The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 118

Chapter 118
Hand it all over.

Don't look, don't know, one look, one jump in fright.

The new leader of Wolf fang gang is not the boorish unyielding man that everyone imagines. Instead, he looks rather young, looking about twenty seven to twenty eight years old. His face is quite handsome with contours that look like it has been carved with a knife. The pair of red phoenix eyes make his facial features rather feminine, making his whole body appear a little delicate.

Knowing that they want to leave WuFeng town, the delicate man rushes over after receiving the information from his underling, just in time to stop them at the town gate.

The delicate man's gaze skips right over You XiaoMo and lands on Ling Xiao. He then frowns. He actually can't tell this man's level, causing his face to fall. Those whose strength he can't perceive, can only be of the same level as him or higher. Unless they have something on them that can conceal their aura.

Looking at the luxurious clothing on him, the delicate man leans towards the latter. This person looks very young on the outside. If he is of Star level and above, then he would be a prodigy. But if he is a prodigy, he would have heard about him.

Thinking like this, the delicate man is even more confident that he can't be more than Star level. Immediately the fear disappears from his eyes, "Dare to kill my Kuang TianLing's underling? You all really have guts. If I were to let you leave WuFeng town today, how can I show my face again?"

"Then what are you going to do?"

You XiaoMo speaks uncomfortably. The next time he comes across this kind of situation, he would definitely pay the passage fee.

"Take out your weapons, gold coins, techniques, magic pills, and hand them all over. Also each of you leave behind an arm and a leg. Then I'll consider leaving you a horse."

The delicate man's expression is very calm but that pair of pitch black eyes are filled with cold and sinister vibes.

You XiaoMo is speechless. This person is too ruthless. Putting aside wanting to take their money, he actually wants them to leave behind an arm and a leg. It's not as if he can cook and eat it .......

Ling Xiao can't be bothered to argue needlessly with him. He just brings out the aura that he used to scare those strong forces before. In an instant, a terrifying majestic aura explodes out from his body and sweeps towards the delicate man and his group of people.

Since it is coming from the front, the delicate man is the first to be affected. The force he feels is much more terrifying than what those strong forces felt on the green plains. Under the intense pressure of this aura, the delicate man feels his breath stopping, and discovers in horror that he can no longer move the spiritual energy in his body. On top of that, the flow in his meridians slowly start to stagnate.

This, this is clearly the aura of a Celestial level. Actually so terrifying!

The delicate man's face pales instantly. He is only a Three star Star level. Going up against a Celestial level only means death. Now he finally understands why these two people did not take the opportunity to flee WuFeng town. They had something to count on all along. If only he has this level of strength, he wouldn't be hunted to this point.

At this moment, the delicate man regrets.

"Now do we still need to take out our weapons, techniques, gold coins, magic pills, arm and leg?

You XiaoMo giggles and then coughs affectedly before speaking slowly.

"No no no ....... there's no need anymore. I deserve to die. It's me who deserves to die. Please let me go ba, my two masters!"

The delicate man changes from strong and powerful straight to good for nothing, begging for mercy while trembling in fear. In the moment of life and death, dignity is thrown far behind. As for his underlings behind him, they appear to be even more useless than him.

"It's not that we can't let you go, but ....... "

You XiaoMo beams while looking at him.

"But what? As long as you say it, I will definitely do it for you."

The delicate man says hastily, absolutely serious. He rather cares for nothing other than saving his own skin. Otherwise, he wouldn't be hiding in this small WuFeng town.

You XiaoMo grins while speaking, "Take out your weapons, techniques, gold coins, magic pills, magic herbs and hand them all over. This way, I'll try my best to consider leaving you a horse."

The delicate man " ....... "

Ling Xiao raises his brow, "Not handing them over?"

The delicate man's face turns one shade whiter and says with a miserable face, "I will, I will hand it over ....... "

Saying that, he unties the magic bag at his waist and hands it falteringly to You XiaoMo. In his heart, blood is dripping. These are treasures that he accumulated over several tens of years. All he has is in there. Now that it is taken away, he is left a total pauper. He feels even more regret. If he had known that this would be the result, he wouldn't have done such a foolish thing no matter what other people said.

You XiaoMo happily takes the magic bag from him and without so much as a glance, puts it into his own magic bag. He then says, "Since you are so obliging, we will leave you a horse today. But remember to not engage in things like arbitrarily charging passage fees again, or else ....... "

"I won't. I wouldn't dare to do it again ....... "

Before he could finish speaking, the delicate man immediately cuts in. One time and he already has to send off his riches, if there is to be a second time, he would have to write his name in reverse.

"Well said!" You XiaoMo smiles until his eyes disappear. He didn't expect he would actually be such a sensible person.

The delicate man can't voice out his complaints. He just said these words to the members of the other gangs last night. Never did he expect that they would be said to him today. It's really, really, what comes around goes around ah!

