The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 117

Chapter 117
Smarter in comparison.

After entering WuFeng town, the two people simply follow the main road towards the other exit of WuFeng town.

Because You XiaoMo firmly refuses, Ling Xiao cancels his plan to have lunch in WuFeng town. After all, he was just teasing him. He didn't really want to have lunch.

The main street is full of people and full of chatter. With each step, one can hear people discussing the matter with Wolf fang gang. You XiaoMo perks up his ears and listens for a bit. Finally he understands what the deal is with Wolf fang gang.

This Wolf fang gang is indeed the Wolf fang gang they came across in HunJi city. But since the leader was killed, Wolf fang gang has been in a state of chaos. That's because other than the gang leader who was a Moon level martial artist, his underlings are mostly of Sun level strength. As a result, once the leader died, the situation became messy because another leader has to be chosen but no one is willing to give in to anyone else.

The conflict was especially intense, almost erupting into an all out war. But last night, an even stronger person appeared. And it was an outsider. One of Sun level martial artists from Wolf fang gang started to clash with him. Both sides went all out. In the end, that Sun level martial artist was put in his place.

Not only that, that outsider heard that their gang leader is dead and that they are just in the process of choosing a new leader. So the outsider went up to Wolf fang gang and managed to become their new leader.

That outsider is also a very ruthless character. After taking care of the situation in WuFeng town, he announced last night that from then on, WuFeng town is his territory. Whoever dares to go against him will be killed.

It must be known that WuFeng town has been under no one's rule for so many years. Since there is Wolf fang gang, that means there definitely are other gangs as well.

So, not even one night after his declaration, the leaders of the other gangs joined forces. After completing their unification, they led their troops to Wolf fang gang's lair. The result is as expected. The combined forces of several strong fighters from the various gangs actually failed to defeat that outsider. In order to kill the chicken to warn the monkey, that outsider killed several of the gang leaders. Then he assimilated their gang members into Wolf fang gang.

So those people that live year in and year out in WuFeng town discovered that there is finally a change in the weather in WuFeng town!

Collecting passage fee for entering and exiting WuFeng town is the first action Wolf fang gang takes after taking control over WuFeng town.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao have pretty bad luck. Not only did they encounter this, they are also the first ones to be asked to pay the passage fee.

You XiaoMo feels that he seems to have an ill-fated relationship with Wolf fang gang. At first, he got into trouble by no fault of his own. Now, although he is a little at fault, but who asked them to charge such exorbitant passage fees? If it is five or ten gold pieces, he can still force himself to consider for a bit.

"Elder brother Ling, can you guess how strong is that new leader of Wolf fang gang?"

You XiaoMo trots up to the front of Ling Xiao asking full of curiosity. Although he knows the levels of martial artists, he is not clear on the distinctions.

Ling Xiao's lips curve upwards. He strolls forward while explaining, "Wolf fang gang's leader was of Moon level strength. The other gang leaders should also be Moon level. Otherwise, they could not have co-existed with Wolf fang gang in WuFeng town. Since that new leader could defeat them, he should be at least Star level and above. But he shouldn't be any higher than Celestial level."

You XiaoMo listens to his clear and logical explanation and nods, then asks, "Why?"

Ling Xiao beams as he says, "If he is of Celestial level, then even on the outside, he can already be a small-time overlord. Even if that's not the case, if he were to seek refuge with some strong forces, he would be treated as a distinguished guest. Not only did he not do that, he instead came to WuFeng town. Furthermore, he took over Wolf fang gang. Clearly he plans on staying on by WuFeng mountain range. There is only one explanation for this kind of behavior. That is he is being hunted down by someone. And the one doing the hunting is not someone weak. It could even be a strong sect. So he has no choice but to escape to WuFeng town."

Too brilliant! Too awesome!

Based on so few clues, he actually gleans that much information. You XiaoMo suddenly feels that Ling Xiao actually has some redeeming points. At the least ....... at the least he is smarter than him by comparison .......

This is a fact that he really doesn't want to admit!

"It's them. The Wolf fang gang brothers were killed by that one dressed in white when they were collecting protection fees at the entrance."

Just at that moment, a group of people with violent auras come towards them. The one speaking and running in front towards them is a rather plump man. A man that seems a little familiar.

You XiaoMo takes a clearer look. He seems to have seen this person outside WuFeng town because his appearance is rather eye-catching. Unexpectedly, he is together with those two people. Really devious. After cursing him on the inside, he immediately jumps behind Ling Xiao. He is not a coward, really, not a coward. It's just that right now he doesn't have the qualification to arrogantly ride his horse to the front.

