The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 116

Chapter 116
WuFeng town.

Celestial level strength can be considered as someone at the peak of Long Xiao continent. Martial artists are subjected to restrictions in their training. There is a huge hurdle every four levels. So for martial artists, most of them are Sun level and below. Second to that are those in between Moon level and Spiritual level, especially the Spiritual level.

So there are quite a few Spiritual level martial artists stuck at this huge hurdle all their lives because it is extremely difficult to breakthrough to Imperial level from Spiritual level. You may not even be able to find one in every ten people. So for those of Celestial level that is below Spiritual level, as long as they don't come across someone of Spiritual level, they can act as a local tyrant.

This is why HunJi city's leader can dominate here, causing extreme fear in the other forces.

He thought that at best, Ling Xiao would be of Star level strength. He didn't expect that this time, he has eyes but see not, actually kicking such a hard piece of iron.

Don't think that they are both at the same Celestial level. The difference with each star is significant. If there is no special magic weapon or life-saving move, it's impossible to challenge someone of higher rank. Especially since the difference between them is not just one star.

"City leader, this person's strength is very high. Looks like we can only withdraw."

That old manager from Magic pill central workshop glances at the far away Ling Xiao with dread in his eyes.

Tang Hun immediately rejects this suggestion, saying with a dark face, "No. If we retreat now, it would be even harder for us to find this person again. I must have the method to cultivate top grade magic herbs."

As long he can get a hold of this method, sooner or later, there will be a day when he will be able to place himself above all the powerful people of Long Xiao continent.

"But city leader, this person's strength is so high. We can't beat him relying on just the few of us."

The manager speaks hesitantly. Of course he knows how valuable the method of cultivating top grade magic herbs is. If this information were to get out, the people interested won't be just them. At that time, those strong forces will also all come out. But in order to enjoy the benefits, one must still be alive.

"Of course we won't win depending on just the few of us. But it's not just us here. The three strong forces must be very interested in the treasures on them. As long as ....... "

"Not in a hundred million years ah, city leader!"

The manager doesn't wait for him to finish speaking and simply cuts him off.

Tang Hun looks at him coldly, "Why not?"

The manager explains, "Think it over carefully city leader. The three strong forces are after the level eight magic beast egg and spiritual liquid. But what is our aim? We already have spiritual liquid. The level eight magic beast egg is something we put up for auction. This way, what other reason is there for us to kill them? So they will definitely be suspicious about our purpose. If they find out, the method for cultivating top grade magic herbs may not end up with us."

Tang Hun considers for a moment. He can't deny that there is some truth in what the manager says. So he says, "Now that young man is hidden by him. We can only find him and make our move on him. Does manager have any ideas?"

The manager considers for a moment, and says, "City leader. Looks like this time you can only bring out that thing. Only that can evade the eyes and perception of a Celestial strength martial artist.

Tang Hun is momentarily stunned. He then frowns. That thing is his treasure. If it's not as a last resort, he wouldn't bring it out. But looking at the current situation, he can only do it that way.

Not long after, the three strong forces sense the withdrawal of one of the forces. Even though they are a little surprised that they give up so easily, but thinking of the man's strength, everyone feels their scalp go numb. A Five star Celestial level martial artist is not someone that they can provoke. If they had known earlier that the man is such a formidable martial artist, they would not have been so rash.

With the withdrawal of that group, JiLe tower also gives up. Although the level eight magic beast and spiritual water is very attractive, one must be alive to enjoy it. Mu YunTian's strength is actually not bad. There aren't many of his age that can match him. But right now, he is only at Moon level. Although the people he brought by his side are one step shy of Celestial level, but compared to a genuine Celestial level martial artist, the difference in strength is not just one star.

With the withdrawal of JiLe tower, even if XiaoYao sect and Xue Sha clan were to work together, their chance of winning is still not more than thirty percent.

Not long after that, Xue Sha clan also withdraws. Since they already lost a few strong men, if they were to lose a few more, it would be hard for them to justify it when they go back.

Mu Yao wants to stomp her feet in anger. She can only leave together with Elder Yun helplessly, even though they urgently need the spiritual liquid on that man.

After everyone leaves, Ling Xiao restrains his frightening aura. But if they knew that Ling Xiao's real strength is not Celestial level but even higher, they would be running even faster.

His somewhat sharp eyes take a sweeping glance in all directions, making sure that there is no one left. Ling Xiao abruptly waves his hand in mid-air. Suddenly a crack appears in mid-air. Soon after, someone tumbles out from the crack, falling right into Ling Xiao's hands as he stands below.

If this scene were to be witnessed by Mu Yao and Elder Yun, the two of them would definitely turn pale with fright, and at the same time thanking their lucky stars that they were wise enough to give up.

"Wah ah ....... "

The one who falls from the crack is none other than You XiaoMo.

At this moment, his eyes are open wide in terror. His nerves are still frazzled as he looks at Ling Xiao who is holding him.

