The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Repeat encounter with a 'familiar persons'.

In the morning, You XiaoMo discovered that the growth conditions of the magic herbs in the medicine garden are somewhat different. At first he could not understand why. Now he guesses that it should be a question of quality. Although he doesn't know why magic herbs grown in the same medicine garden would be of different qualities, he is certain that there must be a reason. Perhaps it's the uneven absorption of nutrients or the effect of some other external influences. No matter the reason, You XiaoMo is very excited over this discovery. If he can discern the relative quality of the magic herbs, it would make the process of searching for magic herbs much easier for him later. However You XiaoMo feels that it would be embarrassing to ask his fellow disciples at this time, but if he doesn't, he feels that he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. After turning this over in his head, he decides to consult the library. The library is all encompassing so it should have contents that cover this aspect.

After hastily finishing his dinner, You XiaoMo does not return to his room with his fellow disciples, but heads directly to the library. Guarding the library is the same old man with the serious expression. Unlike the last time, because it's not his first time here, You XiaoMo hands over his identity tablet without being asked, and like before, receives a black seal.

"Thank you uncle." You XiaoMo thanks him politely before heading to the East pavilion. You XiaoMo with his back turned does not know that the old man twitches when he hears the word 'uncle'. His impression of this probationary disciple inevitably grows stronger.

Entering the library, You XiaoMo subconsciously looks to see if there are other people around. The last time he had jumped in shock when the young man unexpectedly appeared. He doesn't want that to happen again. Being spied on is not a good feeling. But You XiaoMo is just being paranoid. Usually there is rarely anyone present in the first floor of the East and West pavilions. Because the volumes are rather large, unlikely to be finished in a few hours, so most people would choose to bring them back to their own rooms.

On the second row of bookshelves, You XiaoMo finds a book on the topmost shelf ------ Common problems associated with growing magic herbs. The book is about 2 cm thick. Taking into account You XiaoMo's speed, he probably wouldn't finish reading it even after a day. So he decides to take the book back to his room. After all, he definitely will be needing this knowledge later.

But You XiaoMo does not leave immediately. He looks through the other bookshelves and only prepares to leave when he doesn't find any other useful books. But just when he turns around, he feels a disturbance from one side of his body. This is followed by the appearance of a white silhouette from out of thin air. And right after, a pink figure appears on the left side of the white figure. After taking a clearer look, he realizes that they are actually the same pair he saw the last time at the West pavilion.

Because they appeared very close to You XiaoMo this time, the man seems to sense his presence almost immediately. The eyes that resemble two cold stars inlaid in the chiseled handsome face suddenly fall squarely on You XiaoMo. The unfeeling gaze causes You XiaoMo to feel a cold shudder from head to toe, his hand trembling while holding the book. He had originally assumed that this Elder brother and Junior sister were from the Military division. But seeing them appear in the East pavilion, You XiaoMo is now unsure. Are they of the East or West pavilion?

At first the girl dressed in pink was not aware of You XiaoMo, but since all her attention was focused on the man, once he looked over at him, she immediately becomes aware of his presence, immediately creasing her eyebrows.

"What are you looking at? Have you never seen beautiful people? Scram!"


Such unprecedented shameless behavior. Fine. You win, pretty girl! You XiaoMo really doesn't like this type of cunning and obstinate girls. One look at it's obvious that she is thoroughly spoilt. Getting involved could only result in himself suffering a huge loss. While leaving, he can still hear the petulant voice of the pink dressed girl towards the man.

"Brother Xiao, you clearly promised father that you would accompany YunYun to the library. Why do you suddenly want to leave? How hateful, I still haven't finished reading."

With a start, You XiaoMo quickly picks up speed and flees from the East pavilion.