The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 109

Chapter 109
Enlightened golden cauldron.

The ones interested in the five bottles of magic pills are not just the people on the first floor. There are also some people from the distinguished guest seats on the second floor that have some interest. In the end, the five bottles of magic pills is won by XiaoYao sect's Mu Yao at the price of two hundred and fifty thousand.

This price certainly far exceeds the worth of the five bottles of magic pills. But XiaoYao sect likes to flaunt their wealth, so they most probably can't be bothered with this little bit of money. Seeing that XiaoYao sect is showing interest, the other people can only give up. Fighting over something with XiaoYao sect is no doubt like a mayfly trying to shake a tree.

You XiaoMo feels that he was cheated out of a huge sum after hearing this price so he simply slumps in Ling Xiao's arms, looking for comfort, his face full of tears on the inside.

The people of Magic pill central workshop really have black hearts. Buying his magic pills for one hundred and thirty five thousand, and in a blink of an eye, selling them of for two hundred and fifty thousand. Just shy of twice the amount. Too black-hearted. He decides to despise them.

Ling Xiao beams as he hugs him, gently stroking his back in consolation.

This scene is inevitably seen by many. Especially the woman in the red dress on the opposite side, Mu Yao. An inadvertent glance immediately causes her eyes to open wide. A look of surprise flashes in her eyes. But her thoughts still don't head in that direction. After all, even though this is Long Xiao continent, there aren't many instances of intimate relationships between men.

The woman in the red dress just feels a little intrigued. The relationship between the two of them is closer than she imagined.

The price of five bottles of level two magic pills shooting up to two hundred and fifty thousand, the old man smiles until his eyes can no longer be seen.

After the little surge subsides, the old man starts to auction off other things. He takes the tray that the attendant brings over, "Ladies and gentlemen, the next item on auction, I believe is something that a lot of you have been waiting for. This is the level six magic beast thundercloud leopard's sharp claws and hide. Everyone knows that the thundercloud leopard's claws are incomparably sharp. It can easily tear apart the body of a Moon level martial artist. As for its hide, if it is used to make a precious armor, it can withstand an all out hit from a Sun level martial artist."

His last words suddenly move a lot hearts among the people present. Especially those below Moon level strength. Having the thundercloud leopard's hide and claws, is like having an extra life-saving charm. Furthermore, if they happen to come across a Moon level martial artist after this, they can simply use this power in battle.

The old man issues a reserve price of one and a half million. Just as he says this, people immediately start to throw out their bids.

This is the first time You XiaoMo has heard about magic beasts so he instantly forgets about his pain. He hangs back over the railing and looks at the pair of claws and hide on the auction platform.

The thundercloud leopard's claw appears black, occasionally emitting rays of light. It's clear that it is indeed sharp. On the other hand, the hide is silver in color, very beautiful.

You XiaoMo only has half-baked knowledge on magic beasts so he can't tell them apart.

Ling Xiao sees him staring straight at those things, so he thinks that he is interested. A sly look flashes in his eyes as he asks, "Little brother, you like those things?"

You XiaoMo cries *ah*, and then shakes his head, "I have no use for those things. If it was a living thundercloud leopard, that would be good."


Ling Xiao asks with his eyebrow raised.

"Because a living one can help me out ah."

You XiaoMo speaks seriously, and then adds in a low voice, "The magic herb field in the dimension is getting bigger and bigger. Everyday the magic herbs have to be watered. I can't keep up by myself, so it would be good if there is someone to help me."

"This idea is actually not bad."

After Ling Xiao hears that, he nods, seemingly deep in thought.

While they were conversing, the price already starts to rise above what a lot of people can bear. Rising to a price of two million four hundred and fifty thousand, instantly causing some very interested people to give up and withdraw from the fight. The remaining people are all with considerable capital. But in the end, it is won by JiLe tower at a price of two million and eight hundred thousand.

JiLe tower is also a strong force in the Southern part of Long Xiao continent, about the same level as XiaoYao sect. Their strength can't be looked down upon and is also led by a leader that likes to flaunt their wealth.

The old man brings down the gavel and announces the winner for the claws and hide. He quickly starts the bidding on the next item. Following the appearance of the level six magic beast, the worth of the following things slowly get higher. When several stalks of top quality level seven magic herbs appear, You XiaoMo looks at them with interest. But he has no money. Because the reserve price alone is eight hundred thousand. Outrageously expensive. He might as well buy the seeds and grow them himself.

Other than magic herbs, there are also magic pills and techniques, all rare things. But You XiaoMo doesn't need these things. He is wondering when is his spiritual liquid finally going to show up. But just as he is losing interest, the old man finally brings out something that moves his heart, "Enlightened golden cauldron. A cauldron used by mages to refine magic pills. Level six. The reserve price is four hundred thousand."

Cauldrons are only needed by mages when refining magic pills. But the people competing for it are not only the few mages on the first floor. The powerful forces on the second floor also have quite a lot of mages. After all, if a force wants to expand, it is impossible without mages.

With the rising sum or each bid, You XiaoMo gets anxious.

"Elder brother Ling, that cauldron ....... "

You XiaoMo turns to look anxiously at Ling Xiao while pulling on his sleeve.

