The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 113

Chapter 113
Failed negotiation.

As soon as they entered Seven Stars tower, the lively discussion in the main hall immediately quiets down.

Looks of amazement fall on Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo, one after another. Although it is less than half an hour after the auction ended, the news regarding them and the black-robed man has already spread throughout HunJi city.

The two super dark horses snatched away the final two treasures at the auction. This topic is all the rage. Of course You XiaoMo is overlooked. Every one is fixated on Ling Xiao. This noble prince-like handsome man. From beginning to end, no one can tell which force he belongs to.

Ling Xiao pays no heed to these strange looks. He finds an empty table in the main hall and sits down.

The small footman, You XiaoMo naturally follows him. But he doesn't know that the manager and waiter that catch sight of him suddenly have a change in their expression. Immediately they remember that unpleasant experience last night. This brat is actually here again .......

"Manager, what are we going to do? This person is here again!"

The waiter is crestfallen. His impression of You XiaoMo is deeper than the manager's because he was the one in charge of them last night. In a few short hours, he was called up and down five or six times. At that time, he was almost cursed to death by the manager who didn't know what was going on.

The manager's wrinkled face shudders. He grimaces, saying, "This time you don't have to worry. The auction has already ended. If they want to continue staying here, they will have to pay for the room and food."

"That's right oh!"

The waiter immediately recovers, "Then what should we do now? He seems to be the king of eaters."

The manager immediately starts to laugh deviously, "It's good if he's the king of eaters. Soon he should be ordering a lot of food. Quickly go over there. The more food they order, the more we will earn."

"Manager is wise!"

The waiter immediately gives him the thumbs up, "Small me will go over immediately."

And so, the manager who considers himself wise and the waiter finally no longer frown with long faces. Especially the waiter. He picks up the teapot from the counter and eagerly walks to You XiaoMo's table. On his face is a 'I'm going to milk you dry today' expression.

"My two guests, what would you like to eat today?"

The waiter eagerly pours tea for them.

After starving for several hours at the auction house, You XiaoMo says boldly, "Give me your hotel's most expensive and most delicious dishes."

Of course, this is built on the foundation of his newfound wealth.

The waiter lights up in glee, "Great lei, my guest has good taste. Our Seven Stars hotel's most expensive and most delicious dishes are Heavenly treasure cloud duck, Eight immortals crossing the sea, and the Dragon gate fish. May I ask how many of each would you like?"

The manager was right.


You XiaoMo raises one finger.

The waiter's gleeful smile instantly stiffens. He stammers as he asks, "Dear guest, can you say it one more time, how many of each do you want?"

"One each. We won't be able to finish if there's too much."

How could You XiaoMo know what he was scheming inside? He had long ago forgotten what kind of image he gave the waiter and manager last night. Now he is already a man with millions. That small petty thief is all but forgotten for now. Wait for the day when he is poor again and maybe he will think of that again.

The waiter wants to cry. These three dishes, although they are their hotel's most expensive and most delicious, but they still won't make much gold coins ya. And, isn't this person the king of eaters? Three dishes, such a small amount, will he really be satisfied?

The waiter that received a heavy blow returns to the counter and whispers to the manager. The manager's expression changes to match that of the waiter, frequently looking at You XiaoMo full of resentment.

No matter how clueless You XiaoMo is, it is still impossible for him not to notice when someone keeps on glaring at him. He can't help feeling puzzled, "Elder brother Ling, why does the manager keep on staring at me?"

A smile can't help escaping from Ling Xiao's handsome face. The person in question has already forgotten about it. But he hasn't. From the time that waiter walked over excitedly, he had already guessed it. The corner of his mouth twitches, "Probably thinks that you're very good looking ba."

You XiaoMo blushes. After a while, he asks softly, "Really?"

Ling Xiao finds his secretly delighted tone very adorable, almost causing him to burst out laughing. This fellow. He always manages to amuse him to such an extent. Killing him with hilarity.

"Of course ....... for real."

You XiaoMo is delighted, completely unaware that he is being tricked because this is the first time he hears someone else saying that he is good looking. From the time he saw his reflection in the mirror, he had not thought that he is good looking. Because his current face is about the same as his face in the previous world, both falling in the average category. Not especially cool, not especially handsome, also not too unremarkable. At most, he can be considered charming.

Ling Xiao is afraid that he will really burst out laughing so he quickly looks away from his face.

At this moment, suddenly the sound of footsteps *dong dong dong* come from the stairs to the second floor. Everyone looks over to the source of the sound. A red figure suddenly invades their eyes. It's actually XiaoYao sect's seductress, Mu Yao. Unexpectedly, she still hasn't left and is still staying in Seven Stars tower. A few shrewd people suddenly feel that some kind of drama will soon be unfolding.

