The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 110

Chapter 110
Sky high price.

"How strange, wasn't it two final treasures for this auction? When did it become three?"

Hearing that there are three final treasures, Mu Yao can't help feeling surprised. The information she received clearly said two things. She actually has no idea what the new third thing is!

The corner of Elder Yun's mouth twitches visibly, "Young miss, at first there were two treasures. But one more was added yesterday. I already told you last night, you actually didn't hear me?"

Hearing him bring that up, Mu Yao thinks back. It seems there really was such a thing. She quickly looks away awkwardly, "Elder Yun, what could that thing be? Actually coming after a high level technique."

Elder Yun strokes the small tuft of beard on his lower jaw, saying: "Old me sent someone to find out last night. It's said that it's spiritual liquid."

Hearing the last two words, Mu Yao almost shoots out of her seat. Her eyes showing intense excitement, "It's really spiritual liquid? How much is there?"

Elder Yun already guessed that the young miss would react this way. He replies while smiling helplessly, "Old me made some inquiries. The amount of spiritual liquid at this auction is not less than eighty eight drops. This is no small sum. Because it is auctioned as a single item, the price will be extremely high. The ones that can afford it are probably only XiaoYao sect, JiLe tower, and Xue Sha clan."

"That means we can only get one of the three treasures. Elder Yun, is there any news from father?"

Mu Yao ponders briefly and frowns.

According to her thinking, eighty eight drops of spiritual liquid is worth a lot. Definitely must not let it go. But if they want that, the final treasure will fall into the hands of JiLe tower or Xue Sha clan. The reason why XiaoYao sect participated in this auction is for the final treasure. Now with the appearance of the spiritual liquid, it leaves them with a very difficult decision.

Elder Yun lowers his voice and says gravely, "The leader wants the spiritual liquid."

Mu Yao raises her eyes and glances at Elder Yun's serious expression. A ray of light suddenly flashes in her eyes. She slowly starts to smile, "I understand, Elder Yun. Then we'll proceed according to father's wishes."

Elder Yun nods contentedly. The young miss of his house is clearly smart, getting it right away.

When they were talking, the price of that volume of [Miraculous lightning move] already rose to six million four hundred thousand. A high price invoking the clicking of tongues. But surprisingly the contenders are not just JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan. There is also an unknown person in black robes. That person is seated on the hard seats on the first floor. His whole body is wrapped in a black robe, obscuring the face.

When he jumped into the fight between JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan, everyone looked over at him in surprise. This black-robed person actually dares to get into the bidding war between JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan. He really has some guts. But what is even more shocking, is that he seems to have too much money!

"Elder brother Ling, that person is very rich ah!"

You XiaoMo exclaims enviously.

"Very soon you will also have money. What is there to be so envious about?"

Ling Xiao has never had much interest in gold coins. He also doesn't place much importance on that because he has never had a need for it.

You XiaoMo glances at him somewhat painfully, "But it will all be spent very quickly."

This is what makes him very depressed. Finally getting a huge sum after all that struggle. There's not even enough time for it to warm up his pockets before it is completely spent. This kind of feeling is very complicated.

In the end, [Miraculous lightning move] ended up with the dark horse, finally falling into the hands of the person that everyone least expects, the black-robed man. He successfully gets that scroll of physical technique with the exorbitant price of seven million and five hundred thousand, beating down JieLe tower and Xue Sha clan, leaving them with black faces.

"Who exactly is this black-robed person? Sixth Elder, go find out!"

Mu YunTian looks darkly at the black-robed person who is calmly sitting back down in his seat, suddenly issuing an order to the person behind him.

Not far away, the representative of Xue Sha clan also issues a similar order. They also want to know who this black-robed person actually is. Actually daring to snatch from Xue Sha clan. If he thinks he can take that thing with him, he has to pay the price.

The old man announces the final winner of the [Miraculous lightning move] and finally moves to second ultimate treasure. Immediately there is a lot of reaction because not everybody can be like XiaoYao sect, easily obtaining this confidential information. Some people have their channels so they can get information that others can't, like news about the suddenly up for auction spiritual liquid. But most of the people are still completely in the dark.

When the female attendant brings out a sparkling blue transparent crystal bottle, everyone's eyes are fixed on it.

In the distinguished guest seats, Ling Xiao quickly opens his half-closed eyes with laughter in his eyes, "Little brother. Your spiritual liquid finally makes its appearance. And the response is not bad."

You XiaoMo looks at that bottle excitedly. Two big ice sculptures unexpectedly only result in one small bottle of spiritual liquid. It's a little surprising. But this small bottle of spiritual liquid actually can merit such a high reserve price. It really makes him excited.

