The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 115

Chapter 115
Real or fake.

"Don't come over or I'll kill him."

The black-clothed man clutching You XiaoMo shouts in terror.

Ling Xiao killing off his three companions instantaneously, the speed and the ruthlessness of his actions suddenly terrifies him. He had wanted to kidnap You XiaoMo to threaten him. Suddenly extreme fear and dread appears in his eyes.

"Let him go and I will leave you an intact corpse."

Ling Xiao looks at him with ice-cold eyes. His voice, on the other hand, is still as refined as jade. Not especially amiable, yet not especially cold. But that crazed and vicious bone-deep aura makes people shudder endlessly from the bottom of their hearts.

Seeing this attitude of his, those people hiding in the shadows all start to feel their hearts shake. Especially the scene where he killed the three Moon level fighters. His smooth movements made it seem like it was as easy as cutting through tofu. Finishing off three Moon level fighters in an instant. As if taking a club to the head, the blow causing their hearts to fill with fear and panic. In their hearts, they know that they have underestimated this man's power.

Ling Xiao's ominous manner makes the black-clothed man's hand shake in fright, almost causing him to nick You XiaoMo's neck.

After witnessing Ling Xiao's bloody moves, there is no way he is going to let go of You XiaoMo. You XiaoMo is now his life-saving charm. If he is to let him go, he would definitely end up just like his compatriots. Thinking like this, the black-clothed man calms down his heart. That's right, he has a hostage now. There is no need to fear him.

"Hand over your magic bag to me. Or else, I'll kill him."

"I gave you a chance. It's you who refuses to cherish it."

Ling Xiao's eyes get sharper as he says this sentence softly.

The black-clothed person still hasn't understood his words when he sees Ling Xiao flick his finger. In an instant, two flame dragons shoot out from his body. As soon as the flame dragons appear, the temperature all around shoots up, as if the sun suddenly gets nearer, roasting the earth.

Seeing these flame dragons, the face of the black-clothed man changes immediately. He has already seen with his own eyes, the power of these flame dragons. Seeing them again now, he is of course filled with incomparable dread. He quickly grips You XiaoMo's neck tightly with his right hand, the force causing his fingernails to almost sink into his flesh. He shouts in terror: "Do you want to see your friend die? Don't think I won't kill him. I really will take his life."

Ling Xiao's lips abruptly turn up into a sneer.

"That's not right!"

Elder Yun who is hiding in the shadows suddenly says in a low voice. His gaze becomes sharp as he looks at You XiaoMo, "That young man is fake."

Mu Yao at his side hears this and scans You XiaoMo's body darkly, coming to rest finally on his pale face.

The young man's neck is being squeezed by the black-clothed man. Usually, the person's face should become very red. But this young man, not only does the color of his face not change, from the start to end, he doesn't seem to have any reaction at all. If things are unusual, something must be up. No wonder she kept thinking that something is not quite right.

While at the Seven Stars tower, she already saw that the relationship between the two people are very close. Although, people will turn selfish when it comes to the crucial moment between life and death, still, this white robed person seems to be too uncaring over the life of his friend. Not showing the slightest change in expression from beginning to end.

Now that Elder Yun has pointed it out, she finally realizes what is wrong. But when did they switch him out? They actually managed to pull it off such that even the gods don't know and the ghosts don't realize. It must be known that Elder Yun and her started tailing them the moment they left Seven Stars tower.

"Elder Yun, can you guess where he put the other guy?"

Mu Yao asks out loud.

"There are two possibilities."

Elder Yun ponders and says solemnly, "The first is that he has a mustard seed dimension. This way, they can indeed evade our surveillance."


Mu Yao refutes without even needing to think about it.

Only those of Imperial level and above are able to possess the mustard seed dimension. That's because the so-called mustard seed dimension is created when a powerful person uses his supernatural ability to tear out a dimension and turn it into a dimension for his own use, a magic weapon used to store things that can be brought along with him wherever he goes.

This type of dimension is a thousand times, ten thousand times better compared to the so-called magic bags. Because unlike the magic bags that can only store dead things, it can store living things and on top of that, it can accumulate concentrated spiritual energy by itself. That spiritual energy is even stronger than that of Long Xiao continent. Therefore it is the best place to train and also to grow magic herbs.

However, the mustard seed dimension is something that cannot be found by seeking but only by chance because even a person of Imperial level and above may not necessarily be able to tear out a dimension and turn it into his personal dimension.

As long as one has elementary mystical knowledge, one would know that dimensions are extremely unstable things. If one has bad luck, tearing out an unstable dimension, the spatial energy of that dimension will tear you to pieces. Even if that person is of Imperial strength, facing the violent chaos of spatial energy, he is only left with death.