Ling Xiao already took off that dark sinister murderous air around him. He looks at You XiaoMo with a refined and elegant expression, the corner of his lips slightly rising, revealing a teasing smile, "Little brother, are you thinking that I'm especially handsome and cool today, leaving you stunned?"

You XiaoMo feels like giving that handsome and cool face a tight slap but that is not the important point.

Ling Xiao suddenly says, "Little brother. Right now, do you feel like really giving me a tight slap?"

You XiaoMo pouts slightly. Just when he wants to ask how he knows, he quickly swallows back down with all his strength those few words he almost spit out. He blinks innocently, "Elder brother Ling, did you already send those bad people running?"

"Yes ah, can't you tell by looking?"

Ling Xiao smiles.

You XiaoMo takes a look around, his stomach turning over. No wonder he felt that there is a bloody smell in the air. With Ling Xiao at the center, all around are severed limbs. There are also ten or so dried up corpses ....... these people seem to have died very tragically. What the hell is this ah? He still hasn't had lunch ne!

Ling Xiao raises his head and looks at the sun hanging in the sky. He laughs while saying, "Little brother. Let's quickly get back on the road ba. It'd be best if we reach a city or small town before Wei period. This way, we would be just in time for lunch."

Saying this, he simply hugs You XiaoMo tightly. With one leap, they disappear into the vast mist leaving behind a futile sentence of rather tearful teeny tiny protest, lingering behind accompanying the corpses filling the ground for a bit before fading.

"I don't ....... "

WuFeng town is at the edge of the exit from WuFeng mountain range. Most people would go through here when leaving WuFeng mountain range. Although it is called a town, the area of WuFeng town is actually the same as HunJi city. Furthermore, this place is not under any force. It's a town where one can enter and exit freely.

Ling Xiao carries You XiaoMo until right outside WuFeng town. At this time, the sun is right at midday, the time for lunch that he mentioned before. He then puts down You XiaoMo who is filled with resentment.

"Little brother. Look. We have reached WuFeng town."

Ling Xiao pats him lightly on the head.

You XiaoMo ignores him and goes ahead to evaluate WuFeng town.

Speaking about this, when they were going to HunJi city, they also passed through WuFeng town. But that time they didn't stay long, so You XiaoMo doesn't have a deep impression of the place. But this city is very chaotic because no one manages it. So things like fighting, looting, highway robbery, are all quite common.

The two of them are just about to enter WuFeng town when two people suddenly rush out from the originally unguarded entrance. One tall, one short, looking rather wretched. Furthermore, they have buckteeth. One of the yellow bucktooth is especially hideous. But their strength is not too sad, both of Sun level strength. Right now they are looking at You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao with vicious and evil expressions.

The short one's wretched gaze gives You XiaoMo a once over. He then smiles darkly, "Starting from today, everyone that goes in and out of WuFeng town must hand over a passage fee.

"But we clearly didn't have to the last time."

You Xiao exclaims in surprise. He can't be mistaken. At that time he was vomiting in the carriage. Ling Xiao didn't ask him for money.

The short one grins while saying, "It's required starting from today. But since this is your first time paying, let me tell you some good news. This WuFeng town is now a territory of Wolf fang gang from today onwards. After entering, you better be careful of how you act. Otherwise, you better watch out for your little life."

Wolf fang gang?

You XiaoMo is dumbfounded. He didn't mishear. Wolf fang gang's leader seems to have been killed by Ling Xiao a few days ago. How come they have not disbanded but instead forcibly occupy WuFeng town? And they're asking for passage fee. You XiaoMo turns around and glances at Ling Xiao. Forget it, it's better they don't look for trouble.

"Fine ba. So how much per person?"

"Two hundred gold coins."

The short one laughs while speaking.

" ....... you why don't you just go and rob ba."

You XiaoMo was just about to take out his hand from his magic bag when he suddenly stops. Give me a break. HunJi city only collected two gold coins. And here they want two hundred coins? That's just highway robbery ma. He no longer plans to hand it over. After all, they already have bad blood with Wolf fang gang.

The face of the short one darkens in an instant. The tall one at his side also starts to look at them darkly and coldly.

"Since you prefer to drink as punishment rather than drink a toast, I'll fulfill your wishes."

The short one sneers as he says hatefully. Then together with the tall one, they each hold up a sharp knife in their hand as they rush towards them from both sides, cutting downwards. Dare to resist the rules laid down by Wolf fang gang? That's death for you ba. Just nice, we can take the two of you to serve as killing the chicken to warn the monkey.

*Peng! Peng!*

One tall one short, the two figures suddenly vomit fresh blood, their faces deathly pale, as their bodies strike heavily on the gate posts of WuFeng town. When they fall back down, their necks are crooked, dead as dodos!

The people all around that were watching the drama are shocked senseless. Two Sun level martial artists beat to death by just one fist. Then they look on in shock as the two people walk into WuFeng town.

Wei period - 13:00-15:00
refuse to drink the toast only to drink as punishment - choose the hard way