The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 108

Chapter 108
Auction (I)

On the way to the Seven Stars auction house, You XiaoMo also buys a lot of food.

After dawdling all the way, they finally reach the auction house before the start of auction. When they appear again at the entrance of the auction house, the entrance that didn't have many people yesterday, is suddenly completely clogged up. There's also a lot of chaotic noise, extremely lively.

You XiaoMo's mouth hangs open as he looks at this scene. He is thinking that if he were to squeeze in there, his already skinny body, would it be squeezed flat? The answer is obvious because that throng of people are mostly strong and sturdy men.

"Elder brother Ling, how are we going to get in?"

You XiaoMo swallows and throws the question to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao stretches out his hand to him, "Give me that card."

You XiaoMo is momentarily stunned and then quickly hands over the black card to him, really curious to see his next move.

After Ling Xiao takes the card, he simply walks towards another entrance. There are relatively less people there. Also, that entrance is guarded by four powerful strong men. From their aura, one can sense that that they are Sky level strength. The four of them allow Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo to enter.

Some people see what they did so they want to turn around and follow them in. The four strong men immediately bar them from following. Those people can only rub their noses resentfully and go back to squeezing into the flow of people.

The passageway is somewhat dim and seems to be winding upwards, as if going to the second floor.

You XiaoMo follows closely behind LIng Xiao. At the last turn, the narrow passageway suddenly opens up. An incomparably gigantic auction house appears in front of him. Although he is mentally prepared, he is still shocked when seeing it with his own eyes.

Below are numerous closely spaced seats made out of white colored stone, giving off a bright and luxurious feel. In front is a big auction platform made out of white crystal. Dazzling and crystal clear, seeming dreamlike.

You XiaoMo's first impression is extravagance. Just when he is looking at this scene in amazement, a pretty female attendant walks towards them, and asks respectfully, "My two sirs, may I ask which seat number do you have?"

Ling Xiao lets the girl take a look at the black card in his hand. The attendant immediately nods and brings them to their spacious and luxurious seats. Level two distinguished guest seats are carved out of blue crystal. Thick and fluffy wool coverings are spread on top. Sitting on it feels especially soft and cozy. Also, the seats are relatively closer to the auction platform. One can easily take in almost the whole scene.

You XiaoMo unabashedly occupies one of the seats and starts looking all over in high spirits.

The seats for the distinguished guests are on the second floor of the Seven Stars auction house. The nearer the seats are to the auction platform, the higher the level of the distinguished guest card. Furthermore, because there isn't any covering, everyone can see those sitting on the distinguished guest seats.

When You XiaoMo is checking out the other people, they are also checking him out. After all, those that are able to come up to the second floor's distinguished guest seats are all people with power and prestige. Suddenly a small weak person popping up is really surprising to a lot of people. But when they see Ling Xiao sitting at his side, most of them no longer feel so surprised.

"Young miss, what are you looking at?"

Elder Yun notices the woman's gaze and asks softly.

"Elder Yun, look. Aren't those two on the opposite side the ones we saw in Seven Stars tower? I didn't think that we would meet them again so soon. Looks like we are somewhat fated na!"

The woman's pair of lovely and bewitching eyes fix onto the two of them unwaveringly. Does she actually have interest in them or not?

Elder Yun shakes his head. What fate? Young miss does what she wants. It's just that she will sometimes engage in some evil interests, even more than men do. Not the least bit like how a woman should behave.

But it is also because of this that the leader of the sect feels that the young miss is the best person to inherit the XiaoYao sect. XiaoYao sect doesn't need someone proper that is overly cautious in every move, so the young miss is undoubtedly the best candidate.

Just when the woman and Elder Yun withdraw their gazes, Ling Xiao suddenly glances over at them.

The woman's gaze was not blatant but a little reserved and relatively veiled. But it was still discovered by Ling Xiao. Not only that, he also recognizes the woman and the old man at her side as guests of the Seven Stars tower. At that time the woman and the old man were in the main hall. At that time, the woman was also looking at them in the same way.

Ling Xiao raises his brows slightly. Oh well, as long as she doesn't offend him. Then he glances at You XiaoMo at his side. The latter doesn't realize anything, both eyes shining as he leans on the railing, checking out the situation below.

With the start of the auction drawing near, more and more people appear in the auction house. No matter if it is the first floor or the second floor, it seems as if all the seats are occupied. The noisy conversations gets louder and louder until a clear and melodious sound of a gong suddenly rings out in the auction hall. All at once, the whole place quiets down considerably, with almost everyone looking towards the auction platform.

At this time, an old man smiling until his eyes turn into slits is standing at the auction platform. It's unclear how long he has been standing there. The old man appears amiable but he is nothing short of Moon level strength. He is today's auctioneer, somewhat famous in HunJi city, recognized by quite a lot of people.

