao, who witnesses the whole process is at first stunned. But after the waiter leaves, he seizes You XiaoMo and molests him thoroughly, laughing happily *he he*, "Little brother, how is it that you're getting cuter and cuter ne!"

"Ai yo, you don't mess up my hair la."

You XiaoMo struggles to jump out of his evil claws. This is already the second time he is molested today. He gets more and more puzzled as to why Ling Xiao likes to rub his head.

At this moment, when most people are already asleep, You XiaoMo wants to ask the waiter to send up the last round of snacks but he is pulled onto the bed by the impatient Ling Xiao. After having his resistance subdued by force, You XiaoMo forgets all about his previous plan to sleep on separate beds.

The next day, You XiaoMo struggles to open his eyes under the glaring sunlight. As is to be expected, he again slept on top of Ling Xiao's body last night. This time, he very calmly climbs up and puts on his clothes and washes his face. No matter who it is, if every early morning they wake to find themselves clinging tightly on top of another man's body, and it's something they did of their own accord, it is unthinkable if they don't learn to get used to it.

Once he wakes up, Ling Xiao also wakes up. After washing up, they both go downstairs together.

Breakfast is eaten at the main hall on the first floor. With everybody watching, You XiaoMo can only put away his desire to take petty advantages and eat his breakfast accordingly.

He definitely doesn't know that the manager and the waiter finally heave a sigh of relief when he didn't ask for more snacks, rejoicing that this ancestor is about to leave. Although the Seven Stars tower provides free food and drink to those with the distinguished guest card, it still can't withstand that rate of consumption. If everyone was like him, Seven Stars tower can only look forward to bankruptcy.

When You XiaoMo leaves, the manager personally sends him off respectfully. His appearance is like that of someone who just sent off a huge mountain that has been weighing on his shoulders, appearing extremely relieved and carefree.

his mom really - damn
ancestor - I'm assuming it's slang for joker or something similar