Under everyone's gaze, Mu Yao glides towards Ling Xiao's table.

You XiaoMo raises his head and sees a rather familiar beautiful woman standing in front of him. And behind the beautiful woman is a serious looking old man. He can't help but freeze for a moment before finding his voice, "You ....... is something the matter?"

"I hope you don't mind that we share a table ba?"

Mu Yao smiles slightly. Although her smiling face is not beaming and radiant, it still feels like adding flowers to brocade. Her already beautiful face suddenly becomes even more dazzling.

Not waiting for You XiaoMo to speak, bursts of gasps can be heard all around.

XiaoYao sect's seductress is well-known. It seems that almost everyone seated recognizes her. And because they recognize her, since they have never seen her smile so sweetly to anyone, they can tell with one look that she is up to something.

You XiaoMo glances cautiously at Ling Xiao. This is a demure maiden ye. And a beautiful one at that. Although he wants wants to say that he doesn't mind, he remembers how terrifying Ling Xiao was yesterday when he said the word like, so he doesn't dare. A maiden is indeed precious but his life is even more precious.

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo coughs deliberately, looking apologetically at Mu Yao, "I'm sorry, but we would rather not."

The smile on Mu Yao's pretty face almost crumbles. This young miss of great beauty sharing a table with you is already a great honor and you actually dare to say you would rather not? Of course, this is all said on the inside. If it wasn't because she has an ulterior motive, she would have flipped the table long ago. But seeing that the roundabout way is not effective, she also doesn't intend to continue with the charade. Plunging the knife straight in, "I have something to discuss with the both of you."

Behind her, the corner of Elder Yun's mouth twitches. He knows that the young miss is about to lose her temper.

You XiaoMo is surprised. Didn't this demure maiden come to eat?

"This, we don't seem to know you."

Mu Yao smiles as she says, "Well, now you do."

You XiaoMo really can't grasp what this demure maiden wants to discuss with them. Furthermore, he feels that the one doing the discussion should be Ling Xiao so he immediately looks meaningfully at Ling Xiao, "You're up!"

Ling Xiao receives his signal, amusement becoming even more apparent in his eyes. He languidly narrows his eyes and says warmly and amiably to Mu Yao, "I know what you want to discuss but I'm very sorry. There's no more."

Mu Yao opens and closes her mouth, unable to utter a single word for some time.

This man is really blunt. Not only does he plunge the knife straight in, he is also extremely frank. Although she didn't really have too much hope, being refused so directly, she feels a little unhappy. If she really were to leave because of these words, she wouldn't be worthy of her seductress title.

"What conditions do the two of you have? Please speak up."

Mu Yao tamps down her slowly rising anger, and says slowly.

You XiaoMo looks her once over. This demure maiden doesn't seem to understand human words.

Ling Xiao seems to have expected this, saying, "Miss, it's not that we don't want to sell. We don't have any more."

Although he keeps emphasizing that, Mu Yao doesn't believe him. Precious things like spiritual liquid, who wouldn't leave some aside for themselves for a rainy day? So she firmly doesn't believe their words.

"This should be the first time for the both of you in HunJi city ba."

Mu Yao glances around and then lowers her voice saying, "Today you beat down JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan at the auction. You took the magic beast egg they were fighting over. From how they usually act, they are definitely not going to let you off. If you are willing to give me a bottle of spiritual liquid ....... if you don't have that, half a bottle would do, XiaoYao sect can guarantee that you will leave HunJi city safely. How about that?"

Ling Xiao doesn't react while You XiaoMo jumps a little in fright.

According to what she is saying, JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan is planning to take action against them when they leave HunJi city. This matter, whether it is big or small, if they really want to seize it, there are only two of them. But strictly speaking, there is actually only one.

"Elder brother Ling ....... "

You XiaoMo looks at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao puts down the tea cup he is playing with. With an unreadable smile, he looks straight at Mu Yao, "Your proposal is very touching. But I already said that there really is no more spiritual liquid. Even if you were to put it in more beautiful words, we still can't produce any. So why are you still continuing to pester us?"

Mu Yao's face darkens. She tried to say it every which way, never expecting that these two people still refuse to drink the toast only to drink as punishment. She no longer shows a welcoming smile, standing up with cupped hands saying, "Since it's like this, Mu Yao wishes the both of you the best of luck. However, if you get robbed when leaving the city gates, it would be too late to regret!"

Saying that, she leaves with a toss of her head. Elder Yun takes a meaningful look at Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo before leaving with her.

adding flowers to brocade - gilding the lily
refuse to drink a toast only to drink as punishment - choose the hard way