When the crowd noise diminishes along with the sound of the gong, the old man takes a sweeping look at everyone seated with his shrewd smiling eyes. He uses a loud and clear voice that can be heard by everyone to say, "Welcome everyone to HunJi city's auction that is held once every three years. Old me won't make unnecessary comments. Old me declares that the auction starts now."

Once those words are said, an enthusiastic round of applause is heard in the auction house.

Quite often, auctioneers will start off with a lengthy opening speech. But for the people that are impatiently waiting to see the items up for auction, this opening speech is extremely annoying. So the old man is very clever. Clearly he is very experienced. He knows that speaking concisely is what everyone wants.

A few seconds later, a simply attired female attendant walks onto the auction platform. The attendant puts down the thing in her hand and leaves. The old man walks over and pulls off the red cloth cover, revealing a transparent box holding several ten stalks of magic herbs.

"In here are twenty stalks of level four magic herbs and twenty five stalks of level five magic herbs. I'm sure that you all can tell that these forty five stalks of magic herbs are all peak medium quality magic herbs. Don't take these herbs as medium quality. It must be said that peak medium quality magic herbs can produce top grade magic pills. I believe that mages that study refining magic pills must be very clear on this. So, if you are interested, by all means do not be stingy with the gold coins in your pocket so as to not miss this chance.

After speaking, the old man looks at everyone seated. Although they are low level magic herbs, he is not afraid that no one would bid for them. For mages, magic herbs that are able to produce top grade magic pills is something that they crave for, so much so that they even dream of it. He then smiles shrewdly and says, "The reserve price is one hundred and fifty thousand. Let us start ba."

The place is quiet for a moment before someone calls out a price. With the first one, of course comes the second one, and the third one ....... more and more bidding cries are heard.

Because the number of mages participating in the auction is less than martial artists, a few minutes later, the forty five stalks of magic herbs are won by a level five mage at the price of three hundred and ten thousand.

You XiaoMo's mouth hangs open as he watches this. Eyes wide and mouth agape, forty five stalks of medium quality magic herbs can actually fetch such a high price, too lucrative!

He feels that this auction has opened up another door for him to earn money. Seems that he doesn't have to refine magic pills from the magic herbs. He can just sell off the magic herbs he grows in the dimension. This is much easier than refining them into magic pills. He actually didn't think of that before. Such a waste!

The auction progresses rapidly. In under half an hour, a dazzling array of treasures appear on the auction platform. There are magic herbs, magic pills, suits of armor, weapons, techniques, magic beasts, and so forth. But because the level is not high, so the ones that are vying for them are those sitting on the hard seats on the first floor. They have less capital so there isn't a grand show of wealth.

As for those sitting on the distinguished guest seats on the second floor, no one has made a move. All of them seem to be waiting for the real treasures that come up later. Some are resting with their eyes closed while some appear to be rather impatient.

You XiaoMo is not the least bit bored. This is his first time at an auction so he is relatively excited. Taking an interest in everything he sees.

Half an hour later, the auction platform sounds again *ding*. The old man reveals what is on the tray brought by the attendant. On the tray are shockingly five jade bottles. There's no need to look to know that it should be magic pills.

You XiaoMo cries out *ai*. His eyes open wide and glisten. He quickly hits Ling Xiao at his side with one of his hands, "Elder brother Ling, look at that. It looks like the magic pills I sold to Magic pill central workshop oh."

"Not looks like. Those are the magic pills that you refined."

Ling Xiao turns to glance at him, saying languidly.

"Then why did they bring them out for auction?"

You XiaoMo shakes his head showing that he doesn't understand.

Ling Xiao smiles as he says knowingly, "You already sold it to others. What they do with it is their business."

You XiaoMo still wants to say something but the old man on the platform starts to explain.

"He he, I believe everyone is very curious to know what magic pills are in here. Old me will also not keep you in suspense any longer. These are five bottles of level two magic pills ....... "

Just as he says level two, the place starts to buzz. The old man is not surprised, continuing on, "Everyone must be very curious as to why level two magic pills can be brought up for auction. These level two magic pills are actually top grade magic pills. Two hundred and fifty pills altogether. From the color and scent, they are all top grade magic pills of the best quality."

Saying that, the old man simply pours out a few magic pills from the bottle to let them have a look.

One look at the magic pills rolling in the bottles, and waves of commotion rise one after another.

This amount is definitely not small. Furthermore, the quality is that good. No wonder the auction house decided to put these level two magic pills up for auction. Based on the price for this many magic pills, it actually barely manages to qualify to get on the auction block.

Seeing that his words bring about quite a lot of reaction, the old man nods in satisfaction. Then he waves his hand as he says, "If you are interested, don't hesitate. If you miss this opportunity, there won't be another. We will now start the bidding. The reserve price is one hundred and thirty thousand."

"One hundred and forty thousand!"

As soon as he finishes speaking, someone immediately raises the first bid.

"One hundred and fifty thousand!"

"One hundred and sixty thousand!"

On the second floor, at the distinguished guest seats, You XiaoMo's jaw falls onto the railing.