Ling Xiao just comes to a firm stop and that group of people have already rushed up to him. Seven people altogether. The highest is One star Moon level. A boorish strong man. But his state is not too stable. Most probably he just had a breakthrough not too long ago. There isn't one among them that he recognizes. That group of people that he encountered in HunJi city does not appear.

The cold and sinister burly man takes two large strides forward. With the back of a tiger and waist of a bear, looking like he is very awesome. His look of disdain falls on Ling Xiao. He lifts up the large axe on his shoulder and says in a cold voice: "Are you going to end your own life or do you want the great me to do it for you?"

A slight smile appears on Ling Xiao's face, "But I'd rather choose the third option."

Not waiting for the burly guy to speak, You XiaoMo simply sticks out his head from under Ling Xiao's arm, asking curiously, "What is the third option?"

Ling Xiao smiles, "They die!"

You XiaoMo shivers and immediately shrinks back his head.

The burly guy immediately overflows with murderous intent. Without one word of greeting, he lifts the large axe and brings it down forcefully on Ling Xiao's head. The result is as expected. How much ability can a One star Moon level martial artist can have? It is only enough to dominate WuFeng town.

Ling Xiao sends him flying with a flip of his hand. He doesn't know how heavy and light, these two words are written when he takes action. So the two hundred over catty burly man flies into the wall in an instant. Blood flows down the wall. By the time he falls back onto the ground, blood is flowing from all seven openings, four limbs are twitching endlessly, more breath coming out than going in.

Everyone suddenly feels a rush of cold wind rising from their feet to the bottom of their hearts.

That Moon level martial artist actually just had a breakthrough not too long ago. The one who helped him breakthrough is their new gang leader. In order to foster a trusted subordinate for himself, he helped the burly man increase his strength. He probably didn't expect that not even one day later, his 'trusted subordinate' is already dead. If the new gang leader finds out, he definitely would rage like thunder.

The cowards are terrified, immediately running away leaving a trail of smoke. Running until a very far distance, one of them finally stops and speaks to them in a hateful tone, "If you have the guts, don't run. Wait there and our gang leader will definitely give you a good beating!"

Saying that, he himself runs away.

"Elder brother Ling, how about we leave here now?"

You XiaoMo walks out from behind Ling Xiao and frowns. Looking at the behavior of these people, they clearly are not going to let them off.

"Are we not in the process of leaving right now?"

Ling Xiao laughs as he glances at him. He then walks leisurely as if going on a stroll.

You XiaoMo rubs his nose in resentment, "I mean right away, before those people come back."

Ling Xiao suddenly stops walking. A profound pair of eyes lock on to You XiaoMo. His lips start to curve upwards, "What are you worried about? Can it be that you're afraid I can't defeat them?"

Of course ....... not!

After hearing these words, You XiaoMo realizes one thing. Although he is now already a member of Long Xiao continent, this great land, his thinking is still stuck in the past, not the least bit changed. If someone encounters this situation in the twenty first century, most people would indeed unconsciously avoid them. But this type of behavior, in Long Xiao continent, where strength is revered, would be regarded as a sign of weakness.

Unless your strength is not as high as your opponent, otherwise, if you keep withdrawing repeatedly, other people will think that you are only a paper tiger, a weakling with no honor.

Seeing him quiet and pensive, Ling Xiao raises his brows in surprise.

Usually, he would definitely argue with him only stopping when his face is completely red. Now that he is silent, it is instead a little strange.

"Little brother?"

Ling Xiao calls out to him questioningly. As for why he wants to know, God only knows.

You XiaoMo suddenly raises his head and grins at him. He walks over and grabs his arm urging him to continue walking while saying, "Elder brother Ling. I'm not worried about anything. I know you are very awesome. Wolf fang gang those three-legged cats are simply no match for you. But they are also unworthy of your attention ba,so we should quickly get out of here ba. It's not fun at all here."

"There is some truth in that ....... "

Can it be that Ling Xiao agrees with him? But he still feels that the current You XiaoMo is a little strange. It seems as if he just got rid of something, becoming free and easy of all of a sudden.

But the trouble that is on its way doesn't get any less.

The new leader of Wolf fang gang wants to establish his authority. So he has to finish off those that dare to go against the rules he set up. And they are his first stepping stone.

When they are about to reach the gate, that gang leader finally appears with his group of people.

seven openings - two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth