The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 112

Chapter 112

The old man takes a glance at the people downstairs and upstairs, everyone showing somewhat obvious impatience. He clears his throat and says, "This is a young egg of the blue-blooded wolf. Because its value is rather high, so the auction house decided to conduct an exchange of equal value. As long as one of you can produce an item of equal worth, after going through Seven Stars auction house's assessment, then this young egg of the blue-blooded wolf would belong to that person."

Once these words are spoken, everyone erupts in an uproar. It's unexpected that this level eight young egg can't be valued in gold coins. It's clear that they consider gold coins unworthy. But it's still understandable, some things can't be bought with money. Furthermore, if it was up to them, they would probably also make the same decision.

Ling Xiao on the second floor also didn't expect it. Just a level eight magic beast egg and they actually want to conduct an exchange of equal value. But after thinking it over, he thinks that is is also reasonable because level eight magic beast eggs are actually very rare over here.

Thinking like this, a gleam appears in Ling Xiao's eyes while he looks at You XiaoMo. Since it can't be bought with gold coins, it actually saves him a quite lot of trouble.

"Little brother, do you want that young egg?"

You XiaoMo is totally engrossed looking at the egg. Hearing Ling Xiao's voice coming from behind him, he is momentarily stunned, "Blue-blooded wolf? But that old man says he wants an exchange of equal value ah. I don't have any treasures to trade with him."

"Who says you don't?"

Ling Xiao's gaze sweeps across his face, the corners of his lips curving upwards, "Have you forgotten the spiritual liquid that was just auctioned off? Even though that thing is of no use to you, to mages and martial artists, it is equivalent to a miraculous magic pill. They can't be unmoved."

You XiaoMo freezes for a moment, then his eyes start to shine, "Elder brother Ling, then how many drops of spiritual water should be exchange with him?"

Ling Xiao ponders briefly, "One hundred drops will do."

You XiaoMo unconsciously uses gold coins to estimate, one hundred drops is ten million na. If sold by auction it could be twenty million. He starts to drool.

Not long after the old man finishes speaking, JiLe tower's Mu YunTian from the second floor's distinguished guest seats simply stands up from his seat. He looks steadily at the auction platform and says in a deep voice, "I propose a top grade Break through moon magic pill and a top grade Purple cloud magic pill."

Following his proposal, everyone raises their heads to look at Mu YunTian. Most of them are rather surprised because Break through moon magic pill is a level five magic pill. Using this pill can increase the probability of breaking through the Moon level to become a Star level. On top of that, there are no side effects. So it's the most valuable among level five magic pills.

As for the Purple cloud magic pill, it is even more valuable because it is a level six magic pill. This magic pill can be used to to increase one's power by one to two stars. For example, a one star Star level martial artist. After taking the Purple cloud magic pill, there is a possibility of becoming a two or three star Star level martial artist. The only drawback is that the higher the level of the martial artist, the lousier the effect.

Now that Mu YunTian has shown his hand, the others don't dare to be left behind.

XiaoYao sect's Mu Yao puts forth a volume of Control fire move. Control fire move is a mid level top grade technique, giving someone the ability to control flames and use it launch an attack. The higher the flame level, the stronger the attack. And if you can use many types of flames at the same time, you can form a flame formation, a very powerful attack formation. If not for the level eight young egg, XiaoYao sect wouldn't bring out this technique.

Of course, XiaoYao sect intentionally proposed a Control five move as an exchange because they know that HunJi city's leader is a powerful fire manipulator. His strength is very high but he just lacks a good technique.

Following Mu Yao's proposal, Xue Sha clan's representative stands up. He only proposes one magic pill, but if talking about its worth, it is much higher than Mu YunTian's magic pills. The magic pill's effect is similar to the Break through moon magic pill except that the breakthrough is not for Moon level but for Star level. Furthermore, there are no side effects, so after the breakthrough, one can immediately consolidate one's level. But the probability of breakthrough is lower when compared to Break through moon level magic pill.

Compared to Mu YunTian's magic pills and Mu Yao's Control fire move, this magic pill is obviously quite a bit more valuable. Because, after the breakthrough, one will be of Celestial level. Surprisingly Xue Sha clan is actually willing to part with it.

The expression of Mu YunTian and Mu Yao change immediately, bringing down their mood.

At this moment, that person on the first floor in the black robe that everyone regards as the dark horse stands up after Xue Sha clan. Everyone's attention falls on him as they try to guess what kind of unexpected surprise this dark horse will propose.

"Do you accept magic herbs?"

The old man on the auction platform freezes momentarily and then shakes his head, "I'm sorry. We're not accepting magic herbs."

The black-robed person keeps quiet. It's unclear if he is actually disappointed or doesn't really care. He just sits back on his chair clearly not intending to compete with them any further.