After going through the previous two hours, You XiaoMo already knows how valuable the spiritual liquid is. Because, from the reserve price alone, this bottle of spiritual liquid far exceeds that whatever [Miraculous lightning move].

"This bottle of spiritual liquid is the second last treasure of the auction. Eighty eight drops in all. According to the seller's wishes, it will be auctioned as one item."

The old man takes that bottle in his hand and explains carefully, "Spiritual liquid has two uses. One is to replenish the spiritual energy of martial artists. Two is to increase the success rate when refining magic pills and increase the magic pill's quality ....... "

The unveiling of the spiritual liquid causes an even bigger commotion than the [Miraculous lightning move]. The interested people are not just mages. All the martial artists are also incredibly eager. Pairs of fiery eyes fix on the spiritual liquid in the old man's hands.

From the initial eight million and eight hundred thousand reserve price, the price shoots up. After a bloody battle, the price soars to a sky high price of seventeen million. Almost one thousand times the price of 'Miraculous lightning move'. But that is not the end .......

After being an auctioneer for so many years, this is the first time the old man gets unbearably excited.

Although this is not the highest price in his history as an auctioneer, it is still among the top. Seventeen million is already equal to one month of HunJi city's revenue.

This price is so shocking that everyone is speechless, not a crow or sparrow heard. In the end, only four parties remain in the fight, XiaoYao sect, JiLe tower, Xue Sha clan, and the one that won the 'Miraculous lightning move', the black-robed man.

The entry of this black-robed man really gives everyone a shock. After winning a mid level technique scroll, he actually has enough capital left to bid for the spiritual liquid. Really an incredible show of wealth!

"Seventeen million one hundred thousand!"

Mu Yao glares furiously at that black-robed person. Her face a little distorted as she shouts out an even higher sky high price. Although it is only one hundred thousand, but at this stage, every hundred thousand is really very close to everyone's limit. So it's better to raise as little as possible.

Mu YunTian on the opposite side finally can't stop his face from twitching. Grinding his teeth, he finally gives up.

Although he really covets that bottle of spiritual liquid, there is still the final treasure coming up. He was originally after that final treasure. But it's really a pity to let go of this bottle of spiritual liquid. Looking at the attitude of XiaoYao sect, it seems as if they are determined to win. This is also good. When the final treasure comes out, XiaoYao sect will not be able to win over JiLe tower.

Right at this time, the black-robed man downstairs calls out an even higher price, "Seventeen million five hundred thousand!"

An uproar erupts in the auction house. Quite a few people turn around to look at the black-robed man at the back. This person can no longer be described as flaunting one's riches. He's simply so poor that he is only left with money.

Mu Yao's face turns completely black. The representative from the Xue Sha clan is more straightforward, simply giving up on the fight.

You XiaoMo hangs on the railing, smiling until his eyes can no longer be seen. The more intense their fight, the more happy he feels. Each time he hears the price climb upwards, he would grin until he can no longer close his lips. Really like what Ling Xiao said.

"Bastard! How is it that this guy has so much money?"

Mu Yao grits her teeth, full of resentment.

Elder Yun is also very solemn. He expected JiLe tower and Xue Sha clans to be strong contenders. But he didn't expect this mysterious black-robed person to actually have that much capital. Such a miscalculation, "Young miss, with how it's going, we can only try to figure out his limit."

"I understand, Elder Yun."

Mu Yao frowns tightly. This is the only option left.

So, both sides feel each other out, the price finally soaring to eighteen million eight hundred thousand. A whole ten million over the reserve price, coming close to the sky high price of twenty million, already causing a lot of people to gasp in astonishment.

Mu Yao clenches her fists tightly and takes a deep breath. This price is already her final limit. If the other party raises the bid, she can only give up. No matter how rich and powerful XiaoYao sect is, they still can't be that spendthrift. This sky high price is already equivalent to one year of XiaoYao sect's revenue.

After Mu Yao puts out this price, the whole place quiets down leaving only the sound of people breathing.

The old man on the auction platform takes a deep breath. This price exceeds his expectation. His hand shakes slightly as he brings up the gavel. Just as he is about to bring it down, that black-robed person suddenly stands up and says in a hoarse voice, "Nineteen million!"

Before Mu Yao could react, You XiaoMo, because of too much excitement, jerks back too strongly, causing him to fall over .......

Mu Yao says high level technique although it was described as mid level in the last chapter.
bursting out of unpopular door - dark horse
so poor that he is only left with money - only has material wealth, lacking in everything else