The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 111

Chapter 111
Young egg of the blue-blooded wolf.

The complete silence in the hall is suddenly broken by the sound of a certain someone falling to the floor.

The originally tense atmosphere is immediately dispelled. Quite a lot of people look towards the direction of the sound but they don't see anything. It's only ....... less one person.

Ling Xiao helps him up with a straight face, patting him lightly on the back, "Little brother, did you hurt yourself falling down?"

You XiaoMo hastily climbs up, his back towards the crowd. His shoulders are trembling as he grips Ling Xiao's robe and uses it to cover his face. His snot and tears probably already staining the robe. Then, as if finding that not enough for his use, he pulls Ling Xiao's sleeve, wanting to use it to wipe the tears at the corners or his eyes. The latter's calm face becomes distorted .......

"Little brother, are you done wiping?"

A solemn tone comes from the top of his head.

"No ....... uh, I'm done ....... "

You XiaoMo shakes his head unconsciously and suddenly glimpses a terrifying face. His fingers stiffen causing the persecuted and destroyed piece of white cloth to slip out out of his hand.

Ling Xiao picks up the patch where he wiped his snot and tears, and turns to him smiling sweetly, "Little brother, do you know how much this piece of Elder brother's clothes is worth?"

You XiaoMo shakes his head mechanically, "I don't know ....... "

"It's ok if you don't know. Elder brother will tell you."

Ling Xiao rubs his head gently, speaking in a soft voice, "This robe is made from the silk of the giant silkworm of the ninth underworld. And the giant silkworm of the ninth underworld that produces this silk is a level eleven high level magic beast. It will only produce silk once every five hundred years. The value of this silk can't be weighed in gold. Using this small ball to create an armor, it is impenetrable to sword and spear, indestructible by water and fire. Tell me, is selling you off enough to replace it?"

You XiaoMo stares blankly at the size Ling Xiao indicates with his fingers, not even the size of a fist .......

You XiaoMo's face immediately starts to flush with blood. Level eleven magic beast? What is that about? How would he know? But what he is certain of is that it won't be enough even if he is sold off. It probably won't even be enough for some scraps.

"I'm sorry, Elder brother Ling. I was wrong ....... don't don't don't ....... don't make me pay you back ok?"

You XiaoMo wails as he hugs Ling Xiao's waist. Then he blinks with all his might, actually managing to squeeze out two drops of crocodile tears. He unconsciously thinks of again wiping them on him when he hastily stops himself.

The corners of Ling Xiao's lips twitch slightly, the last part is what matters to You XiaoMo.

Feeling the shocked stares from downstairs and upstairs, Ling Xiao grimaces, "Little brother, get up first."

"I don't want to!"

You XiaoMo shakes his head firmly, saying in a muffled voice, "Only if you don't ask me to pay you back. Then I'll get up."

The corners of Ling Xiao's eyes twitch, " ....... fine, I won't make you pay me back."


You XiaoMo immediately raises his head. The question is earnest. But there are crocodile tears hanging on the corners of his eyes. And his eyes are not red. Seems like real tears but it also seems like fake tears.

"Really!" Ling Xiao nods solemnly, just shy of swearing.

You XiaoMo swallows. He still really wants him to swear but ....... if that leads to an opposite effect, he would have to die crying, so after thinking it through, he decides to hold it in.

When they were talking, that bottle of spiritual liquid was won by that black-robed man at the price of nineteen million. More than twice the reserve price. Truly a sky high price. Many people won't be able to raise this amount even if they saved up their whole life. But more and more people are getting very curious over the black-robed man's identity. Thirty million in one go. His background can only be high, not low.

But some people are already planning to kill the black-robed man. That is XiaoYao sect's Mu Yao.

Mu Yao received her father's orders to win the spiritual liquid. Originally, this is something that would be a success nine times out of ten. Because JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan will let her win the spiritual liquid in order to win the final treasure. But unexpectedly, a Cheng YaoJin shoots out nowhere.

Mu Yao looks coldly at the black-robed person on the first floor that seems to completely disregard how other people see him. She thinks darkly in her heart, it'd be better for him not to fall into her hands. If not he will have to get a taste of the power of XiaoYao sect's dark sky claw.

At this moment, on the auction platform, the old man that had been smiling shrewdly all along suddenly gets serious. He turns around and goes behind the curtain divider. A moment later, he comes back out holding a jade box. The jade box is square shaped, about forty centimeters on each side. Immediately multiple powerful auras erupt in the auction hall.

Most of the powerful auras are from the distinguished guest seats on the second floor. Each and everyone fixed on the jade box in the old man's hands, unconcealed greed in their eyes. Even the one that had originally decided to let go, Mu Yao. Her eyes immediately light up in fire.