This is why Mu Yao instantly rejects the notion. Putting aside whether Ling Xiao is actually of Imperial level, it must be known that even if you gather all the powerful martial artists in Long Xiao continent that are of Imperial level and above, you may not be able to find many that have a mustard seed dimension.

That's why she rejects it right away. But of course there is another reason.

If Ling Xiao is really a powerful Imperial level martial artist, that means all these people here most probably will not have a chance of leaving this green plain alive today.

Elder Yun doesn't disagree with her words. Instead, he nods, "Old me also thinks that it is impossible. Looks like it can only be the second possibility. That young man was most probably switched in Seven Stars tower. Young miss should still remember that at that time, they returned once to the room."

"Elder Yun, are you saying that the young man is still in HunJi city?"

Mu Yao guesses.

"Eight to nine out of ten. But he could have taken the opportunity to leave HunJi city when we left in pursuit."

Elder Yun's expression is rather somber. If they could have gotten hold of that young man, that would have been the surest way. It's too bad they were all fooled.

Mu Yao's gaze sweeps over the people in front and says in a low voice, "Elder Yun, there is one thing Young Yao doesn't understand. Yesterday, that black-robed person also won some spiritual liquid. He is only one person. Why did we not go ambush him instead of following these two people?"

"You think old me didn't send someone to monitor him? It's just that the black-robed man is very strange. He actually managed to shake off our people. I believe that's also what happened to the other forces. If not, why would JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan end up like us, running here to rob and kill them?."

A somber look flashes across Elder Yun's face. JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan are not weak. If they were to take action, XiaoYao sect would probably not be at an advantage.

"Looks like we can only sit and watch, and wait for them to act first."

Mu Yao mutters softly. Although she is very anxious, she believes that JiLe tower and Xue Sha clan are just as anxious.

By the time they finish talking, that black-clothed person was already killed by Ling Xiao. As for the fake You XiaoMo, he vanished into a puff of air. Seeing that no one is holding back Ling Xiao, the other forces can't help but take action.

Ten or so powerful auras filled with murderous intent dash to the skies as they all charge violently towards Ling Xiao. Not a cry is raised as the sharp weapons in their hands gleam with dazzling light. The cutting edges aiming one after another at Ling Xiao's vital points.

Facing the attack of so many powerful people, even people like Mu YunTian and Elder Yun would have to take defensive measures. Instead, Ling Xiao doesn't dodge nor hide. The purple flame dragons seem to be inexhaustible. Ten or so exploding from his body in an instant. Sweeping towards all the fighters like lightning.

Although most of them are on guard, when they put up their shields, the flame dragons pass right through their bodies as if there is nothing there. Not only that, each and every one that is penetrated by the flame dragons, the blood from the bodies evaporates completely. When the corpses fall on the floor, they are all bloodless mummies, as if they have all been sucked dry.

Just when Elder Yun and Mu Yao want to take action, they see this scene, and turn pale with fright.

Not just them. Even the hidden leader of HunJi city is shocked by this scene. Flames that can even evaporate blood. The intensity of that heat probably exceeds their imagination.

Who is this person? Actually possessing such a strange flame. And it's purple. Simply neither heard nor seen before!

Ling Xiao, who finished off ten or so fighters in an instant, puts down his hand and slowly takes a breath. Way too many people asking for death. Making him waste his time. If he wasn't worried about exposing his strength too early, he would be too lazy to entertain them.

Taking a sweeping look all around and seeing that the hidden people don't plan to show themselves, Ling Xiao also has no intention of seeking them out. Turning around, he takes four or five steps and suddenly a loud voice that splits the sky comes from behind him.

An arrow enveloped in black rays moves under a strange force, shooting towards Ling Xiao's back. Then when the arrow gets within three meters of Ling Xiao, it seems to meet an obstruction, stopping immediately. Then it looks as if someone is using their hands to bend it, the tip of the arrow slowly turning around, and with a *xiu* shoots back to where it came from, ending with a scream.

Ling Xiao turns around slowly and stamps his foot lightly. A strong momentum rushes forward instantly.

The faces of all the people hidden undergo a huge change. Their shocked expressions are tinged with horror.

The gray-robed person conveniently throws aside the subordinate with an arrow stuck in his chest who he used as his shield. His face is unsightly and full of horror, "This person is actually of Five star Celestial level strength ....... " He himself is only of One star Celestial level strength.

Mt. Sumeru hides mustard seed, mustard seed contains Mt. Sumeru - Taoist text that from what I gather means something very tiny can hold lots of potential and possibilities.