Following that, other than the three powerful forces, there are also quite a few forces that covet that level eight magic beast egg. Each and every one proposing what treasures they can produce, in a short span of time, all sorts of techniques, magic pills, and treasures pour forth in an endless stream.

The old man waits for a while and seeing that no one else wants to add their interest, he is just about to turn around and walk backstage to discuss with others when someone suddenly stands up in the distinguished seats on the second floor. A noble air radiates from the man's body, leaving a very deep impression on everyone, because that person is Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao that was pestered by You XiaoMo to stand up.

Ling Xiao smiles elegantly saying, "Would a hundred drops of spiritual liquid be enough to win this thing?"

His words is tantamount to tossing a pebble into a calm lake. Immediately causing an uproar in the auction house, wave upon wave. Many people connect the dots to the eighty eight drops of spiritual liquid that had just been auctioned off. This person actually brings out one hundred drops of spiritual liquid all at once. Can it be that the previous spiritual liquid also came from him?

Although no one answers them, seeing how straightforward the man is, the answer is as clear as day.

Mu Yao on the opposite side is stunned for a moment and then bright rays start to shoot out from her eyes. Her gaze on Ling Xiao gets hotter and hotter. This is really like what they call, an unexpected solution.

Hearing him say one hundred drops of spiritual liquid, the old man's body stiffens. Then unmistakable wild joy shows in his eyes. In reality, their city leader's interest towards spiritual liquid is not less than that for a level eight magic beast egg. It's a pity that it was an item for auction. No matter how much interest Seven Stars auction house has, they still won't destroy their business just for the sake of it, so they could only let it go.

Beyond his wildest imagination, the owner of the spiritual liquid actually has more of it. On top of that, he opens with one hundred drops. Based on its value, the old man doesn't even have to think before making his decision.

"If no one else is going to bid, then old me will declare the winner of this level eight magic beast egg."

The old man's gaze sweeps over everyone present, seeming to keep everyone in suspense. A moment later, he beams while saying, "This auction item, the final winner for the level eight magic beast egg is ....... the sir sitting on the number ten distinguished guest seat."

With these words, the atmosphere in the auction house stagnates. Everyone turns to look at Ling Xiao on the second floor. Naturally, everyone overlooks You XiaoMo who is leaning on the railing.

Ling Xiao calmly raises the corner of his lips and sits back down on his seat.

Seven Stars auction house's once every three years auction finally ends in an unexpected way. The three powerful forces were beat down by two dark horses, unable to get even one of the last two treasures. This result is really unexpected. Something that even the three powerful forces didn't expect.

After the old man announced the final winner of the magic beast egg, a tense atmosphere arises in the noisy auction house. Quite a few forces look at the black-robed man and Ling Xiao with cold piercing stares. Although the things were won by them, there are still some people that are unwilling to let go. Their eyes seem to reflect their evil plans.

Ling Xiao appears as if oblivious, a vague smile hanging on his lips.

The clueless You XiaoMo doesn't detect the change in the atmosphere in the auction house. He is now still deeply immersed in the joy of having won that magic beast egg. He tugs Ling Xiao's clothes, "Elder brother Ling, when are we going to get the things?"

Ling Xiao sticks out his chin, motioning for him to look over to the old auctioneer.

You XiaoMo turns around and looks over. That old man already let someone take down the magic beast egg. With a beaming smile on his face, he again faces the crowd, beaming while speaking, "Ladies and gentlemen, our city's once every three years auction has now concluded. Thank you everyone for taking part in this auction. Next, the esteemed guests that have winning bids can come backstage at your convenience to collect your items."

After those words, the old man simply leaves the auction platform. Everyone in the hard seats on the first floor and the distinguished guest seats on the second floor all stand up and leave the auction house one after another. That black-robed person had already disappeared unknowingly. But the strong forces in the distinguished guest seats don't appear the least bit alarmed. They must have dispatched people long before to follow him.

Ling Xiao stands up and says to You XiaoMo, "Little brother, let's go."

You XiaoMo immediately stands up and follows with jolting buttocks. He still doesn't know that when they leave HunJi city, there will be a big group of people waiting to snatch his magic beast egg, not knowing that in his eyes, a magic beast egg is more important than those gold coins.

Unlike others, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo go pick up their items immediately.

That old man is already waiting for them. Seeing them come over, he immediately greets them enthusiastically. After a few pleasantries, he sends people to bring out all the items they won. The Enlightened golden cauldron, the jade box containing the level eight magic beast egg, and also the nineteen million gold coins minus five percent commission, resulting in eighteen million and fifty thousand. The old man puts them all in a magic bag and hands it over to You XiaoMo.

After collecting the things, Ling Xiao brings You XiaoMo back to Seven Stars tower.

The moment they arrive back, some people are immediately notified.

among many mountains and winding streams, where paths seems to end, beyond the dark willows and blooming flowers, another village appears - unexpected solution
bursting out of unpopular door - unexpected