You XiaoMo is extremely delighted to be a one time bandit. He hides the delicate man's magic bag on him and leaves WuFeng town with Ling Xiao that very day according to plan. When it is almost dusk, they finally reach another small town. The town is much smaller than WuFeng town but the atmosphere is very good. None of that violent and murderous atmosphere.

The two of them randomly choose a mid level inn to stay the night. After having dinner, You XiaoMo sits cross-legged on the bed and takes out the delicate man's magic bag. He then starts to check his 'booty'.

Although the delicate man's outer appearance looks like he is only in his twenties, his actual age is more than that. After all, if he really is a Star level martial artist in his twenties, he would definitely be a prodigy. This kind of prodigy wouldn't be so nameless. He would have been recruited by those strong forces long ago. He also wouldn't be hunted down like this. So his actual age is much older than his outer appearance, at least a hundred years old.

You XiaoMo pours out everything except for the gold coins. Counting roughly, that delicate man's total riches is actually only two hundred thousand gold coins. Although it is rather meager, he still moves the gold coins right into his own magic bag. Then he starts to check out the things on the bed.

The delicate man is a martial artist. So the things in his magic bag are mostly weapons and the like. There are only a few stalks of magic herbs and they are all low level magic herbs. You XiaoMo is not a wasteful person so he throws them into his dimension. As for magic pills, there are actually a few bottles, but the quantity is not much. Most are level three and level four. There is only one level five pill. It is only effective for Moon level martial artists. Thinking back, that burly man who was sent flying by Ling Xiao in WuFeng town with one flip of the hand must have depended on this type of magic pill to rise to Moon level.

You XiaoMo pours out that magic pill and holds it up to his nose and sniffs it. It's definitely not pure, with quite a bit of impurities. It's a low grade magic pill. Just when he is about to put it away, he suddenly thinks of Ling Xiao. Stealing a glance, he sees him sitting at the tea table drinking tea. Rolling his eyes, he says aiming to please, "Elder brother Ling, do you want these magic pills?"

Ling Xiao looks over at him and smiles slightly, "Trying to send me away with low grade magic pills?"

You XiaoMo shamefacedly puts the magic pills back into the magic bag, "No ....... "

Actually he really does have that little bit of intention. The thing is, most of the magic pills he refines ends up in Ling Xiao's tummy. That's why he has this idea, to let him have these low grade magic pills instead.

After going through the magic herbs and magic pills, You XiaoMo lifts up the few scrolls of techniques. Except for one mid level low grade technique, the others are basically low level. These are of no use to him so he bundles them up and throws them into some corner in his dimension. Now he basically no longer uses magic bags. Whatever he takes, he would just put it in the dimension because the dimension is safer. Magic bags can be stolen or snatched at any time, unsafe.

After that, are a few weapons and some magic beast hide, fur and the like, all the things that have to do with martial artists, are all found in the delicate man's magic bag. After he packs up all those things and sends them into his dimension, only one thing remains on the bed.

You XiaoMo looks at the thing in surprise and raises his brows. He picks it up with one hand and opens it up. It actually is a quarter of a sheepskin map. Can this be ....... this is a treasure map?

A gleam suddenly flashes in You XiaoMo's eyes. Full of excitement, You XiaoMo lies on the bed and studies the map. On it is indeed drawn topographical features. But because it is only a quarter, he can't see the whole picture.

Right at this moment, a layer or darkness envelops his head, blocking the path of the light.

You XiaoMo raises his head and sees that it is Ling Xiao. In an instant, he puts the sheepskin map in front of him saying excitedly and tinged with expectation, "Elder brother Ling, look at this. Does this look like a treasure map?

Ling Xiao declines to comment as he takes the sheepskin map. One look at the crisscrossed contours, and he simply throws the sheepskin map back into his hands. Taking off his shoes, he gets on the bed and says with disdain, "This is obviously a quarter of a map. How did you decide that it is a treasure map? Maybe it's only a normal map. Furthermore, even if it is a treasure map, you only have one piece. Don't tell me you're actually thinking of going to look for the other three pieces?"

You XiaoMo pouts in frustration, unable to deny the truth in his words.

In reality he was only wondering. It's not as if he really wants to go look for whatever treasure. But he still feels that this notion is a little unrealistic. If it really is a treasure map, it can't possibly fall into the hands of a sectless mystic.

"We still have to get on the road tomorrow. Go to sleep."

Ling Xiao puts his arms around his waist and pulls him into his arms, then covers them with a quilt.

The stuffed quilt is still for a moment before it is kicked a few times by You XiaoMo. At the same time an alarmed voice cries out, "Sleep means sleep. Why are you taking off my clothes ....... "

"Oh, I prefer ....... that you sleep naked."

" ....... "

red phoenix eyes - outer corners incline upwards
leave a horse - leave a way out
neither horse nor tiger - wishy washy