The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 120

Chapter 120
Unusual movement of spiritual energy.

"Younger brother You. The nine hundred stalks of magic herbs you took half a month ago, you've finished refining them all?"

After quite a while, Zhao DaZhou restrains the shock on his face. But the gaze he uses while looking at You XiaoMo is one of disbelief. He would rather believe that someone is helping him out. Or maybe he took his own portion to make up the numbers, the so called slap your own face until it's swollen in order to look imposing.

"Not yet."

How could You XiaoMo know what he is thinking? He shakes his head.

Zhao DaZhou immediately heaves a sigh of relief in his heart. Looks like he is the one that is slapping his own face in order to look imposing. It's just that he didn't expect You XiaoMo to actually be so concerned about keeping up appearances. He can't help but feel a little disdain in his heart. But he doesn't think that he himself is also especially concerned about keeping up appearances.

Unexpectedly, You XiaoMo continues saying with a somewhat casually, "I still have half that I haven't refined."

Zhao DaZhou's mouth hangs slightly open, looking wide-eyed at him. It's quite a while before he regains his senses. He abruptly stands up from the chair, his face no longer calm as if he is thinking of seizing him for interrogation. Luckily he still remembers that this is the Hall of Enchanted Herbs and he is currently sitting in his father's place. He takes a deep breath and calms down the agitation in his heart.

"Younger brother You. When you refine magic pills ....... have you ever failed before?"

Zhao DaZhou asks probingly.

Hearing these words, You XiaoMo laughs uncomfortably. He finally understands why Big brother Zhao suddenly turned so strange. So, he was the one that incited it. Immediately he hesitates between telling the truth or lying.

If he lies, he is afraid that he would be found out by Fifth brother. After all, Uncle Zhao knows that he hasn't failed before when refining magic pills. And the two of them are father and son. When the time comes, he only has to ask his father and the lie would be exposed. When Fifth brother finds out that he lied to him, how would he react? So he must absolutely not tell a lie.

But if he tells the truth, looking at his expression, he already knows that he made quite an impression. If he gives him another blow, he would keep thinking about it, getting no peace.

Difficult situations on left and right, it would be better to choose a comparatively lighter outcome.

You XiaoMo says as if looking death in the face, "That ....... seems like ....... actually ....... haven't failed before."

After saying these words, You XiaoMo finds that Fifth brother's aura is becoming turbulent. Most probably he is over agitated causing his soul force to become unstable. Looks like what he guessed is not wrong. Raising his head, he sees Fifth brother staring straight at him.

"Fifth brother, are ....... are you ok ba?"

You XiaoMo looks at him, after a moment's hesitation, he asks Zhao DaZhou who is still staring at him. He doesn't refute You XiaoMo's words because he knows that You XiaoMo won't lie to him. After all, he only has to ask his father to know if he is lying. This point, he can still think of. But this way, it makes it even harder for him to accept. Younger brother You's innate talent is clearly not even as good as his .......

Both sides don't open their mouths again, the atmosphere sinks into silence for quite a while.

"Younger brother You, how ....... how do you do it?"

Zhao DaZhou somewhat unwillingly breaks the silence. Although he really doesn't want to admit that he is not as good as Seventh brother, the truth is already in front of his eyes. His father always teaches him that one can be proud but once must also be modest. Only this way can one become even more formidable. He also wishes to become as formidable as Elder brother and Second brother.

You XiaoMo is stunned. Brother Zhao's response greatly exceeds his expectation.

He thought that Fifth brother would be jealous and hateful after hearing his words ya. After all, this kind of thing happened quite a lot before. But from Fifth brother's words, other than the jealousy, he can hear him humbly asking for advice. Really unexpected!

Because he always thought that since Fifth brother so loves to show off, he must definitely not like to lose. Now it seems that he was wrong.

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo smiles and is not stingy with his advice, "Fifth brother. Actually, the most important thing while refining magic pills is concentration. You can imagine that each time you refine a magic pill, you are about to create a child. So you should concentrate all your soul force on the magic pill in your hand. Make sure not to waste even a single bit. This way, the rate of success in refining magic pills would increase considerably ba."

He doesn't have anything, but what he doesn't lack, is concentration.

It's because he is especially focused when he refines magic pills, so the number of times he failed is zero. But this is only one of the reasons. Actually there is an even more important reason. That is he wants to earn money. If he fails, wouldn't that mean he would lose the money from that magic pill?

Of course, this is not something he would tell Fifth brother.

Zhao DaZhou carefully considers his words. He can't deny that there is some logic in it. Perhaps he can try it out the next time he refines magic pills .......

Thinking like this, Zhao DaZhou suddenly comes back to his senses. He lowers his head and sees the smile on You XiaoMo's face that he did not put away in time. He can't help feeling somewhat annoyed. He is the big brother. How can he let the younger brother see him like this? He immediately puts on a blank face, "Seventh brother, if you have nothing else, you can go."

You XiaoMo smiles until his brows curve, "Then I'm going. See you later Fifth brother!"