A level six Enlightened golden cauldron is more attractive to him when compared to techniques and magic pills. After all, he is also a mage. Although he is only a level two mage, if he is able to win this cauldron, he wouldn't have to change cauldrons for a very long time after that.

"Don't worry, it's not too late if we put in the last bid."

When the cauldron appeared, Ling Xiao had already predicted that You XiaoMo would be interested.

Hearing his words, You XiaoMo finally calms down. But his eyes are still glued on the cauldron on the auction platform.

Luckily the Enlightened golden cauldron is only a slightly higher mid level cauldron. When XiaoYao sect throws out a bid of nine hundred thousand, a lot of people choose to give up. In the end, only the few powerful forces remain. One of them is precisely XiaoYao sect's rival, JiLe tower.

"Nine hundred and fifty thousand!"

The man that won the thundercloud leopard's claws and hide earlier, Mu YunTian, speaks up again. With that, he looks defiantly towards the woman in the red dress, Mu Yao.

He is the disciple of the leader of JiLe tower. Although he is not the biological son, his status in JiLe tower is still very high. He is also incredibly talented. Already a Moon level martial artist at the young age of twenty five.

Mu Yao coldly curls up the corners of her lips, and shouts, "One million!"

Mu YunTian frowns. One million already exceeds the true value of the Enlightened golden cauldron. Raising the bid is somewhat not worth it. Furthermore, he has to conserve his funds to compete with the other forces for the remaining items. If he uses it now, there won't be enough for later. Thinking like this, he simply stays quiet.

Seeing this, Mu Yao can't help from snorting.

Elder Yun feels especially helpless at her side. Just to compete over a cauldron with Mu YunTian, this one million sum is too costly.

"One million and ten thousand!"

The old man sees that there are no other bids, raising the gavel in his hand, and is just about to bring it down when a languid voice suddenly speaks out. Raising his head to look over, it's also someone from the distinguished guest seats. It's only that the person raising the bid is somewhat surprising to everyone because they have not raised a single bid from the start of the auction until now.

Ling Xiao says to himself, if he still doesn't speak up, his Little brother would probably kill him with his glare.

As for why he only increased the bid by ten thousand, it's because the auction house minimum is ten thousand. If it was less, he believes that Little brother would definitely make him offer that lower limit.

Hearing this voice, Mu Yao looks over to see that the person that raised the bid is one of the two people she was looking at before, making her a little surprised. Looks like Elder Yun's guess is not wrong. These two people seem to have some extraordinary backing. Thinking like this, she doesn't raise the bid. After all, she doesn't really need that cauldron. On top of that, spending one million for a mid level cauldron is really not worth it.

Everyone expected XiaoYao sect to counter the bid so when they see her fall back, they can't help feeling surprised. Didn't she just compete with Mu YunTian to the death? And now she actually gives up so easily. Can it be that she knows that person?

Mu YunTian's face is a little unsightly. That Mu Yao is clearly showing that she is targeting him.

"The sir with number ten raises a price of one million and ten thousand. Is there anyone else that would like to raise the bid? If not, then the Enlightened golden cauldron would go to the sir with number ten."

The old man smiles as he asks. He is very pleased with this price. Before this, he estimated that the highest price would be nine hundred thousand. Seeing no other bids, the old man finally brings down the gavel.

You XiaoMo tugs on Ling Xiao's sleeve again, with a very conflicted expression.

Why? Because one million and ten thousand is crazy expensive for a cauldron. On top of that, he just has no money on him.

Ling Xiao strokes his head, soothing his ruffled feathers, saying smilingly, "Little brother, you don't have to feel so anguished. The auction is already close to the end. Your spiritual liquid will appear soon. At that time, you will be smiling so much that you would not be able to keep your lips together. Trust me."

You XiaoMo looks up and glances at him. Fine ba, I'll trust you.

After two hours, the auction finally enters the final stage. It's time for the last three show-stopping treasures.

One of them is a book of techniques [Miraculous lightning move]. This is a technique for the body. Practicing this technique can make the body as fast as lightning, a terrifying speed. Some people said that practicing this technique can let you fight with opponents that are stronger than oneself. In the event of a loss, one can also depend on this technique to escape. On top of that, this is a top quality mid level technique. So the moment it appears, the rowdy auction house immediately quiets down only to erupt a few seconds later with bursts of exclamations.

Countless red hot stares fall on the scroll on the auction platform that is emitting silver rays. Although it is not a high level technique, but if one can practice this method of escaping with one's life, then it would be one more way to safeguard one's life. Similar to the miraculous effect of a life-saving magic pill.

But it's only to be expected. Even big sects like TianXin sect, treat the control sword move, that mid level technique, as something that can't be revealed to outsiders. It's enough to show how rare high quality mid level techniques are.

You XiaoMo feels that he can hear the sound of rapid breathing. It's too bad he isn't a martial artist. So he doesn't feel the excitement they feel. But, after winning the bid for the Enlightened golden cauldron, he has been smiling non-stop. His eyes curved into crescent moons. Clearly he is in an especially good mood.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and catches sight of his expression. His mood also becomes free and lighthearted.