The old man takes a deep breath and puts the jade box on the auction platform. His bony fingers slowly lift up the cover of the jade box. Two seconds later, the contents of the jade box is revealed to everyone. Everyone's eyes are all fixed on the thing inside the jade box.

A single enormous young egg lies inside that jade box. The young egg is grayish white in color. The exterior is emitting faint rays of light. It's clearly a young egg that has life. Not only that, everyone can feel that the young egg is radiating a very intense life force.

"What is that?"

You XiaoMo asks curiously, his eyes open wide.

"Egg of the magic beast Blue-blooded wolf"

Ling Xiao is also looking at that young egg, slowly narrowing his eyes.

Blue-blooded wolf? Sounds like something awesome. But You XiaoMo is still confused, "Elder brother Ling, what level magic beast is the Blue-blooded wolf? How powerful is it?"

A cold sneer appears on Ling Xiao's lips as his eyes get sharper, The blue-blooded wolf has the most noble bloodline in the wolf clan. They have great potential. Although they are constrained by their bloodline and unable to ascend to the level of the legendary divine wolf, but based on the potential in their bloodline, when it grows up, it would be at the least a level eight magic beast, equal to a Spiritual level martial artist."

"So awesome!"

You XiaoMo mutters.

Although the blue-blooded wolf is restricted by its bloodline, so the highest level it can be is a level eight magic beast, to the strong forces present, a level eight magic beast is a helping hand that they can't get enough of. If they can get this level eight magic beast, and train it, in the future they can just use it to overpower the other forces.

For example the XiaoYao sect and JiLe tower. They are on equal standing because they both have a Spiritual level leader keeping each other in check. If they can get one more Spiritual level power, then they no longer have to fear the other forces. Therefore, the young egg of a level eight magic beast is extremely enticing to them.

But the young egg of a level eight magic beast also has a disadvantage, its growth. It takes a set process for a young egg to grow. This process costs a lot. At the same time, one has to spare no efforts to cultivate it and protect it. If it gets killed before becoming a true level eight magic beast, that would mean all the effort would be completely wasted.

So if it is someone who doesn't have to ability to nurture a young egg, it would no use even if they buy it back.

"These people are just asking to be burned!"

Ling Xiao says with contempt.

"What do you mean?"

You XiaoMo does not really understand when he hears his words.

Ling Xiao sneers saying, "Blue-blooded wolves live in packs. Because there are relatively few female blue-blooded wolves, the number of progeny has always been low. Sometimes only one blue-blooded wolf is born every five years. So once they find out that their offspring has been stolen, they will certainly be enraged. If they were to come here for a reckoning, no one here will be able to escape."

You XiaoMo breathes in sharply. One young egg every five years, this rate is really low.

Ling Xiao continues, "But these martial artists are after all not stupid. They must have heard of how fearsome the blue-blooded wolves can be. They must have taken some secret measures. That's why those blue-blooded wolves have yet to come looking."

"This young egg is too pitiful!"

You XiaoMo looks at the young egg lying all alone in the jade box. He imagines the scene when its parents discovered that it had disappeared. They must have been extremely heartbroken. He can't help but shed a handful of sympathetic tears. He wonders how his parents reacted when they found out that he had died.

Hearing these words, a smile rises up in Ling Xiao's eyes, "Little brother. Can it be that you are not afraid of magic beasts?"

You XiaoMo scratches his head, "I'm ok with it ba!"

In his previous world he watched Animal Planet. Those animals were really very cute especially the newly born little animals. Really explosively adorable.

Previously his family had a neighbor that kept a female Chow Chow. That female Chow Chow then gave birth to a litter of little Chow Chows. Because there were too many, the neighbor gave one little Chow Chow to his family.

The little Chow Chow was white in color. Especially cute. You XiaoMo liked it very much but it was snatched away by his little brother that loves to take the things he likes. But not long after, his little brother got fed up of the little Chow Chow and asked his parents to give it away. After that, he didn't see that little Chow Chow again. At that time, he thought that it was really too bad!

On the auction platform, after listening to the old mans saliva spraying in all directions explanation, everyone finally finds out that it is a young egg of the blue-blooded wolf.

The blue-blooded wolf is a level eight magic beast. That means as long as you have this young egg, there will be a day that you will have a helping hand of a Spiritual level. A Spiritual level helper is not the same as those of Sky level, easily appearing everywhere type of Chinese cabbage.

Although most of the people do not have the means to bid, it is worthwhile just to be able to see the young egg of the blue-blooded wolf. Who doesn't know that the blue-blooded wolf is an extremely rare magic beast.

Cheng YaoJin - someone that shows up unexpectedly and disrupts the plan
fluffy lion - Chow Chow