From then on, every time You XiaoMo sees this Fifth brother, he would feel especially delighted. He didn't expect that the face-loving, and show off Fifth brother is actually such an awkward and interesting person. Clearly he doesn't admit it in his words, yet he is unable to keep it in, so awkward that it becomes very cute. Just like the awkward Second brother.

After returning to his room, You XiaoMo simply locks the door and places the books on the bookshelf. He then turns around and heads into the inner room.

He is definitely not anxious to refine magic pills because refining magic pills can be done at any time. Furthermore, he is afraid that someone might come looking for him at this time. After going into the inner room, he sits cross-legged on the bed. Speaking of the Heavenly Soul Scroll, ever since he started training, he very rarely sits cross-legged like this on the bed to train.

Although the time he spends refining magic pills is also considered training, but the result is not as good as training with a heart that is not occupied by anything else.

After preparing himself, You XiaoMo closes his eyes tightly. Silently, he invokes the Heavenly Soul Scroll. A wave of soul force suddenly starts to circulate. He feels as if there is clear spring like soul force in his soul, washing his soul clean. Then it slowly goes towards the space between his eyebrows. When that space becomes flooded with enough soul force, that swelling feeling as if going to break out from the space between his brows, right until a buzz is heard and that soul force suddenly vanishes .......

You XiaoMo is completely shocked. He actually can't detect his soul force. His soul seems as if it is dried up, appearing to be in an empty state. From the depths of his soul, he feels a deep sense of hunger and thirst.

Right at this moment, he feels the space between his brows start to shine and heat up. Then the spiritual energy all around starts to move, finally forming a small vortex. And the epicenter of the vortex is the space between his brows. An enormous quantity of spiritual energy rushes into the space between his brows, replenishing the empty soul, continuing for a long time right until the depths of his soul starts to feel bloated. Only then does it stop sucking up the spiritual energy.

Feeling the depth of his soul humming in satisfaction, You XiaoMo slowly lets out a sigh of relief.

This type of feeling is too awesome. Like someone who was starving for seven to eight days suddenly having a huge feast. This type of wild joy is something that is hard to describe with words.

You XiaoMo can clearly feel that his soul seems to be even more tangible than before. As for the soul force, it also increased considerably. Much stronger than how it is when he is immersed in the cruel fate of refining magic pills. Even ten or so days can't compare to how strong it is now.

After discovering the benefit of meditative training, You XiaoMo decides that he will carve out time every day to practice the Heavenly Soul Scroll, to let himself get to a level three mage faster.

Right at this moment, a commotion is heard outside.

You XiaoMo immediately opens his eyes and looks to the window in surprise. Multiple shadows can be seen along with the sound of many footsteps and whispering voices. But these people seem to be standing outside his room.

You XiaoMo puts on his boots hastily. Just as he is walking out, he hears a knock at the door accompanied by a familiar voice. He recognizes this voice. It's the Brother Yang from next door. This brother frequently passes on Elder brother's messages to him.

Opening the door, You XiaoMo sees that the few brothers staying nearby are actually all outside. A look of surprise flashes across his eyes. He turns to Brother Yang and asks, "Big brother Yang, did something happen?"

Brother Yang first glances inside his room and then asks doubtfully, "Younger brother You, were you training just now?"

You XiaoMo face shows his surprise, "Brother ....... how did you know?"

He clearly shut the windows and door tightly. Other people shouldn't have been able to see him training inside ba?

Brother Yang looks at his clueless expression and simply explains, "When you were training just now, you seem to have triggered the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The surrounding spiritual energy was sucked in by you. Everyone jumped in fright so we came over. You didn't realize it?"

A few of them were refining magic pills so after getting a shock, naturally the magic pill in the cauldrons were rendered useless, causing quite a few people to be quite angry at him. But after thinking about it, he still decides not to tell this matter to You XiaoMo.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know it could be like this. Giving brothers a scare."

You XiaoMo exclaims 'ah'. He really didn't know. Although he can feel himself drawing in spiritual energy, he has no idea what it was like outside. If they know that he was practicing Heavenly Soul Scroll, he is afraid to think of the outcome. Thinking like this, his whole back fills with cold sweat.

You XiaoMo then steals a look at them. A few of them look angry and some are obviously jealous. It's only normal to be angry after getting a scare. But where did the jealousy come from?

After thinking it over, he finally remembers that not long ago, he received that volume of alchemical techniques belonging to TianXin sect from Master. Everyone must already know about this. As far as he knows, the number of Earth peak disciples that managed to get this volume of alchemical techniques is not more than twenty. No wonder they are jealous of him. It's a pity that that volume of alchemical techniques is basically useless to him.

But this is just nice for an excuse. Luckily he already received that volume of alchemical techniques. If not, he wouldn't know how to explain it to them. If Master finds out, he would be in a lot of trouble.

slap your own face until it's swollen in order to look imposing - keeping up appearances
big fish big game - grand feast